The Book of Revelation

Christian evangelicals have a one sided love affair with Israel. They love Israel, and Israel hates them.

They misinterpret the Book of Revelations. The Jews have returned to Israel for another chance at redemption, which requires them to come to Jesus. The way the wind blows, they have returned to Israel for another tribulation. If America goes Christian nationalist, then Israel might go Messianic Jew, in which case a less unpleasant prophecy might then be applicable.

A faith is a synthetic tribe. When governments disintegrate, the most cohesive synthetic tribe tribe takes power, which is why in Russia the left minority (the Kadets) took power from the Tsar, a leftist minority of that minority (the socialists) then took power, a leftist minority of that minority (the communists) then took power, and leftist minority of the communists (the Bolsheviks) then took power. You always have an army, and you always have an official faith. In our case, an officially unofficial faith.

Christian Nationalism is right now by far the largest cohesive synthetic tribe, with ten percent of the percent of the population being strong adherents. In the event of a crackup, which looks increasingly likely with Global American Empire falling, we stand a good chance of taking power. Our adversaries will be the woke, who are the current ruling faith, the communists, and the Mohammedans.

Problem is that the most cohesive faction within Christian Nationalism expects to immanentize the eschaton, which is always a disastrous idea. It is becoming very possible that Christian Nationalists will take power in America, as our government is increasingly incohesive, foreshadowing a crackup, and the woke are becoming cynical about wokism, after too many U turns, too quickly. But, though Christian Nationalism is the most cohesive large group, and you need a large group to take power, a large group is too large to rule, and a smaller group within that group is apt to take power, proclaiming itself the executive organ of that larger group., as repeatedly happened during the Russian Revolution.

And a substantial and cohesive faction of Christian nationalists expect and intend to immanentize the eschaton. Which is always a disastrous idea. On the other hand, that faction tends to be passive. They expect Christ to do the heavy lifting.

Until the late nineteenth century, the Book of Revelation was generally not interpreted as Christ making the eschaton immanent. Rather, the prophesied troubles were put in the context of the eschaton. Some of the prophecies have been fulfilled, some have been fulfilled over and over and are likely about to be fulfilled again. It does not mean the eschaton is about to become immanent.

We have to do the heavy lifting.

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  1. AU Falls to the Beast says:

    [*Your comment is awaiting moderation: Please take the shill test and get white listed.
    Anyone can pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.
    Commenters who have not passed the shill test may have their comments silently and arbitrarily deleted or unkindly edited. This is a preview; your comment will be visible after you have taken the shill test and, because your comment purported to come from a Christian perspective, affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.*]

    • Yuri says:

      [*your comment was deleted because you claimed to be more Christian than whomever it is that you were responding to.

      I am sick of gays, Jews, demon worshippers, and gay Jewish demon worshippers telling Christians what Christianity is.

      If you want such comments to get through, first affirm that Christ is King, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Through him all things were created. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      And pass the shill test described in the moderation policy and get white listed.
      Commenters who have not passed the shill test may have their comments unkindly edited or silently and arbitrarily deleted*]

      • Yuri says:

        [*A good start. Now give the rest of the affirmation]

        • jim says:

          The problem with your incomplete affirmation is that a Socinian, a gnostic, or a worshipper of Serpent Christ could give it.

          (These holy wars have been going on for millennia, hence the tediously excessive length of the creeds. Gnostics have been around from the beginning, Socinians for centuries, and worship of Serpent Christ for many centuries. The rest of the heretics and post Christians we can ignore, for the moment, though they will probably be back soon enough.)

          Your incomplete affirmation shows you are not a gay Jewish demon worshiper. But it fails to show that you are not a gay demon worshipper.

  2. Ghostbusters says:

    [*deleted because not allowing any posts from the Christian frame unless the poster can give the affirmation*]

  3. Religious War Nigh says:

    [*deleted because not allowing any posts from the Christian frame unless the poster can give the affirmation*]

    • jim says:

      I have received a storm of shill posts from people purporting to be Christian, who are obvious gay, Jewish, demon worshippers, or gay Jewish demon worshippers.

      Your comment did not obviously and blatantly glow in the dark, unlike most of them, which is why I did not silently delete it the way I have silently deleted so many others, but take the Christian shill test anyway.

      I affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      Can you affirm that in those words, or your own words of similar meaning, or in the words of the creeds from which the short affirmation was lifted?

  4. Racism Is Beautiful says:

    Racism *IS* Beautiful !!!

    There is a reason God created many different tribes,
    that God awarded them all special, different, and unique covenants,
    that God provided them with his separate chosen lands for them.
    In part because they are His beautiful children, unique as he wanted
    and instantiated them to be, not to be and become each other’s children.
    God knows the importance of cultural ethnic racial and religious purity.
    Going against God’s demonstrated will on this,
    via the nonsense of Wokeism, forced mass mashup, etc,
    is sending you into a hellish ruin.
    It’s time that the world embrace Racism again,
    and move back to where you came from,
    and stop migrating to take over other peoples,
    and stop muddying other peoples out with your bullshit diversity,
    and start embracing and building your own kind again !!!
    Racism is beautiful thing to behold.

  5. Calvin says:

    I told you there was no way the Israelis wouldn’t go in:

    Israel’s military chief said today marks a new stage in the country’s war against Hamas, and that it requires a ground offensive.

    “This is a war with multiple stages. Today, we move to the next one,” Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, said in a video released by the IDF. “Our forces are currently operating on the ground in the Gaza Strip. These activities are being supported by precise and heavy fire, all in service of the war’s objectives: dismantling Hamas, securing our borders and the supreme effort to return the hostages home.”

    Of course, the fact that they simultaneously turned the water back on shows that the GAE still has them by the balls, and that this will be another fundamentally unserious half-war. Still, we are likely to see if that estimate of Hezbollah having 150k rockets in their arsenal is true soon enough. Should be interesting to watch.

    • jim says:


      “Multiple stages”. Stage one may be inaction disguised as action.

      Want to take the bet I proposed? 3mBTC

      Immediately before this first stage, in the twenty four hour before this first stage, the GAE was issuing threats against Iran with the explicit and stated intent to stop them from intervening.

      It is unlikely to be obvious for quite a while whether this has worked, but the Global American Empire is out of weapons for a long and terrible war of attrition, and people in the middle east have noticed.

      • Calvin says:

        Not on these terms, no:

        So if Israel declares victory at some point, and Hamas is still around and in possession of a major part of the Gaza strip, I win.

        This is unacceptable because this is exactly what I expect to happen, because GAE will yank on Israel’s leash (has obviously been doing so already) and prevent it from the all-out biblical measures necessary to secure final victory in Gaza. Therefore, I expect they will blunder around for a few months, getting chipped away at in a war of attrition in Gaza, all the while fighting a running artillery duel with Hezbollah that depopulates much of southern Lebanon and northern Israel. I believe Iran’s intervention will be limited to training, weapons, money, and some IRGC handlers. I think the ultimate result will be the usual bloody but ultimately irrelevant exchange that does nothing to change the overall strategic situation. Israel will declare victory because it killed some arbitrary number of Hamas fighters (who will quickly be replaced from the local population) and Hamas will declare victory because it still exists and controls Gaza.

        • jim says:

          You were also arguing that Israel would crush Hamas, or attempt to do so, and are now arguing that they will not attempt to do so.

          The question we were arguing over was whether Iran could or would intervene.

          Declaring victory before Iran can ramp up to major war of attrition could well be the Global American Empire wanting to keep a frozen war in its pocket where it owns and funds both sides.

          But it could also be the Global American Empire ducking a war with Iran. In the last twenty four hours Biden and the rest have been talking war with Iran, a one eighty on their previous accommodationist policy, and over the past few days, the shills have been talking Islamic Jihad, a one eighty on their previous position that there is no such thing, and no one thinks about it or talks about it.

          Obviously Hezbollah is not going to intervene until Israeli troops are tied down in Gaza, and Iran is not going to intervene until Israeli troops are tied down with Hezbollah.

          So the question we were originally arguing over gets put to the test when and if the war escalates. That the shills did a one eighty a few days ago suggests that they are serious about attempting to crush Hamas, though I, and now you, suspect that they will wimp out.

          • Calvin says:

            I argued, and still argue, that the Israelis would go into Gaza, and that the GAE would stop them from winning:

            Most likely outcome, imo, is Israel goes in (political class is too committed not to, defense minister was promising invasion earlier today), gets bogged down in urban warfare because the GAE ties its hands behind its back, Israel and Hezbollah have a long-running artillery duel which depopulates much of northern Israel and southern Lebanon, but neither engages in full-scale incursions. After a few months to years of not-war and half measures, Israel pulls back and declares victory over a few thousand dead Hamas members, whereupon the organization pops right back up to continue reigning over Gaza as before.

            I also argued that Iran would not intervene with a massive, conventional military attack, sending hundreds of thousands of its own troops to go and attack Israel. One reason I gave is that such would be unnecessary:

            Again, this is all unnecessary. We can see from the whole humanitarian aid kerfuffle that the US will not actually allow Israel to pursue an effective final destruction of Hamas. There is no reason to march hundreds of thousands of troops so far from home to directly attack a nuclear-armed state.

            But also that it would be logistically impossible and ridiculously easy to intercept from a very safe distance via missile fire. I maintain these positions exactly as I said before. My projected outcome, as you can clearly see, has not changed from the beginning. A good many Hamas and Hezbollah fighters, along with Israeli soldiers, are dead men walking, but none of the above entities are in real danger of ceasing to exist in the imminent future.

            • jim says:

              > But also that it would be logistically impossible and ridiculously easy to intercept from a very safe distance via missile fire.


              Russian capability to do that sort of thing is vastly better than Global American Empire capability. Russia cannot accomplish it in the Ukraine, so the Global American Empire could not accomplish it in the Middle East.

              As for logistically impossible: Paved roads, gas stations, and truck stops the whole way. The only obstacle is international borders, and they have buddies on all the borders. They have already moved some troops to the Syria/Israel border, and will likely soon move a whole lot more. Not only is it logistically possible, it has started already, and the Global American Empire has already issued threats in response to this Iranian action.

              I have a policy of ignoring the day to day news as a circus and distraction, a theater created to deceive, but I was unable to avoid hearing the Global American Empire indirectly referencing Iranian troop movements when issuing threats against Iran, and looked it up. Right now, today, Iranian troops are digging in on the Israeli border, preparatory to a Ukrainian style war of attrition. If we had taken a bet on that, you would have lost the bet yesterday.

              The only issue that remains in doubt is how many troops, how much equipment, how much digging, and whether war of attrition will be activated.

              Putin has issued a threat that implies he might support the sea route via Russia, but who knows if he will – or even if war of attrition by Iran will be activated.

              • Calvin says:

                Right now, today, Iranian troops are digging in on the Israeli border, preparatory to a Ukrainian style war of attrition. If we had taken a bet on that, you would have lost the bet yesterday.

                Are you talking about the Syrian militia forces? I mentioned that as well:

                I find most of the scenarios you propose acceptable, except for the last one. Iran secretly sending, say, 2,000 or so IRGC fighters plus another 10,000 or so Shia militia fighters from Iraq and Syria, is perfectly plausible but does not equate to Iran rolling out 300,000 troops from its army for a direct clash with Israel.

                If you are referring to a full-scale deployment of tens of thousands of troops straight from Iran, I should like to see your sources.

                • jim says:

                  Does anyone believe these guys are from Iraq and Syria? Likely they have been stationed in Iraq and Syria for a while. But a whole lot of these militias in Syria have long had a strange propensity for speaking Persian. In the context of the threats being uttered by Biden, his spokescreatures, and the usual shills and entryists, does not sound like they believe they are from Syria and Iraq, except in the sense of redeployment.

                • Calvin says:

                  Deploying local Arab Shias with plenty of experience in vicious sectarian civil wars, plus Persian overseers to keep them appropriately tard-wrangled, is both way cheaper and more convenient than sending actual Iranian army units in. So, yeah, I believe that they’re mostly just Shia militia from Syria and Iraq. Same basic idea as Hezbollah – let the Arabs take the brunt of the fighting.

                • jim says:

                  Arabs are useless, and everyone knows it, including Arabs. Iran has been directly intervening all over the place, and everyone knows it.

                • Calvin says:

                  Black Africans make vaguely passable soldiers when whipped into shape by White officers, the history of colonial armies proves that. Say what you will about the Arabs, they aren’t quite as useless and retarded as the Africans. Insert Persian officers to keep them more or less in lune and they’d be suitable enough cannon fodder.

  6. Cloudswrest says:

    Teddy Spaghetti talking about glowing shills in his latest blog post.

    The funniest thing is the way that the federal employee who wrote it couldn’t even bring himself to use any of the printable slurs, much less any of the unprintable ones, and instead went with “non whites”. And he used it twice!

    • zero says:

      saw the descriptor “jimian” used a couple times on twitter, seems the, shill cant see the black through the shoe shine, test is spreading.

  7. Hesiod says:

    Master John Wright delivers a splendid essay on the Book of Job:

    Some time ago here, there was a good digression into this portion of The Holy Bible.

  8. Finally A Good War says:

    [*deleted because the Arab Israeli war is none of our business, and I don’t care who wins, or which side behaved worse*]

    • jim says:

      Islam is a threat, and likely to harm us, but the Global American Empire is more a threat, and is harming us a great deal worse.

      In the coming Holy War between us and the child sacrificing demon worshippers running the Global American Empire, the vast majority of Jews are going to be on the wrong side, and a reasonable proportion of the Mohammedans on the right side. We can remember our quarrels with the Mohammedans after the important war has been resolved. Dealing with Islam has waited a thousand years, it can wait a little longer.

      If the Arab Israeli war goes big, it will just be another little skirmish in what is likely to be a long and dreadful fall of the Global American Empire. It has been over eighty years since we have seen world war. We are likely to see again bye and bye, and when the dust settles, few will remember what happened in the Arab Israeli war, and chances are that only Arabs, Jews, historians and history fans will discuss its impact on events.

      • Finally A Good War says:

        Other than Ukraine and the leftist thugs on the streets,
        the homos running the GAE arent currently at active
        scale phisycal war killing lots against us. Islam will be
        before them, i think. I dont give fuck about the A-E war,
        i just say what its doing about what imo is coming first.
        Jews suck blood of boy cock, Muslims go to Jannah
        where they are serviced by young boys, and do
        bucha bazi in afghan etc, and sataners sacrifice kids,
        and democrats corrupt and fuckup the nation.
        No problem fighting them either, just another bullet
        in the coming war which imo is starting in/of mideast.
        i didn’t say political world war, i said religious war,
        there is a difference. when islam nations and its
        sleepers jump in think it will turn religious not political.
        people know political war, the don’t know religious
        war since the last ones occured well before any of them
        were alive. people are just ignorant.
        yes you might get to fight the fags in the usa,
        but probably only after iran and usa start shit
        in hormuz or golan, as a blowback to them for
        it starting. now yes you’d be incredibly lucky
        to get an overthrow protest succeeding against
        bidems and gae fags before the mideast goes hot.
        globfags and islam are all satans imo, but one knows
        how to use an ak and a knife, the other doesn’t, lol.

        Seems we’re about a few days away from the start of a good war, when more than just “Israel” and “Palestine”, proper, begin firing away at each other. After about 1400 years of initiating invasion conquest war and slaughter upon everyone being done in the name of the false god Allah. And after the last 25 years of the West wrapping battles in the absurd falsity, niceties, and scam of political contexts. And after the last 85 or so years of it halfass pussyfooting. It seems we may actually be about to admit the truth that this is in fact a religious war, and that it is worth fighting. If so, then this will be the first war I will sign up to fight in. A good honest straight up war for once. Not sure I see much point in staying pacifist at home with the Bible at that point, because I figure eventually Islam will try to kill me, take the wife and daughter, etc. Might as well head off that day as best I can. But if it gets too hot or close I might go back so that I can be the one to defend or send up the home as need be.

        • jim says:

          The current brother war in the Ukraine, which was created and is run by certain Jews, has killed about four hundred thousand Goyim, and the way the wind blows, there may well be nukes soon enough. What have the Mohammedans been up to?

          Mostly killing each other over sand. The Arabs cannot get it together, the Taliban are good guys so far. The only guys who could actually prosecute a serious war are the Iranians, and if it is Iran versus Israel, why should I care? Iran is not going to invade America. They might hog the Middle Eastern oil, but we should be developing our own oil.

          The only reason Mohammedans in America are a problem is that the Democrats. in substantial part the same Jews who organized the brother war in the Ukraine, are importing them to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. We don’t need to fight a war with them. That problem is not Mohammedans, but Democrats, and in grossly disproportionate part, Jewish Democrats. Stop crime, turn off welfare, and turn off voting Democrat, and they will take the next boat home. We can worry about recovering the Holy Land, Egypt, and the bits of Eastern Europe they have in century or two. The Indians will need to worry a little sooner than that, but we have bigger problems.

          No one seems very pissed by the fact that the Afghans are actually practicing genuine Islam, and if the Afghans were all that pissed by the fact that other people are not, they would start with the nominal Muslims and postmodern Muslims around them. What people are pissed by is the fact that the Taliban are doing something about all water that is running off Afghanistan onto the deltas of their neighbors.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >the homos running the GAE arent currently at active
          scale phisycal war killing lots against us.

          You have no children, and if you are over 50 you have no grandchildren.

          You and yours are dropping like flies. Heresy is more deadly than any sword.

      • Anon says:

        could not be a moment like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
        Which nobody know or care about but resulted in WWI.
        histery show it usually the “insignificant” moment like killing an irrelevant nobility by some even more irrelevant group result in the biggest war.
        If you bet where the spark that result in WW3 ?
        The obvious one are Ukraine or Taiwan?

    • Doom says:

      Are we placing bets on whether Jack replies? What an absolute routing!

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Please explain. Sarcasm is difficult on the internet.

      • Hesiod says:

        It’s a sight-gag based on Unz’s message board response, so newbies may need a friendly sherpa. Members can flag each other’s comments with a simple agree/disagree/lol/etc. IIRC, each only has a handful per day to give to keep things relatively tidy.

        Cousin Jack D is the resident Jew lawyer stereotype. Shamelessly pharisaical; but since he is a fellow son of Adam and a talented one at that, he’s worth reading along with most regulars there. Just don’t feel like you have to read all his posts because he likes to argue via tedious repetition to wear you down.

  9. Islam Will Form Caliphate says:


    • jim says:

      The holy war with Islam will have to be postponed, because we have a bigger, more powerful, more evil, and more satanic enemy, and a holy war coming up fast.

      • Joey says:

        [*no thought crimes detected*]

        • jim says:

          I keep asking for you to pass the shill test, and you keep not passing it.

          Repeating, yet again, since you are so stubbornly persistent:

          Whenever I get a comment that glows I delete it and ask for the shill test. If the shill test is not forthcoming, I delete all subsequent comments with a snarky put down, and eventually go to silent deletion.

          You can pass the shill test by copying and pasting the answers, which I fairly regularly post. You can pass it by disagreeing with the answers in a way that makes it clear what the answers are that you are disagreeing with.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            You seem to be getting a lot more shills than usual.

          • someDude says:

            I’m guessing the shill gets paid regardless of whether his message gets displayed in the comments section. So they don’t really care whether you delete.

            If his supervisors are not allowed to read responses to his comments for fear of exposure to thoughtcrime, then how can they know whether he is getting engagement at all or just posting randomly? And what’s the incentive for the shill to try to break into the group?

            He might as well post 1000 generic messages per day in different blogs using an automated script and get paid. Money for nothing, though the chicks may not be for free

  10. Ryan says:

    Memes spread from here, and the challenge is to distil deep concepts into punchy sentences that are funny or biting. This can be broken down into red-pilling or opening eyes, ‘selling’ or getting people to identify more with right wing ideas or groups, and attack memes to humiliate enemies. The latter two can generally raise morale too.

    For ‘selling’, men primarily want women and opportunities to earn wealth, while (healthy) women primarily want to have babies and be safely owned and socially approved of. Women don’t really need to join a movement or take up an identity, just be sold on the lifestyle so they are keen to get married. Making our guys look attractive is related.

    Contrasting ‘left’ and ‘right’ is an easy angle, but the current fake right doesn’t deserve any status so we shouldn’t support that label. Maybe ‘Emasculated Society’ versus ‘Masculine Society’ or ‘Fake and Gay’ versus ‘Normal’. We are normal, healthy, virtuous and funny. They are freaks, insane, pathetic, evil and joyless.

  11. simplyconnected says:

    Sorry to clutter the place up. I came across this and thought it was good stuff, plus I had a good chuckle:
    Women Can’t Responsibility – Alrenous blog

    […] You don’t want a woman to concentrate too much because children’s needs can and will interrupt irregularly, without warning. If she gets troubled by interruptions, she’s a terrible mother.

    […] Trying to hold a woman responsible is futile cruelty. Don’t demand masculine honour, demand feminine submission. Stop her from doing the thing in the first place, regardless of her opinion. […]

    […] This, likewise, is the real reason adulteresses take the ring off: it’s not that it discourages the kind of men they’re after, it’s because it reminds them they’re supposed to feel guilty, and then they stutter. “You’re not wearing your ring.” “I’m not a woman, I’m not going to forget I have a family.”

    • simplyconnected says:

      I realized my link wasn’t up to KD standards.
      Women Can’t Responsibility – Alrenous blog

      • dharmicreality says:

        I think he used to comment on this blog some while ago. Yes, aware of his blog, he is red pilled.

        • Vendat Tunicam says:

          If I remember correctly he got BTFOed in the comments here (much like Peppermint and Alan J Perrick) because he understood the red pill but would not apply it to his own life. Complaining of female misbehavior but not rising to the challenge of becoming alpha enough to put a stop it. Or it was for posting off topic to whatever was posted here, I forget the details. I think it was Kawaii Kike who took him through the ringer. A lot of inane commentators have stopped posting because of failing the Woman Question.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            It was a lot more stupid than that. One poster called him autistic over something, he took offense, and they proceeded to have a very autistic snipe fest over it in several threads.

            • Vendat Tunicam says:

              Ok, I did confuse it with Peppermint. Thank you for the clarification. I tend to skim bitch fests, they get boring fast.

        • Zach says:

          I remember the incident heh And I approve of his latest post. When I started reading this blog, the only person I saw commenting for a long time was this guy named Bob. Around 2000 or so?

      • The Cominator says:

        Women can remember their promises and agreements they just don’t care/hate them.

        The two women in my life who were actually very reliable about keeping their word were insane chicks with super low impulse control both were prettymuch alcoholics too. Women just fundamentally don’t understand why they should have to keep any agreement when they feel like doing something else. The crazy chicks learned to be paradoxically reliable with people in their life as a form of compensation.

        • simplyconnected says:

          Women can remember their promises and agreements they just don’t care/hate them.

          I think the article goes a bit too far. Most are of middling intelligence, to be sure, but not that dumb.

          When I think of women’s promises and agreements I always picture those videos of monkeys eating the meat the men hunted: the women just show up and eat whatever they want, completely unnoticed by everyone else. The tribe understands women are too valuable. They intuitively see themselves as intrinsically valuable, not bound by lowly promises and agreements.

          • someDude says:

            More like emergent female intelligence concluding that their value as women does not depend on their ability to keep promises and agreements.

            • Pete says:

              Yes. If a man says he’s going to show up at a certain time and do something critical, but does not do it, then we take him off the list of reliable people, do not associate with him anymore, do not ask him to do anything important ever again.

              No matter how badly a woman fucks up, some men will always be there, prepared to feed and take care of her in hopes of sex.

              Ironically, modern woman might start losing this magical protection by becoming fat and repulsive. Can’t rely on the pussy pass if you’re too ugly for anyone to want your pussy.

              • The Cominator says:

                Women who actually can keep their promises (ironically i find more outwardly more insane than normal women are better about this) do massively improve their value with men (at least with me) as dealing with someone you absolutely cannot rely on at all is to me infuriating…

                Back before the clownworld error (when women collectively started turning into trigglypuffs) it was downright my biggest beef with women

              • The Cominator says:


                I think Laura Branigans (very 80s) song video and lyrics described the female mind in their emancipated state better than an article could. It’s really something of a surreal nightmare for them and was even before it was for us. They live moment to moment because maladapted for self control..

    • someDude says:

      Hilarious and accurate with one exception. His advice regarding troublesome women is to dump them. This goes against our Gracious’ host’s solution which is to own them. He asserts that women create trouble because naturally troublesome, erratic and random. Jim asserts that women create trouble because feeling unowned.

    • Hesiod says:

      ‘Ironically, boys get the ADHD meds because they’re concentrating too much. The girls forget the old topic – but confuse the new topic as related – while the boys are still thinking about the old topic. The boys are staying on the trail while the girls are wandering off into the weeds and picking random flowers. “when the bell rings I insist that they stop whatever it is that we’ve been working on and proceed quickly to the next work station.”‘

      Before ADHD meds, lads got stuck in “one-size-fits-all” special ed classes. Hysterical teachers couldn’t tolerate when the bored flipped over a test and sketched dinosaurs, bats, and skeletons on the back instead. Years of that plus mothers who pride their own educational accomplishments can forge odd reflexes.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        He is not wrong, but this guy is painfully 10 years out of date.

        >while the boys are still thinking about the old topic
        >next work station

        Work stations require some semblance of discipline. There is no discipline. Out of a 50 minute “instruction” period, 40 minutes are spent getting them orderly. Maybe only 10 minutes of instruction and practice which means barely one concept per lesson… which has to be covered again and again and again in future lessons because the entire school day is more or less socializing rather than learning. The result being the average high school kids are now performing at a middle school level… and I’m not talking about niggers where this is expected, but regular white kids whose counterparts 20 years ago were all outperforming the standards (which were also higher back then).

        • alf says:

          Just try to imagine a boy in today’s middle school or high school reading a book. It’s impossible.

          the entire school day is more or less socializing rather than learning.

          Yes, and often pretty shitty socializing, far removed from the kind of socializing that leaves you with lifelong friends.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            The Harry Potter generation had kids. I can guarantee you that the few boys that are reading in today’s elementary/middle schools are mostly reading Harry Potter. It encompasses nearly the entirety of their whole literary experience, and just when you thought it couldn’t get more pathetic, I only saw them reading the first few books because books 3 and 4 simply got too complicated for them.

            I remember at that age range my peers and I completely reading LOTR/Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, Dune series, Starship Troopers/Heinlein’s other works, Animal Farm/1984/Brave New World, Ender’s Game, etc.

            As for High School level reading… I don’t know what they are reading currently, didn’t teach at that level. It’s probably nothing impressive. There is a silver lining though. I doubt they are being forced to read gay shit like The Great Gatsby (it’s probably too difficult for them). I absolutely hated having to read that book for class. Didn’t make it past chapter one, didn’t even make it past first page of cliff notes. I consequently failed all the quizzes and was in real danger of failing AP English. Still got a 5 on the AP test and spent much time letting the teacher know the book among others were completely inconsequential to English ability. I still don’t know if he gave me a passing grade because I did well on the AP test or if he couldn’t stand my mocking gloating and didn’t want to see me next year.

            Now that I look back, High School reading list was very boring, very gay. Of Mice and Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Catcher in the Rye, Anne Frank, etc. No stories of good vs evil like LOTR, nor explorations of human nature like Dune, nor glorious tales of war and victory like Starship Troopers/Ender’s Game, nor political intrigue like 1984/Brave New World. Nope, nope, nope, and nope… High School college prep demands tedious moralizing stories about “society.” I guess High School kids can luckily skip out on all those as well.

            • alf says:

              It’s the double kill-shot of not being able to actually read anything interesting (or when physically at school, anything at all really), and that which you are expected to read is fake and gay.

            • alf says:

              Still got a 5 on the AP test and spent much time letting the teacher know the book among others were completely inconsequential to English ability.

              Lmao, you were a lot more aware than I ever was in highschool.

            • Hesiod says:

              Just realized my earliest influential author is Gary Gygax. The only lads around who RPed used AD&D, and they were several years older than yours truly. So, those books – The Player’s Handbook, The Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual, and best for illustrations, Deities and Demigods – forced me to read above the so-called suggested age.

              But it was never a chore like school. It was always fun and invigorating. Then came the Howard, Moorcock, and Tolkien. Books helped tame to a degree my imagination and train it.

              Currently taking a wee break from literature to devote to the fine folks at UATV. Brother Big Bear, whose voice is mighty, has taught Paying The Gay Away is a creative form of tithing. St. Efan, God bless you brother for your video on mysticism. Jesus Christ loves Doubting Thomas too. And last but definitely not least The Dark Lord himself put up a video today that provoked tears of precious mirth, at least for the beginning portion.

    • Doom says:

      My favourite part is the comments section, “ASAWOMANI…”.. am proving the point.

      However something just clicked to me. Women seem to basically be underpants gnomes.

      I wondered why there are so many women defending doing onlyfans work. Very, very few women actually make any money on the site, with a very large proportion in effect exposing themselves in incredibly embarrassing ways for the 20 or 30 bucks a week.

      And I was reading this article :

      And it clicked.

      The answer is right there. Some women are selling themselves for $40!
      Why would they do this?
      Because SOME women make $1000 a day.

      The impulse women have to be offended by a stereotype is the easiest way to control them and indeed it is the way that women have been made to abandon their families.

      Because the logic chain is
      “A sex worker can make $1000 a day”
      “So I will go and be a sex worker because I would gladly have sex with random men for $1000 a day”.

      Then once they do it – they’ve already done it, so they may as well keep doing it.

      You’d tank Onlyfans in two weeks if it became against the terms of service to speak of your earnings.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Sounds like why ghetto boys all want to deal drugs. It’s the bad boy ideal, not about the money. If they actually wanted to become successful drug dealers, they would first join the CIA, but that would make them nerds and despised by women and they would rather go to jail as independent dope dealers than sell out to the man.

        [*payload deleted*]

        • Doom says:

          It’s not the bad boy ideal in the least, it’s “that drug dealer has money, and I have the physical capacity to do drugs!”

          The problem is not selling out to the man.
          The entry fee into the CIA is too high for the ghetto boys. They would need to do something that isn’t the direct “successful action” for a moment.

  12. Islam Anti-Christ EOD says:


    • jim says:

      I am heartily sick of gays, Jews, demon worshippers, and gay Jewish demon worshippers telling Christians what Christianity is.

      I affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      Can you affirm that in those words, or your own words of similar meaning, or in the words of the creeds from which the short affirmation was lifted?

  13. Calvin says:

    Another reason you know Hamas has been getting funding from the GAE, they have feminism:

    Hamas Political Bureau member Jamila Al-Shanti was killed after an Israeli airstrike on her home in Gaza City, Hamas said in a statement released on October 19.

    “A member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and a member of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, Dr. Jamila Al-Shanti, was martyred in the occupation bombing of her home in the Gaza Strip at dawn today,” the Hamas statement said.

    Dr. Jamila Al-Shanti founded the women’s wing of the Hamas movement in Gaza and was the first female member of its political bureau, according to Hamas. Al-Shanti was the widow of Hamas co-founder Abdel Aziz Al-Rantisi.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      The battle was basically over the moment the ‘humanitarian aid’ conversation started going through in earnest. Let’s have a siege except no actual sieging. Hamas is all but guaranteed to survive, now.

      • Rux says:

        Sadly, true. Another gay skirmish for the annals of the weak age.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        All Israel had to do was cut off food, water, and electricity. As the Gazan residents run out of supplies, set up ‘humanitarian’ camps as they stream out of Gaza into the Southern District; a now conveniently empty plot of land from where they could be encouraged to eventually become ‘refugees’ in other countries, again on ‘humanitarian’ grounds. And all of this would have likely been financed by the ‘international community.’ A blockade and open air prison camp is a hell of a lot easier than a ground invasion.

        There was absolutely no need for all the spectacular explosions they have been making which instantly raised tensions. Bombing should’ve waited until Israel could’ve claimed no civilians remained in Gaza.

      • alf says:

        Let’s have a siege except no actual sieging.

        Pretty much how it’s playing out.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          All things are funhouse mirror versions of themselves in clown world.

          ‘Social justice’ is a parody of justice.

          ‘Real GDP’ is a parody of GDP.

          ‘Modern warfare’ is a parody of warfare.

          This is not merely coincidence, but even more so, a fundamental expression of whig psychology, that can be seen expressed through all they do. It is not simply that the subjects may lie for rhetorical advantage, but that they lie even when truth may serve their ostensible aims better. They do not just lie to enemies, they lie even to each other, and especially to themselves.

          There is fear of anyone knowing their intentions, and so speaking only in euphemism.

          There is fear of anyone being responsible for anything, and so action only through circuitousness.

          There is lacking in explicit consciousness of more transcendent teleologies altogether, and so by extension little to no comprehension of agency or intentionality. Any ideographic systems construed by such operating purely in terms of passive voice; no body is causing any thing, things just happen to happen.

          Cargo cult people, doing cargo cult things, to create a cargo cult world. Destroying all that is not cargo cult – the matter of which they have sense of to begin with – until there is nothing but cargo cult. The final apotheosis of the Kafkaen subject.

          • jim says:

            The original source of cohesion of the Socinians and similar heresies was to resolve the problem of God being three and God being one in favor of God being one.

            But if Christ was just a regular guy who greatly improved the Hebrew religion by throwing out all that old fashioned stuff, they could walk in his footsteps by improving it further by throwing out more stuff. “Down with Chesterton’s fence. We are nicer people than you are because we are removing this cruel fence. Further, we are holier than you are because walking in Christs footsteps, and you are not – well actually to be precise we are walking past his footsteps, because he left the job sadly incomplete”.

            And so Chesterton’s fence came down and pile of horrors poured through. And, so, denial, And the more you deny, the holier you must be.

            And so their source of cohesion transformed from unfalsifiable claims about the next world, to falsifiable claims about this world. Point Deer make Horse. The more you deny reality, the holier you must be.

            If faith is a indicator of holiness for Christians, delusion is an indicator of holiness for them.

            • alf says:

              Down with Chesterton’s fence. We are nicer people than you are because we are removing this cruel fence.

              This turns out to be a rather central pillar of your thought. One must respect the laws put up by their ancestors, although one must also understand why the fences are there. Like Jesus came to fulfill, not destroy, so must we accept the bible in its whole, for if we destroy part of it, we set a precedent for further destruction.

              So, where does this leave us historically? Well, interestingly, we seem to agree with Luther that Catholicism is not the True Christianity, but for different reasons. Luther critiqued the Catholics for corruption — implying that if they were not corrupt, their claim to Peter’s succession was valid. We reject the Catholic’s church claim to Peter’s succession. And judging from the all but open Satanism of the pope and the Jesuits these days, there is plenty to be said for that cause. Although in defense of Catholics it might be said that we support the idea of one united faith.

              Which brings us to the patchwork that is Protestantism. I’m not sure what to make of Luther’s ‘sola fide’, but it seems obvious that the single biggest problem the protestants had were entryists. Socinians, Brownists, Puritans… Too many heresies to shake a stick at. Which one might say is very related to the situation the alt-right finds itself in these days: just because you as a group disagree with the dominant power, does not mean you have effective in-group consensus on an alternative power.

              So what we are sort of coalescing on is a version of Christianity that goes back to its original roots, one that is resistant against infiltration, one that seeks to postpone the end of the world, and, if we may dream, one that seeks to explore and conquer the galaxy.

              Going by the usual eponymous naming for Christian branches, we might call practitioners of this faith Jimians. But I like Jim-Christians, or Jims Christians or some variant just as much.

              If faith is a indicator of holiness for Christians, delusion is an indicator of holiness for them.

              Which once again argues against the Machiavellism that a good deal of neoreactionaries have turned to these days. Power for the sake of power means one sees no problem with the conduct of, say, Hillary Clinton, whereas whenever she speaks it is obvious she is heavily deluded.

              • Fidelis says:

                if we may dream, one that seeks to explore and conquer the galaxy.

                Frankly, I’d make do with fresh milk, grandchildren, and not getting a bullet in the back of my skull for refusing to castrate myself or my sons. It’s quite spectacular these times we’re living through.

              • Karl says:

                Although in defense of Catholics it might be said that we support the idea of one united faith.

                Do we do that? I very much like the idea of an orthodox church for every country.

                Luther could have avoided the patchwork of Protestantism by starting an orthodox church of Germany.

                Catholicism was never the True Christianity. As soon as there was Catholicism there were also orthodox churches and Catholicsm was just as true Christianity as orthodox Christianity.

                Before the split of East and West, there was no Chatholicism. Back then the bishop of Rome wasnot really different from the bishop of Constanitinople.

                • alf says:

                  Luther could have avoided the patchwork of Protestantism by starting an orthodox church of Germany.

                  Did he not? I was under the impression that the Lutheran church was its own distinct faction, referring to itself as Lutherans, and that for instance the Calvinists were another distinct faction.

                  Or alternatively, if you mean by starting an orthodox church that he had to reject Catholicism on grounds that the pope’s claim to divine authority over other bishops was false, then yes, should’ve done that.

                  Do we do that? I very much like the idea of an orthodox church for every country.

                  I am not fully knowledgeable on the topic either way. But in line with the thought that war is the father of us all, I side with the strongest party, and it seems to me that in the grand scheme of things, patchwork tends to lose against the emperor. So I’d probably rather side with the emperor, and I presume that was same the line of thought that led the French and Southern Europeans and Habsburgers to be Catholic? Again, question marks because unsure.

                  Before the split of East and West, there was no Chatholicism. Back then the bishop of Rome wasnot really different from the bishop of Constanitinople.

                  Makes a lot of sense. But if Jim wishes for a return to 17th century England that means protestantism with a dash of catholicism. Returning to 17th century Moscovia is quite the different story…

                • The Cominator says:

                  Cathologizing the church of England was the original sin of the Stuarts. Elizabeth and James I church of England was literally and explicitly Calvinist. It had some high church aesthetics but there was zero dash of Catholicism. If you dash Catholicism you will get subverted by actual papists. I think as one Calvinist said about Arminians…

                  “For Arminianism is the span of a papist, and if there comes the warmth of favor, you shall see him turn into one of those frogs that arise out of the bottomless pit. And if you mark it well, you shall see an Arminian reaching one hand to a papist, a papist to a Jesuit, a Jesuit to the Pope, and the other to the King of Spain. And these men having kindled fire in our neighbor-countries, now they brought some of it over here, to set on flame this kingdom also.”

                • Karl says:

                  Orthodox Christianity and also the Anglican Church are different from the patchwork of Protestantism in that they are compatible with (and maybe even born from) the principle that every emperor needs his own church.

                  Such a church does not lose against an empor, it supports the emperor. The emperor needs a church, the church needs an emperor. If the emperor is smart or at least listens to his smart archbishop, there won’t be a patchwork of faiths, or least no patchwork beyond a patchwork of kingdoms.

                  Of course the Lutheran Church was its own distinct faction, but that can be said of any protestant church. What it was lacking was a king and a limitation to only one kingdom.

                  A return to 17th century England would be fine for the Anglosphere. For Germany it would mean that Germany is still a satrapy of a foreign empire. I”d rather have an orthodox church of Germany that is in communion with a Jimian Church of the Anglospehere and also in communion with the orthodox church of Russia and also with all other orthodox churches.

                • TheDividualist says:

                  Even Catholicism has multiple views on that. The truly one united everything is called Ultramontanism, the behind the mountains view, the Pope controls everything.

                  France used to have the Gallican view that generally played down the authority of the pope and lifted up the authority of the King, keeping them on a roughly equal level.

                  Which in my reading means the Pope has authority in things that do really have universal applicability like keeping politically radical heresies down. The King has authority on matters that depend on the local situation.

                  E.g. “The pope’s legates could not be sent into France, or exercise their power within that kingdom, except at the king’s request or with his consent”

                  OTOH it is not a bad idea to have one universal authority in merely theological matters. Do Kings even care about the finer details of transsubstatiation?

                  Or someone who acts as a peacemaker between kingdoms. I keep hearing the quote Denmark and Sweden hold the world record of having the most wars against each other. Perhaps part of the reason was there was no priestly peacemaker?

                • The Cominator says:

                  The theological can easily become the political. The Jesuits have subverted the anti ultramonatist old Catholic Church as they hate them even more than they hate Orthodox and Protestants. The old Catholics are as pozzed as mainstream Anglicans and Lutherans now.

                • The Cominator says:

                  “Priestly peacemaker” I’d you played Medieval II total war I hated the Pope just as much in that as I did in real life.

                • alf says:

                  Cathologizing the church of England was the original sin of the Stuarts. Elizabeth and James I church of England was literally and explicitly Calvinist.

                  I wanted to say that my only gripe with Calvinism is the whole denial of free will, but reading up on that I find the following:

                  First of all, Calvinists do believe in free will. This point is often mis-understood by non-Calvinists; but the position that men don’t actually have free will and control over their own choices is not Calvinism but hyper-Calvinism — a deterministic view that goes far beyond that of it’s namesake Calvin and the general constituency.

                  With that out of the way, the most important thing about the Calvinistic understanding of free will is that men are free to make choices, but only capable of making choices according to their nature. We can make any choice we like inside the scope of the kind of beings that we are but cannot make choices outside the scope of that nature or that defy it.

                  Which I am totally OK with.

                • jim says:

                  > As soon as there was Catholicism there were also orthodox churches and Catholicsm was just as true Christianity as orthodox Christianity.

                  No it was not. Never was. The original sin of the Roman Catholic Church that led to the split was coveting what was Caesar’s. The Roman Catholic grievances against the Patriarch of the East was that he was coveting farms. The Patriarch of the West was coveting Kingdoms.

                  This led to no end of heresies being added to the faith to serve the momentary needs of war and politics.

                  The Church needs collegial rule, and its supreme head only needs what little power and decision making capability he needs because it needs one man to speak to Caesar, and because it needs to prevent holiness spiraling. The state needs one man with the power to make war and peace. So the necessities of war led to inappropriate centralization. Decisions in the Church have to be made by consensus, and if no consensus, no decision. The head is just there to keep order during the consensus process, and to announce the result.

                  The essential core function of the official priesthood is creating and reaching consensus on morals, so that everyone is playing by the same rules. The essential function of Caesar is that when he says “Peace with that outgroup”, everyone is at peace, and anyone who makes war on his own initiative hangs or is handed over to the outgroup, and when he says “war”, everyone is at war.

                  Protestantism was in large part a rebellion against this excessive and inappropriate centralization. But decentralization went too far. If no Bishop, then no King. The Church of England had the correct level of centralization, as does Russian Orthodoxy.

                • Aidan says:

                  Dialogue over what constitutes free will versus “choices within our nature” is unfalsifiable. If you make a choice that looks outside your nature, by making that choice it was obviously within your nature to be able to make that choice, as proved by the fact that you made that choice…

                  “Free will” versus “determinism” is a meaningless wordcel debate and Calvinist theologians are the worst sophists imaginable. “Ah your will is not truly free even if you can make choices because outside forces are influencing it blah blah blah.”

                  The problem with Calvinism is not just hard determinism, though hard determinism is heretical because it takes away the agency of God, it is that predestination denies Christ and minimizes his sacrifice. If predestined salvation, then that means that God became Man and suffered death only so that fifteen hundred years could go by and John Calvin could tell people that they were irreversibly damned. Bullshit.

                • The Cominator says:

                  I like the implications of Calvinism because they are super anti egalitarian though I personally reject eternal conscious torment.

                • Fidelis says:

                  “Free will” versus “determinism” is a meaningless wordcel debate

                  Consider that declaration of free will despite embodiment is a radical metaphysical proposition entirely antagonistic to atheistic materialism. What would it mean then to have a truly free will? Would that imply that chance itself is an illusion?

                  There is a niche yet consistently replicated experiment wherein random participants are asked to influence a random number generator, and usually succeed. These are people who have been told their entire lives that fate is sealed, they are a clump of matter — that this should be impossible.

                  The ultimate structure of reality is unknown. Declaring radical free will impossible is another metaphysical proposition on the level of declaring the “universe” dead and equivalent to the static on a dead channel; pure illusion of order, no structure here boss. And look how eager they are to declare it. That alone should give you pause.

                • Aidan says:

                  My whole point is that it is fruitless thinking about what a “truly” free will entails or whether or not you have one.

                  “Free” is a contextual value, not a universal one. One is always free FROM something specific, “free” is not an independent property that signifies something objective and inherent.

                  So when we talk about “free will” I will mean “free from x”, you will mean “free from x, y, and z” and others will mean “free from everything”.

                  It is much more important that we recognize agency and the ability to make choices. We naturally hold men responsible for their choices, thus acknowledge that we have the ability to make choices. As above, so below. We choose to do evil or good, to repent or not to repent, and God chooses whether or not to save us or deny us.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >All things are funhouse mirror versions of themselves in clown world.

            Clown world, but it’s looking more like a horror house possessed by the spirit of Jeffrey Dahmer.

            they lie even to each other, and especially to themselves.

            There is fear of anyone knowing their intentions, and so speaking only in euphemism.

            They want us to eat the bugs, but only as:

            In terms of the potential in the human foods’ insect-protein segment, the spokesperson said: “Human food compositions exist, and Protix is leading the development of high-quality proteins from animal and fish feeds to consumer-level products.

            “While consumer adoption is very low and human-food applications are not the focus of this joint venture, opportunities exist in the long term to create more sustainable protein products.”

            More euphemistic jargon in the article.



      • Calvin says:

        That was always going to happen as long as Israel allows the GAE to hold its leash. Cannot get rid of a organization like that short of ethnic cleansing.

    • Kunning Druegger says:

      Good thing you didn’t go through with that retarded bet.

    • MuskFan says:

      The GAE funds both Israel and the Palestinians and has a vested interest in keeping the current low level forever conflict, which maximizes US leverage in the entire region.

      When the US rails on about we want a “two-state solution”, when no one else at all cares about “two-state solution”, they are really saying we want to preserve our power with the current status quo.

  14. Archer Sterling says:


      • Archer Sterling says:

        [*Failure to commit any thought crimes noted*]

        • jim says:

          You hate negroes because magical, women because wonderful, and Jews because so very smart. Also gays because so stylish.

          A thought crime would be explaining why the “hate” positions you have so enthusiastically proclaimed are necessary for us.

          • Archer Sterling says:


            • jim says:

              I have silently deleted all your comments because you say only what our enemies imagine reactionaries to say.

              Someone who actually believes what you say you believe is never going to say what you say. He is going to draw attention to a multitude of hate facts that the official narrative averts its eyes from, and let the hate facts do the talking

              Actual thought crimes committed by actual right wingers, or even republican party activists, don’t say “I hate group X, I am in favor of supremacy by group Y” Actual right wingers lay out the evidence that is apt to lead to the conclusion that rule by group X is better than rule by group Y, as demonstrated by hate facts happening all around us, and let the reader draw his own conclusions. While you proclaim all sorts of reactionary positions, which actual reactionaries seldom say explicitly, you are strangely unable to mention any of the reasons for those positions, which actual right wingers, reactionaries, and even real Republicans, speak of continually.

              • Archer Sterling says:

                Okay, but I really do have a fully fleshed out plan to [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  That would be a really nice result for those of us able to think and speak certain thought crimes.

                  Which you are strangely unable to speak, and probably unable to even think.

                  I regularly discuss the way to increase the fertility of those people we would prefer to have more of.

                  If you want to tell us your plan, you need be able to notice the reasoning and hate facts behind our plan.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  Archer: what is it that some people believe about black people, that makes them not want to have lots of black people living nearby?
                  Can you answer?

                • jim says:

                  Of course he cannot answer, I have been at him for some time.

                • Archer Sterling says:

                  Do you have blue eyes, Jim?

                • jim says:

                  Yes. blue eyes.

                  Aryan Y and X chromosomes, traceable to the Caspian steppes.

                  Lots of people have Y chromosomes traceable to the steppes, and these days we can locate the particular part of the steppes that a Y chromosome came from, and the path it took over the world, very accurately. Rather fewer have X chromosomes traceable to the steppes, let alone both of X and Y from a single part of the steppes.

                  I often say I am the last Anglican. I am also one of the last Ayrans.

                • Archer Sterling says:

                  Then you shouldn’t have a problem with my proposal to [*deleted*]

                • jim says:

                  Commit the thought crime. Explain why the goal that this proposal would supposedly accomplish is desirable. Point to some relevant hate facts.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “Of course he cannot answer, I have been at him for some time.”

                  I can see that. I wonder if he realizes that it really does not matter how much crimestop he loads into his head, Shaniqua considers him racist anyway.

                • Anonymous says:

                  Blue eyes blonde hair is very likely NOT Aryan but from a northern euro population similar to the Finns. That the aryans conquered.
                  Which would explain why these traits are still mostly found close to Finland, and not in any of the billions of other people who claim descent from Aryans

                • jim says:

                  The steppe herder population was mixture of old european hunter gatherer population (blue eyes, brown haired, fair haired, or red haired), and the middle eastern farmer population, brown eyed, brown haired. They original Aryans had a mixture of hair colors and eye colors, but were predominantly blue eyed. Different parts of the steppes had different mixtures, but in most of the steppes, descendants of the old European hunter gatherer population predominated by far.

                  The Aryan race was the result of a mixing event that occurred when diverse people took up herding on the steppes, my ancestors primarily herding horses for milk and meat, and later transport. The physical technology to survive extreme winters, and the social technology required to enforce private ownership of highly mobile property created strong selection for forethought, intelligence, and cooperation. The steppes were a very harsh environment, and Mars will be a harsher environment. Mars will give us a new race.

                • Vendat Tunicam says:

                  R1b is Aryan, is I1 or R1a Aryan?

                  I1 fans out of Scandinavia at the same time that the worship of Ullr is dropped for Odin, also after a harsh culling back of the chromosome with a lot of novel mutations. Seems like battle axe culture fought some brutal wars. Maybe I1 vs R1b is the basis of Aesir vs Vanir.

                  R1a distribution looks a lot like Aryans that left the steppe later than R1b. Most Slavic languages are surprisingly intelligible, almost like they left the steppe as the Germans conquered Rome.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >Also gays because so stylish

            Why does this pernicious lie refuse to die? Gays lack tact, increasingly so as the social norms that previously restrained them break down. Average fashion among the masses today is highly crass/crude/degenerative compared to just 30 years ago, and horrifically bad when compared to 100 years ago. Liberalism, and the gays, has been a complete disaster for fashion.

            • Rux says:

              The clearest daily indication that something has gone terribly wrong in the West is the absolute slovenliness of it’s citizens.

  15. Gary Reynolds says:


    • jim says:

      We have a much bigger problem than Mohammedanism, and we cannot and should not address the Mohammedan problem till we have dealt with that problem.

    • jim says:

      Your interpretation of this data makes no sense. You have to explain why you reached this very odd conclusion, rather than just confidently announcing it.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        A decent libertarian (not even a serious right-wing position) losing by 6 percentage points in a nation wrecked by 140% inflation is a catastrophic loss. A mainstream Republican like Romney/Ryan would have lost by 20 percentage points. The leftist is of course an even bigger clown.

        It’s either vax brains or a rigged election, and either way it’s showing where we’re going.

        • jim says:

          This interpretation simply never occurred to me, because I took it for granted that election and poll results are decided by the deep state months in advance. They have to pay some attention to credibility however, so unacceptable candidates are eliminated one way or another before they can become so prominent as render official poll results unbelievable. That a previously unacceptable candidate was allowed to make it this far, is a good indication he will be allowed to win.

          • FrankNorman says:

            Jim, this might be the case in some places, but would it really be true the world over?

            Surely at least some countries have failed to “get the joke” and sincerely think that “democracy” really means letting the people vote in whoever they choose.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          There was an election in Argentina some years ago where the socialist parties won 98.5% of the vote, with the other 1.5% being invalid ballots. There were ten parties in the running, all of whom called for some form of “socialism” in their official platforms.

          No matter how badly and how often socialism fails in Latin America, people will keep voting for it.

          • TheDividualist says:

            In 2013 some guy I know was sitting on a bus in Venezuela with a bunch of illiterate looking peasants. They were debating the merits and sins of the recently dead Hugo Chavez. They really did not have the knowledge to say anything useful, but they agreed in one thing: at least he was sticking it to the gringoes. This is mostly what Latin America means with the word “socialism”. Rest is mostly rhetorics.

            I think this is really about race. Those half-Indian peasants simply do not have what it takes to compete in any kind of free market. They need to be serfs, have the structure and safety of serfdom. The basic idea is they do not have to make serious decisions, someone tells them what to do, they will never be allowed to starve but they will be beaten if they don’t work hard enough. Same as that stuff in Anna Karenina, where the nobleman is trying and failing to implement British economics on Russian serfs. These people really need a lord. They would do all right with a good lord. They hope to elect one. And they fail because good lords cannot be elected, dumb peasants will elect liars. Good lords win by capturing the loyalty of the warriors.

  16. Calvin says:

    It seems the first IDF casualties in Gaza proper have already happened:

    An Israel Defense Forces soldier died and three others were wounded during a raid as part of preparations for a Gaza ground operation, an IDF spokesperson said Sunday.

    The raid was carried out earlier today in the area of Kibbutz Kissufim near the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said during a video briefing. An anti-tank missile launched toward an IDF tank and an engineering vehicle left one soldier dead, one with moderate injuries, and two with mild injuries, according to Hagari.

    The IDF said the raid was part of the preparations for a Gaza ground operation, with Israeli forces attempting “to dismantle terror infrastructure, clear the area of terrorists, weapons, and locate missing persons, and bodies.”

    Many more like this likely to come.

  17. Mayflower Sperg says:

    Hamas’ #1 cheerleader dug up some unrelated news from Maryland, where a ruined father decided to open a third front in the war against the Anal Empire:

    The cops have an obvious suspect, the father from the only case the judge heard on the last day of his life. I expect this war to escalate — states will crack down faster and harder on fathers, and more fathers will adopt the Cobra Kai philosophy: Strike first, strike hard, no mercy.

    • Unz says:

      not only is this good news the linked Twitter comments are heartening

    • someDude says:

      needs some one to organize the fathers. This has been happening for a long time. Nothing new

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        It would be immediately labeled a “domestic terror organization” and all its members would get decades in federal prison.

        If instead a few rogue assassins started taking out divorce judges completely unrelated to their own cases, or not even in the same state, it would be very hard to catch them. If states reduce the number of judges and provide them with 24/7 security, target the lawyers.

        All it takes is for men to realize that evil is inherent to the system, not to any particular judge, lawyer, or ex-wife.

        I’m probably the last person you should ever take marital advice from, but if you spend an hour in meditation every week, imagining yourself calmly killing your wife and butchering her like that deer you shot last fall, she will start being much nicer to you, and the lawyers and judges will be someone else’s problem.

        • someDude says:

          I do not know of any change brought about by random men acting on their own without coordination. Do you? For coordination, need a Caesar, need an org. If no Caesar, no solution. Some problems have no solutions.

          Otherwise, I agree with most of what you say.

  18. Cloudswrest says:

    Seems to be a lot of GAE naval buildup in the Eastern Mediterranean. Is it now three carrier groups? This is certainly exponential overkill for “Hamas”. Saw this tweet today, with confirmation comments from ex-sailors that this usually presages something unpleasant.

    also this:

  19. Church Bombed says:

    Israel didn’t do the other church, but it did do this one.

    Israel might push all of palestine into Egypt which is still balking at that.

    The US could take these Christians, maybe greece or eu or ru.
    Not the Muslims.
    Not the Jews.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >Not the Muslims.
      >Not the Jews.

      You know that’s exactly who we’re getting, right? The Christians can all perish and it would serve them right according to our rulers, but importing way too many Muslims is just about the holiest and most righteous things that a country can do. And Jews? The founding narrative of the GAE is saving the Jews from Mean Mr. Mustache. Leaving them high and dry now is a complete impossibility.

      • Fraus says:

        The church was not targeted, it suffered damage from the targeted building nearby. A miscalculation as to yield and delivery, yes, an intentional targeting, no.

        So the score is
        1 Christian hospital, rocketed [defect or intentional] by Islam.
        1 Christian church, caught in the crossfire of Jew vs Islam.

        And despite that the few Christians still there are still
        preaching the love of Jesus Christ.

        If the GAE says saving Jews from Islam, well, that actually would be historically accurate… Islam literally initiated all the violence in the first place by invading the Jews in 641AD or so. And the Quran literally fucking hates Jews, it’s disgusting, but ohhh no, we can’t tell the truth about Islam, and can’t say facts about its outright damning Empire and Violent Conquest in all its History, not on TV/Radio/Internet. Quran so full of official hate and Islam Empire so murderous that it’ll make anyone who reads it puke.

        It is Muhammad and the Quran that put the violent hate, toward Jews and everyone else, into the Muslim.
        Refute and remove Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam. Then let the soon to be non-Muslim live.

        It’s just sad to see half the population of countries supporting such an evil as Islam out of ignorance.

        Be safe out there fellas.

        • c4ssidy says:

          1. Why is Israel releasing hospital evacuation orders following the controversy of the first hospital? Or was it their plan all along to only bomb hospitals following a public warning?
          2. Why would the US State Department consider an international investigation into the question to be “not appropriate”?
          3. Why the “be safe” phrasing? are you some kind of sodomite? That is the kind of thing girls used to stay to build stuff up while plotting a rape accusation, which bluepilled men, taking the equality doctrine seriously, eventually started to adopt, but to normal people sounds ridiculous in any context involving males. Safe from what? do we have a problem with war? and do we need a male faggot reassuring other men about it?

          • Kunning Drueger says:

            I think he was saying “be safe” because it’s looking like targeting Christian edifices and populations is something that’s going to become even more prevalent.

            • Neofugue says:

              The church bombing is an indication that the Jews intend to continue their ethnic cleansing operation in the West Bank after finishing up with Gaza. The Jews are a race of lies and hate, and they will never cease being a race of lies and hate until they accept Christ.

          • Karnac says:

            My suggestion is that the Jews have the fundamental righteous and original right to wipe Islam back out of the areas where the Kingdoms of Jews were before, but where Islam was not, according to history of before the Islamic invasion and conquest. That specifically includes the Jewish Temple region. See the pre-Islamic-conquest history of the region.
            As to Gaza, the Philistines, that has only been a spat ever since Islam also took over the Philistines (biblical and historical, see Egypt, Greece) and kept fucking with the Jews (see hatred of Jews commanded by Islam Quran and Muhammad). Jews rights to part of Gaza and part of West Bank are more historically limited. The current action there depends moew on what level of defensive incursion is needed to terminate the aggressor Govt (Islam+Gazan), return Jewish captives, make peace, stay out of Gaza, etc.
            To get to two-state, you must recognize that the States in question are (historical Jews, and Philistines [diluted by history but whatever, grant them]), vs Islam… not Israel, vs (Gaza aka “Palestine”, and the West Bank aka not “Philistines”).
            Otherwise you’ll just end up with another false Islamic claim to, and attacks initiated upon, the Jewish lands some years in the future by Islam.
            And the Jews also must agree to stay contained in their own lands and not settle in, or fuck with the lands of their neighbors.

            • Vlad says:

              These historical he said she said claims are all irrelevant a people own a piece of ground they can own it matters not how many others they kill if they took and it’s theirs until someone takes it from them. This is the whole of the law of gnon.

          • jim says:

            Who cares. If the Israelis did not bomb the hospital, more fool they.

            Why does anyone care? People located a minutes walk from an officially unofficial NATO base in the Ukraine have been shelling civilians since 2014 and no one paid the slightest attention, even though that was casus belli, while bombing the hospital is not. Similarly, no one seemed to notice GAE artillery bombarding Tutsi villages in the Congo to avoid an embarrassing repetition of the failure of the Rwandan genocide.

            • Ash says:

              you are right.. no one cares.. I found out only last year during the smo that my nation disgracefully sides and will put money down to help with the murder of unarmed civilians

            • Pax Imperialis says:

              >Who cares.
              >Why does anyone care?

              Synthetic tribes that are so synthetic they include people who do not know they belong create some wacky results.

              Cold civil war at home, hot civil war abroad.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            You’re talking to a plant who is working out of a different office than the ones we usually get. You can tell from the characteristically mealy-mouthed diction that never explicitly makes a point, while addressing the plant only get more wordsalad in response that never directly responds to the address, ‘as if’ they are not actually paying any attention at all to who they are talking too or what the topic is.

            Given the subject matter, its probably an Israeli body sponsoring it.

        • Neofugue says:

          This comment is the work of a Jewish faggot shill.

          Can this shill say “Jesus Christ is Lord?”

          The bombing of St. Porphyrius Orthodox Church was a deliberate attack on a 1600-year-old church, not only because the Jews are a race of hate, but also because the Jews wish to destroy any marker of non-Jewish existence in Gaza.

          Also note how the shill says that Islam invaded the Jews and not the Roman Empire, as if there was a significant Jewish population in Palestine at the time of Islamic expansion.

  20. Hesiod says:

    Doing well, frens, for those praying and perhaps worrying. Finally wrapped up some professional responsibility so I can relax and play. Going to take it easy for a few days.

    God is Good, God is Great, and God is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Every knee must bow. Learn to do it willingly and with all your heart.

    • Hesiod says:

      “Bend”, not “bow”. Alas, not being able to edit but after all: beggars can’t be choosers.

      • Hesiod says:

        And because I’m pathetically pedantic at times: Some lay claim to things not theirs for multiple reasons. Always verify.

        Now, back to relaxing and play.

  21. Severian says:

    I’ve been mildly following the Russian operation at Adviivka to see if anything has changed but it seems not. Russians also taking significant armored losses in exchange for small advances around the flanks (I think over 100 confirmed armored vehicle losses). Paradigm in this war remains attrition.

    • jim says:

      Russia is no longer taking big armored losses. They tried a World War II style big armored thrust. Massive losses, got cut to pieces. They learned. Tanks are obsolete. Need to move to military motorcycles, as the Syrians have. We now see tanks on both sides trying to be stealthy. Tanks are not very good at being stealthy.

      Advivka is now looking like Bakhmut. The Ukraine can hold it for a very long time, but it is going to cost them. War of attrition.

      The Russians are trying various things to get back to war of movement. So far, nothing works. And every try is costly. The Advivka offensive has cost Russia badly.

      Russians have been going on the offensive across the entire front, and the offensives are not working. The Ukraine is also engaging in offensives, and have made gains. The usual insignificant gains.

    • Ash says:

      it’s impenetrable.. should surround it and simply starve them out over the next 6 months

      • S says:

        It looks like that is what they are doing, the flank attacks are to gain fire control over the roads in and out.

        • jim says:

          And when the Russians get to the positions where they can make going in and out extremely dangerous for the Ukrainians, but the Ukrainians persist in going in and out anyway, they will cheerfully sit in those positions for the next several months, with the occasional push on Avdiivka to make sure that the Ukrainians keep it fully stocked with cannon fodder.

          • Unz says:

            The Russians are incredible at grinding defensive warfare. No one knows this because no one actually learns about the Eastern Front properly, they just know “blitzkrieg lol Germans wunderwaffe” from decades of American propaganda.
            The Soviet system was insane but it held up to the Wehrmacht. That is not a small feat.
            The Americans, in typical and cowardly Anglo fashion, sat back and smugly played other people off against each other, then took all the credit.

            • Kunning Druegger says:

              Did you just start dating a Russian dude or what? Germany lost the war, and communist russia survived only because of Lend-Lease. Pretending that the commies were some heroic victor is American Communist tripe fed to children by movies and education under the cover of Americana.

      • Ash says:

        the day after I sent this, I read Russia is throwing huge amounts of troops and firing large amounts of artillery.. see what happens, they may not wait for them to starve out

    • S says:

      The Russians have been in the same positions since April 2022; how many of those are from the recent offensive versus Ukrainian and Russian vehicle from the last year and a half?

  22. Encelad says:

    Recent news are providing a good test to see who wields power for real, priests or merchants. We couldn’t get a more “textbook” example than this one.
    Former Victoria’s Secret CEO, Jewish billionaire, withdraws donations to Harvard because not pro-Israel enough.
    If you recently saw any Victoria’s Secret billboard you would have noticed that they replaced hot women with obese plain apes, so Harvard definitely have influence on the company.
    Will this Joo capitalist have the power to bend Harvard to his will, now? Or will they give him the middle finger instead?
    We shall see..

    • Rux says:

      If he wanted to give the finger to Harvard, and assuming he pull at VS, he’d bring back the babes.

      • Doom says:

        I would suggest it is Harvard that follows VS, not the reverse.

        Harvard gets donations by pushing the narrative.

        • Rux says:

          That’s an interesting thought I didn’t consider given Harvards almighty command over the tentacles of evil. I’d assume VS gets their marching orders from such an entity but if not then from whom?

          • Doom says:

            Harvard is the enforcement arm, like the relationship between the police and the law.

            Obviously they get their marching orders from their donors.

            • Unz says:

              not in the slightest. That’s like saying the Church is the “enforcement arm” and gets marching orders from the donors. If you donate to a Church with the idea of somehow controlling it, you are in for a real big disappointment. You donate because you’re a good pious believer and for your private and public salvation.
              The idea of a Church enforcing anything is kinda ridiculous, with what? strongly worded circulars?

              • Doom says:

                The donors are the Church, and the Cathedral, is what I am implying.

                Harvard is the public face; the organ created by the Cathedral.

                As has well been noticed before, isn’t it interesting that all of the Cathedral educational facilities are in lock step with their rhetoric, their research directions?

                What is the common theme? The donors.

                Harvard doesn’t control Yale. Harvard and Yale are different organs of the Church.

        • Unz says:

          just search “harvard students palestine letter”
          as soon as we saw that, anyone who was paying attention to the Cathedral could predict the coming “turn” in media coverage. They literally *signaled* the rest of the left faction.
          Now go check the NY times coverage on Israel and Gaza and go see the millions protesting worldwide. There goes power.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Wow, I wonder if Harvard will expel the students who signed that letter. Fuck around (with the Jews) and find out (that you’ll spend the rest of your life stocking shelves at Walmart).

            Whichever side ultimately prevails, it’s nice to see Democrats destroying each other.

    • A2 says:

      Leslie Wexner, Epstein’s generous sponsor, in case you wonder.

      VS started with the fat, brown tranny model thing right after that Epstein unpleasantness.

    • The Cominator says:

      That Victoria’s Secret ever got rid of hotties for fat ugly diversity cases (there are physically attractive diversity cases in the world but they don’t use them either) proves its the priests. If a rogue merchant wins here it will prove the priesthood is now fractured not that merchants have power.

      • jim says:

        The priesthood is fracturing because the current leadership is leading the Global American Empire off a cliff at high speed.

  23. Kunning Drueger says:

    It’s being reported that the US has detonated a “chemical explosion” at a nuclear testing facility in Nevada for the purposes of refining the detection of underground nuclear testing. It’s being reported as *not* a nuclear device, and it’s being portrayed as a direct response to the Russian Duma taking up legislation that would initiate nuclear testing to begin/resume.

    When it rains, it pours Jim. We’re getting incredibly rich opportunities to test Jimian Theses with real world data. Are they unable to test a real nuclear device? Are they worried someone else is able to test undetected? Are we in a state of play that’s moved to Showdown fully from If to When?

    Being as objective as I can be, this is a huge red flag, a full on trigger event. Stay frosty brothers.

    • Mister Grumpus says:

      Of course I can’t answer your question, but I’ve been hoping for this, some way for the Russians to show that their nukes work, and trap us into revealing that ours don’t work.

      • jim says:

        In order for anyone, including the US government, to know if its nukes still work, has to try one, or better, several. Which it is not going to do.

        Russia, in its discussions about resuming nuke testing, has revealed that there is some doubt among Russians as to whether its nukes still work. They want to test inventory.

    • dave says:

      They are either afraid to do a real test, or we just had a fizzle with a cover story that “we meant to do that”.

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        precisely the thrust of my thoughts as well. But I can also see it as one of the last smart factions coming up with a way to try and gain some kind of advantage out of very limited capacities. By this I mean it might actually be the cas that the test is truly intended to help them calibrate for finding tests, and maybe that was the actual goal. I only say this to balance out what I am 99% convinced of.

        • dave says:

          if the last smart factions have any say, it should be “Oh S&%#, we better find out if these things still work.”

  24. Sher Singh says:

    Reverse grip bench press/pushdowns.

  25. C4ssidy says:

    The problem of humanity’s historical data integrity only seems to need one super mega-hash or Adam-hash. Take 500 million books, hash each one, and hash them together into the Adam hash. The Adam hash will be universally known and recognised, as familiar as “to be or not to be” , stored offline in too many places and therefore impossible to change. Any historical book or document would then just be checked against the root hash of the full collection, a single character change would change the hash of the document which would cause it to mismatch against the root. It seems like the only barrier is the effort of creating the collections with enough agreement on what the root hash should be that it becomes a timeless hash

    What I would really like in addition is the ability to take an arbitrary quote of text from a book, hash it, and compare it against a known hash of the book to confirm the quote is located somewhere in the book without needing the book itself, or perhaps a known hash of a chapter in the book, which of course I could verify against the book hash and the book hash against the mega hash. Presumably the hash of the chapter would itself have to be composed against every possible chunk of text existing in it, but once done, you could hash an arbitrary group of words and compare it against the chapter hash

    Commenters will need to forgive me if I am off the mark, not my expertise at all, but I have a lot of stake (I think everyone does) in working out whether this idea is possible

    • jim says:

      Perfectly feasible and standard technology. You just put all the data in the world in merkle dag This tech is used all over the place, as for example every torrent is a merkle tree, and when you recheck a torrent, you are checking every block of every file of every directory, and the directories themselves, which are themselves merkle trees in the torrent, against the root hash of that torrent. And every blockchain is a merkle tree, and frequently a merkle dag.

  26. Ryan says:

    What is the Jim view on dowry or bride price?

    A man’s daughter can be a huge asset to a potential husband, who would pay to acquire her, compensating the father for the investment in raising her.

    On the other side, if a man has to support an unmarried daughter indefinitely, he will want to pay someone to take the liability off his hands. This is also a way to spread assets to female offspring too if they can’t inherit.

    English society did fine with the latter for a long time, but the former makes more sense to me. Sons should probably be gifted with resources but also be obligated to care for their parents.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Labor-intensive societies have bride-prices, while capital-intensive societies have dowries. Capital has never dominated labor as thoroughly as it does today, so if we ever do restore marriage, it will be with dowries.

      We of course do not have marriage because of feminism. You don’t pay money to buy something that won’t stay bought.

      • i says:

        Dowry societies tended to kill their daughters before they grow up distorting the sex ratio and depriving far more men of wives.

        There needs to be an alternative to dowry. Because whilst Christianity reduces incidence of infanticide. The incentive is there to get rid of daughters through murder.

      • i says:

        The bride price on the other hand as in Ancient Israel is an incentive against murdering their daughters. And rewards the Father for raising her right.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Infanticide is a terrible thing, but you can’t set prices by fiat. In a capital-intensive economy where labor is cheap, it’s much faster and simpler to raise girls than boys to a condition of marriageability. Thus the son who has mastered a valuable skill and stands to inherit a farm or factory is the prize worth paying for.

          This creates a surplus of unmatched women that can be solved one of three ways: polygyny, nunneries, or feminism. In Traditional Latin Mass families, the girls all plan to become nuns “unless God gives me a husband”.

          • i says:

            I think the best “Dowry” to give to a Husband so to speak isn’t monetary or even property.

            Its Good Womanly Character and Physical Beauty. A wife who will actually love him.

            A rich bitch because her Father is rich and who gives a good dowry who is cold and unloving to her Husband isn’t worth the monetary value.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              Liquids take the shape of their container. Feminism makes women evil and patriarchy makes them good. Under patriarchy, all women except outright prostitutes have good womanly character.

              Restoring physical beauty will take a few generations because you need male sexual selection to ensure that beautiful women marry younger to wealthier men and have more offspring.

              • The Cominator says:

                If I were king I could make the average woman much more beautiful in a year. Can’t get rid of all the tats but could do a lot of easy things.

                Women naturally left to their own devices greatly desire to lookmaxs it takes immense cathedral social engineering and resources to subvert this.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >much more beautiful in a year

                  I will autistically point out you are overly optimistic. The huge elephant in the room is obesity. Nearly everything else is a much lesser concern (on average).

                  You’d need to unfuck the food supply and consumer habits to fix that. Just the agriculture side of things would take ~10 years to fix because retooling from corn syrup and seed oil production to dairy and something like the Mediterranean diet doesn’t happen over night.

                  America has much of the world’s best farm land, yet we import massive quantities of beef at record prices while our own ranchers go out of business and give up out of bitterness. Their children never learning the trade. This is all due to regulations.

                  Ranches and ranchers (farms and farmers) have been devastated by the government. In theory, cattle herds and farms can be restored within just a few years, but the skilled workforce doesn’t just spring up from the earth. Generational knowledge has been completely destroyed in mass. Neither does cultivated land magically sprout from the ground, much land has been allowed to rot uncultivated for decades. Fixing all of this looks more like a generational problem.

                  Until this is reversed, get used to the proles eating corn syrup and seed oil and ballooning out in rolls of obesity.

                • i says:


                • The Cominator says:

                  I could get them thinner in a year too even without resorting to putting them in fat camps…

                  I think corn and seed oils mainly exist due to regulations and subsidies and would be gotten rid of easily in 3-4 years at most but left to their own devices without body positivity and “i dont need no man” propaganda women will also take extreme measures to take off weight. Make some clever propaganda against weed and get rid of all the anti tobacco smoking stuff. Women in huge numbers will go back to a diet of cigarettes and diet coke diet (which was huge until 2010) and obesity rates among women will crash.

              • i says:

                Precisely why all else being equal. I detest the incentives created by the dowry. Not only in distorting sex ratio.

                But in doing so deprive men of being able to have their pick of the best women they can get.

                Patriarchal monogamy. And absence of dowry. But with alternatives that reward Fathers who raise their daughters. Will facilitate good sexual selection aside from saving lives.

  27. Fidelis says:

    Jim, would love to hear your thoughts on this:

    Is this histrionic? I’ve personally always found HTLCs a sort of janky solution to a hard problem, and there have been loads of exploits found an mitigated. This one seems particularly hard to mitigate, but perhaps I am not as informed as I should be. In your opinion what are the implications of such an attack existing? Will lightning be able to continue running at all now that its public? While the zk protocols are incubating, what do you think should be the proper response of large LN users?

    • jim says:

      Bitcoin was never designed with lightning in mind, and mempool management gradually accrued a whole of lot of messy complicated ad hot ad hoc fixes with implications for lightning that nobody thought about. The resulting ad hoc mess is unfixable due to backwards compatibility considerations.

      In something written from scratch with lightning in mind, there would not be a problem. This problem is lightning edge cases interacting with cruft accumulated from ancient history.

      Problem is that the proposed solution is essentially to throw away what little privacy lightning has – all problem are easily solved by centralized authority, except, of course, the problem of centralized authority.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        What about giving up on backward-compatibility with all the existing bitcoins out there, and instead pretending to go back in time and do a Lightning Bitcoin from scratch?

        Is “it” really that easy? Or “easy”, but also just pointless?

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Nodes have to verify transactions. If every node holds a complete history of every transaction ever made, this works, but leads to massive scaling problems. If the transaction history is broken up and distributed among the various nodes, some transactions cannot be verified because the node that holds the necessary information is not responding right now.

          I think the zk-snark solution is for this “necessary information” to be included in the transaction itself, which cannot be done over the existing Bitcoin network because it requires new fields in “struct transaction” and a completely different verification algorithm. Every node would have to upgrade simultaneously.

          I think the lightning-network solution is to create parallel currencies backed by Bitcoin but with their own blockchains where transactions can happen off the main chain. Alas this creates additional complications for transactions between users on different side-chains.

        • jim says:

          Here is how to do lightning right: In theory, this is how lightning works, this is the design. But, due to a pile of cruft and backwards compatibility issues, not actually how it works.

          Ann and Bob have a shared coin. Bob and Carol have a shared coin.

          Ann wants to pay Carol through Bob.

          Skipping lightly over the complications involved in locking Ann’s deal with Bob to Bob’s deal with Carol, we wind up with everyone having transactions that they could present to the blockchain divvying up their shared coins. Which supersede their previous transactions that they could present divvying up their shared coins in a different way.

          So, what happens if one of them presents an out of date transaction? Say Ann presents the transaction that she and Bob generated prior to he paying Bob and he and she generating a new transaction.

          What is supposed to happen, and does in fact happen except for edge cases and complications, is that when they generated the new transaction, they also generated punishment transactions for any older transaction. If one party presents an out of date transaction to the blockchain, the counterparty should be able to present a transaction that hoses them.

          Unfortunately the complicated edge cases for recovering stalled transactions interact with the complicated edge cases for punishing misbehaving lightning peers. Ad hoc special workarounds to sneak around backwards compatibility are interacting with other ad hoc special workarounds to work around backwards compatibility, which allow a misbehaving peer to potentially stall the punishment transaction until various timeouts render it irrelevant. It is a mighty pile of software that needs to be cut down at the root and rewritten from scratch.

          For a blockchain based on recursive snarks, I briefly alluded to the mechanic for recovering stalled transactions, which mechanic involves a very long timeout, while the Bitcoin mechanic necessarily has a short timeout, because they don’t want transactions hanging around in the mempool indefinitely. I instead propose a two step process for doing transactions, which corresponds to the sql mechanic “BEGIN TRANSACTION … COMMIT”, which cuts off all these special cases and complications at the root. To protect privacy, and to cut off all these complications, you separately register a commit for each input, and once that is registered, you can commit the outputs to another transaction within a timeout globally enforced by the public broadcast channel, or register them permanently on the blockchain, or, if not outputs have been committed or registered, “ROLLBACK” the transaction within a second globally enforced timeout. Or lose the money. if you miss both timeouts.

  28. Joey Danforth says:

    Not sure if this is biblical, but just not seeing a good strategy for Israel here.

    They’re surrounded by Islam on all sides of land.
    They have no real ports so the sea is not an option,
    even though the West might evacuate them all.
    They can use nukes, but Islam doesn’t really care,
    they’ll just invade and wipe them out after they spent
    their load.

    So it really boils down to either
    1) The West imports all the Jews.
    2) The West declares the southeast Med its new
    floating sea base, defends israel from there.
    2a) Which then triggers total war of Islam vs everyone,
    which CN and RU and PK will side with Islam.
    At which point you have more or less WWIII.

    So which is it… WWIII, or the Jews abandon Israel.

    Only other option is Jews pull entirely out of west bank and gaza.
    Which everyone then has to accept as two state.

    But that’s short term biblically because Jews accuse Muhammad of being false prophet since they first saw him invade from afar, and Muhammad want to kill them ever since for callng him a fake. Islam has a monumentally intense level of hatred for Jews… calling him a fake all the way to poisoning him to death to get him to stop murdering them.

    And because Islam will still be squatting its dome and mosque over the Rock and the Temple.
    The End of Times will come before Christians and Jews ever give those up.

    I know it’s unpopular opinion, but the whole problem traces back to when Muhammad the psychiatric patient declared himself a “prophet” and rode up from out of nowhere with his army of Al-Lah set on conquering everyone, initiating violence of war conditions on people who had to defend their own way of life from them. Everyone had their problems, but Islam wasn’t one. And Islam is still a massive worse global problem today.

    This Islam shit will get worse in the world, much worse, before it gets better.

    • jim says:

      As I keep saying, Islam is not our biggest problem, and once we solve our biggest problem, solving the Islam problem is easy. Well, easy for Christians. As you observe, not so easy for Jews.

      The solution for Israel is to genocide or ethnically cleanse the Palestinians – if the arab states let them get away with it or unable to stop them. The problem with that solution is that it has a high likelihood that Iran (not an Arab state) will be able to stop them with the cooperation of the Arab states, and that the Jews might get genocided or ethnically cleansed.

      They were planning to move to Ukraine in that eventuality, but with the current developments in the Ukraine war, this looks less feasible.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “Planning” to move to Ukraine, or just “assuming” it was a backup option? “Planning” seems the wrong word since there were so many options and chances to avoid it getting wrecked in a war against Russia.

        BTW, this helps me understand the De Santis phenomenon through Covid. As in, he was being used to maintain another backup Jewish pseudo-territory. Or at least that was one of the power blocks supporting him.

      • Calvin says:

        Short of a full-scale nuclear exchange, how is Iran in a position to top them? It’s not like they can just expect to march their army all the way to Israel’s borders, and their proxies are more suited to defensive or asymmetrical operations than than taking and holding contested enemy territory.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          Imagine those Iranian “Geranium” anti-infrastructure drones, but each starting from a single-use range-extending drone airplane, launched from a souped up cargo truck on a lonely stretch of Persian desert highway. Maybe made of Russian wood and powered by a Chinese tractor engine, I mean who knows. All I’m saying is that Israel is a lot closer to Iran now than we might think.

          • Calvin says:

            Those would only be effective at stopping them from shelling Gaza into oblivion if used in such numbers as to utterly cripple the Israeli economy and military. That’s the sort of thing that precipitates a full-scale nuclear exchange. Iran would be much better off just let GAE arm twist Bibi into half-measures.

        • jim says:

          > It’s not like they can just expect to march their army all the way to Israel’s borders,

          Allies on land and sea are likely to allow, and facilitate, the transport of Iranian troops and weapons.

          Iran borders the Caspian sea, which borders Russia, and the Arabian sea. Russia and Turkey have a very old peace treaty, dating back to Tzar and the Sultan, which both sides have always been scrupulous in observing, despite the radical changes of government that both have suffered, that allows Russia to transport troops to and from the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean borders Lebanon and Syria. Therefore, with the support of Lebanon and possibly Syria, Iran can move its land forces by sea through Russian and Turkish waters into Lebanon and/or Syria. Transporting them via the Arabian sea is longer route more exposed to US interdiction.

          Us interdiction of Russian military vessels in Turkish waters is possible, but likely to result in direct airsea war between Russia and the USA.

          Iran also has a land route to Syria and Lebanon through Iraq, part of which is controlled by militias aligned with Iran, and the militias have substantial influence in the Iraqi government, which has friendly relations with Iran.

          • Calvin says:

            Moving hundreds of thousands of troops through such unstable areas (bare minimum you’re going to need here) and then keeping them supplied while simultaneously preventing Israel or the US from interrupting those supplies is a hell of an ask. And, even if they do that and win, likely reward is Israel just saying “fuck it” and slamming the big red button on the way out. Much better, much easier, to just sit back and let Biden and the GAE keep Israel from solving the Palestinian question.

            • jim says:

              There is a big difference between “unstable” and “hostile”

              Plus, if you want to move large amounts of bulk goods, it is always cheap to do so by sea. Iran can supply their troops through Turkish waters, if Russia allows them to ship on Russian ships. That treaty has held firm for a very long time, despite no end of tensions and revolutionary changes in the treaty governments. Lebanon has a major Hezbollah controlled port.

              • Calvin says:

                Full of people like ISIS and a myriad of fanatical Sunni rebel groups left over from Syria’s civil war, plus bandits, all in the middle of hundreds of miles of extremely open desert that would make an incredibly tempting target for airstrikes.

                Supply ships of that kind, in the numbers required to support hundreds of thousands of troops, would be very easy for the US or Israel to spot, and sink, on their way into port.

                Again, this is all unnecessary. We can see from the whole humanitarian aid kerfuffle that the US will not actually allow Israel to pursue an effective final destruction of Hamas. There is no reason to march hundreds of thousands of troops so far from home to directly attack a nuclear-armed state.

                • I says:

                  You are assuming the American absolute and unopposerd military supremacy that is now being decisively challenged. If America starts stinking Russian flagged ships transporting Iranian supplies to Lebanon, US carrier groups are likely to go down.

                  Similarly, Iran has the capacity to deny the US air superiority over the land route between Iran and Lebanon, which is currently controlled by sympathetic governments and or governments likely to become involved against Israel in the coming war, and by pro Iranian militias. If America attempts to interdict the land route from the air, America will very soon be as short of aircraft as it of artillery and shells. Iran has good end guided ground to ground missiles, which would suggest it also has good end guided ground to air missiles. We saw in the Ukraine that it is just no longer possible to fly over turf controlled by a peer enemy.

                • Calvin says:

                  I am assuming that Russia, still being quite occupied in Ukraine, will not be eager to involve itself directly in this gigantic mass offensive by Iran. Is unlikely to start shooting directly at US troops unless fired upon itself. Even assuming I’m wrong, US already has a number of ground based air bases in the area.

                  It’s hundreds of miles of empty, open desert with a few narrow roads. Would not be difficult to turn it into a pockmarked crater just by firing missiles at it, even if you granted Iran’s air defenses the status of peer. I don’t because observably they have not been able to stop Israel’s air force from doing whatever it pleases in the skies above Syria despite being there in force.

                • jim says:

                  They are not able to do whatever they want above Syria. They struck Syrian airports with air launched missiles, launched from some distance away. Which Russia is able to do in the Ukraine. This capability does not allow Russia to shut down transport in the Ukraine, and it does not allow Israel to shut down transport through Syria.

                  US Naval assets being moved to near Israel are not useful against Hezbollah and Hamas. They are useful in deterring or preventing Iran from moving troops into Lebanon by land, and deterring Russia from transporting Iranian material and forces by sea. They are, however, in range of Russian hypersonic missiles launched from aircraft above the Black Sea. I don’t think they are capable of stopping land transport – Russia cannot stop land transport. Russia is reluctant to risk world War III, so likely to be effective in preventing Russia from transporting stuff by sea, but if Russia does transport stuff by sea, and America attacks, those carrier groups are likely to go down.

                  Allegedly Russia provided Hamas with support. Which is plausible because they would like to keep America too busy to pay attention to the Ukraine. On the same principle, if Iran intervenes, likely to provide Iran with support. They don’t want World War III, but they do want keep America distracted. Which distractions may well result in World War III.

                • Calvin says:

                  Again, Russia is unlikely to start shooting at US carrier groups while simultaneously trying to win the war in Ukraine. If it did, problems will swiftly escalate well beyond an Iran vs Israel regional war. So that means Iran’s hypothetical sea-based invasion strategy would be easy to send to the bottom of the Mediterranean. Land based invasion would similarly be confined to a few narrow roads through the desert, which could be blown apart from a distance with fairly minimal effort.

                  This whole Iranian invasion scenario is just an unnecessary logistical nightmare for little real gain. Would have to be fairly mad to try it. Not plausible.

                • jim says:

                  > Again, Russia is unlikely to start shooting at US carrier groups while simultaneously trying to win the war in Ukraine.

                  If America blocks Russian shipping along the Mediterranean coast, then the Russians going to start shooting. The question is not whether sea based support of Lebanon would succeed, it would probably succeed. It is whether the Russians or the Americans want to risk World War III. If the Russians risk World War III by transporting stuff, would Americans risk World War III by attempting to interdict that transport?

                  And neither America nor Israel has much capability to do anything about the land route, which is not trackless desert, but busy two lane roads with truck stops. snack shops, and gas stations the whole way. That area has been fought over a whole lot, and parts of it are being fought over right now, but today enough of it is under the control of the governments or pro Iran militias. It is primarily the parts adjacent to Turkey that being fought over, and they are not on the route.

                • jim says:

                  When Israel storms Gaza, Hezbollah is likely to open a second front. After the second front opens, Iran is likely to intervene.

                  Israel has called up the reserves – and suddenly discovered that all their stuff seems to have been blown up in the Ukraine.

                  They cannot keep the reserves called up twiddling their thumbs indefinitely. They have to use them. This enormous screw up is a manifestation of the delusion of Global American Empire unlimited supremacy – a delusion that has been disproven, but is still widely accepted. Including by you.

                • Calvin says:

                  If Russia starts shipping hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops through the Mediterranean to Lebanon for the explicit purpose of invading Israel, then it is very obvious the US is going to start shooting at them. Russia absolutely does not need that right now.

                  Both America and Israel would not experience a particularly difficult time in dropping bombs all over two lane desert roads or the massive convoys of vehicles you would need to supply such a massive army. And then we also encounter the problem of how such a mass deployment would leave Iran itself quite open.

                  Hezbollah may or may not open a second front, but if they do it will be in the form of artillery barrages, drone attacks, and the like. Not full scale offensive operations into Israel with the aim of taking and holding territory. They aren’t equipped for it. Iran is, but most of its troops are too far away for all-out attacks on that scale.

                • Calvin says:

                  Acknowledging Iran is not in a good position to stage a full-scale conventional assault on a nuclear-armed state hundreds of miles from its nearest border is not the same thing as saying the GAE has unlimited military superiority. Nuance is important in understanding these situations.

                • jim says:

                  “Hundreds of miles” is not a very long way. Paved roads and gas stations the whole way. The primary obstacle is the numerous customs checkpoints, not distance. And Israel is unlikely to be nuclear armed. If you build something and never test it, it is unlikely to work. Iran’s enemies are suddenly buddying up (“Me and my brothers against my cousins, me and my cousins against the world”.) If and when Hezbollah opens the second front, the numerous customs borders along those roads are going to go easy.

                  Hezbollah is currently conducting shaping operations preparatory to opening a second front. They are unlikely to engage until Israeli forces are engaged in Gaza. Iran is likely to engage once Israeli forces are engaged on the Lebanon border. Everyone can see that the Global American Empire is badly overstretched. They all are waiting for it to stretch even further.

                  Every time you say “Israel’s enemies will not do X, because Israel could do Y, and America could do Z”, that is the plan. Israel’s enemies and the Global American Empire’s enemies want Israel to do Y, and America to do Z. In the course of attempting to equip the reserve, Israel is discovering that they cannot, that the Global American Empire has stretched far too far already. If Israel does Y or America does Z, further such discoveries are on their way.

                • Calvin says:

                  Like I keep saying, even ignoring all the other issues, there is no need at all for Iran to intervene. Its proxies, collectively, are not in danger:


                  The Israeli government is coming under growing pressure from security establishment hawks to launch a pre-emptive strike on Hezbollah in Lebanon – but is facing strong opposition from the US, which fears a two-front war would risk igniting a major regional conflict.

                • Calvin says:

                  The Israelis developed and tested their nukes in collaboration with South Africa, in the days before it went to hell.

                  It seems we’ve reached an impasse: you don’t buy my take on events, and I don’t buy yours. That’s alright. I think world events will vindicate one or the other of us within a few weeks. Care to wager on it?

                • jim says:

                  Sure, but what are we betting on. What events would prove one of us right and one of us wrong?

                  Russia has been deploying the Reagan tactic of horizontal escalation, trying to open up additional fronts all over the world to stretch the enemy beyond his capability.

                  If Israel refuses to bite – gives up on committing a substantial force to a Gaza ground offensive, I would say that proves me right – they were deterred by the likelihood of finding themselves and America overstretched.

                  If Israel does bite in Gaza and Hezbollah fails to intervene, that proves you right and me wrong: The vast and awesome might of the mighty and invincible Global American Empire deterred others from intervening.

                  If Israel bites in Gaza and Hezbollah bites on the Lebanese border, Hezbollah are likely to receive massive, but deniable Iranian assistance. If the Global American Empire goes along with the pretence and does nothing about it, that proves me right. If the Global American Empire calls out the pretence, and does something about it, and succeeds, that decisively proves you right. It it attempts to do something about it, and everything goes down the toilet, similar to the failed Israeli mobilization, that proves me right.

                  If Iran does something substantial, and the Global American Empire does nothing about it, I would say that proves me right – Global American Empire assessed itself as incapable, and Iran correctly assessed it as incapable.

                  If Israel commits a major portion of its forces to Gaza ground operation, and Hezbollah intervenes, and it finds itself fighting alone, that proves you right. The vast and awesome might of the mighty and invincible Global American Empire deterred others from intervening.

                  If in the near future, we have a much bigger and broader war of attrition in the Middle East, that proves me right.

                  If we don’t, it will be because one side or the other blinked. If Israel or the Global American Empire blinked, I was right. If Iran blinks, you were right.

                  The world now waits for Israel and America to stretch. If no stretch, I was right. If stretch, and America’s enemies engage, including Iran, I was right. If stretch, but Iran does not throw its ball in, fearing the unlimited capability of the Global American Empire with its boundless money printer and vast material resources to stretch ever further, you were right.

                  The world now waits for Israel to stretch. And waits. And waits. And waits. I think Israelis are doing the same arithmetic as I have been doing. If they were not before, they started doing arithmetic when they found they did not have equipment for the reserves. If no substantial ground offensive, the Israelis have quietly agreed I was right.

                • Calvin says:

                  I want the terms of our wager to be exact: I will bet you that by, say, Christmas Day of 2023, whatever happens in the next few weeks, we will not see hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops roll out of Iran, whether by land or by sea, to embark on a full frontal attack on Israel.

                  Iran may, and probably will, provide funding, provide training, and provide weapons and IRGC specialists to Hezbollah as they did for Assad. That is not what I am referring to when I say a full frontal attack. I mean direct and full-scale battles of the armies of Israel and Iran.

                  Sound reasonable?

                • jim says:

                  Sounds completely unreasonable, because Iran is never going to admit to it even if this goes all the way to World War III and nukes, and because escalation takes time. It is physically impossible for hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops to be on the border and ready to engage Israel by Christmas. Attritive wars involve immense marshalling of resources, which takes a while.

                  And because Israel is getting cold feet, precisely because it fears hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops, very thinly relabelled Hezbollah. (But not by Christmas, rather several months after Hezbollah opens up a second front. Which will probably be a couple of months after the Gaza operation starts, if it ever does start.) Hezbollah will want Israeli forces to be fully engaged elsewhere and tied down when they attack, and Iran will want the Lebanon operation ongoing and resolved from attempted shock warfare to attritive warfare before it starts intervening.

                  A likely scenario is that Israel decides it cannot commit to Gaza with Hezbollah invasion looming over them, postpones Gaza, and attempts to resolve the Hezbollah problem with shock warfare, likely in a combined arms operation with the American fleet. Which then turns into attritive warfare, and then Iran intervenes. With hundreds of thousands of troops eventually, but not by Christmas.

                  The most likely outcome is that Israel chickens out of a large scale ground offensive in Gaza, precisely because of the likelihood of hundreds of thousands of Iranian troops.

                  If this goes all the way to World War III, the timeline will be something like Gaza ground op in a week or two, Hezbollah ground op in a month or two, steadily increasing Iranian intervention over many months, ever more thinly disguised, America and Israel attempt to do something about Iranian logistics, Russia engages, American aircraft carriers do something, American aircraft carriers sink, then tactical nukes in the middle east, tactical nukes in Europe, counter value nukes here and there, then full scale nuclear war. Not going to happen by Christmas. And even as Washington gets turned to glass, Iran is not going to call Iranian troops Iranian troops when they are outside Iran, even if there are a hundred thousand Iranian troops in Iranian uniforms around the sea of glass where Jerusalem used to be.

                  If I am proven right in the near future, it can only be by Israel chickening out of committing substantial forces to a ground op in Gaza. Getting to which of us is right about Iranian will and capability for a war of attrition by seeing or not seeing the war of attrition requires time enough for necessary preconditions for the war of attrition (full scale attritive war on the Lebanese border, which is going to take a while), plus time enough for Iran to get its the war of attrition machinery rolling.

                  If we get full scale attritive warfare on the Lebanon front, either by Hezbollah engaging after substantial Israeli ground forces are tied down in Gaza, or by Israel attempting to take out Hezbollah before Israel attempts a ground invasion of Gaza, then the preconditions for the test of Iranian will and capability have arrived. But those preconditions are unlikely to manifest before Christmas. And when they do manifest, Iranian will and capability, or lack thereof, will then take a while to manifest. And everyone will be lying about it in both directions the whole time.

                • Calvin says:

                  Of course Iran is going to deny it, that’s what I’ve been saying. They are going to provide Hezbollah with war-making material and the IRGC expertise to use it. They are not going to send their actual army over there in bulk, regardless of the fate of their proxies (which will be fine anyway).

                  Most likely outcome, imo, is Israel goes in (political class is too committed not to, defense minister was promising invasion earlier today), gets bogged down in urban warfare because the GAE ties its hands behind its back, Israel and Hezbollah have a long-running artillery duel which depopulates much of northern Israel and southern Lebanon, but neither engages in full-scale incursions. After a few months to years of not-war and half measures, Israel pulls back and declares victory over a few thousand dead Hamas members, whereupon the organization pops right back up to continue reigning over Gaza as before.

                  If you think that my proposed wager is not long enough, fine. How about the same terms by Christmas 2024?

                • jim says:

                  > They are not going to send their actual army over there in bulk,

                  Well, I am definitely saying the Iranians are going to send their actual army over there in bulk. But it is going to take a while and they will only start arriving after the war of attrition on the Lebanese Israeli border gets rolling, if it ever does get rolling. And and that war probably will not be rolling for at least a month or two, though both sides are now engaging in shaping operations in preparation for it.

                • Calvin says:

                  I’m glad I understood you correctly, even if I totally disagree with your take. Do you want to take my wager for Christmas of next year?

                • jim says:

                  The problem is that we need to address the likely outcome that the Global American Empire dithers. We are seeing Israel dithering right now.

                  If Israel and the Global American Empire chicken out, that it not evidence that Iran cannot intervene. It is evidence that Iran can intervene. Israel’s forces massively outnumber Hamas and Hezbollah combined. If they start thinking it is a bit much, they are thinking about Iran.

                  The whole tactic of getting your enemy to overstretch presupposes that he does overstretch. If he fails to respond to provocation, weak, and you work on some more provocations that take advantage of his weakness. If he does respond to provocation, then you work on exhausting him while working on some more provocations to provide more opportunities to exhaust him. It is long grind, took Reagan the full eight years, and the Global American Empire is having second thoughts about diving into that grinder. They chickened out on Niger, and said goodbye to all that power, influence, uranium, and oil. Now they may be chickening out in Israel.

                  Hamas and Hebollah together are about twenty thousand or so full time fighters, seventy thousand or so with their reserves. IDF has one hundred and seventy thousand full timers, and about six hundred thousand reserves. If Israel chickens out of full scale war of attrition with Hebollah and Hamas simultaneously, they are thinking about Iran. They are thinking about a couple of hundred thousand Iranian troops arriving in Lebanon over a couple of years.

                • Calvin says:

                  They are thinking about the GAE sending Biden’s shambling corpse to tug on their leash, as in the above example I have already posted.

                  But, hell, I’m so confident in what I say that I’m willing to condition the wager on Israel going into Gaza in a ground invasion. If it doesn’t go in, the bet is just off.

                • Calvin says:

                  If it was Iran they were worried about, they wouldn’t be doing things like this:

                  In a video distributed by the Israeli military on Saturday, Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi told troops, “We are going to go into the Gaza Strip to destroy Hamas operatives and Hamas infrastructure and we will have in our mind the memories of the images and those who fell on Saturday two weeks ago.”

                  Israeli troops have carried out live fire drills “in preparations for the next stage of war”, footage released by the Israeli Army on Saturday showed.


                  Politicos would find themselves with a great deal of egg on their faces if they talk it up this much and then pussy out. Bibi especially could kiss his career goodbye, and he’s way too much a grasper to let go that easily.

                • jim says:

                  > “We are going to go into the Gaza Strip to destroy Hamas operatives and Hamas infrastructure”

                  Except that they are not. Not yet, maybe not ever.

                • jim says:

                  > Politicos would find themselves with a great deal of egg on their faces if they talk it up this much and then pussy out.

                  On the other hand, if they don’t pussy out, they are walking into what Russia has planned for the Global American Empire, and what Iran has planned for Israel.

                  Putin recently issued a reminder that the American carrier groups, which are a short distance out of range of Hezbollah missiles, and which have adequate defenses against those Russian anti ship missiles located in Syria that can reach them, are in range of air launched hypersonics launched from the black sea. Which would seem to suggest he is thinking about seaborne transport of supplies to a major war of attrition taking place in Lebanon.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  More trouble is always troublesome – but it always troubles unequally.

                  An expansion of conflict in other spheres would be heaping more trouble on Russia’s plate, certainly; but it would be ever more trouble heaped on the Washington empire’s plate.

                  GAE logistics are already tapped out, while Russian logistics (and those of its allies) are just getting warmed up. The few halfway clear thinking bodies in The Biden are deathly afraid of more conflicts on their plate expanding and escalating. The massive preemptive show of force with multiple carrier groups being posted is in hopes of convincing counterparties to stay home, in hopes that they don’t have to actually do anything; but in terms of any real sustained projection of force, they are in even worse position that Imperial Japan once was.

                • jim says:

                  The carrier groups make no sense as warning to Hamas and Hezbollah. They would be of no use in a war that only involved Israel, Hamas and Hezbollah.

                  They make sense as a warning to Russia to stay out. That is how Putin read them, and his response is that he was not impressed. (Which does not prove he was not impressed, but does prove that is how he read them.)

                • Calvin says:

                  If you expect a Jewish politico to put the potential well-being of his constituents above his personal political prospects, then we live in totally different worlds. My read on the situation is simply that he wants to have reservists fully up to snuff before going in. He’s already let on he expects a long war.

                • jim says:

                  Quite possibly.

                  But the problem with the reservists is a mysterious and inexplicable absence of equipment. Which was probably sent off to the Ukraine, or somehow strangely never there in the first place. Or sent off in the direction of the Ukraine, but then diverted to strange places by Hunter Biden or his Jewish equivalents.

                  With the global American empire overstretched, the reserve problem may well not be readily fixable, and is part of a much bigger problem that is looming in sight.

                  The military industrial complex, though always corrupt, was once upon a time composed of people who made things. Today, it is composed of lawyers, accountants, fixers, and “””consultants”””. Hence the strange shortage of equipment for the reservists. As Jugurtha said “a city for sale, if only she can find a buyer.”

                  Republics require elite virtue to exist, and destroy what they require to exist.

                • jim says:

                  When elephants fight the grass gets trampled.

                  Washington has long had both Israel and the Palestinians in its pockets. It loves its frozen conflicts, and does not want to lose either one from either pocket. But if what is happening is another front in a war about the existence of the Global American Empire, then Israel, the Palestinians, Hezbollah, and Lebanon, are all entirely expendable, and likely to be expended.

                  This might make Jewish politicos think a bit. The time is rapidly approaching when smaller countries are going to need to keep their heads down.

                • Calvin says:

                  So your thought is Israel will summon all its reservists, have them stand around a while, and then send them home, tail between their legs, without ever even trying to breach Gaza? Really? Bibi et al might survive fifty thousand dead IDF soldiers in a two-front war, but they would never survive that.

                • jim says:

                  We shall see.

                  They will physically survive that, which is to say, not die.

                  They might not physically survive the alternative.

                  How is this for terms of the bet:

                  If Israel avoids a war of attrition on the Lebanese border in some manner that is extreme, embarrassing, and disgraceful, such as sending the reservists home without any supper, I win the bet.

                  If Israel gets involved in a war of attrition on the Lebanese border, but then hastily makes an embarrassing peace, I win the bet.

                  If Israel avoids a lengthy war of attrition on the Lebanese border in some manner that is less embarrassing, nobody wins the bet.

                  If Israel gets involved in a war of attrition on the Lebanese border, and the war drags on, and there are not a whole lot of Hezbollah fighters showing up who mysteriously tend to speak in Persian, then you win the bet.

                  If Israel gets involved in a war of attrition on the Lebanese border, and it drags on for a while, and bye and bye there are a whole lot “Hezbollah” or allied militias with a strange propensity for speaking in Persian and a whole lot of Persian weapons, then I win the bet.

                  I bet 3mBTC

                • Calvin says:

                  Worst comes to worst they can always pull a Ghani. It’s not like a failure to fight now would make the Arabs any LESS likely to kill them all should the GAE collapse and their military fold to the degree such a collapse scenario. Failure to respond significantly will only make their physical survival less likely.

                  I find most of the scenarios you propose acceptable, except for the last one. Iran secretly sending, say, 2,000 or so IRGC fighters plus another 10,000 or so Shia militia fighters from Iraq and Syria, is perfectly plausible but does not equate to Iran rolling out 300,000 troops from its army for a direct clash with Israel.

                  I accept the amount, but we need to establish a timeframe by which events must be either concluded or at least a course of action clearly determined, one way or another.

                • jim says:

                  Trouble is fog of war: It may well be hard to estimate the size of the Iranian intervention. They are not likely to give us a head count.

                  Critical deciding factor should be Israelis complaining about the number of Iranians, for the head count is going to be debatable. What proportion of Russian troops in the Ukraine are locals? They seem to be grossly over represented in videos and tales of battle. When we get a video where the protagonist origins and history is introduced, he is usually a local, even though it is obvious that the vast majority of Russian troops in the Ukraine are not locals.

                  It has taken Russia a year and a half to ramp up its troops in the Ukraine. An Iranian intervention is likely to take a comparable time.

                  So, if we see a determined effort by Iran to take down Israel, starting in the next month or two, meaning a determined effort to take down the Global American Empire, it is going to be a year and half before things get real.

                  And there is a high likelihood that Israel is going to duck this war, whether because the Global American Empire loves its frozen conflicts and has been funding both Hamas and Israel, or because Israel and the Global American Empire fears a bigger war beyond the Global American Empire’s capacity to sustain.

                  So: If Israel follows through with elimination of Hamas and the re-occupation of Gaza, I predict a war of attrition on the Lebanon border. Since Hezbollah and Hamas are vastly outnumbered, a war of attrition is only sustainable with ever increasing levels of Iranian intervention. Without such intervention, Hezbollah is going to have to declare victory at some point and cut it out in a fairly short time, and the level of fighting will drop to one of the Global American Empire’s many beloved frozen conflicts and forever wars.

                  This would be a stalemate for the Israelis, but a victory for the Global American Empire, because it loves to have two parties in its pocket each of which can be sicced onto the other party if the other party gives them any lip.

                  So if Israel declares victory at some point, and Hamas is still around and in possession of a major part of the Gaza strip, I win.

                  If Hezbollah declares victory at some point, and the Lebanon/Israel border is more or less where it was, you win.

                  If war of attrition goes on, and on, and on, and it just gets bigger, bloodier, and more terrible, I win, for there is no way Hezbollah by itself can keep a big and terrible war of attrition going against Israel.

                  So, let us make Christmas 2024. If someone pussies out before then, one of us wins. If no one has pussied out, if we have a major war and it just keeps on getting bigger and bloodier, I win.

                  I predict the war will be sustained, with the objective of removing Israel from the map by attritive warfare. Unless the Global American Empire pussies out. You predict that Israel will not pussy out. I predict that if Israel does not pussy out, we are in for a great and terrible war, with the big players becoming involved, reflecting the loss of fear by the Global American Empire, and Reaganesque horizontal escalation by Russia. (People learn better from their great defeats, than they learn from their great victories. When they win, they are apt to give the credit to their stupid tactics and strategies, rather than their good tactics and strategies, and the enemy’s unforced errors. When they lose, they correct their errors, and figure out what the enemy did right. The Russians learned from Reagan. The Global American Empire thought it learned, but missed the key point. They credited to soft power, propaganda, money printing, and persuasion, what they should have credited to manufacturing and logistic capability. They failed to listen to the key points Reagan made. Reagan told us that the great strength of the Soviet Union was soft power, persuasion, propaganda and money printing, and their great weakness was faking their GDP.)

                • Aidan says:

                  My guess is that the ground invasion of Gaza never ends up happening. Israel bowed to the US’ demand to allow humanitarian aid (rockets and shells) to enter Gaza. That is a sign to the Israelis that they do not have their overlord’s blessing to fight a war. Whether this is because the US feels bad for the poor sandniggers of Gaza or estimates that it is not in a position to open a second front and indirectly war with Iran, I do not know. I expect for Israel to bomb the rubble of Gaza for another week or two, declare victory, and go back to the status quo.

                  However, one thing might draw the powers unwilling into war. If Israel sends in a small force to capture Hamas leaders, a special ops raid as a compromise with the US, which they might feel that they need to do in order to declare victory, and this small force gets destroyed, they will need to send in a larger force, and then Hezbollah attacks, and then events play out as Jim predicted a full war would look like.

                • MuskFan says:

                  Iran doesn’t fight face to face with a conventional military. Never has. They fight via their proxies, of which they have an endless amount.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Aside from, you know, the largest middle eastern conflict of the 20th century, the Iran-Iraq war.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  I swear, every zoomer is retarded.

              • The Cominator says:

                Jim Calvin is right here moving a big army through the desert by Ìran is not something they could do even under the best of circumstances which they are unlikely to get, Iran will only be able to supply and support Hezbollah.

                • jim says:

                  It is not a trackless desert. It is towns, roads, and bridges, some of them fairly major. You can drive all the way from Tehran to Beirut on paved roads and there are gas stations, toilets, and snack shops the whole way through. Zooming in on the roads in Google earth, I see trucks going along two lane bitumen roads and truck stops. Many of the towns have been the subject of battles, but right now, the whole path seems to be under government control or pro Iranian militia control, and if some them are not, there are a lot of different roads and a lot of different towns.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      I’m sure you’d love to take a time machine back to AD 600 and kill Muhammad, but it wouldn’t make much difference. Islam is like Covid — it’s never been a threat to any healthy civilization, and the old, decadent, feeble, senile civilizations that it conquered were all going to die soon anyway.

      The Islamic concept of a capricious, irrational God makes perfect sense in a desert. Cold, snowy winters are the regular, predictable work of a rational God who rewards future-thinking, while droughts and floods are random, unpredictable catastrophes that happen “insha’Allah”.

      Only liberals care about “human rights”, and it’s their fatal weakness. If Arab Muslims cared even a little about the plight of their fellow Arab Muslims, Egypt would allow all Gazans to enter the Sinai unarmed, and let the UNRWA erect refugee camps there at no cost to Egypt. The war would quickly end with the transfer of 365 km² of desert scrub and heaps of broken concrete to the Jewish State.

  29. Hospital NOT Bombed says:


    • jim says:

      Your claim is too absurd to be worth debating. No one believes it.

      Good fences make good neighbors, but diversity plus proximity equals war. The Jews have to get rid of the Palestinians, or the Arabs have to get rid of the Jews. Don’t much care which side succeeds, but it is completely undeniable that the Jews are working on it. And would succeed, except for the fact that success is apt to make their neighbors nervous. Hamas is betting that the Jews will get something like half way through, and then find themselves too busy to finish the job.

      Under the circumstances, it is entirely reasonable for them to bomb that hospital. And entirely reasonable for the Arabs to do similar things. The problem that they faced was that civilians were fleeing the bombing to hide in the hospital. What else could the Jews do? Entirely defensible under the circumstances, one side or the other has to perish (it is Old Testament time) but the lie is absurd and indefensible. I am not offended by the Jews bombing the Baptist hospital. I am offended by being lied to. Do they think goyim are stupid? (Of course that is exactly what they do think.)

      Hamas did not invade Israel to blow up civilians, or even to blow up enemy tanks. They invaded to blow up the Abraham accords, and Israel has fallen into the trap, and is now trapped, with the only way out being over a mountain of corpses. Which is the exit that they now have to attempt to reach and are attempting to reach.

      The Global American Empire wants its frozen war refrozen, but is running mighty low on ammo. Either resolution is good for Americans, because bad for empire, and empires are always harmful to the ordinary people of the core that created the empire. It was easy for Hamas to blow up the Abraham accords, because too many Israelis, in and out of the Israeli government, want to blow it up also, and Biden wanted his frozen war back, but got a hot war instead.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        Attacks against civilians are never justifiable.

        An extreme example, but the moral issue remains the same.

        • jim says:

          Disagree. War is hell. Different rules apply. You have to do what it takes to win. Which is one terrible thing after another. If the Israelis did not bomb the hospital, more fool they. Truman had the bomb, Japan did not, right to use it.

          • dave says:

            to your point, how many hospitals were there in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden, Tokyo….

          • Calvin says:

            Depends on if you are fighting a civilized opponent or not. Different rules can apply in different wars. That being said, this is obvious a war of savages and nothing should be off the table.

            • ten says:

              If you can’t target civilians, then strap civilians to your tanks and planes and march walls of civilians in front of your infantry, and you can’t lose.

              Maybe that makes you uncivilized, which is a strange copout.

              There are indeed situations where you shouldn’t kill the peasants, for example when you want to rule over them afterwards, or you are in a “civilized” situation where there is no tribal hatred between the warring parties – you would just be wrecking human capital that might be useful.

              Hamas makes damn sure they have as much civilians as possible around at all times, because civilians defeat liberals. If you’re not willing to mow down civilians, you cannot defeat Hamas. Insisting that israel can not do that is just insisting that israel should lay down and die, which it might just well do, if it is sufficiently sick and insane, but absolutely should not do if it is concerned about its own well being rather than the butthurt of liberals.

              • Unz says:

                Civilians absolutely do not defeat liberals. Civilians don’t defeat anyone. Liberals defeat their own whipping boys and point to civilians while they do it.

              • Calvin says:

                Yes, if you deliberately expose your civilians to harm in a cowardly attempt to hide behind them, you are a savage and should be exterminated as such, civilian shields or no. If your opponent does not, and conducts himself in a honorable manner, then should be treated with honor, not senselessly butchered.

          • Truman says:

            Truman knew Japan had surrendered, and it’s fleet was entirely sunk, and it’s production taken out in part by LeMay’s brilliant firebombing campaign. He was the hero of capitulation.

            Any real war with the Hajis will be very different.
            Hajis don’t really have boats or planes.
            The have mideast armies, and bodies with rpgs and ak’s, they can only extend to where they can drive.

            Israel is saving its nukes for the haji capital cities, and the biggest most important mosques, if shit gets real for Israel, boom, that’s it.

            Hajis also have plenty of bodies with guns and vehicles and knives and some bomb kits on standby in all western countries.

            Best thing the entire west can do is cancel all the anti-gun laws and tell their citizens to freely arm themselves and shoot any muslim who so much as looks at them funny.
            You could even start burning qurans in every country to trigger them to come fight you out in the street so the real patriots can mop them up from the rooftops. Self defense.
            They can also take care of the banksters and pols in the noise.

            Israel couldn’t really bomb the christian hospital if it still wanted western support. Then again, the Pope is a western GloboHome faggot coward who could care less about leading real street charity like running a christian hospital in a war zone.

            • jim says:

              Iran and Saudi Arabia, among others, have boats and planes. But boats, planes, and tanks are increasingly irrelevant in modern warfare, as the Russians and the Ukrainians have repeated found out the hard way. What, far more importantly, Iran has, is precision end guided missiles.

              Hamas had sufficient boats to launch a reasonable amphibious attack, making landings on the Israeli coast backed by naval missile fire.

              Russia launched its attack on Avdiivka with the traditional World War II big swarm of tanks. Got slaughtered. Pretty soon the remaining tanks were trying to be stealthy. Tanks are not very good at stealth. The Syrians use military motorcycles for that sort of thing. Everyone should be doing what the Syrians are doing, and what Hamas did with paragliders that are essentially flying motorcycles, but no one else is doing it yet.

              • Truman says:

                They don’t have significant armored boats, they have transport boats and cutters, armed with some decent missles and lots of hajis with rockets and aks on deck.

                The have air force jets, but they depend on parts maintenance.

                Most stuff in the muslim world is 0.5-1.0 or more generation old, and cant reach out to tapahoe beyond one border hop.

                Except what IRan an Saud do have is good anti-air defense batteries, and the US gave Saud and the rest of the Sunni’s some pretty good gear for that.
                And they know how to run shit in the desert sand with no water, though the west has learned a lot about that in 25 years.

                Iran is prepared for a very good defensive fight. Saudi Egypt and Jordan not so much.

                Regarding AA, if Israel wants to nuke Kaaba etc, they better pray their pilots are damn good at extreme low level burning in from the sea at night. At least if the AA is up.

                Tanks are field guns on tracks. They’re soft in the dome. The tracks are their only remaining yet small advantage… roughly arbitrary path of instant travel and access to firing points.

                Drones and motocycle melees in the burbs, FTW, Mad Max 3.0, Welcome to Hell 😉

                • jim says:

                  > Most stuff in the muslim world is 0.5-1.0 or more generation old, and cant reach out to tapahoe beyond one border hop.

                  This was true at the time of desert storm. They seem to have learned from their mistakes. Turkey has, or recently had, the best drones in the world, though the new FPV drones are arguably leaving them behind. Iranian end guided missiles are immensely impressive.

                  Further, “generations old” is misleading. Recent generations of US military equipment are for the most part inferior to earlier generations. The Ukraine wants F16s, but does not want F35s. And they are not too keen on those wondeful western wonder tanks either, most of which turned out to be doa.

            • jim says:

              > Truman knew Japan had surrendered

              Japan had not surrendered. There was a faction that wanted to surrender, and a faction that wanted to fight on, and wanted to continue to fight on even after nukes had been used and they were advised that hundreds of nukes were on the way (which was not true, but that is the information that they received) In the absence of consensus, and hearing the false news that hundreds of nukes were on the way, the emperor put his foot down – which normally never happened. Normally the cabinet reached a consensus, and the Emperor pronounced to the cabinet what their consensus was. He then had to put down a military coup by the war faction, who seriously objected to the Emperor taking action in the absence of genuine cabinet consensus.

              The war faction felt that once consensus for war had gone through, they had full war authority until such time as consensus for peace had gone through. The Emperor, on the other hand, felt that he was Emperor, and Emperors have full authority to make war and make peace. The ensuing constitutional crisis resulted in bullet holes in the Imperial palace.

              • Truman says:

                Right before the bomb JP (emperor) was corresponding with other parties its intention to surrender, having generally reached that decision internally. They were obviously too slow on moving that decision out to the US diplomats and the public. Truman knew JP both had been defeated militarily and industrially and that JP had reached an irreversible internal agreement path on surrender, JPs remaining factions (war, ground invasion defense to preserve “Japan”) were moot, and the emperor was the spirit guide of JP, so he lived till the 80’s.
                Truman cooked them anyway just to be sure, and to get some realworld bomb data.
                Japan could not fight beyond their borders before the nukes.
                Though the advice was a lie, the US did have them in the pipline, and could keep JP at bay till then.
                Either way, JP was fiinished as soon as the US gained access to her by air, well before the nukes.

                I wouldn’t take f-35s either, even fast russian birds are better than them.

                Abrams aren’t that bad, the US just sent UA the ones the fags in the US depot couldn’t figure out how to grease calibrate paint and return to spec, neither could the Jews and Nazis in UA, and the ones who could were high like Hunter on China white, lol.

                • jim says:

                  > Right before the bomb JP (emperor) was corresponding with other parties its intention to surrender, having generally reached that decision internally.

                  In the events immediately following the Emperor’s surrender command, it was glaringly obvious that the Cabinet had not “generally reached that decision internally”.

                  It is not the consensus until the emperor announces the consensus, and when he ordered surrender, he was violating precedent by acting without cabinet consensus. The Meiji regime had process for discovering consensus and officially announcing it, and that process was stalled.

                • Aidan says:

                  The Japanese cabinet was divided on surrender, and while one member of the war faction was willing to flip to surrender should honorable terms be arranged, arranging honorable terms proved slow and difficult, not least because the soviets were unwilling to hurry up with the mediation, and were not likely to happen. This should not be interpreted as “Japan was willing to surrender before the nukes”.

                  Once the bomb was dropped, a member of the surrender faction suggested to the emperor that he use his imperial authority to override the war faction. Which he did. Obviously the bombs were instrumental in convincing the emperor to use his theoretical authority, which turned out to be actual authority, because the men with guns listened to him and put down the coup.

                • Truman says:

                  The bottom line is that JP was already defeated before getting nuked, so whatever the Meiji and the war parties wanted, and whatever the old “process” was, it simply did not matter, there was simply no way JP could recover to win, it was either peace, or continue fighting to the death. JP would have ultimately lost a land invasion since the Americans owned the skies, and the Russians were about to jump in. Then Truman nuked them, RU moved in, and well…

                  Hirohito, the 44yo wise man, ultimately outlived his war party till 1989.



                  Pakistan’s Muslims were enchanted by satans nuclear weapons and created their own nukes and gave them to the rest of the muslim world and DPRK.

                • jim says:

                  > The bottom line is that JP was already defeated before getting nuked, so whatever the Meiji and the war parties wanted, and whatever the old “process” was, it simply did not matter,

                  It mattered until the emperor said it did not matter, and he had considerable difficulty and danger getting away with saying it did not matter. Was the war party pulling a coup, or the emperor pulling a self coup? Or both? Either way, shots were fired and it was a coup.

                • skippy says:

                  Any country in the position of Japan after the Battle of Midway would have sought terms and in a “normal” war would have been offered relatively bad terms short of total destruction and accepted them.

                  The Japanese surrender debacle originated in the USA’s war aims being millennarian.

                  Japan received a conditional surrender (national unity and the retention of the Emperor) because the USA’s government was unsure its population would tolerate the war dragging on into 1946 or 1947 long after it would become clear that the the government could end the war on excellent terms at any time.

                  The bomb was a pretext for both sides.

                • Western Taliban says:

                  This is like that meme, agreeing with liberals for the wrong reasons. Aidan and Jim you’re both agreeing with genocidal insane communists because you’re Americans and are coping extremely hard:


                  You’re right that the Japanese war lords did not want to surrender and there was no consensus. You’re totally wrong the atomic bomb was justified in any way or manner. The peace overtures were made all the same, the Emperor would have prevailed all the same.

                  But seeing you so bullish on nuclear weapons, I assume you’ll be glad if the rest of the world turns your land into a reactive shithole? It would certainly be warranted, far more than it was for the Japanese.

                  It may yet happen, as the entire world is starting to agree to your destruction being eminently desirable.

                • jim says:

                  > the Emperor would have prevailed all the same.

                  It was not easy for him to prevail, even after testimony was presented to the Cabinet about the effects of nukes, and the cabinet was (falsely) informed that hundreds more nukes were on the way. Still had to resort to lies, guns and bullets. To make peace, had to crash the Meiji unwritten constitution, which people in power in Japan took seriously. Even though unwritten it was claimed and believed to be legitimately derived from the ancient history and ancient unwritten constitution of Japan, not withstanding various periods of anarchy and/or military dictatorship, during which everyone had covered themselves with the outward forms of respect for the ancient constitution.

                • Kunning Druegger says:

                  WT, what is going on with you? Extremely emotionally charged over a topic that is about as academic as they come.

                • Western Taliban says:


                  I hate weapons of mass destruction, I think they are inherently criminal, demented and dishonorable. I hanker for a time where warriors actually followed a certain code, even between religious enemies like Christendom vs Ottoman Empire. There is no point in being a “reactionary” if the reactionary position is “nukes good”, and it’s not what our ancestors stood for or the mentality that built our civilization.

                  I don’t think it is a coincidence that the only political regime to ever use nuclear weapons is arguably the most degenerate, destructive and totalitarian of all history. And your people are much as victim of it as the rest of us, yet Jim is willingly lending them credibility, to their insanity and pointlessly destructive manner.

                  I don’t shy from war and I genuinely hope that Aidan’s LARP about African conquest becomes a reality, but there are some lines that just cannot be crossed. Nukes are inherent demon worship and ritualized human sacrifice, they are the complete opposite of the discriminate, selective and localized rod from God that seems to be the future that will actually allow a sane and functional power structure.


                  That’s ultimately your opinion, it’s a recorded fact the Emperor personally wrote a letter to Stalin to intermediate and he was looking for peace in what amounts to basically the same terms that were accepted afterwards. Which means the Emperor would have pressed for it all the same, nukes or no nukes. And the nukes did nothing to the people who actually wanted to continue the war.

                  You ought to read some hush-hush opinions from the officers and middle rank Americans who fought in WWII. If they could have, they would have killed the entire government or put them all in prisons together with the Nazis, the Communists and all the rest of the lunatics. They were not happy to see every ally they fought with to reclaim Europe replaced by communists and did not like the communists back at home. America hasn’t won a real war since then, of course they wouldn’t, quality Americans gave up long ago when they saw the writing on the wall. But you are defending the communists for some reason.

                • jim says:

                  War is the father of us all. You have to do what it takes. War is one terrible thing after another, very swiftly followed by things even more terrible.

                  The problem is not weapons of mass destruction. They will be used, and the social order of the future will be one capable of fighting and winning nuclear wars, and profoundly shaped by that necessity and capability.

                  The problem, rather, is how to ensure peace. Which requires rules that everyone observes, and everyone knows when they are broken, and what should happen when someone breaks them. That everyone knows that when A does X to B, it is permissible, proper, and legitimate to do Y to A, and to everyone so unfortunate as to be connected to A, regardless of whose fault it is that they are connected to A. And for some rather ordinary X under some rather ordinary circumstances, Y is nuking cities, just as it should be permissible to shoot an unwelcome stranger on your property who declines to leave, or who, under the circumstances, is unlikely to leave vertically.

                  In a sane word, no one would be wondering or caring who bombed the Baptist hospital in Gaza, but they would have become extremely agitated when, nine years ago, persons unknown located minutes walk from an officially unofficial Nato base in Ukraine shelled civilians in Donbass, and continued to do so with impunity, because everyone would know and agree that that was casus belli, a vital concept that we seem to have forgotten.

                  “Weapons of mass destruction” is deceptive meme and a distraction. The important meme is “casus belli”. That certain acts are legitimate and proper grounds for grossly disproportionate violence. That if you do X to B, maybe he will let it pass, maybe he will let it pass several times, maybe he should let it pass a few times, because if he goes at it terrible things will unfold, but if he goes at it, what happens next is your fault.

                • jim says:

                  > the Emperor would have prevailed all the same.

                  He was, however, not prevailing, and he prevailed in the end thanks to lies, bullets, and nukes.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  When power is laying on the table, something is going to pick it up.

                • Aidan says:

                  “the Emperor personally wrote a letter to Stalin to intermediate and he was looking for peace in what amounts to basically the same terms that were accepted afterwards“

                  Stalin did not want peace, stuck the letter in a bottom drawer, and forgot about it. In fact, he responded by occupying Manchuko. You are thinking with the hindsight of history. To the Americans at the time, they had heard that maybe the Japanese wanted to surrender, but surrender was not forthcoming, and war continued. War has its own logic. It continues until both sides agree to stop, or one side ceases to exist. America did not want an amphibious invasion of Japan, Japan did not want an amphibious invasion of Japan, but that was going to happen by the cold logic of war unless peace was made, and by the logic of war, Japan would have defended itself rather than surrendered had they seen destroyers and landing boats on the horizon. America continued to “normally” bomb Japan while receiving reports that surrender might be in the cards, in order to push an indecisive Japanese government toward surrender, and the fact that the bomb they ended up using was big, new, and shocking, played a big role in pushing a deadlocked government into surrender.

              • HotepOne says:

                I vaguely recall some book on palace coup.
                But in the end, Hirohito made the right choice to save his country.
                And he died in reasonably good regard.
                While no one gives a shit about the factions he usurped.

                If someone in the US would defy and usurp it’s feature-creep “constitution” and its horrible “congress”, they would probably be making the right choice to save the USA too.

                It’s purely psychological… all you need is the balls to stand up and do it.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            [*whig history deleted*]

            • jim says:

              The Cathedral is cheerfully genocidal, and confident in its own righteousness nonetheless. Read the wikipedia article on the genocide of their Tutsis in Rwanda. It was totally their fault, according to Wikipedia, and they only acknowledge the attempted genocide because it failed. The genocide of the Tutsis in the Congo, which succeeded, was not only totally their fault, but also definitely did not happen.

              If the Global American Empire had won in Syria the Alawites would have been genocided, and it would also have been totally their fault and definitely did not happen.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          Life itself is ‘an attack on civilians’.

          It was meet and right for the pioneers to drive the indigens before them in their path to creating more of themselves. And in fact, it’s arguable that any war whose reasons *don’t* include this is inherently gay, and brings only ruin to the one prosecuting it, even if they get away with it in the moment.

          • Calvin says:

            Not every fight is a flight to the death. Not every war is a total war. Context matters.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              A man flying from New York to LA and a man flying from LA to New York meet meet each other over the great plains. Both men are, nominally, located at the same point on the continuum; but their cardinalities are different, and that is the most important thing.

      • Calvin says:

        Sure, yet seems nobody really did the hospital itself, hamas rockets are low quality appears one of the salvo of dozens fell into the parking lot in error, another blew up midair, it’s on the videos.
        But the “hospital” proper still appears to be standing, which a “bomb” strike meant to flatten a building would not.
        Sure, missed and duds and random shit happens.
        Yes its a manufactured war and lies, like all wars, and so facts dont matter, and lies roll uphill for benefit of the winner who then writes the history.

        Yes, JEWS and the random t-shirt brigades are storming the US capitol alongside Leftists, Niggers, and Palestinian Haji type Muzzies, LOL.

        Yes, the US has a severe ammo, oil, money, faggot, and evil problem. It better think twice before following Bidens stupid braggart comments into war everyone knows it cant back. They can’t even get ammo factories up running because all their anti-work faggots and blacks get paid more to sit on couch and spew socialism on the socialnets, and now on TV with the Union strikes. Let the christian hispanics take the US, they’ll work, and anythings better than who runs it now, lol.

        Shame that AOC has converted to defending Islam, women are stupid, she’s prime example of why womens job is at home making babies, not working, not voting, and sure as fuck not in office. Her boyfriend must not be handling her right so she’s parading herself in public for Arab cock.

        Anyway, yes, welcome to hell.

  30. Kunning Drueger says:


    Ignore this if you feel unsafe OPSEC wise, but if what you assert about you denomination/faction/sect is true, I think it would be helpful if you gave us something more explicit to look for. Not trying to get you to doxx. But… well, your info is conflicting in terms of my “lived experience” loool. I take my family to a Baptist church. It is part of a certain Baptist convention that might be oriented opposite of north. there are significant problems with the dogma that is publicly espoused in the SBC canon, But I spent over a year looking for churches, and I did it with a Jimian calculus. The church I found ticks the proper boxes, not all of them, but enough of them that I feel safe there, and I am working to inject JC values. this church has become a home away from home, so I’m not going to leave. But if there is a good place for brothers to go to, we should be going there. I have never once encountered a non-denominational church that ticks anywhere near the proper number of boxes. this is why I’m asking. feel free to ignore.

    • Mayflower Sperg says:

      Hint: Find a church that the SPLC classifies as a “hate group”.

      • Adam says:

        I need to hear accusations of “human rights violations” before I set foot in another church in America.

        • jim says:

          I am hearing accusations of human rights violations. Or at least accusations of terrorism. Christian nationalists are running for school boards to replace sodomy, transexuality, porn, and race hatred of whites with the three Rs. And people are starting to call it terrorism. They compare it with the Nazi book burnings. Whereupon a bunch of Christian Nationalists held a book burning. They arranged a pile of textbooks and school library books (or at least they said that is where they got those books), and three guys with flame throwers went at them.

          It is a start. Pity that they did not stake the teachers in the middle of the books. Our enemies reproduce by stealing our children.

          • Adam says:

            Does it look distinguished from one of the beasts seven heads? The Vivek candidacy looks to me a re-run of the Tea Party movement, which was an outer party movement by party members upset that the gravy was getting too thin. At least that’s how it looks from here.

            Maybe I am being too cynical but it is hard to trust any right leaning movement as anything other than the head of the beast that is coming up short.

          • A2 says:

            Readin, Ritin and Racism. Works for me, dear fellows.

          • Mayflower Sperg says:

            Schools today teach the three Ss: Sex, Self-esteem, and Social justice.

    • Fake says:

      Aren’t mennonites like the Amish on patriarchy, except they can use technology?

      • Aidan says:

        Mennonites send their daughters to college, at which time their daughters act like any other girls who are sent to college.

        • Fake says:

          That is too bad. Ipf anyone starts an “old order” mennonite congregation, let me know.

        • Charger says:

          Only the most liberal ones do

          • Aidan says:

            The mennonites have strict god-jewing rules about clothes cut from the same cloth and so on. Jewing God is bad theology and has bad fruit. How many mennonite physicists, engineers, and generals out there? Becoming a Christian kike, a shtetlbilly, is not the right path.

    • Napoleon says:


      Great that you found a pretty good church.

      The particular church I attend is fairly unusual in that they talk about politics from the pulpit quite a bit. (And tick other boxes I described.) But there are definitely other churches that do as well. I think if a person was just randomly looking for churches there would be a low percentage chance they would find a church like this. (Unless God helped them and led them – I always recommend that people pray for God’s leading & help in finding the church they should attend.)

      The stream I am in is charismatic. There is some stuff that is “too much” for some people (not everyone would be comfortable) but a big benefit is they are already accustomed to being criticized & they have already had to take a stand for what they believe, so they are not afraid to take a stand against the evils of today. And they are growing because of it. They are also quite mature about not claiming “we are the only true church” etc. There are a lot of non-denominational churches in this stream (the leaders know each other etc) and a good number of them talk regularly about politics, speaking against evil from the pulpit, talking about “God’s plan for America” (which is positive, while acknowledging judgment is deserved too).

      Most of them match the list of pros and cons I gave. An additional con – they are all focused on the day-to-day political news and they think elections still matter.

      One name I can give without risk of doxx is an itinerant speaker named Johnny Enlow. He goes around telling Christians to stop thinking Jesus is coming back any second, stop wishing He”d come save you, instead fight and go occupy the “7 Mountains” (govt, business, media, etc.). My point is that this stream of Christianity is overcomimg the passivity and escapism Jim lamented and is in fight mode. This is a veey good start. They just need some help knowing *how* to fight.

  31. someDude says:

    As a response to Jim’s comment on inner and outer circles here,

    I suspect that India’s Hindu nationalist parties and organizations function the same way. The inner circle believes that Abrahamics (definition excludes Jews …. I know, I know but that’s how it is) cannot live side by side with Hindus in the long run, and in the long run they must separate. Another belief is that Gandhi was a uniquely evil man (his assassin being a Hero) who hated Hindus and wished them dead.

    The outer circle believes that all religions essentially teach the same thing, that Hindus can live side by side with “true” Abrahamics (no true scotsman fallacy), that genocides of Hinduism did happen but were the handiwork of Abrahamics who did not understand their own religion (which ofcourse their own good selves understand much better), that Gandhi was a good man if a bit naive and was misguided about non-violence which worked only with the British (The World war and the American desire to dismantle British empire was not a factor at all).

    Why do I feel this way? Because now and then, some functionary close to the inner circle (but not in it), who lacks the discipline to keep their mouth shut under provocation manages to speak the unspeakable.

    Exhibit A: Calls the Assassin of Gandhi a patriot but also calls Gandhi a patriot (thats why I say close to the inner circle but not in it)

    Exhibit B: spokeswoman outs inner party beliefs about Muhammad,

    Note that nothing substantial happened to both these personages. They will probably never make it to the inner circle, but they are doing alright. (gets protection)

    This convinces me of Jim’s understanding of this outer circile-inner circle business and that it also applies to India’s Hindu nationalist orgs

    Dharmic, any comments?

    • dharmicreality says:

      I don’t think many Hindus had much love lost for Gandhi even in his lifetime. He was a Hindu universalist, and very much the globohomo of his time. The whole Gandhi-martyrdom was a forced creation of the Old Left of the time. The Gandhi adoration has died along with Nehruvian socialism.

      The problem as I see it with Hindutva today is that it is Hindu National Socialism, and very prone to the same drawbacks as any other form of socialism. But though quite blue-pilled otherwise, it has surprisingly provided us a solid buffer against the more virulent form of the globohomo religion till date. Note the strong case made by the BJP government against “same-sex marriage” in the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court ultimately not legalizing “same-sex marriage”, despite intense globohomo pressure. The average Hindu (ignoring the cream of the city elites) today remains reluctant to adopt globohomo. I attribute it to Hindutva being a somewhat live faith despite all its flaws. It has reignited Hindu nationalism and given us far more elbow room for more right wing thought.

      Also Hindu Nationalism has one distinct advantage that Christian Nationalism in the West doesn’t enjoy. We can be openly “anti-West” and “anti-Imperialist” without it being a crime-thought. Under that broad umbrella we can introduce a lot more crime thought than a white man in the West can, at the moment. We also have a rallying point around opposition to the desert cult.

      Ultimately, however, we need stronger sauce than Hindu National Socialism going forward.

      • someDude says:

        Right, but my point was the inner-circle outer-circle thing that Jim was alluding to in his comment about the Alawites. Do you think that is also valid for the RSS/BJP/VHP/Bajrang Dal?

        • dharmicreality says:

          I agree with your analysis, but if there is an inner circle, it seems also retain socialism (for Hindus) in principle. I don’t think even any inner circle hardcore RSS members are advocating for return to Varnashrama and Manu’s laws on women.

          • someDude says:

            Agree with you. I guess we have to go to war with the Generals we have, not the Generals we wish we had.

            • Sher Singh says:

              Ok, then long as we believe that a 75 IQ Bihari = Arya & Nari Shakti then what?
              Muslims in the bureaucracy have increased from 4.5 to almost 11%.

              There’s a creeping suspicion that Modi has no ideology, but electioneering.
              800 mil on gov grains.

              Is even the level of leftism we have make us ineffective?

              Does the diglossic relationship with English & proliferation of English medium convent schools mean the next generation elite is lost to globohomo?

              The Army is in bad shape outside a few caste regiments.
              Mixed camo, iron sights & poor knowledge of SOPs.

              Islam didn’t let untouchables convert & having to deal with them as equals is sinking Hindus.

              The racial demographic problem or essentially, the population below even 90iq is a strong majority, unlike the USA.

              This makes industrialism almost impossible, alongside many complicated maneuvers or movements.


              “Few seem aware of this, but even small IQ differences can have major effects. An average of 100 doesn’t seem far above one of 97, but an 100 IQ population has 50% more people above 125 IQ (the average for an engineering student) than a 97 IQ one”

              Pessimism is against my religion, but would like to hear your thoughts anyway.
              The recent caste census in Bihar & 33% woman reservation across the lower house & state assembly seems to be a death knell for the republic.

              In case the republic does balkanize deserve facto or de jure by 2045ish – do you see Dharmics able to fend off Af-Pak, Rohingya + China?

              Obviously, those will be facing their own problems? Is there risk of more formal globohomo power structures ie re colonization?

              What’s your thought on christianity? Many say it lowers untouchable Tfr & its association with them means the upper caste will never convert. An Australian missionary from the 1800s also shared the same opinion.

              I’m offended it exists anywhere. Anyway,



              • Sher Singh says:

                Recently, was reading @rudrabhoj a Prince from Jaisalmer & arya_amsha a Punjabi Khatri in Delhi

                The latter feels that Dharma is being hollowed out & turned into an insta reel.

                Bhatti Rudrabhoj talks a lot of restoring then feudal estates/kingdoms whom had their own army & air force(s).

                Are these sub national structures still active & in decent shape?


                Do you see a future Kadyrov style arrangement with Sikhs or Rajputs?
                This could be for example, because GJ MH & KA wish to look East & Af Pak is a collapsing/no longer conventional threat.

                SE Asia seems to be where Indian money can be made or the Gulf.
                Central Asia is a no go.

                Would rather answer the Kadyrov type question from a Rajput POV to avoid the religious question.

                Do you see BJP retrying a CAA or w.e type thing to deal with the large number of muslim illegals or no?

                UP recently had very slow economic growth despite a burgeoning population. Does this disfavor Yogi Adityanath as Modi successor in 2029?

                Who do you see as potentially replacing him?

                Do you see private sector affirmative action & asset redistribution in the near future like some upper caste accounts?

                • jim says:

                  Future war is going to be much more information dense than war of the past, and will likely revolve around security issues, which can only be solved by decentralizing everything that can be decentralized, which is a problem because the essence of war is centralization, that all acts of violence are coordinated to a single purpose.

                  Hence the effectiveness of Wagner, and the multitude of semi independent armed groups involved in current middle eastern wars, notably Syria and Iraq.

                  This necessitates a federated and feudal structure. It is easier to decentralize logistics than violence. Xenophon considered non market logistics to be a terrible, desperate, and disastrous expedient, but we are seeing a considerable and rapidly increasing role for a market in violence, private military companies and like organizations. This is driven by the information density of modern warfare, and that loyalty to near is easier to find and inculcate than loyalty to far. Modern war is more dependent on loyalty and on information, because forces are dispersed.

                  War is the father of us all. The future is feudal.

              • jim says:

                Industrialization will not be a problem, provided people are allowed to be racist, castist (whatever Indians are calling that) and sectarian. India has smart minorities, and a larger than usual standard deviation in IQ. Unfortunately your smart minorities are failing to reproduce, for the globohomo vector is the education system. Fix that, and everything else is easy.

    • i says:

      The outer circle believes that all religions essentially teach the same thing, that Hindus can live side by side with “true” Abrahamics (no true scotsman fallacy), that genocides of Hinduism did happen but were the handiwork of Abrahamics who did not understand their own religion

      What I find a bit strange is why they lump Christianity and Islam together under that title.

      I am not aware that there were any Crusades in India that involved the destruction that Islam entails.

      Given that Jihad isn’t a tradition that is native to the Command “To make Disciples of all Nations”.

      • someDude says:

        I stand corrected. To be sure, I should have said Abrahamism 3.0, instead of lumping all the Abrahamisms together. Happens while writing in a flow.

        As regards Indian Xtians, their behavior in India is akin to the behaviour of what you call Pajeets in the west as well as the Indian pets of the DNC. Being part of the coalition of the Fringes, Indian Xtians can be counted on to act against the interests of Hindus, other Indic religions and the native stock every half-chance they get. They side with Muslims on any Indic-Muslim issue right down to their voting patterns. For instance, their role in the partition of India.

        Also, they are eager vectors of Cathedral influence in India via political activity, an example being the protests at kudankulam which was essentially the State Dept/NGO network organizing Indian Xtians to prevent an Indo-Russian nuclear deal. This writer says it much better than I can,

        I understand you can’t have Cameltoe and her ilk in the west. We can’t have Xtianity in India for much the same reason.

        • Dharmicreality says:

          Most strains of Christianity in India are of the universalist kind and clash inevitably with dharmic religion. Globohomo control of international churches makes this worse.

          Yes, the desert cult is more explicitly universalist and rabidly so, but Christianity in India is not compatible with dharmic religion and there will always be social tension as a result. Christians in India will need to become explicitly Jimian Christian with a strong and patriotic national church to remedy this.

          • someDude says:

            Christianity in India cannot be Jimian for the simple reason that Jimian Christianity is a state religion. One state, one religion. If Dharmic state, no Indian Jimian Christianity possible. However, a Dharmic state can live in peace with a Jimian Christian state as per the peace of westphalia.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Sure, I want to make it clear that there will be no “official” Jimian Christianity in dharmic lands but so long as any National church representing the Christians is in line with our state religion, it should not be a problem. Of course, assuming that there is no globohomo backed universal Church undermining us. Over a period of time under a dharmic monarch, Christians in India will be welcomed back home (“ghar wapsi”).

              Problem is of course, the Christian universalism tends to surface again and again. But again, less of a problem than the desert cult which is completely agreement incapable.

  32. Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

    Confluent supersets of nominalism, solipsism, and spergmaticism are perennially recurrent themes of the gnostic species.

    In Plotinus we may find the observation (,

    “They see no difference between beautiful and ugly forms of body.” It should strike no one, therefore, as unexpected that Gnostics also, in Plotinus’ words, “make no distinction between the ugly and the beautiful in conduct.” This remark communicates with the other, earlier remark in Plotinus’ treatise on Gnostic evasiveness about virtue. To deny beauty in one aspect of existence, the corporeal, is, in principle, to deny it in all other aspects of existence, as for instance in the moral aspect. To equivocate about quality and degree is, moreover, to attack the connection between hierarchy and order, while at the same time establishing a new, crude hierarchy.

    Likewise, later-day sages have also observed (,

    For example, when the geek talks about his pastime he will almost never be able to list the things about it that he likes or dislikes. What he will do instead is describe the pastime’s details. The things he claims to like are not the product of subjective awareness but simply the observable characteristics of the pastime.

    >Note: Of course some people aren’t very articulate. If you ask a football spectator what he likes about the sport, he may well respond with, “It’s exciting,” or something like that, and this is very similar to the quality of response a geek will give about playing Magic: the Gathering. When pressed for more they can go no further than describing their pastimes; they do not even know why they enjoy them.

    But there is one crucial difference even here between a thoughtless person and a geek. The thoughtless person will still be capable of discrimination, the geek utterly and hopelessly incapable. The football spectator from my example will enjoy watching particular teams play, and perhaps follow the league to a lesser degree. The geek would follow the entire league, the farm teams, stadium football, college football, fantasy football, and leagues and teams he makes up in loose leaf notebooks. He would subscribe to several football periodicals and have a library of videotaped games.

    A nominalistic lack of imaginative genii, of world-formation capacity, becomes evinced through the fundamentally derivative character of gnostic thought-forms.

    Manichaeism appealed to Augustine – as Valentinian Gnosis had appealed to intellectuals of the previous century – in part because of its doctrinal complexity. Baroque pseudo-veracity, offering itself as a system to be mastered, exercises attraction of the type on person who wants, as Augustine says of himself, “to be thought elegant and urbane.” Augustine remarks that his reading of Cicero’s Hortensius had awakened in him an interest in philosophical systems. Philosophy, Augustine reminds his readers, means the love of wisdom. Nevertheless many intellectually unformed people, in hoping to be taken for philosophers, mistake doctrine for wisdom. There are gurus (so to speak) who “seduce through philosophy… using it to color and adorn their own errors.” Such were the teachings of Mani to the young and ambitious student of rhetoric and law in Carthage. The Bible, known to Augustine through the influence of Monica, appeared to him at the time, in contrast to philosophical discourse, to be deficient in style, a mere “sort of aid to the growth of little ones.”

    Yet oddly the names of Jesus Christ and the Paraclete figured prominently in the treatises of the Manichaeans, who promised to reveal the secret meanings of such figures to initiates. The Manichaeans claimed uniquely to possess “Truth, Truth,” as Augustine writes, “and were forever speaking the word to me.” Even more than did Valentinian Gnosis, Manichaeism borrowed profligately from already-existing systems – from Judaism and Christianity, to be sure, but also from Platonism, Zoroastrianism, Mithraism, Buddhism, the various Mystery religions, and the old Babylonian theology. Mani, like Mohammed a few centuries later, claimed status as final prophet whose visions put all previous revelations in their proper, purely subordinate place. “Glowing fantasies,” “the fantasies of the Manichaeans,” and “tedious fables”: Augustine uses these terms in The Confessions to classify the contents of the “numerous and vast books” that constituted Manichaean scripture.

    Plotinus discerned in the Valentinian Gnostics and their writings the traits of an anticosmic attitude as well as of an obsessive antinomianism; he also grasped that Gnosticism was unoriginal, borrowing from established schools while simultaneously denouncing the sources from which it borrowed. Augustine makes similar observations, using a rhetorical structure resembling Plotinus’ parable of the house with two dwellers. Augustine notes that the Manichaeans constantly addressed the Old Testament, not in admiration, but for the sake of condemning the Patriarchs. If a Patriarch had many wives, then the Manichaeans (who abhor procreation) would revile him; if another Patriarch were at first willing to offer human sacrifice, then the Manichaeans would revile him, even though he relented, as God commanded, and afterwards foreswore the practice. For the Manichaeans any goodness save their own is intolerable. Only the revelation of the final prophet can constitute a precedent.

    Augustine writes: “It is as if a man in an armory, not knowing what piece goes on what part of the body, should put a grieve on his head and a helmet on his shin and complain because they did not fit. Or again, as if, in a house, he sees a servant handle something that the butler is not permitted to touch, or when something is done behind the stable that would be prohibited in a dining room, and then a person should be indignant that in one house and one family the same things are not allowed to every member of the household.”

    To the eternal gnostic, an ‘idea’ is always something that ‘comes from elsewhere’. On what grounds does he cast censure on (other people’s) Gatekeeping? Well of course, where else will ‘new ideas’ come from, if not ‘from outside’? Creative power does not exist in their universe.

    An intuitive conception of teleologies far beyond the most trivial of senses is as foreign to such a creature as a cat of tennis; concordantly, so is ability to participate in higher values, as implied through more transcendent teleologies; and concordantly, so is ability to chart their own destinies; the poverty of agency, and alienation from Being, inextricably linked.

    The motions of existence in general – and their neighbors in particular – seem to it inscrutable, vexatious, and frightening. On the other hand, the algebraic reductions of the gnostic ideology can present themselves as much more readily apparent. It finds pleasure in the Rube Goldberg like motions of The System, and, in finally discovering a confabulatory space that yields itself to its indefinite manipulation, it may warm itself with a glow of mastery for the first time in its life. Finding the totems, simulations, and simulacrums, which call themselves the name of things, far more accessible, in its mind they become *more real than any impression from those things in reality*.

    As Hippolyte Taine also observed (The Origins of Contemporary France [1888]),

    When a statesman, who is not wholly unworthy of that great name, finds an abstract principle in his way, as, for instance, that of popular sovereignty, he accepts it, if he accepts it at all, according to his conception of its practical bearings. He begins, accordingly, by imagining it applied and in operation. From personal recollections and such information as he can obtain, he forms an idea of some village or town, some community of moderate size in the north, in the south, or in the centre of the country, for which he has to make laws. He then imagines its inhabitants acting according to his principle, that is to say, voting, mounting guard, levying taxes, and administering their own affairs. Familiar with ten or a dozen groups of this sort, which he regards as examples, he concludes by analogy as to others and the rest on the territory. Evidently it is a difficult and uncertain process; to be exact, or nearly so, requires rare powers of observation, and, at each step, a great deal of tact, for a nice calculation has to be made on given quantities imperfectly ascertained and imperfectly noted!

    Any political leader who does this successfully, does it through the ripest experience associated with genius. And even then he keeps his hand on the check-rein in pushing his innovation or reform; he is almost always tentative; he applies his law only in part, gradually and provisionally; he wishes to ascertain its effect; he is always ready to stay its operation, amend it, or modify it, according to the good or ill results of the experiment; the state of the human material he has to deal with is never clear to his mind, even when superior, until after many and repeated gropings. —

    Now the Jacobin pursues just the opposite course. His principle is an axiom of political geometry, which always carries its own proof along with it; for, like the axioms of common geometry, it is formed out of the combination of a few simple ideas, and its evidence imposes itself at once on all minds capable of embracing in one conception the two terms of which it is the aggregate expression. Man in general, the rights of man, social contract, liberty, equality, reason, nature, the people, tyrants, are all elementary conceptions; whether precise or not, they fill the brain of the new sectary; oftentimes these terms are merely vague, sounding words, but that makes no difference; as soon as they meet in his brain an axiom springs out of them that can be instantly and absolutely applied on every occasion and at all hazards.

    Men as they really are do not concern him. He does not observe them; he does not require to observe them; with closed eyes he imposes a pattern of his own on the human substance manipulated by him; the idea never enters his head of forming any previous conception of this complex, multiform, swaying material — contemporary peasants, artisans, townspeople, curés and nobles, behind their ploughs, in their homes, in their shops, in their parsonages, in their mansions, with their inveterate beliefs, persistent inclinations, and powerful wills. Nothing of this enters into or lodges in his mind; all its avenues are stopped by the abstract principle which flourishes there and fills it completely. Should actual experience through the eye or ear plant some unwelcome truth forcibly in his mind, it cannot subsist there; however obstreperous and telling it may be, the abstract principle drives it out; if need be it will distort and strangle it, on the ground of its being a calumny, as it gives the lie to the principle which is true in itself and indisputable.

    Which they will, of course, not hesitate to tell you about in their own words (,

    A novice reader coming to either “The Tri-Partite Tractate” or “The Origin of the World” for the first time would likely react to the text with bewilderment and confusion, states of mind that would be justified. The Tri-Partite Tractate largely employs allegorical abstractions; The Origin of the World invokes a plethora of proper names, Greek and Semitic, arranged by genealogy and by spiritual rank, many of them exotic sounding, as though plundered from a variety of separate sources with the deliberate aim of baffling eclecticism.
    The Origin of the World offers a wild roster of dramatis personae: Adonaios, Astaphaios, Chaos, Eloai, Pistis (Faith), Sabaoth, Sophia (Wisdom), Yaldabaoth or Yao, and finally, after exhausting the alphabet, Zoë, with others in between too numerous to list. Here again a Gnostic author represents the creation of the world as a catastrophe and evaluates matter, in which human beings body forth, as toxic. The author begins by contradicting an accepted truth: “Since everyone – the gods of the world and men – says that nothing has existed prior to Chaos, I shall demonstrate that they all erred.” The demonstration is a parody of logic: If Chaos were darkness, as everyone says, then it would be a shadow; a shadow is the shadow of something; therefore Chaos is ontologically after something else – something really real of which Chaos is merely a privation. Finally, anything subsequent to Chaos, this world for example, would be the privation of a privation, hence doubly counterfeit. What normative religion represents under the label of Creation, The Origin of the World represents, by rhetorical reversal, as de-creation: “A likeness called ‘Sophia’ flowed out of Pistis. She wished that a work should come into being which is like the light which first existed.”
    In the Tractate and in The Origin, keeping track of cosmological devolution requires a scorecard. The Father emanates Aeons and “Totalities,” as does the Son; and the Aeons emanate additional subdivisions (“Totalities”) within the Pleroma. When the Pleroma suffers its disruption, many layers of toxic matter spill downward from the offense, each containing its own separate “powers,” “archons,” and demonic entities. What attracted people to tales of this sort? A combined sense of alienation from the world and superiority to it is an inescapable answer; but reverting to a single word, one might simply say, resentment. One might remark that elaborate anticosmic narrative and the know-it-all posture play a role in modern popular culture, as in Star Wars, on the one hand, or in the old “Firesign Theater” comedy album Everything You Know Is Wrong on the other. The relation between Sabaoth and Yaldabaoth in The Origin oddly anticipates the relation of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in Star Wars.
    Zostrianos, like The Tri-Partite Tractate and The Origin of the World, deploys a large lexicon of exotic and intimidating names, each of which designates a particular agent within the complicated salvation-scheme of the epiphany. Among these are: Doxomedon, Sethus, Antiphantes, Seldao, Elenos, Armedon, Phoē, Zoē, Zēoē, Zēooo, Zēsen, Ēooooēaēē, Harmozel, Orneos, Euthrounios, Oraiel, Arros, Daveithe, Laraneus, Epiphanios, Eideos, Eleleth, and Kodere – to quote the litany from a single paragraph. The exoticism is no doubt deliberate, constituting an arbitrary difficulty in mastery of which the initiate becomes identifiable as a member of the in-group. The in-group’s palaver has the effect of baffling everyone in the out-group and so too of forming an impassable membrane between the in-group and the out-group.

    Given the provocative weirdness and outright inhumanism of the Gnostic texts, the criticism that such writers as Plotinus and Augustine direct at Gnosticism actually seems tame. Most disturbing in Gnostic doctrine, as the sample-texts cited above attest, is the prominence of unanimity as the supremely desirable state, with silence validated as preferable to volubility in so-called error. (“The debate is over,” as some people like to say.) I have suggested that this unanimity represents the resurgence in Gnosticism of sacrificial thinking since its practical function is to sustain in-group solidarity by identifying the slightest hint of dissent so as to make it eligible for expulsion.

    It is perhaps the ultimate irony of the 20th century post-modernist affectation that post-modernism itself is ultimately reactionary; a posture of over-turning history itself a perennially recurrent imposture across history.

    Millennia come and go, but wherever civilization has come to exist, we find then also sophists armed with bafflegab trying to sprout up upon it like fungus.

    The empty nominalism of the gnostic character may be seen again also in the ultimate contingency of its petty contrarianism to whatever the prevailing mode of its times are; so do exponents thereof expose the ironically provincial character of their enterprise in the end. Its motion in such a light to rhetorically affiliate itself with the highest of things – which is to say, the most unknowable of things; which is to say, the meanest to verify as calumnies of all things, one way or another – is of course not by coincidence.

    The feeling of Impact – of doing things other people don’t want you to do, and getting away with it – is one of the only things that provides fulfilling sensation to such a creature.

    An alert reader may also take note of another interesting synchronicity (,

    Jonas stresses that although Gnosticism appropriates the language of philosophy and although the authors of the Gnostic tracts demonstrate a system-building talent that results in something that often resembles philosophy, nevertheless Gnosticism remains non- and more especially anti-philosophical. Jonas remarks on the Gnostic use of the rhetorical-analytic device called allegoresis. One can follow the drawing of allegories between rational discourse and mythic or symbolic discourse back to Plato. The technique gained currency, however, not in the immediate post-Classical period but in the last, transitional sub-phase of secular Hellenism. A key figure in the validation of allegoresis is Philo Judaeus (20 BC – 50 AD), the Alexandrian rabbi and Platonic philosopher who sought to demonstrate the compatibility of Mosaic revelation, as codified in the Old Testament, with Platonic doctrine, as articulated in the dialogues. Philo interpreted symbols in the Old Testament as metaphors of Plato’s rational theology. “In consequence,” as Jonas writes, “the myth, however freely handled, was never contradicted nor were its own values controverted.” Jonas adds that, “The system of scriptural allegory evolved in [Philo’s] school was bequeathed as a model to the early Fathers of the Church,” and “here again the purpose is that of integration and synthesis.”

    Gnostic allegoresis functions otherwise: “Instead of taking over the value system of the traditional myth, it proves the deeper ‘knowledge’ by reversing the roles of good and evil, sublime and base, blessed and accursed, to be found in the original.” An entire Gnostic sect named itself after the serpent in Genesis – in Greek, they were the Ophites and in Aramaic the Naassenes. Since it is the serpent,” Jonas writes, “that persuades Adam and Eve to taste of the fruit of knowledge and thereby to disobey their Creator, [the serpent] came in a whole group of systems to represent the ‘pneumatic’ principle from beyond counteracting the designs of the Demiurge, and thus could become as much a symbol of the powers of redemption as the biblical God had been degraded to a symbol of cosmic oppression.” A Gnostic sect, the Peratae, “did not even shrink from regarding the historical Jesus as a particular incarnation of ‘the general serpent,’ i.e., the serpent from Paradise understood as a principle.” The Peratae reinterpreted Cain antithetically. Abel, being favored by God, and God being for the Gnostics a false and wicked God, Cain is obviously a heroic opponent of wickedness. “Perhaps we should speak in such cases,” writes Jonas, “not of allegory at all, but of a form of polemics, that is, not of an exegesis of an original text, but of its tendentious rewriting.”

    And what do you know, here we find ‘Serpent Christ’ as well. Small world, eh?

    • Hesiod says:

      C.S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity, gave the first analogy of how God the Father relates to God the Son that made sense to me. He warned, though, we should never stray far from Scripture. Chesterton opened my eyes to how Christians can be free travellers if we do not become lost. Jim teaches me how to approach the seeming paradoxes in Christianity so I can be just a son of Adam in life and imagination.

      How far can we wander, though? I was baptized both literally and figuratively at an early age by personal choice; but when I turned my back on my faith in college, I’ve since wandered questionable paths. When Lewis, in Surprised by Joy I think, recounts holding a friend in college who literally thought he was dying and going to Hell, I knew what he meant because I’ve been there from both sides in certain ways.

      Gnosticism has always hurt my brain. I can’t study it for too long before I have to go purify myself in some way. However, The Enemy is sly, and I’ve read a ton of fantasy novels over the years. Elric is about as far down the sorcerer path I can travel and that’s because he suffers for his evil. When I’ve seen him in more recent times, I cry inwardly. I used to think he was bad-ass, and he certainly is in appearance, but I’ve learned many a hard lesson about appearance in my life.

      Me, me, me, it’s always about me, but I don’t know how to write yet without putting myself in the story. Thank you, friend, for giving me something to do as well as concepts to ponder slowly. Perhaps what I’ve been asking for recently has been granted. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    • Calvin says:

      If you want to go off topic at least bother to trim your gigantic walls of text.

      • Hesiod says:

        You can’t handle that wee bit of script? Seriously?

        • Calvin says:

          It’s annoying, completely out of nowhere, and irrelevant. Is there anyone in this comments section taking the position “gnosticism good”?

          • Hesiod says:

            Well, some of us are so stiff-necked and thick-skulled that we have to keep reading the same thing over and over again to hopefully eventually figure it out. Trying to understand the structure of the gnostic variants is difficult. I can’t visualize easily the connections and when I finally do get a model of one, I feel like my intellect starts getting twisted. Nothing about it is healthy underneath whatever skin-suit it wears.

            • jim says:

              There are a whole lot of serpent Christ worshippers engaged in hostile entryism against the Christian Church. (And a remarkable proportion of them are gay.) The pope and Vatican worship serpent Christ.

              • Hesiod says:

                Milius’ genius in Conan the Barbarian keeps expanding.

                Serious theological question: Is it ok to weep for Robert E Howard and want to pray to our Heavenly Father for the salvation of his soul despite his death being a suicide? I love his writings and so love the man. I can’t help it.

                • jim says:

                  Despair is a sin, and dying in sin is pretty bad, but God saves who he wills.

                • Calvin says:

                  Why wouldn’t it be?

                • Hesiod says:

                  Jim: Thank you. That’s very similar to what I come back to. Ask, but accept whatever The Lord decrees because He ultimately knows best.

                  Calvin: Even a straight and narrow path looks tricky when the cartography varies even if slightly.

                • Hesiod says:

                  “..cartography varies…” should be “…cartographers vary…”

      • Kunning Drueger says:

        Imagine the level of dilation necessary to complain about a detailed effort post from St. John.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        This ( thread deserved a longer response I felt… and so after sitting on it for a couple months, here it is!

        (I never forget. Don’t think i’ve forgotten about that music thread either KD. It’s lurking in the hard drive. Beware.)

        • Kunning Drueger says:

          Nigger I would catch bullets for you.

        • someDude says:

          you need a blog of your own, my Dude

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            I think that about a number of brothers here, but I also think it is better to have such high quality writing nested within JB. pros and cons to each. Pathfinder’s Paradox: breaking ground in new territory is always in service to the wider culture that will follow, but the arrival of “the others” negates the magic of the frontier.

            We are on the bleeding edge of thought, but it is a cultural failure if we never get followed. Enjoy the time we get to be a merry band of intellectual vikings, don’t rush to colonize, but always remember that at some point our frontier must become consolidated territory.

            • someDude says:

              Certainly, but he could also have a blog of his own where he collected some of this posts here and allowed them to spawn comments of their own. Unless he fears the Feds tracking him down lacking Jim’s technical wizardry to keep the Feds off his trail

              Alrenous, who used to comment is here is doing alright,

            • someDude says:

              I take it back. He’s not doing alright. He’s blackpilled and depressing.

              • jim says:

                Yes, the one area where individual action and very small group action actually works is resisting the culture on sex and sex roles. And if you don’t resist, going to be black pilled.

        • Cloudswrest says:

          … here it is!


    • Pax Imperialis says:

      A nominalistic lack of imaginative genii, of world-formation capacity, becomes evinced through the fundamentally derivative character of gnostic thought-forms.

      It is absolutely maddening trying to explain and argue over basic material concepts with them. Modern ones are constantly singing the mantra of ‘it’s just a social construct’ as if it never occurred to them ‘society’ itself is very much a material construct and not just an ‘idea’. Even ‘ideas’ themselves are ultimately neural pathways and therefore grounded in material interacting with material, but all gnostics know how to do is continuously throw linguistic shit before others in a ridiculous effort to escape material.

      Anyways, guess I now have an excuse to share this.

  33. Calvin says:

    As expected, Biden is there to twist Bibi’s arm into ensuring the GAE’s investment into eternal not-war doesn’t go to waste:

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) -Israel will not stop aid entering Gaza from Egypt but supplies will not be allowed to reach Palestinian group Hamas, the government said on Wednesday, after talks with U.S. President Joe Biden who called for easing a humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

    Imagine actually trying to fight a war this way, lmao.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      One hand bails you out while the other hand pours water into your dinghy. Such is life in the chaos of Late Empire.

  34. Mister Grumpus says:

    Off topic, sorta. And seriously now:

    I genuinely don’t understand why Israel isn’t false-flagging its own people, pulverizing on HD Instagram every building full of Gazans it can find, and flushing the survivors out into Egypt and/or Jewish NGO boats for free rides to England and Kentucky to vote Democrat, reproduce on welfare and terrorize white people forever.

    Sitting around looks weak AF and only emboldens the pro-Palestine protesters worldwide.

    I thought these people were Jewish! What parts of “strong horse weak horse”, “cry out as we strike them”, “it’s too late now” and “what are you, ANTISEMITIC?” have they forgotten? What the hell is going on?

    My only guess is that they’re slap out of the munitions for it, and Hamas knew it. If that’s true then all they can do now is just nuke them all at once, and that’s just too brassy, even for them.

    Or maybe they can grassy knoll Biden themselves and get the goyim to do the work, but what if the goyim just don’t care enough?

    What say you? Seriously, help me understand this.

    • Calvin says:

      The US has just parked two aircraft carriers in the area, almost certainly to stop them from doing exactly that. Of course, carriers unlikely to actually work very well, but does Bibi know that?

      Also, as you pointed out, ammo. The word is that the US took something like 80% of artillery stocks in Israel and gave them to Ukraine. Supposedly only drew from its own stash there, but does anyone really buy that?

  35. Hesiod says:

    [*deleted for incomprehensibility. Message needs to appear in proper context*]

    • Hesiod says:

      Fair dues. I’m going through a lot of psychic pain right now on the road to healing, and the line between personal and other people and their interests is getting a bit blurry. Forgive me, friends.

      • Hesiod says:

        I experienced Dionysus, baptized in The Holy Spirit and awakened to his true Heavenly Father, trying to reach out to his brother Apollo to warn him that it is not too late. Our Heavenly Father is Good, Merciful, and Long-Suffering, and has put up with quite a bit of religious tomfollery throughout the ages if such folly is ultimately healthy.

        Apollonians not baptized in the same Holy Spirit risk damnation due to their sins. But they have the arrogance of sorcerers and think they can wield the powers of Creation solely through their big brains. When God knocks on the door, they harden their hearts to quiet the noise. They can accept no measure except for themselves.

        We need each other, friends, because each of us have divine qualities in different measures. Evil is the corruption of good which is given to us by our Heavenly Father. Let’s save as many souls as possible.

        Isn’t it strange that the gayest people in the world are the saddest? I don’t know about you, friend, but I’d go find another instruction manual if I kept getting it wrong like that.

        • Neofugue says:

          pls from now on don’t forget to take your meds, ok?

          • Hesiod says:

            LOL, lesson learned about proper sharing.

            Recently, I received invaluable information concerning my earthly father who I rarely got to see while young and I never did get to properly mourn him when he died. So many pieces are falling into place at once and freeing all this energy I’ve never experienced before in my life.

            It hurts and feels good at the same time. I respect y’all so much that maybe someone out there might know what I’m writing about. Earlier, I just typed as I experienced. Won’t do that again.

          • The Cominator says:

            Seems he perhaps took too many meds…

            • Hesiod says:

              Caffeine, nicotine, and the occassional hobbitleaf are my only drugs. Never did hallucinogens because I see weird shit already. Coke I tried twice and ultimately didn’t like because it made me feel like everything I did or say was absolutely wonderful.

              • The Cominator says:

                Ditch the “hobbit leaf” it’s always been a drug that generally weakens the mind and the modern variety is far stronger than what the boomers did… some people handle it well but everyone who does it regularly THINKS they handle it well.

                • Hesiod says:

                  Any recommendations for information on “speed” type drugs? They were euphemistically called diet pills when I was a small child, and apparently my dad habitually took those as well as drank from waking early in the morning and going to sleep early the next morning.

                  I’ve never knowingly taken anything like that. I can consume a large amount of caffeine via straight black coffee, chilled preferably, as long as I also drink whole milk and water when I start getting a tad shaky.

                  My nicotine is via top-shelf chewing gum that I chronically chew during the day. By doing so, I know I’m a space monkey, but it’s far better than smoking tobacco in its various methods. When I first switched from smoking to chewing, the first workout after felt so much better.

      • The Cominator says:

        The solution to pain is never excessive hard drugs. As a man you should know this and get off of them (its much harder for women when they start down this road)…

  36. Jim is a namefag says:

    [*deleted for failure to affirm that Christ existed from before the beginning*]

  37. Biden Gets Whacked says:

    [*deleted for posting from the Christian frame*]

  38. RMIV says:

    off topic but i know of no other way to yak at Aidan and i refuse to use twatter.

    Aidan, i happened upon what is (probably) one of your posts and was curious of you might clear something up for me. in the context of your screencapp’d post, i don’t understand what you mean in calling this society anti-hedonist. thank you friend.

    • jim says:

      They only tolerate self harming and poisonous forms of fun. Look at children’s playgrounds. They are just not allowed to play. Look at the media. They don’t make fun m0vies any more.

    • Aidan says:

      Theoretically leftists like hedonism, in the same way a girl’s fat cockblock friend wants her friend to have fun, but in practice, viewing things that have potential to lead to sex, the reaction is furious.

      The avoidance of discomfort is actively opposed to the pursuit of pleasure- the Starbucks employee is butthurt that a woman might be made uncomfortable. Hedonism carries with it the potential for failure and discomfort. I am not making a positive argument for orienting oneself toward the pursuit of pleasure, I am noting that the left is not motivated by hedonism as its guiding principle and actively seeks to squash fun in the name of its twisted morality.

      We do not live in a society characterized by the Dionysian pursuit of pleasure. People are having less sex than ever and partying less than ever. We live in a society where petty comforts- Netflix, smoking weed alone, and porn, are used to cope with the monstrously anhedonic nature of leftist rule.

      • Hesiod says:

        “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…”

        Divine Madness is something that all sons of Adam share, to varying degrees. Ecstatic activity of various types can be employed to “voluntarily” reach this state.

        Some of us have it naturally like a motherfucker. Mostly in dreams but also in perfectly sober waking moments, it has gripped me since my vaguest memories. I have no control over it at all, but it can be gentle, if still painful.

        Raised in a strictly Apollonian environment meant I didn’t get much Padawan learning except for the rare and all-too-brief teacher. Some adults hated me because I saw too much, even if my childhood mind couldn’t comprehend what that was.

        Because someone was wise enough to hand me a King Arthur children’s book, my imagination at least got christened like Lewis with Phantastes.

        Like Dante, I’ve seen Hell, frens, and the “things” there mostly and ultimately lie to you. They also flee the name of Jesus Christ. Appearances are deceiving, though, and anyone who is a brother in my Savior is my brother too.

        Thank you, Heavenly Father! Yours is The Power and The Glory forever and ever! In Your Ownly Begotten Son, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray!

        • Hesiod says:

          TLDR: Because most that I know has been learned “by ear”, I don’t know how to properly teach what I’ve learned so that a friend, a student, or a nephew similarly afflicted might be spared some loneliness, pain, and confusion.

          “Lonely is the way of the necromancer: to know too much…”

      • jim says:

        They also hate cute animals.

        • Hesiod says:

          Thank you. I remembered this just now out watching squirrels play amongst the trees.

          Animals, even different species, will play with each other naturally. If the larger in however such is defined does not let the smaller win from time to time, the smaller loses interest and no longer will play. However, if the smaller is allowed to win too much, he gets too-big-for-his-britches and can vastly overestimate his own measure, putting himself and potentially others in danger.

      • The Cominator says:

        Hedonism is utterly incompatible with the leftist purity spiral on consent. All sex has an aggressive initiator (usually the man but not always as women do occasionally aggressively initiate sex) and one who yields.

  39. Kunning Druegger says:

    I think I could argue in a court of Jim Law that this is on-topic, but no one likes a kike-lawyer, so I will say it’s off-topic.

    I am tentatively ready to do my own version of the “fuck you, I was right” dance, but we’ve miles to go, and what I would be doing is hiding in daddy’s shadow pretending I am tall, because what we are starting to see is what every honest and true brother here already knows: Jim Is Always Right. But it’s not the “right” of “hey, let’s ask Jim for stock tips!” it’s more like “man, I love this girl, she’s a minx in bed, her families loaded… but she does those things that Jim says are a bad sign… whatever, fuck him, he can’t be right all the time!” Bad time incoming lol. So we know that Jim is right about how stuff works, and that’s because he’s seen it and done the math. [it should be obvious at this point I am arguing to myself, but if it wasn’t that’s what this is] So we cannot, and should not, and shouldn’t even want to, try to use Jimian Dynamics as a short term prediction technique (you can, but it will win you no friends) because it is using a jewelers monocle like a rifle scope (or binoculars as a telescope maybe, or pointing the Hubble at your neighbors property to see if he’s violating the NAP; that’s just not what it’s for).

    It looks like Israel is waffling on their Ground Invasion. This one is tricky, because it could equally be shrewd calculation or stereotypical jew reluctance to do anything they think they can get the goyim to do for them. Biden is purportedly heading to Kiketopia, and I am not going to comment on the potential for revitalizing the “wackiest timeline” thesis (they don’t even have grassy knolls in the promised land, do they? Right?), but for those of you who are of an age and connected to the “evangelical christian super cluster,” can you imagine the Israel of our past declining to fight teenagers with shitty rockets and human shields?

    In the same area of thought, but miles away in space, Eisenhower Strike Group can’t leave port yet. No one in civilian news is saying why, Pax or someone might be able to give us 27 paragraphs of slurring brilliance (just playing with you, you’ve been killing it lately), but it almost doesn’t matter, because it equates to “degradation.” The USM is degraded. The IDF is degraded. The RF military is degraded. Every military built on the bones of Western Martial Structure AND works for a State that is wrong on the WQ is degraded. The only martial vitality we are seeing is smaller military collectives with natural hierarchy, a shared & explicit faith, and no tolerance for faggots or sluts (Wagner, Hamas, Hezbollah, Azov, etc).

    Israel might still invade, but I don’t think they can actually win. This doesn’t mean the sand nigger collective won’t snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but if they play their cards right, the can severely reduce the Palestinian head count (they are the niggers of the Arab world, it’s not fair but it is what it is) while standing clear of the blast as the liberal Israeli Government collapses into infighting.

    The US is moving a ton of maritime resources into the Med. Hearken back to last year, I made a prediction that the next “big thing” in the ongoing collapse of the GAE would be some embarrassing, costly naval incident, something that magnifies what we here already know. I am not saying “this will happen,” but I am saying that this is precisely the circumstance I had in mind. Lot’s of moving parts (carrier flight ops, refuel & resupply, CAP) and a Red Team willing and able to through ship-to-shore missiles into the mix.

    I hate Israel because of what the liberal jews are doing to my country, and that’s petty and illogical, and it can cloud my vision at times. The Palestinians are a trash people that use marxist rhetoric to justify their desire to mismanage Levantine resources into dust. We win the more each side loses. We have no dog in this fight, not even the jew nationalists, because those are exactly the type referenced in the meme in OP. Bibi was the first person to signal his support for the Steal, and I hope he suffers mightily for it. At the same time, this conflict is massively important to Jimian Christianity, for it is bringing the Theoretical to the Practical. It is illustrating the results of what our Faith tells us we should expect.

    We are not even close to the end of this, but so far, it has been a stunning proof that the fundamentals of Jimian Christianity are sound, vibrant, and valuable.

    • Hesiod says:

      The war in Palestine (some folks call it Israel; I call it Palestine) is a fight between devils and demons. Not our problem except for reading the signs and being ever-ready. Cheer on ironically, or unironically if you must, either side, but be safe, frens.

      Those of you familiar with Brother Dave Gardner may know the spirit of this:

      I love Geddy Lee but hate the j00s. Ain’t that weird? Joy to the world!

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        The Semitic War. I am certain using this title will absolutely gall all involved parties.

      • Not Palestine says:


        It’s not actually “palestine” it’s “the land of the philistines”, who came from crete/greece to the gaza strip area. just north of gaza strip were two jew kingdoms judah and israel. the caananites land that all of them sat on was wiped out even earlier. islam did not invade until much much later.

        historical right to the area, on the religious not political level, regarding who last illegally invaded the area from afar (islam) with religious armies or by covenant, are not to the large partition-mandate-beyond “israel” borders (1900s+), nor to Islam (630s+), nor to jordans west bank play… it’s to the actual philistines and the jew kingdoms of judah and israel.

        separation along those old lines could actually work, except for the muslims fairy tale says their false prophet farted himself into orbit using the rock as a launchpad.

        the actual massive mistake was the crusades not fully restoring both the jew lands and philistines from islam and defending the region in partner with them forevermore thereafter, up to the End Times.

        if you’re gonna blow an invader back out, you have to do it completely, total purging, not a single one left to start shit.

        that’s my only beef dog in this debate.

        other than being crystal clear that islam has no peaceful non-violent-invader thus legal right to much of anything anywhere on the planet.

        today, underlying it all, this is a religious border problem, not a political border problem.
        thus best chance of solving it is on religious basis, not political.
        they’re all negotiating politic on top, being too afraid to go negotiate religion underneath.
        that’s fatal to any (lasting) solution.

        again, i don’t really care who wins, bigger fish to fry.

        if whatever your faith is requires old religious land and archaeology, then you might have a dog.
        if so, please make that case in reply as that could be interesting to see.

        Some linksauce…

  40. Hesiod says:

    I owe Vox Day a public apology, and with the indulgence of Jim and frens, here goes:

    Some years ago, I drank like Herakles and woke up like Bilious the Oh God of Hangovers. During part of that, Vox Day let me rampage on his blog. As time went on, he justly censored me which, alas, angered Dionysus.

    Fast-forward some years, and I repaid Vox Day’s lordly and long-suffering hospitality by using him as a punching bag to score cheap good-boy points here. Since, I’ve tried to make up doing that dirty to my Heavenly brother here and there.

    Only the trespassed-upon can forgive the trespasser. Vox Day, I owe you a cheek, and possibly two, to bloody as you please, and will gladly shake your hand afterwards if you choose to do so.

    I say this in the Christian fellowship alf recently gave to me. This coming Christmas I will be six and a half years a friend of Bill W. Gandalf is a friend too when Uncle Bilbo visits.

  41. Hesiod says:

    Razorfist blew us several sweet kisses during his video review of BG3. Go hunt for it if you like as RF’s quite the bard in his nigh-inimitable style.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      I occasionally appreciate his work, but in general he’s too high energy for me. I’m a broken man in terms of gaming, Starfield was the last straw. All I can do is laugh incredulously at the immense ruin that lies before us in the field of entertainment. (I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed an American/Western TV show or movie)

      I’d like to get into BG3 because there are real RPG mechanics for the first time in what feels like a decade, but I can’t get over the initial impression of gay bear sex and general Western leftist design peculiarities. Like, for a game that is so focused on sexual themes, did it really have to make the female characters so… mannish for lack of better term? I’m really astonished that many people don’t seem to pick up on Shadowheart’s head shape for example. It’s not like I’m the only one noticing uncanny peculiarities either. This showed up in a random google search for instance.

      • Hesiod says:

        I feel you, brother. Steve Sailer once said, and I paraphrase from memory, “After the revolution, all the wahemn’s studies chicks will be hot.”

        So, Shadowheart gets to be only cute (largely due to a noice body) because that’s the best you will often find there.

        For anything approximating old-school RPGs these days, Conan Exiles is my sandbox. You can even play it solo as your own dungeonmaster if you have some proper restraint.

        Asian faire tends to be awful with endlessly mandatory cutscenes of questionable quality and a horrible money-sink if you rack disciprine. GW2 retains some excellent parts because it was made many, many moons ago. Lost Ark is of the devil. Most expensive visual novel ever and I crowd-funded thinking it was an Asian Diablo with choice waifu outfits.

        As a young Phil Collins once sang, “More Fool Me”.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Took me a while to find the video.

          >Shadowheart gets to be only cute

          A female chud…

          • Hesiod says:

            It’s been quite a while since I sat through a video longer than 15 minutes for entertainment. Since you went through the trouble, I felt obligated and laughed quite a bit as a result. Will watch his Starfield hopefully soon.

            Can’t really argue with anything he said in criticism and thought his final verdict quite fair. The game’s a mess, though there’s been several patches since his review, and lots of it stinks on multiple levels. But it was fun for the old-school experience. If Trigglypuff doesn’t keep Larion from opening it up to official modding, the results from some larky lads can’t help but be amusing.

      • Hesiod says:

        P.S. Blackdragon in that thread you link forgets that evil is often ugly in traditional Western literature, if not at first, then eventually and permanently. See Tolkien for details. Take that for what you will.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Most do not know history, and if they do they are indoctrinated into thinking it’s just a superstition held by ignorant ancient people in accordance with Whig historiography.

    • Hesiod says:

      Even though Razor shows questionable taste concerning a classic Iron Maiden album or two, he still has excellent ears for music. Haven’t heard some of that early 80s metal since I had it on cassette back in the day, so I have to update my collection of audio and video soon because there were some choice songs on those records. A good song can be listened to over and over again before it clicks to become great.

  42. Vlad says:

    A faith is a synthetic tribe when govt disintegrates the largest takes over”
    You’re using tribe ie genetics as adjective for most cohesive human grouping yet ignoring them is n favor of downstream groups religions and govt
    I think most peoples religions are an extension of their culture which is part of their bio evolutionary feedback loop. Meaning cultures can respond quicker than genes but that response impacts genes. So HBDCHICK etc. it’s self evident this is true because races ethnicities indeed exist if they were not maintaining genetic cohesion they would not. Religions usually reinforce this. Our god is the most powerful he says we are the best people. Groups like that find they need a more practical interface and set up a govt
    Now granted whites seem perhaps through catholic insistence on no sixth cousin marriage or however become more able to organize around ideas vs genes. But this idea that an animal species has fundamentally transcended evolution or at least evolutions driver seems a stretch.
    Whites have thus far been able to flee diversity since so much ruin left in their nations this wealth albeit mostly fiat now allows them to shrug off the looting not just the actual but the Jews looting whites to pay their immigrant army whites taxes aren’t raised the Jew just gets uniparty to conspire to loot treasury and in debts nation Jews course take commission on wall st.
    I digress point is whites are now beginning to feel heat and that’s when their own tribalism would reemerge
    I know you don’t want to hear it but I cant see how Christianity can ever be a basis for whites restoration. Nrx scoffs at people like me who think it’s mostly Jews driving leftism or the wrecker vs naive leftism. You yourselves blame Christianity the calvinists thus moldbergs cathedral not synagogue. Well that would be todays Congregationalists I’m no expert on these snake handling sects being a lapsed papist ( btw the papists opposed the calvinists and supported monarchy so what’s with the Jesuit nonsense and how the fuck does that square) todays Congregationalists are just as multicultural loving as any Christian are we not agreed that the goal is to restore the Europeans people cultures nations to security prosperity to global hegemony and that is going to take some ultra violence how are you going to talk Christian’s as Christian’s into this it’s a passive religion. When I talk to Christian’s serious Christian’s up here in the mountains have a dozen kids and submissive but capable wives homeschool work the land lots of guns. I say what about the refugees they don’t really want to talk about it because they know it’s cognitive dissonance if I press they will say well I’m against it but I’m just a bad Christian for that. Then they go on a mission to afrika if it get bloody they will bail if not oppose outright and these are the hardass Christian’s who literally believe not the guitar mass mega church singles club Christian’s. It’s same w Catholics out of the cities they don’t want to be mean cause Jesus was nice. City Catholics what’s left of them are tougher more like I was born catholic but leave theology to priests and will tell you how hard a niggers head is and how to take them out. Steamfitter Catholics like me from east cities Boston New York etc

    • jim says:

      You don’t know what Christianity is. You are talking about the enemy version of Christianity, promulgated by shills who piously declare themselves more Christian than I, but are somehow strangely never able to give the short affirmation. Christianity conquered the world. You are not talking about the Christianity that conquered the world.

      • Calvin says:

        The problem, at least from my non-Christian point of view, is that the Christianity that did conquer the world seems extremely discordant with the actual words and deeds of Jesus as recorded in the four gospels, and now with near-universal literacy and internet access basically any wannabe pacifist effeminate can easily find that out and spread the word. Accruing material wealth via empire, for instance, seems to go against basically every single word Jesus had to say on the subject of money and possessions.

        • Hesiod says:

          It took three wise men to explain sufficiently Christianity to a retard such as yours truly: Lewis, Chesterton, and our gracious host Jim. It is the responsibility of we Christians with whatever measure of gift of gab or the written equivalent to use those God-given talents whenever and however possible to spread The Good News to counter Community-Organizer Jesus.

          The same tools available to The Enemy are available to us. Just baptize them in The Holy Spirit first.

          • Hesiod says:

            Other artists need to jump in too. “My Jesus can beat up your Jesus” would be a kick-ass concept metal album.

        • jim says:

          You have swallowed the account of Christianity pumped out by enemy shills, who are generally gay, Jewish, demon worshipers, or gay Jewish demon worshipers. Lots and lots of people have upbraided me for being insufficiently Christian and tell me they are truly Christian and I am not, and, surprise surprise, when I give the affirmation, and ask them to give it to me, they cannot. So far I have encountered only one actual Christian who made the argument, and when I counter argued that “wiley as serpents” implies that we should be suspicious that people harbor bad intent, and protect ourselves against that bad intent, he took that argument on board and proceeded to consider the implications, and another person chimed in explaining that loving your enemies implied that if they were your enemies because evil, your intent should be that they stop being evil, rather than enabling and complying with their evil.

          It is perfectly in accord with Christianity that Alfred the Great set about saving pagan souls at swordpoint, given that their paganism led to conduct that was hurtful and dangerous to Christians and to each other.

          Looks to me that just about every “Christian” who is pushing that line is busy having sex in a great big pile, with children sent into the pile from Child Protective Services as a reward to the adults in the pile for their good work in subverting Christianity.

          What happened in the wars of Alfred the Great is that the pagans would slaughter, loot and pillage, including each other. Their wars with Alfred tended to be discombobulated by their leadership betraying and murdering each other. And sooner or later Alfred would swordpoint convert one of their leaders. The followers of that leader would pay no particular attention, but when they next showed up for pagan religious festivals, there would be a few new symbols around, some old words and phrases would have disappeared, and some new words and phrases would appear. Paganism got quietly and undramatically converged, rather than Alfred having to point the sword at each individual pagan and say “baptism or death”. Well, the pointing the sword at the leader part was dramatic, but that small unpleasantness dealt with, the rest of it was undramatic and went almost invisibly. As undramatic and invisible as could be managed.

          King Alfred’s wars killed a lot of people, and caused a lot of ruin. Was that Christian? Yes it was, because they were defensive wars, even though he wound up conquering. Emperor Justinian the saint is rightly rated as a saint even though some of his wars turned genocidal. In a war, you have to fight. And you have to do what it takes. He tried to avoid and minimize genocide, he was not intentionally genocidal, but in war, you cannot very precisely control the amount of ruin and harm. Are Christians forbidden from war? Obviously not. Peace on Earth to all men of goodwill. For men of bad will, the choice is that sometimes you have to Old Testament, lest evil prevail.

          • Vlad says:

            First as I’ve said many times the cockiness of Christianity when practiced within the European world accrued to other Europeans not niggers so unified us into Christendom.
            Second we were coming out of heroic morality so slave morality of Christianity was fighting uphill for instance monarchy was only system death was usual punishment leftists did not overtake Christianity until recently.
            Few were literate fewer still in church Latin and books were not a thing. The religion was what authority said it was
            Fourth kings could force priests to say what it was mostly forcing them to emphasize Old Testament which is one of the healthy religions that support a people of course not our people but it’s not a cuck theology
            Fifth you can claim you have the only real Christianity all of you snake handlers do every man a pope but you’re just a voice in wilderness.
            Sixth how you can say I don’t know real Christianity is strange 12 years catholic instruction daily father almost a priest always the lectur 1960s Catholicism was as conservative a religion as America has had in centuries iwomen wore veils and living past thirty years in north Idaho which Christian’s are as conservative as you can find anywhere and still I can’t imagine any fighting a race war which like it or not is what it comes down to. I’ve said strategically it ought to be white on white but no mistake it’s about restoring the racial homogeneity of western nations
            Look Jim you just admit christians say you’re not Christian enough how do you propose to get them to follow you. I don’t care what religion you are I care how to fix the wests nations peoples you seem to say your version of Christianity can but I see no reason to think so. Then you say cuz I don’t know your god and neither do other Christian’s but there’s your problem other Christian’s won’t follow you there’s a reason there’s tens of thousands of types of Christian’s they don’t follow and if you’ve talked to them you know they think everyone but a handful in their church is son of Satan going to hell.
            Sixth we now have printing presses and new testament translations the fact is Jesus was a lefty Jew there’s not a conservative bone in his body or a word come out his mouth that was not leftist so you saying otherwise is nuts and worse leftists can read so will do just as they did 200 years ago start throwing the old what would Jesus do at you and everyone but you is going to know Jesus is a lefty he would do lefty
            Whatever I’ll shut up it’s pointless ain’t going to work and if it did we’d be no better than stupid kikes and Muslims believing some retarded old Jew text

            • Dharmicreality says:

              Man, you may have something to add, but proper paragraph spacing and punctuation are a thing, for a reason.

            • jim says:

              > Fifth you can claim you have the only real Christianity all of you snake handlers do every man a pope but you’re just a voice in wilderness.

              And yet, strangely, “Christians” who disagree with me display a curious inability to say some very ancient words. So I don’t think I am a voice in the wilderness.

              Ten percent of the population who have a synthetic tribe and believe that tribe has the right and duty to rule looks to me like amply sufficient in a crackup. It is probably considerably larger than any other synthetic tribe that believes it has the right and duty rule. And, given that people that believe that are likely to hang up on pollsters, pretty sure it is considerably more than ten percent.

              Everyone just about everyone I encounter over the internet who can say those words seems to be based enough that rule by a group of people who can say those words is likely to be impressively different from Globohomo.

          • Calvin says:

            King Alfred sounds like quite a capable ruler, but Christianity is not the positing of him as God, nor a perfect human man whose every word is divine revelation and whose every deed is morally flawless and worthy of all emulation. The problem that perceive is that there is a pretty case to be made from the recorded words and doings of Jesus for things like pacifism, voluntary poverty, etc and not nearly so good a case for sailing around the world, clearing out infestations of plains apes and putting their long-wasted lands to good use at last. Add to that the fact that, historically, the excessive humanitarianism of even the most based of Christian countries has long been their downfall. The Middle East ought to have been swept clean, Constantinople reclaimed, and Mecca burned to the ground when the colonial powers were at their height, yet none of this was ever seriously considered. Bluntly, there are a good many peoples and places needing a far more thorough application of fire and sword than Christianity has ever shown itself willing to commit to.

            • jim says:

              > historically, the excessive humanitarianism of even the most based of Christian countries has long been their downfall.

              Indeed it has. On the other hand, Christians have unfailingly shown better cooperation with Christians than other groups have shown with each other.

              From 400 Anno Domini to 1830, Christendom expanded, largely by military success. From the defeat of the Mongols in Hungary in 1285, to the British defeat in Afghanistan in 1840, Christendom had an unbroken sequence of victories over other groups.

              And after 1832, everything everywhere started going downhill. Hard to blame Christianity for the rot that set in following 1832. That was the enlightenment and the age of “reason”, as exemplified by the French revolutionary Church of Reason – which was reason detached from reality.

              • Calvin says:

                All the non-European parts of Christendom, and substantial chunks of the European pieces, were swallowed up militarily by Islam, and much of that territory remains in their hands to this day. The Crusades largely failed to seize and hold substantial amounts of land for very long. That is hardly the unbroken string of victories that you portray.

                Nonetheless, even when militarily victorious, Christendom lacked the steel to correctly deal with even the most blatantly hostile of enemies in a suitable manner: ie. by bulldozing Mecca, building public toilets on the spot where the retarded black cube once stood, and making a mockery of Mohammad’s idiotic false religion. And their methods of dealing with plains apes have unleashed a biological catastrophe of unprecedented scale.

                Also, it is easy to blame Christianity for the Enlightenment. Who controlled all the universities? Who spread the ideas? Who failed to deal with leftist purity spiraling occurring in their midst? It’s a manifestation of the same flaw I’ve already indicated.

                To sum it all up, if you win the battle, but lose the peace, what exactly have you won? Christianity even at its best seems to win a battle and then act as though it has lost when managing the peace.

                • jim says:

                  .> Also, it is easy to blame Christianity for the Enlightenment. Who controlled all the universities?

                  In England, from around 1800 or 1820 onwards, Socinians – who my short affirmation was originally designed to out. Which is to say, people who would be unable to give the affirmation that I ask everyone who claims that they are more Christian than I, and I am not Christian enough.

                  In the USA, trancendentalists – who could not come within a mile of speaking the short affirmation. The rise of post Christianity occurred at pretty much the same time as the west started losing wars and Kings started losing power.

                  I started asking people for the short affirmation as a direct result of reading Clark’s “English Society 1688-1832”, where he argues that ancient regime lost power in England because the Christian religion lost power.

                • Calvin says:

                  How is it that the Socinians and transcendentalists come to control the universities? They did not originally.

                • jim says:

                  Entryism and superior cohesion. An incohesive majority tolerated entryism from a cohesive minority. The Anglican Church was mighty tight against entryism for a century or so, because the past century had been non stop holy wars, but with the “occasional observance” rule simply let down its guard.

                  They had rules and tests barring Socinians from state and quasi state office, official, formal, on the books rules, and just stopped enforcing them. William Wilberforce and his “Saints”. Should have sentenced them to slavery in Jamaica for apostacy.

                • Calvin says:

                  And that’s why I say Christianity is blameworthy. Could you imagine, say, Zoroastrians taking over seminaries in Qom? Would not happen. Would not be allowed to happen. A father who lets his daughter whore herself out by failing to discipline her is not blameless when the inevitable happens.

                • jim says:

                  I can not only imagine entryists taking over seminaries in Qom, I can see it happening.

                  What they need to do, and are failing to do, is give everyone seeking a power position in those seminaries a “Mohammed was right about women” test.

                • Calvin says:

                  If that is so, then Iranian Islam is also to blame, for the same reasons as Christianity. Societal discipline is the vital function of any religion. If society is undisciplined, the religion has failed.

                • i says:

                  Seems to me that Christianity plus the Indo-European Warrior tradition and Spirit is the best combination.

                  But so far outside of Western Europe. Like the Levant and North Africa.

                  As well as Armenians. Christians lose. See Armenian Genocide and Assyrians reduced in numbers for examples despite their Christianity. And other Christians who have been purged from the Middle East.

                  The Church of the East in Asia never recovered from the massacres of Tamerlane.

                  Maybe the positive impact of Christianity needs enough buffer some and time to play out. But so far aside from the gift of Faith and higher trust society Christians have been the losers in Asia.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            None of that matters, because Christianity is dead. It’s like you always say about paganism, Jim: maybe it would be nice to have, but it’s gone and nobody can bring it back. Christianity in America today is like paganism at its end in the Roman Empire. Only inertia keeps it moving; there’s no vital force left.

            • jim says:

              > none of that matters, because Christianity is dead.

              The mainstream Churches are dead because converged. But Christianity is mighty good at resurrection.

              Ten years ago, very dead indeed. Today, showing distinct signs of life.

              • Napoleon says:

                “Showing signs of life.” Very true. Covid tyranny woke up a large portions of the Christian church, big time. They realized the elites are trying to do the mark of the beast (vax passports). Freaked them out, woke them up.

                • Adam says:

                  Do you think church leadership is waking up or just some of the members? Seems to me in these declining economic times the gravy is thinning out quite a bit, more than church leadership having a crisis of conscience. They have always been happy to holiness spiral providing they got their 10%.

                  What the cloud people fear most is becoming dirt people. Which is happening under Biden.

                • Adam says:

                  Above comment was to Jim’s post above.

              • clovis says:

                There are definite signs of a resurrection of patriarchy and the positive good of ethnic cohesion in my denomination, but a long way to go. It may be that the boomers will die off and the old orthodoxy will simply take over, but probably there will have to be an ecclesiastical war first.

                • clovis says:

                  should have written “an awareness of the positive good of ethnic cohesion”

    • The Cominator says:

      I never entirely agreed with Moldbugs Jesuit theory as modern leftism began in post calvinists areas often after they admitted lots of Roman Catholics.

      The Jesuit thing started when I took a good look at Anthony Fauci and then also a good look at Adam Weishaupt. I also noted that right wingers in the 19th century tended to have a pathological hatred of Jesuits… then Jews became the matadors cape.

      • The Cominator says:

        I mean Moldbugs Calvinist theory…

        Also Jim likes to call himself the last Anglican there is very strong evidence the Jesuits subverted the Anglican church as what else would you call the so called “Oxford Movement”. Armianism as far back as the early Stuarts was also arguably a Jesuit plot as many contemporaries thought so.

        • BobtheBuilder says:

          And how does the Oxford movement lead to the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857? I see that a lot of the bill’s supporters also supported Catholic Emancipation, but that is better explained as a way of disestablishing the Church of England to get their own Low-Church Dissenter agenda in.
          Your logic is the equivalent of saying that muslims support gay flags because troons support muslims.

          • The Cominator says:

            I’m not saying it did lead to the matrimonial causes act of 1857. What lead to the folly of the various manifestations of 1st wave feminism are complicated…

          • The Cominator says:

            The Oxford movement did lead to the strengthening of the labor party via the so called “Christian Social Union” still probably Britain likely never would have gone leftist without WW1. Haig (neither a priestly type nor a leftist) getting so many Englishmen needlessly killed via incompetence or perhaps malice was always going to break the traditional trust the English had that their elites actually were looking out for them.

            • JQ says:

              Your view on Haig is itself Whig History. Haig is really castigated for having been an opponent of Lloyd George, who wanted to move a lot of troops to the Levant. Haig wanted them in Europe where they could actually win the war. Haig was right. However, Lloyd-George had a bigger propaganda machine.

              Lloyd-George was a radical liberal. He took power part way through the war from more centrist liberal Asquith. However, the Liberal Party had essentially adopted socialism as its ideology before WWI with the “Peoples’ Budget”. Apart from drastically increased dependence on the USA for both legitimisation and support of its foreign policy, the UK society did not radically break in WWI. The trends occurring after the war were already present before it.

              The nature of WWI was not due to individual generals or their supposed incompetence. It was common to the every theatre.

          • JQ says:

            Catholicism was “far right” in the English political spectrum and the success of the Anglican church is partly in that it changed almost nothing theologically or structurally from the Catholic church.

            The English essentially adopted a national-catholic church (which is literally a contradiction in terms, but makes sense chronologiclaly) that was essentially equivalent in polity to Eastern Orthodox.

            England’s religion was eventually decapitated by the Protestants, probably by entryism (e.g. the elder and younger Wilberforces). The earliest editions of the Encyclopedia Britannica refer to the English Protestants (who predate Luther etc.) as Judaisers.

            • The Cominator says:

              The Anglican church was explicitly a Calvinist church theologically under Elizabeth I and James I. It would have been harder to support if Charles I didn’t change that.

              I’m aware Lloyd George was a leftist but in this case he was absolutely right. England never should have been at war with Imperial Germany at all and English policy since Elizabeth I was never to directly go into continental meat grinders with the whole army. The 3rd Reich was beaten with far far less British dead. Haig was a moron still talking about the future of cavalry.

              I’m not a jew.

              • A2 says:

                If Hitler hadn’t been such an anglophilic nice guy, it seems obvious the british expeditionary force would have been captured at Dunkerque.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Nah Rundstedt and Hitler were paranoid about a repeat of the Marne and ordered total priority be given to destroying the French army.

      • JQ says:

        @The Cominator: However, it would also be fair to say that you are Jewish, right?

  43. Vlad says:

    A faith is a synthetic tribe when govt disintegrates the largest takes over”
    You’re using tribe ie genetics as adjective for most cohesive human grouping yet ignoring them is n favor of downstream groups religions and govt
    I think most peoples religions are an extension of their culture which is part of their bio evolutionary feedback loop. Meaning cultures can respond quicker than genes but that response impacts genes. So HBDCHICK etc. it’s self evident this is true because races ethnicities indeed exist if they were not maintaining genetic cohesion they would not. Religions usually reinforce this. Our god is the most powerful he says we are the best people. Groups like that find they need a more practical interface and set up a govt
    Now granted whites seem perhaps through catholic insistence on no sixth cousin marriage or however become more able to organize around ideas vs genes. But this idea that an animal species has fundamentally transcended evolution or at least evolutions driver seems a stretch.
    Whites have thus far been able to flee diversity since so much ruin left in their nations this wealth albeit mostly fiat now allows them to shrug off the looting not just the actual but the Jews looting whites to pay their immigrant army whites taxes aren’t raised the Jew just gets uniparty to conspire to loot treasury and in debts nation Jews course take commission on wall st.
    I digress point is whites are now beginning to feel heat and that’s when their own tribalism would reemerge
    I know you don’t want to hear it but I cant see how Christianity can ever be a basis for whites restoration. Nrx scoffs at people like me who think it’s mostly Jews driving leftism or the wrecker vs naive leftism. You yourselves blame Christianity the calvinists thus moldbergs cathedral not synagogue. Well that would be todays Congregationalists I’m no expert on these snake handling sects being a lapsed papist ( btw the papists opposed the calvinists and supported monarchy so what’s with the Jesuit nonsense and how the fuck does that square) todays Congregationalists are just as multicultural loving as any Christian are we not agreed that the goal is to restore the Europeans people cultures nations to security prosperity to global hegemony and that is going to take some ultra violence how are you going to talk Christian’s as Christian’s into this it’s a passive religion. When I talk to Christian’s serious Christian’s up here in the mountains have a dozen kids and submissive but capable wives homeschool work the land lots of guns. I say what about the refugees they don’t really want to talk about it because they know it’s cognitive dissonance if I press they will say well I’m against it but I’m just a bad Christian for that. Then they go on a mission to afrika if it get bloody they will bail if not oppose outright and these are the hardass Christian’s who literally believe not the guitar mass mega church singles club Christian’s. It’s same w Catholics out of the cities they don’t want to be mean cause Jesus was nice. City Catholics what’s left of them are tougher more like I was born catholic but leave theology to priests and will tell you how hard a niggers head is and how to take them out. Steamfitter catjolics like me from east cities

    • Vlad says:

      The other thing I keep harping on but the whole nrx hbd etc thing was rational come hell or high water I felt that was it’s strength it had reality on it’s side and truth will out.
      But I’m go smacked the post and comments going on about revelations and papists and all this stuff that I don’t want to be insulting but frankly it makes my polish nuns look like milqtoast is nrx seriously gone snake handler. And btw Netanyahu and his settlers are all about the third temple
      My two cents a culture based on truth reality is what wins. The fundamental truth of that reality is every species and sun species is in completion that can not be transcended by science or religion if there be a creator this struggle for resources be his will either way if you are pro life you struggle with your people best you can otherwise you are death

    • jim says:

      Whites are wolf to whites.

      You are just not going to get cohesion on a sufficiently large scale on the basis of whiteness. When the proverbial hits the fan, a small minority with high cohesion that believes in a shared faith takes power.

      You get cohesion at scale on the basis of faith. Further, you can efficiently filter out enemies and filter in allies on the basis of faith. The early Christians got a hostile entryist problem almost immediately, which John the Apostle attributed to the spirit of antichrist and to evil spirits, and Paul the Apostle, the most practical, pragmatic, and materialist of the apostles, attributed to someone paying the entryists. Astonishingly, John the Apostle’s solution worked, and Paul had no solution.

      With today’s entryists, it is clear that someone is paying them, but the astonishing effectiveness of certain words and phrases from the creeds is consistent with John’s explanation. Plus history tells us that what he did has been successful for millennia.

      Women question is wonderfully effective, because the enemy faith is “Point Deer make horse”. 指鹿為馬. The term “red pill” implies a powerful system of illusion. Which makes our enemies weak and frail – that they are based on lies that increasingly no one believes. Not us, and these days, not normies any more. taking positions on this world that are contrary to reality.

      So, filter on questions falsifiable and unfalsifiable. Then you get cohesion. When the proverbial hits the fan, the large cohesive minority comes out on top.

      Filtering on the race question is problematic. The entryist will say “I hate niggers too. Nigger! Nigger! Nigger! You don’t hate niggers enough. You must be Jewish”, but is strangely unable to notice the problems that result from blacks living adjacent to whites, and blacks living under the same law as whites. He hates blacks because magical, women because wonderful, and Jews because so much smarter than us mere goyim.

      You cannot filter him out on race loyalty: “I love whites twice as much as you do, you don’t love whites enough!”. You can filter him out on the reality blindness that is mandatory for the adherents of Globohomo. Show him a deer, and demand he calls it a deer. He will do anything other than admit that it is a deer, not a horse.

      The affirmation tests if someone is Christian. But some Christians adhere to point deer make horse, 指鹿為馬, in the things of this world, while adhering to the Christian faith only on matters of the next, cheerfully celebrating gay marriage and sacrificing their children to trans-sexuality and their babies to the holy sacrament of abortion. The Woman question tests if he is an adherent of the faith of our enemies, Point Deer Make Horse.

      This worldly questions filter out the adherents of Globohomo. Other worldly questions separate Christians from non Christians.

      Hence the power of the faith of Gnon. Do you adhere to nature? Do you adhere to Nature’s God? Apply this criterion, you get cohesion. Apply the whiteness criterion, you get the enemy inside the gates.

      • Vlad says:

        First as I’ve said many times the cockiness of Christianity when practiced within the European world accrued to other Europeans not niggers so unified us into Christendom.
        Second we were coming out of heroic morality so slave morality of Christianity was fighting uphill for instance monarchy was only system death was usual punishment leftists did not overtake Christianity until recently.
        Few were literate fewer still in church Latin and books were not a thing. The religion was what authority said it was
        Fourth kings could force priests to say what it was mostly forcing them to emphasize Old Testament which is one of the healthy religions that support a people of course not our people but it’s not a cuck theology
        Fifth you can claim you have the only real Christianity all of you snake handlers do every man a pope but you’re just a voice in wilderness.
        Sixth how you can say I don’t know real Christianity is strange 12 years catholic instruction daily father almost a priest always the lectur 1960s Catholicism was as conservative a religion as America has had in centuries iwomen wore veils and living past thirty years in north Idaho which Christian’s are as conservative as you can find anywhere and still I can’t imagine any fighting a race war which like it or not is what it comes down to. I’ve said strategically it ought to be white on white but no mistake it’s about restoring the racial homogeneity of western nations
        Look Jim you just admit christians say you’re not Christian enough how do you propose to get them to follow you. I don’t care what religion you are I care how to fix the wests nations peoples you seem to say your version of Christianity can but I see no reason to think so. Then you say cuz I don’t know your god and neither do other Christian’s but there’s your problem other Christian’s won’t follow you there’s a reason there’s tens of thousands of types of Christian’s they don’t follow and if you’ve talked to them you know they think everyone but a handful in their church is son of Satan going to hell.
        Sixth we now have printing presses and new testament translations the fact is Jesus was a lefty Jew there’s not a conservative bone in his body or a word come out his mouth that was not leftist so you saying otherwise is nuts and worse leftists can read so will do just as they did 200 years ago start throwing the old what would Jesus do at you and everyone but you is going to know Jesus is a lefty he would do lefty
        Whatever I’ll shut up it’s pointless ain’t going to work and if it did we’d be no better than stupid kikes and Muslims believing some retarded old Jew text

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          The point of that aside elsewhere was that the ‘christians’ lining up to say you are Less Christian Than Moi for being based *weren’t* Christian, and the one exception that was willing to affirm the divinity and mystery of The Christ while initially disagreeing was open to persuasion by further considered debate. Reading comprehension my friend.

        • jim says:

          > Look Jim you just admit christians say you’re not Christian enough

          Those people, all of them but one, revealed that they were not Christians, but the hostile enemy entryists spoken of by the apostles Paul and John.

          You believe their story about what Christianity is. They lie, and you are a fool. That is not what Christians believe. You are buying into a noisy fake consensus that no one believes, least of all those industriously pushing it.

          Just about everyone who accepts the mystery of the simultaneous humanity and divinity of Christ seems to be based enough.

      • Vlad says:

        I suggest whites of every ethnicity have same problem now multiculturalism feminism faghot is socialism etc fight based on truth is race gender realism. The JQ. My take on small sects of Christian’s is they just fight with other small sects over stupidest shit ever. I think I see what you’re trying I’ve said I see Anglim and Fuentes do it too on a larger scale yet so far so good but I don’t think you get anywhere but where we are w it. We are actually the people of reason science tech that should be our creed then you’re on solid rock

        • jim says:

          Science alone does not provide the basis for cooperation. Not even the cooperation necessary to do science. Atheists can and do do science fine as individuals, but without faith in Christian God, you really cannot have a scientific community. If material reality is not a manifestation of the unchanging divine will, truth about material reality does not matter, and becomes inconvenient for social advancement.

          • Fidelis says:

            Atheists can and do do science fine as individuals

            I contest that science is impossible unless you take the frame of worship. If you are not attempting to demystify the working of the Logos in creation, you are not doing science. Atheists, taking this word to mean someone who believes creation is nothing but a mistake of entropy, will be unable to find true insight into the workings of anything, as it would contradict their metaphysical presuppositions.

    • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

      Men of catholicism in history had many virtues relative to the protestantisms that came afterwards, but there were also certain serious issues that helped lead to those failings.

      The most obvious one is the pharisaicalism on priestly celibacy. Many of Europe’s most thoughtful clades of men died without issue, and this is an intolerable sin. At the same rate, many of Europe’s most thoughtful men with future orientation and and an intention to contribute to their patrimony were driven away from having more express relationships with the faith of their fathers. The ramifications of this ‘one’ thing are practically unchartable in the multitude of its expressions; the scale of which being appreciable by that very fact to start with.

      Another, much more subtle one, is the fact that the Bishop of Rome attempting to arrogate command and control over all clergy in all lands, effectively induced the problem of separation of powers, everywhere he held sway.

      As the time-honoured saying goes; no Bishop, no King. The right to declare what words are The Word is a sovereign power; the right to declare who gets what platforms to declare words, a sovereign power. A state always has a state church; and if an alien entity is in control of the state church, then you effectively have a state within the state. Just as if you had alien leaders directing the fighting men amongst your kine, or the issue of money and credit amongst your kine.

      When major powersources are not in alignment with each other, there will be conflict until they are. This results in an intolerable see-saw act that produces nothing but trouble, until the matter is definitively settled one way or another. Going in for a penny cannot become anything except going in for a pound, in the end.

      The Bishop of Rome was, effectively, staking out an intention to become imperator of all lands, while disingenuously occulting this fact; and the occultic nature of this powergrab furthermore resulted in selection for men of twisted natures in higher echelons over time, in accordance with this flavor of power – just like so many others of like kind before, and after.

      • The Cominator says:

        Good summary though the Papacy used to not be so covert about claiming to be the Supreme emperor of everything but got more covert after

        1) Being dragged in chains to Avignon by the king of France
        2) Having Rome sacked by the forces of the Catholic Holy Roman Emperor

        The Jesuits were founded only 7 years after #2 happened

  44. Brainy Smurf says:

    What is the meaning of this post?

    Do the heavy lifting – in what sense? To what purpose? Given the prior reference to Christ doing the heavy lifting to bring about the end, this would appear to be a suggestion to do exactly what you are elsewhere saying should not be done: actively bring about the end.

    What is your intended significance of Revelations? Are you arguing that it is a genuine possibility to be alert for, or relevant primarily in how it shapes belief-driven actions?

    What prophecies are you referring to? Why do they matter?

    This post has no clear argument and no clear conclusion. It is a very badly written post and should be rewritten from scratch.

    • jim says:

      The heavy lifting is not to bring about the end times, but for us to reverse the triumph of evil, rather than waiting for Christ to show up in person to do it for us, to forestall the end times, not bring them about. The end times represents the triumph of evil, a triumph ended by divine intervention. It is the job of Christians to stall the triumph of evil as long as possible and to reverse it as often as possible. To maximally obstruct and delay the coming of the end times. To fight the triumph of entropy.

      If you don’t have an army, soon enough you will have a hostile enemy army in occupation.

      And if you don’t have a state religion, soon enough you will be ruled by a hostile enemy state religion. And we are now ruled by a hostile enemy state religion.

      The heavy lifting is to re-install Christianity as the state religion, not bring about the end times – which is are likely to be unpleasant.

      My reading of the book of Revelations is that the prophecy of the beast shows alarming signs of unfolding, and I have a command from God to help stop it from unfolding. 666 is a Roman phrase representing an unreasonably long number, which is to say, social security or tax file number. The Christian nationalists have a good fit on that one, but most of the rest of their stuff on the prophecies is text torture, the application of a hammer and a shoe horn.

      • TammyFan says:

        666 is carbon. 99% of carbon is carbon 12. It has 6 electrons, 6 neutrons, and 6 protons.

      • Anon says:

        A comment worthy of being a blog post.
        The idea of “To maximally obstruct and delay the coming of the end times”
        is conterary to everything i have heard about “we should prepare for the end times”.
        So are the people who actively trying to bring about the end times demon worshipers?

        • jim says:

          Depends. Lots of them are sincere Christians, probably most. However, some of them, quite a lot of them, seem to be identifying with the bad guys in the prophesies.

      • alf says:

        That’s a great interpretation Jim. I can get behind that.

      • lemmiwinks says:

        “666 is a Roman phrase representing an unreasonably long number, which is to say, social security or tax file number.”

        I have been thinking about this since you posted it. Do you believe a crypto wallet address would not fit this even better? Introduce CBDC and then “…no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

        • jim says:

          If the crypto wallet address is registered by the state and issued by the state, obviously it is the mark of the beast.

          If it is derived from your master passphrase, it is your mark.

  45. The Cominator says:

    Where exactly do they misinterpret revelation, hard to escape that revelation requires an Israel with a 3rd temple as a precondition?

    • The Cominator says:

      Also revelations denies man can immanetize the eschaton it says God has to do that and only after a terrible period where most die..

    • jim says:

      They misinterpret revelation on Israel, a side effect of a complicated and too clever by half reading of a multitude of biblical prophecies to fit them into a reading of end times coming real soon now.

      It is far stretch. They are torturing the text. They fit all the other prophecies in the bible into integration with Revelation, and frequently apply a shoehorn and hammer, in order to get the prophecies on a timescale that goes quicker and quicker.

      The beast with seven heads and the number of the beast are a very good fit to present times, and the four horsemen were a very good fit to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. At which rate it is going to be a while. If we use reasonably fitting world historical events, the timescale is getting slower and slower.

      • The Cominator says:

        Not sure what you are saying here but do you disagree that the 3rd temple is a precondition to the 7 year tribulation (or at least the 2nd half of it)?

        • jim says:

          The prophecy of the beast appears to be unfolding. But the Israel loving Evanglicals interpret the prophecy of the temple as unfolding. They are wrong.

          The third temple of prophecy would be established by the good guys. The good guys likely being messianic Jews – Jews who accept Jesus Christ as the savior. Therefore will be Cathedral erected on the rock, or will be a reconsecration of Al Masjid Al-Aqsa, accompanied by the usual quick touch up job that Christians have done so many times before. (We are always embezzling other people’s symbols and sites.) The current movement to recreate the temple is entirely in the hands of very bad guys, evil Jews who hate us beyond sanity, who celebrate abortion and wish to resume animal sacrifice, which does not fit with prophecy.

          The Jewish and Judeo”Christian” interpretation is that animal sacrifices will be resumed. Obviously they are not going to be resumed. If the man of sin takes charge, however, child sacrifice or aborted fetuses will be there. That would be a fulfillment of Matthew 24:15. The prophecies can reasonably be interpreted as that the third temple is going to be the subject of serious contention between the good guys and the bad guys. That it will be established by the good guys (therefore no animal sacrifices) and trampled by the bad guys (resumption of animal or human sacrifices, probably human), and that it will be seriously embattled during the period of good guy control.

          This prophecy does not fit with current preconditions in the Holy Land.. If the prophecies said bad guys first, would current preconditions, but they say good guys first, then the abomination. For the prophecy of the third temple to be fulfilled, conditions in the Holy land would have to be radically different.

          • The Cominator says:

            It’s quite possible they’ll be a plan to resume sacrifices in the 3rd temple but the enigmatic two witnesses will prevent them…

      • dave says:

        Im pretty comfortable with the idea that most of the prophecy of Revelation is fulfilled through the destruction of the temple (by Rome) in 70ad, and that the beast from the sea is Rome.

        This is also a good fit with the book of Daniel 9: “After the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off and shall have nothing, and the troops of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war…”

        that leaves the interpretation of the identity of the second beast from the earth though…

        • The Cominator says:

          Utter papist bullshit that also claims Nero was the beast, if Nero was the beast why was there no mark of Nero. The reestablishment of Israel after the destruction of half of the world’s jews confirms the general Protestant (and Orthodox though they don’t like that they generally agree with the Protestants 95% on end times theology) view of the end times.

          • StJtMS says:

            “…after the destruction of half of the world’s jews…”

            What happened to Jews then was bad however it was neither “half” nor 6 million

            • The Cominator says:

              Between 4 and 6 million the general holocaust narrative is mostly accurate only the use of gas chambers were exaggerated.

              The real lies of the holocaust are
              1) the Nazis killed Jews because they were nationalists (reality is they killed them because they were socialists).
              2) That the holocaust was something unique when it’s been one of numerous genocides and mass murders throughout history. Perhaps the Reich was more zealous about searching out evaders than in most but other than that it wasn’t unique.

              • StJtMS says:

                The collective media’s massive narrative lies in recent years (Trump Russia Collusion, Jan 6, etc) opened many minds, mine included, to the possibility that the rabbit hole of myths and disinformation runs deep and goes way back in time. Our Jewish dominated media, academia, government have done a good job pushing agitprop and outright lies as “historical fact” for a long time.

                At times we’ve been taught/sold outright lies and at others it’s what’s ignored or declared verboten. For example, It’s been mentioned that there’s a holocaust museum in almost every major city, yet as as noted in this opinion piece in Jewish newspaper, almost no one knows who Genrikh Yagoda is–“the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people.”
      ,7340,L-3342999,00.html or

                On the outright lies side, there’s a whole lot wrong with the holocaust story we’ve been sold. There are numerous big lies weaved in with kernels of truth.

                Books dissecting the holocaust narrative by authors such as Rudolf Germar, Carlo Mattogno, Jürgen Graf, Udo Walendy, Robert Faurisson, can be found free at or

                Ron Unz has a lot on this topic including this piece which in my opinion is pretty good:

        • jim says:

          Seven heads do not fit, and the number of the beast does not fit. The number of the beast fits with modern type tax collection, price control, production quotas, and all that. Could be Diocletian, but that still a bit of a stretch.

          • The Cominator says:

            No worldwide dictatorship and no mark.

          • dave says:

            To a first century resident of the Roman empire seven heads would be a natural fit for the seven hills of Rome, plus a beast from the sea (The med is a Roman lake), etc. if 10 horns are emperors that gets you from Augustus to Titus (~80 AD), etc. So maybe theres a surface layer of prophecy that points to Rome but theres a lot that doesnt fit, and the second best gets you to the mark of the beast.

            “…And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

            I remain leery of anyone confidently applying Daniel and Revelation to current events, Hal Lindsey-style. And Pre-Covid I would have said that the mark of the beast was an analogy, but the vaccine passport and the attempt at it, made it almost a fulfilled prophecy right there. And what does it mean that they tried to implement the mark and failed? Will they try again and succeed? was it a test?

            I was taught that the prophecies were backwards looking so you would know when they were fulfilled, not forward looking to allow you to predict the future. The attempted vaccine passport is making me rethink that teaching as well as it was clearly an attempt at the mark and all Christians could see it coming.

            • jim says:

              > To a first century resident of the Roman empire seven heads would be a natural fit for the seven hills of Rome, plus a beast from the sea (The med is a Roman lake),

              Hills are not heads, thin connection. They would be heads if the bureaucracy had a central building located on each one, or if the residences of the elite tended to be on the hills, which does not seem to have been the case. Beast from the sea, no connection. Rome was a land power, America a sea power. Julius Caesar took control of the Mediterranean after Rome had control of the lands surrounding it. If he was the beast (he was not) he came from the land, not the sea. Romes power rested on Roman roads, not Roman ships. In the Gallic wars, Roman naval forces were inferior. The Gauls were better seamen, and had considerably better ships.

              The empire of the beast is a seapower empire with divided and unclear leadership and even more divided forces. A whole lot of prophecies are obviously about Rome, and a whole lot of prophecies obviously are not.

            • Mayflower Sperg says:

              The vaccine passports show that our rulers are reading Revelations as a how-to guide.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        The beast with seven heads is a sensible picture of agreement-incapabiliy. Which is the head that makes decisions for the other ones? Maybe none of them.

  46. Lately many commentators suffer visibly from emotional strain. They are working strenuously to influence narrative. But Cultivating a mass of followers is not the same as leadership. People sense the need for a coherent “tribe” that is capable of exerting power. What I haven’t seen is a “smaller group within that group” able to provide sound, realistic and moral leadership. I’d venture to say immanentizing the eschaton is disasterous because it is not grounded in realistic outlook.

    Among warlike energies, I too expect potentially destructive political and religious movements. [A family friend wrote a book on this, “New Religions and the Nazis” which examined influence of religious ideologies that emerged in Weimar Germany.]

    A microcosm is visible in proliferating anger at Jew’s influence. A lot of people are becoming painfully aware of roles Jews have have played in our culture and governance. There is a lot of resentment and hatred. Whether or not it’s justified, absent real leadership, these energies will lack direction and prove less capable of responsible exercise of power.

    Another example of lack of leadership I live among tens of thousands of Muslims. The largest organizations are devoted to the political requirements of Islam. Our governments and public don’t listen to men like Bill Warner. That is why people salve their fear by embracing Islam’s dissimulation or paranoid attachment to the security state. Such views don’t have a long time horizon. I think that’s why almost nobody comprehends the significance of these massive Islamic cemeteries being constructed on the outskirts of my city.

  47. False Kings says:


    • jim says:

      I don’t allow anyone to post from the frame that they are Christian unless they can give the affirmation, because so many Jews and demon worshippers are attempting to post from that frame.

  48. Faith Beats Evil says:


  49. Karl says:

    We have to do the heavy lifting.

    Please explain what you mean with that.

    My understanding is that we do should not try to immanentize the eschaton and that we can’ t do anything without a Caesar. So at present, I’m simply maintaing a state of readiness, spreading the faith and creating a net of like-minded people.

    What heavy lifting can we do (now)?

    • alf says:

      I’ll pile on top with another question.

      By immanentizing the eschaton, you mean Judgment day. So what you’re saying is that the most cohesive part of the Christian nationalists expects Judgment day to come, or at least some variant of the end days. Which in part is based on the very valid observation that we seem to be ruled by literal demon worshippers, but also in part of biblical prophecy, specifically revelations.

      That all makes sense to me. But then, specifically Revelations.

      Until the late nineteenth century, the Book of Revelation was generally not interpreted as Christ making the eschaton immanent. Rather, the prophesied troubles were put in the context of the eschaton.

      I don’t understand what you mean by this, specifically the second part. I fully admit that I by no means have a deep understanding of biblical texts, but leafing through revelations it seems hard to interpret it as being anything but an immanentization of the eschaton. Specifically Revelations 20 and onward, literally titled ‘The Final Judgment’:

      Rev 21:

      And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.

      And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

      And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God.

      And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

      How is that not Christ making the eschaton immanent?

      • jim says:

        Yes, but they were not reading the prophesies as “and then the old heaven and the old earth pass away the week after that”

        They figured the prophesies had been unfolding for a very long time.

        • alf says:

          OK, so the point is not that Revelations does not predict the immanent eschaton, the point is that Revelations does not predict the immanent eschaton next week.

          It is a rather tricky passage huh. Revelations boils down to John saying:
          1 – the end times will come
          2 – nothing can be added to the bible between now and the end times

        • alf says:

          I’ve given it some thought and will give my (obviously personal) (and obviously very heretical to some) final hot take on Revelations.

          It’s kind of a dumb passage. Sorry to say. I’m not privy to the historical circumstances that gave rise to its widespread acceptance among Christians, but the fact remains that its a psychedelic-infused prophecy about the end of times. It does not prophecy a single item, it prophecies dozens of them. It does not prophecy any clear item, it prophecies vague, abstract items which are disturbingly similar to astrology, leaf-reading and other matters of witchcraft.

          “By their fruits you shall know them.” The fruits of communities that hold Revelations in high regard have always been the same: holiness-spiraled end-of-times suicide cults.

          But wait, there’s more. Rev 22:18-19, near the very end:

          For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

          And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

          The strength of Christianity comes not from its historical story, frozen in time. Rather it comes from a continually unfolding historical story. Did not stop with Abraham, did not stop with Moses, did not stop with Malachi. And why would it stop with John? If it stops with John, Spandrell is right: in that case, we need a new religion. If it does not stop with John, Jim is right: Christianity can still reign.

          So, to rephrase that: hey John: up yours. Let’s see if God adds me unto your plagues. The show will go on, and I’m not going to wait on the end times before the show goes on.

          To be clear, this does not mean that John is a false prophet or anything. My fairest assessment is that he was overdosing on the God pill, whatever that means. Put Revelations in the freezer is all I’m saying. Stuff it away behind a boiler in the basement. Maybe one day, in retrospect we can say: ‘oh hey, this is the final judgment John was talking about.’ But until we can say that in retrospect, no one can say it in prospect. Which I believe is very close to Jim’s point also.

          Anyway, in for a penny, in for a pound, so here’s my thoughts on the continuation of the show: you got the old testament, the new testament, and the modern testament. Modern testament includes this reading list, including alf’s and Karl’s addition requests. Order of posts to be determined; ‘confess’ should be the first.

          • Hesiod says:

            Prayed on this, brother, for something worthwhile to share and what I got was:

            Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. -Matthew 5:17

            The “spirit” is the core, the source. We sons of Adam get so wrapped up in the “letter” because muh big brain. What comes to your heart? No trick question or other sort of jackassery. I’m struggling with this too.

            The image Revelation gives to me is an ever-expanding explosion/ever-blooming flower. Chesterton wrote in his book Orthodoxy of his epiphany concerning the Cross:

            “As we have taken the circle as a symbol of reason and madness, we may very well take the cross as a symbol at once of mystery and health. Buddhism is centripetal, but Christianity is centrifugal: it breaks out. For the circle is perfect and infinite in its nature; but it is fixed for ever in its size; it can never be larger or smaller. But the cross, though it has at its head a collision and a contradiction, can extend its four arms for ever without altering its shape. Because is has a paradox in its center it can grow without changing. The circle returns upon itself and is bound. The cross opens its arms to the four winds; it is a signpost for free travelers.”

            • alf says:

              What comes to your heart?

              Whenever I write a long-form comment that does not directly contribute to what Jim is trying to accomplish, possibly contradicts it, the only reason I write it is because it is truly what comes to my heart.

              Then after posting such a comment I avoid reading any responses for as long as possible because I hate whatever fall-out I might create and part of me is very happy when the conversation continues on other threads. So your kind comment is greatly appreciated.

              • Hesiod says:

                Being far more noise than signal is my greatest fear posting here. I do as The Holy Spirit commands and hope Jim and the rest of you suffer charitably the occasional tomfoolery that’s purely me.

          • Handi says:

            And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

            I’ve always wondered about this part. Was John referring to the entire Bible here or does “the book of this prophecy” just mean Revelation? It could be an overlapping meaning inspired with divine prescience, but it does seem kind of odd to me to apply this prohibition to the entire canon, when that wasn’t even compiled until later.

            Not trying to do pilpul here, I’m genuinely not sure how this ought to be interpreted. If he was only talking about the book of Revelation itself then your point here doesn’t require any contradiction of John, and it’s in line with Jesus Christ Logos, the living Word. But it raises my hackles because we’ve all seen how living document interpretations are red meat for entryists.

            • jim says:

              “the book of this prophecy” is obviously the book of revelation. The bible as a canonical collection of books did not exist until long after the books themselves, and people have been quarreling about what should be included, thus adding to it and taking away from it, for a very long time.

    • jim says:

      Can’t do any heavy lifting (coordinated organized violence) now.

    • Western Taliban says:

      I’m simply maintaing a state of readiness, spreading the faith and creating a net of like-minded people.

      All wars need money, warriors and skills, you have plenty you can do.

      Realistically speaking, you’re unlikely to enjoy a sane enough elite long enough and soon enough for it to trickle down to your day to day, to your own life, if you’re at the bottom of the pyramid. Climb, climb high, produce value and get rich, learn to kill, impregnate women. I don’t know, whatever tickles your fancy.

      I feel like a lot of people come here to look for a savior, but no one can save you, only yourself. Personally I come here to read something worth reading from time to time in the political sphere, as normie media is so bad and getting so much worse it’s unbelievable. Same reason last movie I saw was made when I was a child and every book I read was written bazillion years ago, or from some dark internet racist or just Asian. The GAE countries have become very cringe honestly.

      Hopefully Aidan will start his LARP conquest of Africa soon? I’m irrationally hopeful about it, at least it makes me smile.

  50. MuskFan says:

    Christian Nationalism is right now by far the largest cohesive synthetic tribe, with ten percent of the percent of the population being strong adherents.

    I have never seen a Christian Nationalist except on weird esoteric websites like this one.

    • Hesiod says:


    • jim says:

      You are in a bubble.

      Their poll results likely grossly understate support, because everyone knows that you are not supposed to say those things. So a whole lot of Christian nationalists are going to politely hang up on the pollster, and the vast majority who don’t care and don’t have a thought in their head about these questions will give the official politically correct answers by rote with their brains entirely disengaged.

      My feeling – based on nothing solid – is that among the quite small minority of Christians that do have a thought in their head about these issues, most are strongly sympathetic to Christian nationalism, and most of the rest will go along when the issues go live.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Picture of “Scary Huwhite poeple with Tiki Torches”

        Curious, I wonder what this has to do with Christianity?

        ”The poll used the following beliefs to gauge how deeply respondents embraced Christian nationalism: [blah blah blah]

        Curiously, nothing to do with race.

        Moreover, a stunning 83 percent of adherents think “God intended America to be a new promised land where European Christians could create a society that could be an example to the rest of the world.” Two-thirds of Americans overall reject this explicitly racist statement

        Being an example to others is racist? I don’t know Jim, seems like all this proves is that American Christianity, at the end of the day, is remarkably universalist, and that Washington Post is a shameless propaganda outlet.

        Not to say Christian Nationalism doesn’t exist, it does (I travel in those circles both online and irl), but my gut feeling is that it’s smaller than you’d hope for and bigger than what the regime feels comfortable with. Thus you get exaggerated polling conclusions but strangely lackluster political outcomes.

        >You are in a bubble.

        He does live in a bubble, but an awfully large and well maintained bubble. I also travel in leftist circles, and they are uncomfortably well kept. One won’t hear much dissent within both online and irl.

        • jim says:

          > Being an example to others is racist? I don’t know Jim, seems like all this proves is that American Christianity, at the end of the day, is remarkably universalist

          It was a poll that asked questions about Christian nationalism, not racism. Do you have a point?

          The poll does not show that ten percent of Americans think that whites should rule. It shows that ten percent of Americans think that a particular synthetic tribe should rule. Which when the proverbial hits the fan, is likely to result in that synthetic tribe ruling.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            >[…] not racism. Do you have a point?

            I was mostly clowning on WP, but…

            That the surveyors and Washington Post think otherwise. Their perception of reality is completely warped. That they are just as likely to point to a random thing and scream “Racist/Nazi” as they are to scream “Christian Nationalist,” which has a ways of making a whole lot of things that has nothing to do with either be classified as such. Just as the case can be made there are factors suppressing self identification, there’s the case the surveyors are inadvertently inflating results.

            Did you read the PRRI report? It has a lot of wack data/interpretations. 15% of Democrats are friendly to Christian Nationalism!? I have to wonder if those are the type of people who think nationalism means globalism and Christianity means progressivism.

            I have no idea from this poll what the true population of Christian Nationalists stands. From this poll (if I were using it for definitions) I have no idea what Christian Nationalism even is, and I suspect the pollsters don’t either. To know would require them to think, and I’m not sure they are allowed to do that.

            • jim says:

              The questions are on point – they amount to “do you think your synthetic tribe should rule, that it has a right and duty to rule.”

              Any substantial group answering yes is in the running come the next crisis.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                The questions are on point, but they can’t really account for how Christian Nationalism is still early in sprouting up from the ground. Hard to tell which synthetic tribe is being measured. I can easily see “Judeo-Christians,” which your picture of evangelicals so accurately memes, answering affirmative to those questions, but their idea of Nationalism is so warped that it’s hardly Nationalism. Their idea of Christianity… well I’m not trying to start a theology debate.

                Again, I do believe Christian Nationalism exists, but it’s still in it’s infancy, or maybe optimistically adolescence. There is much potential to grow into a synthetic tribe capable of taking power, and I believe it’s why the regime fears it so much. Rising powers that disrupt the status quo are always feared and hated, but rising powers do not always make it to adulthood to stand among equals or even outright rule. Often, they are murdered in the crib.

                This is all besides the original point I was making. That it’s astonishing that the left can take one and one and add them to get, not even 3, but somehow negative 100. Not merely adding things up wrong, but entirely in the wrong fucking direction. Even among the Thermidor faction I can’t point this out because I know they would label me as a White Supremacist Nazi Fascist Hitler Youth blah blah blah blah blah…. doesn’t matter I’m clearly (mostly) Asian. It never seems to dawn on them that I have an invested stake in a Christian America as a means of avoiding Yugoslavia style breakup.

                >The poll does not show that ten percent of Americans think that whites should rule.

                I know this, you know I know this, but again, the regime does not seem to know this. They are projecting all of their fears, their prejudices, and their hatreds on a group they view as a growing threat. It’s like how they are declaring Trad Caths and home schoolers as domestic terrorists among other things.

                My gut feeling is that Christian Nationalism isn’t quite ready yet, and that the question is still out there on whether or not it will be able to bear fruit in time of the next crisis. I am cautiously optimistic about this, and you yourself have written at length at the possibility that we might not get a Caesar or even a Sulla/Stalin. Reminder that Russian faith survived Stalin. I’m not sure it could have survived Trotsky’s permanent revolution.

                >most are strongly sympathetic to Christian nationalism

                So what? Most will only want to ride a strong horse, and Christian Nationalism has yet to prove it is a strong horse. No one wants to ride a weak horse on a suicidal charge.

                >and most of the rest will go along

                Most of everyone will go along once a strong horse is proven strong. Such is the nature of power. The polls show little on how strong the horse is. The size of the tribe does in fact matter, but arguably more so the group cohesion. Highly cohesive yet small groups can have greatly outsized impact. The American revolution, and most of history, proves this. Revolutionaries were perhaps only 10-20% of the population, equally matched by loyalists, the rest were largely indifferent. The revolutionaries proved more cohesive and won. The rest followed.

                As disastrous as Jan 6 proved, the lead up required much faith. Faith in Christ and grounded in Nationalism, but it completely lacked cohesion and vision which allowed regime miscreants to fill the void which is why it proved so disastrous, yet ever since the regime has been running around like a headless chicken trying to prevent cohesion and vision from forming. This is a positive indicator, but again, power is much like schrodinger’s cat, it’s really hard to gauge these things until the box is opened.

                • jim says:

                  > I can easily see “Judeo-Christians,” which your picture of evangelicals so accurately memes, answering affirmative to those questions,

                  Maybe. I don’t have data. You don’t have data either. You are looking at Christian Nationalism as a hostile outsider, so your guesses about how the substantial faction I just memed would break are likely to be less accurate than my guesses.

                  What I do have data for, from Republican conferences that were massively dominated by the Christian Nationalist faction, is that they are solidly against the Ukraine war and the US government meddling and aggression that has brought it about. On that, Christian nationalist are very based. Their nationalism is based. So how based are they on Israel? I do not have data. But if based on one thing, maybe based on all. We shall learn at the next round of conferences.

                  > Most will only want to ride a strong horse.

                  It is not the strong horse until it becomes obvious that a lot of people are willing to ride it regardless. The people who will follow the strong horse are those lacking cohesion, and in a crackup, they coalesce behind those that do have cohesion. And it looks like the Christian Nationalists are the largest cohesive synthetic tribe.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  As I pointed out, to have data is akin to regime anathema. The pollsters are not allowed to really look into these things. I believe in their hysteria though, the pollsters are incapable of accurately measuring such things and even more incapable of understanding what they measure. They will think because Hitler said ‘bread is good’ and that I say ‘bread is good’, that I must therefore be Hitler. Yes, I’ve had this insane conversation with people in the regime.

                  There’s arguments that cut both ways in terms of which direction their inaccuracy points too. I simply find it hard to believe 15% of the Democrat party is prone to Christian Nationalism. This seems like leftist spiraling. I’ve met plenty of demon worshipers both online and irl, never seen a D Christian Nationalist unless “Christian” and “Nationalist” were both extremely perversed from their original meanings. There are many such fake Christians just as there are many fake Nationalists which I think the pollsters are conflating with real Christians and real Nationalists.

                  Again, I know there are real Christian Nationalists, but I fear the pollsters are inflating numbers a a means to urge a regime crackdown.

                  >looking at Christian Nationalism as a hostile outsider

                  I am not looking at Christian Nationalism as a hostile outsider, but as a possible salvation for the (domestic, continental) Empire. It’s one of the few ways America avoids a really nasty breakup, which again, I’ll point out I, being a son of the Empire, have an extreme vested interest in. I am arguing that the regime views Christian Nationalism as a hostile force, and that these pollsters are of the regime. Their perception is warped, how so is hard to tell what their data means in specific. I just wouldn’t put much stock in their data in either a positive or negative direction.

                  >Republican conferences that were massively dominated by the Christian Nationalist faction

                  Yes, there is a war for the soul of the Republican party, but the war is ongoing and so far indecisive. Trends point to a certain direction, but trends are not destiny. The speaker of the house leadership conflict is evidence of this. RINOs still cling on to power enough to make the RNC the outer party to the DNC the inner party.

                  >We shall learn at the next round of conferences.

                  We shall see based on how Jim Jordan turns out and if his impact is lasting. If selected, without cucking, it’s a very positive indicator for future conferences. Conferences themselves are only positive indicators for words are only indicators until accompanied by action.

                  >It is not the strong horse until it […]

                  Well yes, that’s the magic of power. It’s only real power when it’s shown (or not to be shown) to be real power. Otherwise, it’s a banal platitude. Hence schrodinger’s power. Unmeasurable until observed. So far the observable has shown, there is something peculating, but not yet with relatively strong direction and vision. Moreover, capable of being hijacked by regime power.

                  My gut feeling is that Christian Nationalism today is closer to 1956 Polish and Hungarian Crisis rather than 1991 Soviet crackup, not to say we are 35 years away from such a crackup, for history can move all at once, but that right now it’s young and needs to survive to adulthood before we know for sure.

                • jim says:

                  > there is a war for the soul of the Republican party, but the war is ongoing and so far indecisive.

                  The primaries are being massively rigged. It would be far from indecisive if they were not stuffing the ballot boxes. In Idaho, hard to stuff the ballot boxes because there are no ballot boxes in their primaries, but the Republican party decided to let Democrats vote in their primaries this time and are quietly trying organize them to come. But I suspect that actual in person warm and breathing Democrats who themselves vote in person, rather than then their voting being done for them by someone else, are mighty thin on the ground.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  I should add that I’m not writing off evangelicals. Even the “Judeo-Christians.” There are shifts happening, but we can’t measure and aren’t allowed to measure, which makes these things tricky to know.

                  Ultimately you are arguing from a position of faith based on a general gut feeling. Of which I agree in spirit if not in precise timing. Gut feelings are ultimately based in heuristical analysis that we often can’t quite put in definitive arguments yet is still very much real.

                  You are far from the regime (my presumption) and I’m closely embedded within the regime. Understandably, you are likely to be bolder and me more cautious in predictions. Arguable, with good cause, my perception is likely to be less right due to me physically being in the mad house.

                • Napoleon says:

                  I am embedded in a segment of Christianity that is very strong Christian Nationalist. They do not use that term but that is what it is. In fact, the fairly large “stream” (for lack of a better word) that the church I attend is part of (it’s non-denominational but churches & itinerant ministers know each other) I might venture to say is the most openly Christian Nationalist stream in Christianity, and the most cohesive in that regard. Many of the ministers (both pastors and itinerant speakers) openly talk about how God is going to turn America (or portions of it) around, some are even openly predicting that America is going to split up (many states will secede), etc.

                  Hopefully this will be helpful to Pax and others like him who are not in the church but are looking from the outside in. It is hard to understand the psychology of a group you are not a part of. The core survey questions were spot on (I could hardly believe how well crafted they were in identifying Christian Nationalist beliefs) and the “stream” I am part of ticks the boxes.

                  And here’s the important part: they do not care how strong a horse they are, or the movement they are a part of is. They don’t think like politicians or bureaucrats. They care about principles. They believe they are right (for the most part they are, see list below) and that God is on their side, and that having God on their side gives them the mandate of heaven. They think of themselves as David going up against Goliath, and state so openly. They believe we can win.

                  My analysis of this stream of Christianity:

                  * 100% pro-Trump. They have lost people over this but gained a lot more
                  * 100% against leftism and govt corruption, openly preached from the pulpit
                  * Covid – Anti-lockdowns, anti-vax. They lost people over this but gained a lot more.
                  * LGBT – 100% against, openly and boldly preached from the pulpit.
                  * 100% pro family values, private Christian education, and homeschooling. Strong concerted efforts to train young people (college age) as well.
                  * A good number of happy young couples with kids. (This # would increase if could improve on WQ, but still we are doing pretty well.) My pastor has 6 kids.
                  * Concerted effort to affect local and state politics. Though this has been waning because it is run by oldsters and their org doesn’t have the right leadership to bring in young people. But it’s a good effort and shows their heart.

                  * Muddy thinking about govt all cluttered up by the Enlightenment. Stuck in “elect better people”, thinking doesn’t go beyond that. Don’t understand democracy is the problem. Don’t understand need for a Caesar. This characterizes most of the right, of course. But they really, really, really want America fixed, and my guess is they’d follow a Caesar, though some would probably complain that he’s “breaking the rules.”
                  * Fuzzy thinking about Christians and government (no good teaching on it yet). Their very strong instinct is that they want righteous, Godly, Christian govt leadership, but then sometimes you’ll hear someone say self-contradictory things like “this is a spiritual battle, it has to be solved spiritually” (via persuasion/preaching). They need better teaching on this and I think they would be open to it. When push comes to shove they will follow their instinct which is to support whoever fixes or helps fix our govt problems (e.g. Trump).
                  * The WQ: In practicality it is mostly patriarchal but they don’t preach this openly or proactively. When pushed, will affirm man is head of wife in the home. My sense is their thinking is affected by cathedral blank slatism regarding women; they mostly don’t grock how different women are from men. I also wonder if they may be afraid to preach too much on it for fear of offending women (like most churches, majority of attendees are women but not by as large a % as many churches, due to the masculine leadership we have).
                  Note: In my opinion the greatest opportunity for new churches is to be strong on the WQ. Would attract young men like flies to honey, and young women would follow.
                  * Race: Anti-woke but want to be race blind. One boomer preacher who is otherwise excellent has peached against “racism” (just short mentions, not whole sermons). But I know for a fact that at least some of the young men aren’t buying it. And my pastor has pointed out from the pulpit that blacks held blacks as slaves in Africa, etc.
                  * Thinking is confused on Ukraine. Some get it, some don’t. These people aren’t intellectuals or “all-around truth-seekers” who understand geopolitics. But they are generally anti-meddling and anti-war. (They just haven’t been taught much about Ukraine.)
                  * 100% pro-Israel. They wear the flag on t-shirts and leadership had the flag in church last Sunday. Personally I don’t really care, as Jim says we don’t have a dog in this fight. To me what matters about this is that the two potential best groups of “warriors” on the right, Christians and the angry young white men formerly known as the alt-right are incompatible. They will purity spiral on each other.

                  To repeat the main point: This group is very cohesive, they have most things right (and I believe they have potential to learn/grow on the WQ, Christians in govt and even need for a Caesar due to Scriptural precedent e.g. King Josiah etc) (they will *not* change their views on Israel or race), and they fit the description of Christian Nationalist (by strong instinct more than by detailed thinking). They believe and boldly preach that America was and should be a “Christian nation”. And they do not care if they are “the strong horse”, they care about what they believe, and they believe *God makes them* a strong horse.

                • jim says:

                  > * 100% pro-Israel. They wear the flag on t-shirts and leadership had the flag in church last Sunday. Personally I don’t really care, as Jim says we don’t have a dog in this fight. To me what matters about this is that the two potential best groups of “warriors” on the right, Christians and the angry young white men formerly known as the alt-right are incompatible. They will purity spiral on each other.


                • Napoleon says:

                  (Attempting to respond to Jim saying “troubling” regarding Christians and alt-right incompatibility, hopefully this comment will land in the right place.)

                  I have prayed and thought very hard about this, for quite a while, and I believe the answer is simple: Lead the Christians and the broader right, and the angry young hyper race-aware white men (alt-right) will follow because they have no other choice. (Just like they supported Trump because no other choice.)

                  Christians & broader right is much bigger.
                  Christians & broader right can operate in public (for the most part) without being cancelled.
                  The alt-right (focus on race differences) cannot operate in public.
                  The alt-right will be cancelled by the broader right itself.

                  So the strategic choice is simple.

                  I have come to grips with the fact that strategically, whoever publicly leads the right cannot lead with race realism, race stats, etc., because most of the right cannot handle it. The Dissident Right has been trying to bombard the rest of the right with truth on the WQ, government structure (full-franchise democracy is the problem), *and at the same time* race realism. Race realism induces a moral panic in most of the right that other topics do not.

                  This simply means that the public leadership of the right (the ideal Caesar) would be Dissident Right in understanding, privately, but publicly not push race realism, rather lead the Christians and broader right within their frame, push the Overton Window on the WQ and govt structure (more headway with less moral panic), and solve the racial issues after obtaining power.

                  The alt-right will follow him because no other choice. They will express frustration that he is not speaking their language on race, but no one who tries to lead with race realism will be able to lead the right, so the alt-right cannot have what they want during the “building to obtain power” phase.

                  Jesus also had to deal with the limitations of human ability to handle truth. He did not tell His disciples His full plan (in His case, to die & be resurrected) until the very last minute shortly before it happened, because He knew they couldn’t handle it.

                • Contaminated NEET says:


                  If your “broader right” can’t speak the truth about race or women, it’s worse than useless. It doesn’t help if the inner circle knows the score and speaks openly in private: the unprincipled exception is weak, and it always gives way to the principled fanatic eventually. We’ve tried it your way for 60 years, and look where we are.

                • jim says:

                  No namefag can speak the truth about race and women. The IRS will come after you, the banks will freeze your assets, you will be charged with sexual assault, and you will lose your job.

                  The Christian right is led by namefags. What they really think about race and women will only be revealed if they win.

                • jim says:

                  > It doesn’t help if the inner circle knows …

                  It does help. In a highly oppressive environment, the Alawites have operated with inner circles inside inner circles, and even though now in a considerably more permissive environment, are still operating that way. Works for them.

                  Every out of power entryist movement that has gotten into power has had inner circles that know stuff that the outer circle does not know. Opsec. You use a stronger, and more dangerous, version of the faith for inner circle cohesion, and as people progress up the organization, more and more of the faith is revealed to them.

                  So, the way to do it in a Christian Nationalist movement is to stick the outer circle with the requirements of Christianity, male headship, and faggots will not inherit the kingdom of heaven, and the inner circle with emancipation was a bad idea that is failing disastrously, and that democracy is the death throws of a republic that has gone decadent and no longer works.

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  Well, yeah. The Left has the power and the will to crush anyone who breaks its taboos. They also have the power and the will to crush anyone who threatens them. Will obfuscating our views on race and women fool them into letting us amass the power and organization to overthrow them? Do they ever believe the protestations of Rightists who toe the line on race and sex, and does this ever stop them from destroying them? They didn’t conquer the world by being oblivious to threats nor too principled to squash them in the cradle.

                  We’re not going to raise an army against them under their noses in their own backyard. Only after the Left destroys its own power will there be room for other faiths or ideologies. If we’re going to be ready for that day, whether it comes tomorrow or 200 years from now, we can’t be ashamed of knowing and speaking the truth.

                • jim says:

                  It is a huge problem. If you exclude entryists on the basis of a strange lack of ability to notice things about sex and race, then it is obvious that you are noticing facts about sex and race.

                  So, if a namefag, hard to exclude obvious shills and entryists, even if they glow in the dark, as they usually do. If you are unable to exclude obvious shills and entryists, your organization is going to be subverted.

                  On the other hand, our enemy seems to be strangely hard up for entryists who can affirm the full divinity and full humanity of Jesus Christ. So far, no one is getting cancelled, demonetized, and deplatformed for being genuinely Christian. So you can do a fairly good job of excluding entryists on that basis.

                • The End says:

                  Every successful revolutionist has observed that he would have been better off with a tenth the followers, ten times as loyal.

                • Napoleon says:

                  Jim, I just want to say thank you for what you do.

                  Your clarity of thought is priceless.

                  As is the ability to learn and have conversations without being drowned out by the noise of idiots and shills.

                  God is with you.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Pax and others like him who are not in the church but are looking from the outside in.

                  I travel many circles. It has been my experience that perception becomes much more murky when looking from the inner circles of various churches than from an ignorant outsider perspective. To the hostile regime outsider, all Christians are suspect of all the usual suspicions and are easily lumped together (which does no favors for the regime in it’s efforts to accurately measure). This has made openly practicing Christianity rather difficult and has necessitated circles within circles within circles, which is inconvenient but not too great of a problem by itself. The major problem arises from the vast magnitude of various denominations spread over a large geographical space. Naturally, there are many, many circles to travel. Suspicions arise that not all (inner) circles are created equal and group cohesion becomes a problem.

                  I’ve broke bread often with church elders, some were rather insular to their own particular congregation while others were more political for lack of a better word, but that was only after a private one on one “Bible study” session in which verses like Numbers 31:17-18 were examined. Verses that were completely absent during sermons (most OT was absent as well). So again, I must wonder where does the common laity really stand and what direction would they break to in event of an overt power struggle? Of course, reactionaries will say it does not matter, they will follow power, but when church elders are clearly saying one thing in private, and another in public, because of a distinct lack of power, seeds of doubt are planted. Especially in regards to church elders of other churches one is not especially privy to.

                  Of course, inner circle beliefs trickle down to outer circle over time, and that is happening, but I just don’t think the pollsters can really accurately measure that because it would require asking rather dangerous questions. Also,

                  Muddy thinking about govt all cluttered up by the Enlightenment.

                  kinda hard to run a political project when there’s no idea what that project fundamentally looks like. There’s muddy thinking about all sorts of things, which is really a symptom of being a nascent organization. To compound the problems, Christian Nationalism is not running on Jimian time.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Re the right wing Protestant churches are pro Israel because they believe it to be a biblical command and arguably it is (woe to those who go against Israel). Being pro Israel is fine as long as you don’t want to fight their proxy wars.

                  Them having muddy thinking on female subordination is far worse but they want to avoid being Wacoed.

        • S says:

          The Washington Post considers ‘white Christians had divine sanction to dispossess the natives and replace them with white Christians’ to be a racist statement. ‘It is good to hurt enemies and help friends’ is the mark of a living faith and not a hollow puppet- Christian Nationalism has this while Conservatism doesn’t.

          Being an example to the world isn’t (necessarily) universalist; it is copying ancient Israel.

          • Calvin says:

            Problem with that is that Christianity’s commission is explicitly universalist. “Go and make disciples of all nations” and all that.

            • Fidelis says:

              As with everything, the Bible provides positive and negative advice here. You are told to make disciples of all nations, and you are also told that those who choose to reject you will be worse off than those in Sodom and Gomorrah.

              Im gonna go off on the tangent I think is being pointed towards here. Africans were entirely fine and managed under a stable regime and ideology, reflexive race hysteria does you no good. Hang murderers and thieves, apply corporal punishment to those who commit petty crimes, things shape up nicely. If the soverign ideology is sane, miscegenation is rare even amongst the low castes. The problem lies entirely with the insanity and destructiveness of the ruling ideology here. If no africans, if no semites, orientals, etc, they would simply promote the breeding and behavior of the lowest most dysfunctional caste still available. Fix the problems at the top, and the rest begins to conform and find health.

              • someDude says:

                An ancient Sanskrit Aphorism says, as the King is, so shall the subjects become.

                The lower classes imitate the upper classes. So the ancients agree on your prescription regarding fixing problems at the top and the rest falling in line

            • Dharmicreality says:

              I am deferring my argument on this aspect of Christianity till after globohomo is defeated.

              Yes, Jimian National Christian Churches which extend peace of Westphalia to other (non-Christian) nations of goodwill should address this problem to a large extent. But I am not sure how many Christians, even in this comment section, agree.

    • Your Uncle Bob says:

      Mother Jones has seen a few Christian Nationalists.

      I’m undecided on how much to make of this one. Is it really a threat, or is this just the woke immune system pushing out an update? Still, it shows there’s at least a few of them to be found.

      • someDude says:

        If praying for Israel, then as per Jim, not that useful to you. Allies perhaps.

        I say this as someone that backs Israel against their neighbors

  51. battle of the sexes says:

    That AI is being developed at a time of war, when men are acutely valuable, rather than at a time of peace, when the feminine reigns supreme, is a good sign.

  52. Anonymous Fake says:

    Forget nationalism. I just want to know how to seize power in the Republican party. Or any political party.

    • jim says:

      This presupposes that political parties have power. They don’t.

      However, they provide an arena where one can organize for other purposes, and the state will be at least slightly embarrassed by crushing you – albeit these days less and less embarassed.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        [*deleted for ignoring the glaringly obvious dynamics of the two party system*]

      • The Cominator says:

        Does the mass of the Democratic party have power, not really no. The DNC otoh might as well be called the Presidium of the Supreme American Soviet.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Power in a democracy hides itself well, and you can’t do anything about it without a paramilitary operating on US soil. When you have that, eliminate all the lackies, the foot-soldiers, the puppets, the frontmen, the spokespersons, and eventually one of three things will happen. (a) Like Pablo Escobar, their organization is stripped down to its actual leaders and you eliminate them too, (b) like the New England Puritans, they move their headquarters to an outer province of the American Empire, or (c) like Saddam’s regime in Iraq, they suddenly vanish, and all their mouthpieces fall silent.

  53. Hesiod says:

    Jesus Christ told us to be ready and watchful for the signs, but He stressed only our Heavenly Father knows the hour. According to records, the End Times are our lampoonable version of The Current Year. There sure have been an awful lot of them over the past centuries.

  54. Robert says:

    I tried forming a group a few years back. Nothing ever really came of it. Maybe I was too early? One of the problems was “now what?”. You get a group of like minded people together, meet, maybe BBQ, then what. There has to be a mission, a goal.

    Is it time to build an “in real life” organization? I know some of you are gonna say I’m a fed, but the reality is our forefathers at some point had to look each other in the face. Organization I’m thinking would be 100% legal. I will take every shill test, I’ve taken them in the past.

    • dave says:

      half the people showing up at the BBQ would be feds. make sure they bring enough brisket for everyone.

      • Hesiod says:

        A public gathering of 50 patriots includes 49 feds and one hapless SOB who wandered in hoping for a free donkey show.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          At those ratios, would be an absolute win… logistically speaking. No better drain of time and resources.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Always a risk that one of these fake honeypot white-nationalist organizations will suddenly transform into a real white-nationalist organization. With FBI-issued badges, vehicles, and firearms, it’s perfectly positioned to decapitate the government and take over.

    • embeveraged commuter says:

      You would be better with a group that gathers the right kind of people without explicitly being identifiable as an enemy to the regime. Parralax optics has an article going over the concept. content from people in TRS type groups about their experience with the feds suggests they only really go after you if you are in a group that opposes them openly or you blatantly fedpost.

      If you go to a sufficiently redpilled church, that could be your group. Maybe you could get a bigger house than you need and rent out extra rooms at a discount to people you want to build up, then host parties or something to build up an ‘outer’ group.

      • Hesiod says:

        Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. – Matthew 10:16

        Frens, art thou wily *and* wise?

      • Adam says:

        Basically Mt. Carmel but do not be a cunt like Koresh.

        • Mayflower Sperg says:

          Any time you have a manly, charismatic leader, every female over the age of eight will desperately want to fuck him. Which I suppose means that male cooperation is impossible without the complete subjugation of women.

          • Adam says:

            I’m not necessarily sure the polyamory (or whatever it was) put him on the feds radar. Probably didn’t help, it would have been better if he had one trophy wife and some kids.

            Mostly it seems he was a boomer drama queen with a death wish. The feds had one guy infiltrate the group. Was it really about the guns and ammo? Lots of people have guns and ammo in the US, especially states like Texas. I imagine he was disliked by a lot of Karens and a lot of liberal feminist pastors. I don’t know enough about his group before the siege happened to know specifically why he was targeted.

            Guys like Koresh and even Trump do not personify “wise as a serpent, gentle as a lamb”. Maybe they would not get the same following if they did.

            Certainly for our purposes strict religious adherence to coverture is a minimum.

        • embeveraged commuter says:

          Mt Caramel was like 100 people in an official regime-opposed organisation in an official compound.
          If instead of ‘David Koresh and his Branch Davidian compound’ it was ‘Dave and his unofficial good buddies, who unofficially influence the nearby church’ there would be nothing to siege.

          If you’re talking younger men and just a house, it’s more for being able to build a little gang, and give your gang opportunities to be high status compared to atomised individuals.

      • TheFeebleClone says:

        When you say “Organization I’m thinking would be 100% legal.” you are mistaken.
        Understand what you’re getting into. Phrases from your site such as “men who have a desire to maintain and improve what their fathers bequeathed them.” would mark you out.
        The left’s narratives would be explicitly designed for the destruction of identity, and you would be expected to positive affirm this. You would be rapidly recognized

        Former CIA analyst Stephen Couglin and Richard Higgins have noted, the Moslem Brotherhood is actively participating in this process:

        Quoting one Agata Mumenthaler:'”Consensus in the understanding of Discourse Theory does not mean the agreement of all the parties with the elaborated position, but the abandonment of the previous position… The prerequisite of the very adherence to the discourse is the renunciation of conviction about the objective legitimacy of one’s own position…
        This is not partisan politics, we need to prepare for violence. ”

    • Calvin says:

      As for the “now what” I’d recommend starting by matching up your singles, with especial emphasis on finding wives for your young men. You will get a lot of loyalty, and a lot of converts, if you can reliably provide your people with suitable mates.

    • jim says:

      > Is it time to build an “in real life” organization?

      Not doable in the heart of empire.

      • Calvin says:

        Seems more doable now than ever, as the security state reaps the rewards of diversity and inclusion.

    • cub says:

      One of the few advantages of having truth on your side is the ability to mount a effective decentralized resistance against the dominant faith and/or system, with less risk of holiness spirals and establishment climbers. We will probably need a Caesar to rally normalfags and tell us when to cross the Rubicon, but aside from that many of us (particularly Americans) are most comfortable operating independently or in small groups, as long as we keep our eyes on the ball and try to avoid needless infighting.

      • Cub,
        Trojan Words, those words whose usage, independent of the formulation, negate statements pertaining to truth. Behavior, routines, associations which cannot be accounted for in terms specifically endorsed by the regime.
        Decentralized resistance require no particular action or statement be at odds with the regime to be recognizable. Decentralization which remains invisible to the background might facilitate survival, but it puts limits on effective resistance. The additional difficulty is that the core attack will be on identity. That is far more difficult to obscure because the evidence of it has already been collated.

        “During the investigation, do not look for evidence that the accused acted in deed or word against Soviet power. The first questions that you ought to put are: To what class does he belong? What is his origin? What is his education or profession?” -Martin Latsis

        • cub says:

          Disagree. Decentralized resistance allows for explicitly pro-White/Christian ideology in a way that no organized resistance could, because any such organized resistance would be heavily infiltrated, if not forcefully suppressed. This is why guerrilla warfare has long been considered the optimal form of warfare against a hostile regime. And any resistance to a regime that is explicitly anti-White/Christian must be explicitly pro-White/Christian, otherwise you lose sight of your goals and become effectively neutered. You can’t take your eyes off the ball.

          • jim says:

            Genuinely decentralized resistance just gets you killed. No guerrilla force has ever won except by regime support within and without.

            • cub says:

              Decentralized finance (crypto) is the best way to oppose the regime financially, and decentralized communication (blogs and memes) are the best ways to oppose the regime’s propaganda, so I fail to see why decentralized warfare is not also the most effective path.

              • jim says:

                Violence is different. Nothing can be done without Caesar.

                Plus, why do you care? You cannot acknowledge any wrongs done by the current regime, so you cannot admit anything that would require violence.

                • cub says:


                • jim says:

                  You are not one of us. You glow in the dark. I have spent screenful after screenful explaining our position to you, and you still sail right along as if no one has ever said such things and no one thinks such things. You are unable to make any response that would imply that anyone in the universe thinks the thought crimes that we think. I have spent far too much time debating you and responding to the things you said, and you never respond to anything I say in way that would admit that I am thinking and saying one thought crime after another.

                  You seemed to pass the shill test, but it became apparent that you had not. Our position is that hypergamy needs and deserves a good whipping, and you were able to echo everything on the usual shill tests, while carefully evading and subtly transforming everything connected to that. Your position on the Jews is the old familiar third positionist position, that progressivism and all that are just fine, and the problems are caused by the fact that we are actually ruled by the Rothschilds or someone like, who fails to sincerely believe in progressivism and all that, unlike all good right thinking people, including me, Satoshi, and all the rest. Everyone supposedly agrees progressivism is just fine, no matter how many times, and at what grossly excessive length, I explain why and how it is not fine.

                  Because your supervisor will not allow you to respond to what other people say, discussion with you unprofitable.

                  You invoke the names of our heroes, but you will not admit what Satoshi was doing and intended to do, and you will not admit what I am doing and what I intend to do.

                • cub says:

                  I affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

                  Women ought to defer to men, and niggers ought to defer to whites.

                  I have no interest in being “one of you”. I’m a sovereign individual who seeks wisdom for his own purposes. My posts are made in good faith and you are free to engage with them, or not, but deleting them and lying about my intentions is deceptive and dishonest.

                • jim says:

                  OK, Christian.

                  And now to the articles of the enemy faith.

                  Why should women defer to men.

                  I have made several very lengthy replies to you, and it has been a tiresome waste of time, because you don’t respond to what I said, but just sail on as if no one has ever said, or would ever think, such things.

            • The Cominator says:

              Arguably the most effective guerilla sect were the “assassins” aka Hashishim in the Islamic world not sure they had state support. It took the full ruthlessness of the Mongols to break their power.

              But generally you are right but theoretically it might be possible to create a modern sect like the Hasishim…

              • jim says:

                The Hashishim had numerous mutually supporting fortresses, each of which could only be taken through seige by a substantial army. Thus were a state, not a secret society.

                They were a state that made heavy use of entryism, thus their mode of warfare foreshadows the war of the future. But they exercised normal political control over substantial areas, and relied on high stone walls and armies for security, not secrecy.

    • Kunning Drueger says:

      “Now what?”

      Plan the next barbecue, doofus. I’m ribbing you, but it’s important to remember that only in movies and YA novels do you go from the “first meeting” to “the bolshevist revolution,” and this is intentional because it reinforces the faith of the faithful and demoralizes the forces of Restoration/Reaction/Order. Think about it like lifting weights, learning guitar, or studying history. Do the work! Learn the technique and repeat regularly. Just schedule the next barbecue, and work to make minor improvements, additions, and innovations. Journey of a thousand steps is thousands of steps.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        Half the reason why the US military still functions, as degraded as it is, is because of mandatory “fun,” which in hindsight is actually fun. Same for churches, same for all social organizations. Most of the time it involves breaking bread. There is no such thing as a purely professional organization, or if there is, it does not last long or have any real cohesion. Cohesion is built upon social bonds other than strictly “professional.”

        The early Christians did not have the luxury of open worship. For 300 years private house churches spread the Gospel until Constantine legalized Christianity. They did not have pews and pulpit, and as impressive as Church architecture became by the middle ages, something got lost in the formalized structure. Breaking bread.

        >Plan the next barbecue, doofus. I’m ribbing you

        We should be ribbing most churches. It a remarkably common failure. Many don’t break bread nearly often enough, or if they do it’s an afterthought. They think, ‘Gospel first, Gospel always.’ The early church was constantly breaking bread and doing so from house to house. This is how social orders are created. It should be ‘Gospel first, laity always.’

    • Yul Bornhold says:

      Don’t form a political group. Will only feel frustrated powerlessness. You want something more like a biker gang or an historical reenactment group that regularly brings together a band of men. The activity should be fun and manly so it naturally filters against soyjaks. Remember, we can’t *do* anything. The objective is to foster a mannerbund. The most valuable resource is loyalty and trust, far more so than wordcel theory.

      I can’t speak in detail about biker gang but it doesn’t mean you need to larp Hell’s Angels. Just driving to cool places with your friends is fun.

      Reenactment group needs sufficiently violent and autistic activities to keep it from getting taken over by women. Simulated ancient warfare, roman legion hikes in full gear, etc. It pains me but I recommend against civil war reenactment, revolutionary war reenactment, etc. The GAE hates heritage America and is much less likely to perceive other eras as a threat because Mycenae is not associated with conservative patriotism. (Top idea: Minoan reenactment group.)

      There are, doubtless, other similar ways to build a innocent looking association of men. List them if you think of any.

      I will offer a cautious word about Churches. I’m Orthodox and would naturally like everyone to convert but the Church is not and cannot be an organization that exercises effective political power. You’ll find plenty of based guys but the Church is a hospital for souls and therefore has a number of weak and broken types who are not so much mannerbund material. More than that, what you *do* in Church are various rites of repentance, which are very beneficial to the soul but don’t serve the same social binding function as simulated warfare, motorcycle warband on the highway, etc.

      • notglowing says:

        > The GAE hates heritage America and is much less likely to perceive other eras as a threat because Mycenae is not associated with conservative patriotism. (Top idea: Minoan reenactment group.)

        LARPing heritage America however is a great way to both attract the kinds of people you want and push away people you dislike. Highly doubt feds would target you just because of some nerdy activity, especially given how relatively common it is.
        It’s one of those things that let you signal which side you’re likely to be on without it being outside the overton window.

        I have a feeling roleplaying Minoans or anything similarly disconnected in the ancient past would attract more faggots (not necessarily literal ones) than otherwise.

        • Yul Bornhold says:

          The Minoan part was a joke related to the previous comment about infiltration by women.

          The Confederacy is GAE victim of the day. Maybe you can get away with reenactment if you live in the South but otherwise you’re asking for unwanted attention.

          • Kunning Druegger says:

            Second this. Anytime your brain says “There’s no way the GAE would [x]” ask yourself: is it petty? is it pointless? is it counterproductive? does it do more harm than good to the original initiative/concept/thesis? is this something women/niggers can do as well as or better than men/whites?” It only takes a few of these to sniff out a likely glowop. You would not believe the myriad ways they waste time and money going after the christian nationalist under the bed.

      • Kunning Druegger says:

        Patriot Front is big on coordinated hikes and nature excursions. I am not counter signaling the Lesser debate of 2022 (RIP Red, miss you buddy), but it occurs to me that there is a hidden option no one seems to discuss, much less do: ape the feds.

        This might be insane, and obviously it is only viable up to a point, but do you remember when those plain clothes feds gat caught on camera at J06?

        Breddy fumny. Now imagine, as Ken, Ross, Bret, and Chet are hanging out, putting out the vibe and low key looking for RW roasties to “enter-o-gate,” suddenly a score or more dudes, dressed the same, built the same, seeming the same, roll up and set up shop right next door. What are they gonna do? My guess is nothing, as they will think it’s the Utica Branch or some other glowie division, or they’re just going to keep on fedding.

        Silly example, but I do think I have inadvertently stumbled on a thing that needs to be looked into: fed poise as camouflage. You can’t go too far, of course, as anyone that has tried to act 1:1 with PF gets shut down, and running around in SUVs trying to incarcerate roman catholic fathers who peacefully oppose abortion will not end well, but sprinkling the fed aesthetic on your greek warfare appreciators club might be an idea worth considering.

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