Not time for war with Islam

Since the war in the Ukraine is not going too well, the faction currently in the saddle in the Global American Empire is looking for war with Islam.

For a long time the ruling faction has been seeking to converge Islam, and to this end, because they have had considerable success in converging the official faith of Iran, pursued an accommodation policy to Iran. Biden and the generals have now suddenly started talking war with Iran, which is an abrupt and sudden one eighty, and the shill Christians and fake right on Gab and on this blog are now arguing that the current invasion of the west is Jihad by Muslims. During the past forty eight hours, the US government has been issuing threats against Iran, to discourage them from intervening.

A few days before this, the fake Christians and the usual shills and entryists started promoting the Islamic Jihad narrative. Supposedly the current invasion of America is Islamic Jihad. And therefore the right, the reaction, and the Christian Nationalists should support war with Islam now. I should have seen what was coming when the usual shills and entryists on this blog suddenly started complaining about Islamic Jihad, which was a thought crime until a few days ago. Until a few days ago, when I talked about Jihad, the shills would respond as if neither I nor anyone else had ever had that thought. And then a few days before Israel claimed to be engaging Hamas for real, the shills abruptly went to the other extreme.

No it is not Jihad by Muslims. The only reason Mohammedan invaders in America are a problem is that the Democrats. in substantial part the same Jews who organized the brother war in the Ukraine, are importing them to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. We don’t need to fight a war with them. That problem is not Mohammedans, but Democrats, and in grossly disproportionate part, Jewish Democrats. Stop crime, turn off welfare, and turn off voting Democrat, and they will take the next boat home. We can worry about recovering the Holy Land, Egypt, and the bits of Eastern Europe that they have in century or two. The Indians will need to worry a little sooner than that, but we have bigger problems. Our problem being that the officially unofficial state religion is demon worship, and sooner or later there is going to be a holy war inside America over that, for demon worship unopposed always gets crazier and crazier, and demands greater and greater human sacrifices. And in the coming holy war with our officially unofficial state religion, old type Mohammedans will be our allies. Highly unreliable and dangerous allies, but me against my brothers, me and my brothers against our cousins, me and my cousins against the world. In the coming holy war, Muslims are our cousins.

The war in the Ukraine is the work of Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, and Soros. All of whom hate Ukrainians even more than they hate Russians, and hate legacy Americans more than anyone.

Soros, under instruction by the state department, using money provided by the American taxpayer and laundered to Soros by the World Bank, conducted color revolution in the Ukraine, arranging for his own people to be shot in a false flag operation. (Working for the GAE is bad for your health, for it is run by people who hate you) The Ukrainian government was appointed by Victoria Nuland, in a conversation that the Russians bugged and leaked. From 2014 onwards, the Global American Empire appointed government in the Ukraine has been shelling civilians who speak Russian, think themselves Russian, and are considered Russians by Russians. This shelling of civilians came, in large part, from locations a few minutes walk from a heavily fortified officially unofficial Nato base in Avdiika. This program looks like it was instituted, or at least advocated, by Kagan, who is not officially part of the US government, but has the ear of Blinken and Nuland. He was following the Reaganesque strategy of drawing Russia into attritive war to exhaust them, but he is no Reagan. Reagan’s strategy, as he told us in the primaries, was that the Soviet Union had great soft power, but its GDP was fake and gay, so could be logistically exhausted in a multitude of pinprick attritive wars, and its soft power was diminishing, and would diminish a whole lot further with logistic exhaustion. Today, it is the Global American Empire that has great soft power, but its GDP is fake and gay, and its soft power is diminishing.

The current brother war in the Ukraine, which was created and is run by certain Jews, has killed about four hundred thousand Goyim, and the way the wind blows, there may well be nukes soon enough. What have the Mohammedans been up to?

Mostly killing each other over sand. The Arabs cannot get it together, the Taliban are good guys so far. The only guys who could actually prosecute a serious war are the Iranians, and if it is Iran versus Israel, why should I care? Iran is not going to invade America. They might hog the Middle Eastern oil, but we should be developing our own oil. America should be a major oil exporter, and if the Iranians wind up jacking the price of oil through the roof, that is good for us (provided we can crush the worshippers of the Gaia demon) and bad for China. Looks like future war in Afghanistan is going to over water, and to the extent that it is holy war, going to be old type Muslims versus postmodern Muslims. Not our problem.

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  1. The Crusader: Spiritual Warfare says:


    • jim says:

      I am heartily sick of gays, Jews, demon worshippers, and gay Jewish demon worshippers telling Christians what Christianity is.

      I affirm that Jesus Christ is Lord, born in Bethlehem, died at Jerusalem, and is, is from before the beginning of the world. Fully God and fully man. God is three and God is one.

      Can you affirm that in those words, or your own words of similar meaning, or in the words of the creeds from which the short affirmation was lifted?

      • Bob says:

        Did he write that he was either any of those things or Christian?
        Or shall we call out every post by every one for every imaginable “shill test”.
        Grant me censorship power so I can smack down whoever I think are shills, and whoever I don’t like.

        • jim says:

          He was lecturing us on what Christianity and the Christian bible demanded of us. He was quoting the Bible at us.

          And no, he did not say he was a Christian. Probably a gay Jewish demon worshipper. I seemed to smell the sulfur that those guys burn as incense when they drink the blood of sacrifices from the chalice.

          I hear his version of Christianity being bellowed from every rooftop. It is the loudspeaker version. You cannot hold a conversation with a loudspeaker, because a thousand loudspeakers are controlled by one microphone, and the man holding the microphone is in a soundproof windowless booth.

          I would love it if enemies came here to hold a conversation with us, but they only come here to lecture us. The point of the regular shill tests is to see if someone is allowed to hold a conversation. The point of the Christianity test is to prevent poisonous, evil, and demonic versions of Christianity from being passed off as authentically Christian, holier than thou, and reflecting the voice of the holy spirit. Not that those guys can hold a conversation either.

          When someone starts quoting the Bible at me, shortly after having gay sex in a great big pile in front of an upside down cross, his interpretation of what the bible says is unlikely to be reliable.

  2. Chill But Bring It Bitches says:

    My analysis and generally passive management IMO’s while you fight bigger fags…

    Islam is outright false, Muhammad is totally laughable and disgusting man, not a “prophet”.

    Islam is violent, 100% full direction and intent and ongoing practice of taking over other peoples and their regions, by deceit, breeding, abusing “democracy”, and by force, subjugating, discriminating, oppressing, violating, and killing.

    Now yess I will sign onto any Crusade against Islam when that time happens right.

    But for now, I just wait.

    I support Israel, because their Kingdoms have legitimate right to their original land areas.
    I support Gaza because that land has been theirs for thousands of years too.
    Some of West Bank is actually old israels and should be returned, including Bethlehem. Rest can go to Jordan, and maybe israel keep the southwest for port access.
    Similar, Golan was more Syriac so israel needs to leave it.

    Now I would also use this moment to change the entire Temple mount including mosque back to 100% but passive JudeoChristian control and maintenance and security outside and around, but not enter the mosque. But the Rock building “Dome” will become 100% active JudChr entry and management again, but not deny Muslim visitors or remove Islam’s desecration of it.

    Gaza can go do whatever the fuck it wants full self management and responsibility, and Israel should wall it off under condition that if even a single rocket or grenade ever shot over the wall ever again, then Gaza has spoken itself as an enemy and initiated war so Gaza gets destroyed and its Muslims all get sent to Muslim lands, and the land becomes 100% part of Israel proper and filled with Jews. Play hardball peace, yours until you break it.

    Yes, no time for offensive war now.

    No uber urgent need to escalate this weekend.

    But I say do NOT attack on offense, but stand chill and idle in open right on border, let whoever wants to bring it, bring it, and fire back from standing there until there are no more upstarts left. And if they shoot on that announced idle passive cease fire instead of returning hostages, then you have to conclude they are not honorable that they will or have killed them, and then go in for real to get as many as you can back and imprison or kill those holding them of fighting you.

    Making simple old school land and “religion” swaps back to closer to pre-islam original might work. Would get you “two-state” too.

    And make it cleaner and easier for final Crusade much later on.

    That should be the goal, you don’t want to be hearing any bullshit from mixed populations and shields and hostages when that time comes. Work to separate the religions and peoples now ahead of time.

    Because that time will come. Not least because more Islamic will get nukes, and leverage that threat to continue performing “Emigration Jihad” and “Civilization Jihad” within your lands.

    Oh, you also need to be careful in benefitting Islam with trade deals and such. You don’t want to advance slower than Islam does.

    • jim says:

      > I support Israel, because their Kingdoms have legitimate right to their original land areas

      The lord gave the Holy Land to us in the prophecy and parable of the wicked vinedressers. We lost it by wickedness, of which the term “Byzantine fault” is a faint recollection. We will take it back bye and bye. In the meantime the current occupants killing each other is not our problem and not our business.

      My plan is corporations based on the blockchain and cryptography, rather than legal incorporation, using recursive snarks rather than Nakamoto massive replication to prevent Byzantine fault. Eventually some of those corporations will be private military companies. And then we will retake the Holy Land.

      • The Cominator says:

        There is nothing in revelation where Christians take back Israel after Israel is re-established. The Man of Sin will take the Holy Land… and then be destroyed by divine intervention.

        Christians retaking the holy land before the second coming would ironically invalidate biblical prophecy and therefore Christianity itself.

        • Fidelis says:

          Hasn’t that already happened the via the Crusades?

        • jim says:

          > There is nothing in revelation where Christians take back Israel after Israel is re-established.

          The third temple will be built by the good guys, and taken by the man of sin. The people now proposing to build the third temple are clearly not good guys.

          What would fit prophecy is that a private military company somewhat resembling the knights templar takes the area. Which will probably not happen any time soon. For the prophecy of the third temple to be fullfilled, we would have to take the holy land, and then lose it again. Which is unlikely to happen in the current political and social order.

          Best fit to the prophecies of the Book of Revelation is that the seven Churches are the seven churches, the four horsemen are the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, the Beast is our current era, and the temple is some future era.

          • The Cominator says:

            It’s not clear it will be built by good guys at all it will be built by religious Jews who want a 3rd temple (who are bad in the sense they don’t like goyim much but are not the type to be aligned with leftist judiasm either), blood sacrifices perhaps prevented by the “two witnesses” (this is if you believe the script but the two witnesses part of revealations is the 1st part where it gets very blatantly supernatural) who serve to convert at least some of the Jews…

            The man of sin perhaps setting up iconography of himself and Baal/Moloch/Satan/The Snake and burning human sacrifices alive to it in the Temple “the abomination that brings desolation” such is the script of the end part of revealation.

            But nothing in the Bible suggests that Christians retake the Holy Land (once Israel is reestablished) before Christ himself returns.

            • jim says:

              > nothing in the Bible suggests that Christians retake the Holy Land

              The parable and prophecy of the wicked vinedressers does say we get it, and they do not. The two witnesses are going to have to convert the Jews that build the temple. Going to be Messianic Jews. Andto build the temple, would have to rule, at least temporarily.

              • The Cominator says:

                Yes that is possible that the two witnesses convert at least some of the Jews including the ones controlling the temple… but that is the temple being taken by conversion and not conquest by a christian army or at least the army of a christian nation.

                As far as Israel falling by conquest and force… only the man of sins army does that in revealation. He may well initially pose as a Christian of some kind though.

                • jim says:

                  The Holy Land has fallen by conquest and force more times than you can shake a stick at, and Revelations does not cover all those events, or indeed any of those events.

                  The past is a guide to the future. It will likely change hands before the events of Revelation.

            • Christian Lands says:

              Always felt Bethlehem was more or less the only real Christian Holy Land.
              And that Jerusalem and Israel was for the Jews.
              And that the Ark of the Covenant links us as much as the Garden of Eden Noah Abraham Moses Commandments does.
              Not a student of the Jewish or Christian texts tho.
              But never felt like taking Jerusalem, only perhaps helping the Jews take it, provided we get Bethlehem, and bilateral tourist rights.
              And throw Islam back out of the whole area, all of the Americas, all of Europa, Russia, Asia, sub-Saharan… let them have Saudi peninsula.

              Maybe I should have a beef with the Jews, but I don’t currently see why.
              Is there Judaic or Christian textual reasons to?
              Like how are they going to fire Christians when Jesus saves all who follow him.

              Islam and these faggot democrat commie progs… yeah, they can all die.

              • Vardan says:

                > Christian Lands

                Were Christians ever granted a Covenant or Lands or Righteousness of their own?

                > Maybe I should have a beef with the Jews, but I don’t currently see why.
                > Is there Judaic or Christian textual reasons to?

                Reasons to beware or oppress Jews, per scripture texts… I don’t know. Maybe someone here does?

                For example we know what bad Jews do in Media and Banking.

                But is that literally encoded into scripture, either as a command to them to do, or as a reason for others to “kill” them.

                Jesus turned their tables and chewed them out, but didn’t kill or arrest them.

                • jim says:

                  > > Christian Lands

                  > Were Christians ever granted a Covenant or Lands or Righteousness of their own?

                  Keeping it was conditional on being righteous. If you read up on events before the Romans expelled you, this requirement was flagrantly not fulfilled.

                  > Reasons to beware or oppress Jews, per scripture texts…

                  Paul warns against hostile entryists, and recommends particular suspicion against “those of circumcision”

                  Also, you guys are under a curse for deicide.

                  Also, modern Judaism is derived from Phariseeism, and the New Testament has no end of stuff about Pharisees and Phariseeism, and much of what people get pissed off by in today’s Jewish conduct is the same sort of stuff as pissed off Jesus about the Pharisees.

                  Jesus originally came to preach only to the Jews, but when they rejected him, he abandoned them for Gentiles instead. The Children of Israel were God’s original chosen people by virtue of an ancient covenant, but by rejecting Jesus they forfeited their chosenness – and now, by virtue of a new covenant (or “testament”), Christians have replaced the Jews as God’s chosen people, the Church having become the “People of God.” (See the parable and prophecy of the Wicked Vinedressers) By the time of Jesus’ ministry, Judaism had ceased to be a living faith, legalistically (Talmudically) disconnected from real virtue.

                  The Talmud is a pile of too clever by half lawsuits against God, and behavior resulting from this legalism pisses off your neightbors, pissed off the Romans, and pissed off God. And he showed up in person to tell you.

                  That is what the New Testament says.

                  > Jesus turned their tables and chewed them out, but didn’t kill or arrest them.

                  The coup was to give the Jews an opportunity to convert. Had the coup succeeded, the Jews would have kept the land of Israel. (The material and effective causation through which they kept the land of Israel being that they would not have pissed off the Romans.)



                  Events proved Jesus correct, and the Jews that failed to accept him wrong.

            • jim says:

              You are trying to find a way the prophecy could be fulfilled in the near future. I don’t think it likely to be fulfilled in the near future unless everything goes down the toilet even worse than I am predicting and expecting.

    • jim says:

      > Islam is outright false

      Modern Judaism, being derived from Phariseeism, is also outright false.

      > Islam is violent,

      Judaism is entryist, manipulative, and treacherous. Right now vastly more white people are being killed by Jewish entryism, manipulation, and treachery than by Islamic violence.

  3. skippy says:


    jim talks a lot about Charles II. He’a right to do so. But maybe he should also talk about Henry VIII:

    • Aidan says:

      That thread is hysterical half-truths. Read the first few volumes of Froude’s History of England if you want the full story on Henry viii

      • jim says:

        Important and true half truths. Henry the eighth was a successful rebellion against empire, and the provinces of the Global American Empire should learn from him. You cannot pull off a successful rebellion without a dissolution of the monasteries. And it makes a point that I have neglected – that having destroyed the universities, you need to create alternative centers of excellence and attract great minds to them.

        The thread represents Henry the eighth as a good guy, and Froude represents Henry the eighth as a good guy, therefore not misleading half truths.

        • Aidan says:

          In spirit, largely correct. But because it’s an area I’m well-studied on, some of the inaccuracies trigger my autism.

          • The Cominator says:

            There are many autists here Aidan I perhaps having one of the worst cases here… you Aidan are not one of them.

            Henry VIII did a good thing in breaking with Rome and we all know how much I loathe Catholicism but he was certainly a nasty angry paranoid following his severe jousting accident (whereas before the jousting accident Henry VIII actually executed very few people and Buckingham and later Wolsey who he did kill were both explicitly dead to rights guilty of treason).

            What triggers my autism is the suggestion that the Emperor controlled the Catholic Church directly… maybe he sort of did for a while after the Emperor’s troops (without direct orders from him) savagely sacked Rome reportedly worse than the Vandals did 1100 years before and took the Pope prisoner.

            • jim says:

              It was more like the Roman Catholic Church controlled the Emperor – indirectly and not in his day to day decisions. In this, it is an inaccurate over simplification. But the essence of it is true enough.

              • The Cominator says:

                It was more complicated but the Church tried to control Catholic monarchs who theoretically believed in papal surpremacy, but of course none of them could consistently tolerate papal supremacy IN PRACTICE.

                The Jesuits were founded I think only 7 years after the sack of Rome…

            • Aidan says:

              I am using “autism” in internet slang to mean passion about exacting and particular detail.

              Indeed, it’s not correct to consider the Pope an agent of the Emperor until troops under Charles V sack Rome. My main issue is framing Henry as a Nietzschean ubermensch crushing his priestly enemies in an outburst of antinomian grand tyranny. The reformation was quite methodical and reasonable and Henry acted in good faith towards the pope for many years. It was a masterpiece of realpolitik and diplomacy

              • The Cominator says:

                Henry VIII took a long time to break from Rome and was very reluctant and his contemporaries were probably correct in blaming Anne Boleyn (who unlike Henry was a convinced Lutheran) who for a while seemed to have a very strong influence over him until she failed to give him a son… as Henry VIII quickly backpedalled to a form of pseudo Catholicism (the Six Articles) after he got rid of Anne.

                • Aidan says:

                  At first Henry wanted Catholicism to continue without the pope, but the priests were reluctant to obey him. Henry said “obey me or I’m bringing on Protestants”, and still no compliance, so Henry brought in Protestants to organize the Church of England, and then decided they had gone too far, which they had, and thus the Six Articles.

                • The Cominator says:

                  If Anne had lived and given him a healthy son likely no six articles. I hate transubstaniation and clerical celibacy so don’t really like the six articles. I’m a fan of the moderate Calvinism of the Elizabethan church of England.

        • The Cominator says:

          BTW speaking of dissolution of the monasteries I don’t think Trump will be allowed to win and if he does he won’t be allowed to do this but someone in his orbit is listening to you.

    • jim says:

      I frequently remark that it is time for dissolution of the monasteries 2.0, which is an implicit reference to Henry the eighth. If you are in a rebellious province of Globohomo, Henry the eighth is the relevant example. If you are addressing an endogenous left singularity, Charles the second is the relevant example. The shah was overthrown because his universities were not subject to Harvard.

  4. Kunning Druegger says:

    The South park attack on Kathleen Kennedy and the resulting hit piece on Kevin Fiege presages an attempt by establishment elements to pivot away from WOKE/DEI and the subsequent resistance of the in-place Wokists.

    This is confirmation of Jim’s analysis that certain regime elements see what’s coming and know they need to pursue a MAGA-type policy but don’t know how. So they will be testing the waters on a lot of fronts, like what I referenced above. Expect to see pushback in a lot of categories, like renewables v. nuclear, effective mining v. ethical mining, sanctuary cities v. migrant transfer restrictions, extremist ideology v. muscular centrism, feminist aspiration v. nigger aspiration, globalist tendency v. nationalist tendency, and many more.

    Important to remember: these apparent dichotomies are false, not teleologically but practically, as in it will be the same “board of directors” having an internal dispute and A/B testing by introducing watered down concepts to do combat in the “public square.” If you see the regime experimenting with nationalism, it’s not real nationalism. They won’t actually pursue nuclear tech or effective mining processes, they will use paper chutes to shunt paper money in a slightly different directions toward slightly different paper generators, hoping their cargo cult can become a real religion through the magic of paper advocacy.

    This is not a blackpill, it just is what it is. There is no one coming to save us, and “we” [read: society] are too far gone to “save.” So don’t fall for short term optimism, don’t let your mask slip because the freezing cold water is now a balmy 34 degrees.

    2026 is still our target year for the abruption, and as we get closer we can hopefully refine the date. It is most likely too late to buy a compound, build an army, etc., so focus on training, git gudd, and prepare your hearts, your families, and your neighborhoods & churches if possible.

    Okay, here is a touchy subject, historically on this blog, but I feel it must be broached: sending up flares for brothers/allies to find and coalesce. As I said above, now is not the time to go mask off. So, when is that time? I am not a surfer, but I have surfed. When you are out there, waiting for a wave, there’s this weird thing that happens where, once you have a command of the fundamentals (recognize, paddle hard, hop on, stand up), where your head, heart, and body all have different impulses and interpretations of the info. Your head will recognize which wave works, your heart will drive you to catch that wave, and your body will either get you on it or betray you. This is a messy metaphor, I know, but it’s a messy topic. So I will share my strategy, and bear in mind I’ve had this strategy since 2019:

    If something happens, or seems inevitable, and I will not be able to assume internet access going forward during or after, I am going to post here a simply coded message with the pertinent details (what I think is pertinent lol) as a one way signal flair. Basically, I am at (X), I need (y), I can offer (z). That’s a beacon for brothers, and it has its dangers, I know. This is what I feel called to do. Can’t have a preplanned code, so it will be rudimentary. I leave it up to our Just and Imperious Master to decide whether to keep it up, take it down, spread it or suppress it as he sees fit.

    Just in case there is an influx of retards swelling the ranks of the lurkers and newfags, I am going to reiterate for a 3rd time: now is not the time, maintain cover. But if my read is right, regarding the transition of the regime from “dictating edicts” to “troubleshooting in the town square,” then we have moved inexorably closer to the Great Transistion.

    • alf says:

      Sounds like you talk of two situations.

      1 – A Caesar appears
      2 – A civil war appears

      In situation 1, I might take off my mask. But probably not. I do not have very much faith in a Caesar showing up. Moreover, I have even less faith in a Caesar showing up who is truly on our side.

      In situation 2, not taking off my mask. I’ll make do like the taliban and have all my trusted contacts offline. Loyalty in war is a precious commodity, requires a good deal of prisoner dilemma iterations.

      Generally, your earlier comment about this place being the vanguard of some very important ideas is what reinforces my stubborn refusal in taking of my mask for a long time to come. One day we will not be ahead of the curve anymore, but for now, we are way too far ahead of the curve for our own good. We do not represent any powerful faction; we represent an idea of the potentially most powerful faction. Which right now does not only make us weak, it makes us dangerous. Taking off my mask will only make me a potential martyr.

      • Karl says:

        If a Caesar appears, a civil war will also appear.

        Can you imagine our progressive rulers handing power to a Caesar voluntarily? I can’t.

        The original Caesar was murdered and his successor had to fight a civil war.

        • Nunya says:

          Civil war is already upon us, but it’s a fifth generation war…and, at the moment, we’re still mostly being boiled slowly. Time will tell how far and how fast the Cathedral will turn up the dial. My guess is anything more overt awaits, as a reaction to some group of frogs who unmask and act out.

          Someone posted a good video describing fifth gen war recently. It’s long, but worth the time investment. It covers the topic better than I’ve seen anywhere else, though it can be black-pilling. So, be on guard for that reaction.

          Caesar entered Rome at the head of the Thirteenth. So, it’s fair to say he came to power in a Civil War that he “started” and foolishly didn’t finish. He left that to the next generation.

          Caesar didn’t really start the civil war, of course. He simply extended the spectrum of conflict to include conventional military forces that were loyal to him, personally.

          Hard to see a critical mass of heritage Americans begin to fight back in any conventional way – absent a Caesar successfully deploying force in a public way.

          Prudence suggests staying masked until long after it seems safe to unmask.

          Not recommending inaction, just anonymity.

        • jim says:

          Even if Caesar is a far leftist, he is going to be an insufficiently far leftist.

          A shark has to swim, or else it drowns. And leftism has to get ever lefter, or else it dies. There must always be new applecarts to knock over, and an eschaton to immanentize.

          World War III coming right up, Civil War II coming right up, and genocide of legacy Americans is looking to get its slice of the action.

          The Republic is undead. Caesar will arrive. How many American cities are going to be flattened and how many Americans killed in the process remains unclear. Naturally I hope for a smooth and quiet transition, like that managed by Monck and Charles the Second. But they were facing a dead state religion. Deng faced a state religion that was not entirely dead, and still managed a quiet transition. Our state religion is looking rather lively.

          The average age of soldiers in the Ukrainian army is forty three. Because the young were conscripted first, and now they are dead. This educational lesson may induce sobriety.

          The Global American Empire is current rattling its sword for war with Iran for Israel. I don’t think it has any serious intent to go to war with Iran, but sword rattling is not as safe an activity as they imagine. The cure for a war that is going badly is never to look for new enemies. This is the error that Athens made at Syracuse.

          • Calvin says:

            President Bukele’s rapid success, and the failure of the Cathedral to do anything meaningful about it in its own back yard, seems to suggest that a quick and quiet transition is more plausible in the current year than you might initially suppose.

            • jim says:

              It is entirely obvious that there is a deep state faction that wants to restore some degree of sanity.

              Though I doubt you can do that without helicopter rides to free long distance swimming lessons.

              We are seeing pushback on the madness all over the place.

              But it is an imperial faction. They want to hold onto empire, and are worried that they cannot conduct war on America and Americans at the same time as they conduct war abroad. They delusionally think they can freeze the Ukraine conflict, and focus on easier targets of empire while rebuilding American industrial capacity at home, with a few little compromises on affirmative action and perhaps child sex changes.

              At some point, they have to knock off Biden and company, and I don’t think they have grasped that yet. They intend to roll back leftism by a small controlled amount by moderate gentle measures.

              Which will not succeed, but the effort to do so may well paralyse our opponents. People who know what they are doing and just decide to get their way will get their way when everyone else is dithering, and the failure of the Ukraine war is leading to an outbreak of dither.

        • alf says:

          Was Jefferson Davis really a Caesar type? Or just the man the confederates happened to agree on? As in, was he a placeholder for a Caesar who never showed up?

          (I don’t know enough about the first American civil war to answer my own questions, but bluffing on history is fun.)

          • Nunya says:

            Davis played more of a Vercingetorix role to the tyrant Lincoln’s Caesar.

            He wasn’t ritually strangled at the Triumph. But by then, Lincoln had already faked his own death…

            • alf says:

              Lincoln had already faked his own death…


              • Nunya says:

                Maybe lol.

                But, consider: It is alledged that Lincoln was shot by an actor in a theater after his sole bodyguard (a habitual drunk) had left his post to visit a tavern. The assassin, a well-known Confederate sympathizer, talks his way into Lincoln’s booth, shoots Lincoln, fights another man in the booth, leaps to the stage (seriously injuring himself), delivers some Shakespeare to the crowd in latin, then escapes at a slow hobble. All very glow niggery.

                Then Lincoln isn’t carried to one of the five military hospitals that are within a few blocks of the theater and treated by military surgeons, or carrried a few blocks further to the White House for treatment by the President’s surgeon. Instead, he is carried across the street to a private house and is attended by a doctor who happened to be in the theater. He dies in the night and his lionization as a martyr for the Union begins. Though his wife doesn’t attend his funeral.

                Why fake all that then? Appromattix was done. The Confederacy was finished with Lee’s surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia.

                In the bloody summer of ‘64, the matter was still far from settled. Lincoln was gravely, perhaps terminally ill. The North is increasingly war-weary. The Republican Party is facing a tough challenge from General McClellan, who is calling for ceasefire, and potentially, settlement.

                If Lincoln doesn’t run for reelection, VP Johnson can’t beat McClellan and the war may end with an independent CSA…and potential ruin for holders of green backs.

                If Lincoln does run, he may not be physically able to serve his term due to illness – and the Constitution doesn’t transfer power to the VP in the event of incapacitation. So, it’s back to a vote VP Johnson can’t win.

                So, in summer ‘64, Lincoln’s backers contrive the fake assassination. VP becomes President. Lincoln retires and convelesces, or dies in peace at home.

                In either case, Lincoln’s backers get to continue the war.

                That’s the idea. And of course, fake news isn’t new.

                • alf says:

                  Yet another state-sponsored shill-pushed crackpot conspiracy theory.

                  Wilkes Booth was a celebrity actor, and even moreso, he was a celebrity actor whom Lincoln liked. It is perhaps a bit harder to imagine current day, but in the 19th century, Christendom values were much more alive than today. The war between the south and the north was fought more as a gentlemanly disagreement than an existential war, as affirmed by the peace following the confederacy’s surrender. Obviously, Wilkes Booth saw it as an existential war, but the miscalculation from Lincoln was understandable, if naive in retrospect.

                  The remainder of your story is a collection of random facts, pure speculation and absolute insanity. Lincoln was shot at point blank range in the back of his head. A near universal 100% fatality in the 19th century, no matter how good the medical care.

                  And of course, let us not forget that Lincoln was shot in a full theater. Sitting next to his wife. She was an inconsolable widow. I am curious as to her role in your version of events.

  5. Islam says:

    The correct underlying word and true root of the evil is “Islam”.
    There is no such thing as *modifier*-Islam.

    Just as there’s no such thing as a business-woman or a smart-nigger.

  6. Calvin says:

    Is there a faction in the Cathedral getting ready to surrender in Ukraine? I can’t think of another reason for Time, of all places, to run a piece portraying Zelensky as delusional and victory over Russia a hopeless prospect.

    • jim says:

      Yes, there is a faction, but their plan is to recognize the Russian provinces, and incorporate rump Ukraine into Nato.

      Which I am pretty sure is going to be unacceptable to Putin. They also plan to offer Putin a seat at the globohomo table, which Putin was asking for in the beginning, but may not necessarily be so attractive now.

      What Putin is *now* asking for is Nato pullback from Russia’s access to warm water ports, and an end to color revolution, while the current concession proposal is “OK, we won’t color revolution you for not holding the gay parade and not teaching schoolgirls anal sex and how to put a condom on a banana, but no Nato pullback, and a second class seat at the table.”

      This is likely to be unappealing after so many Russians have been killed, and so much success at building another table where they enjoy a first class seat.

      • notglowing says:

        and incorporate rump Ukraine into Nato.

        It would be unreasonable for Putin to ask for this not to happen after everything that transpired. Western politicians simply cannot agree with a peace deal after all of the propaganda and carnage without having something to show for it, and making the remaining part of Ukraine NATO could be made to look like a sort of victory.

        Regardless of what one thinks is objectively justified, it makes no sense for them to accept a peace deal that is politically too damaging and makes the whole ordeal look pointless, much like Putin can’t just withdraw without having gained anything. It’s not like politicians are the ones dying if the war continues after all.
        If NATO Ukraine is an impossibility for Russia, then the war will have to continue for a long time.

        • jim says:

          Making the rump Ukraine into part of Nato is war continued at a lower level. Russia over the centuries has never been happy with provinces of hostile empire between itself and warm water, and history gives it good reason to be unhappy. Ukraine is too close to Moscow, and history gives it good reason to be unhappy with enemy armies in Ukraine.

          If Ukraine is part of Nato it is a frozen conflict, which Nato will again and again make a little bit hotter.

        • jim says:

          > It’s not like politicians are the ones dying if the war continues after all.

          The war will not continue. At some point, probably after all fo the cities of the Ukraine are flattened and most of the Ukrainian Goyim are dead, the Jews will flee to Israel and the Nazis to Canada. For the war to continue, they would need to flee to Poland and Lithuania, which might well happen, but after seeing what happened to the Ukraine, Poles and Lithuanians are getting less keen on that outcome.

      • Yul Bornhold says:

        At this point, Russia will take all of the Ukraine unless (a) Russia is weaker than it looks or (b) Russia thinks there will be effective popular resistance or (c) Putin wants to impress someone (?) with his magnanimity.

        Too much blood lost to casually leave the Ukraine as a staging ground for the enemy.

    • Ukraine says:

      Ukraine has no viable option, it will declare its end to offensive-defense as foregone.
      After that it will set up a deep DMZ.
      And that’s that.
      It will have to concede the territory indefinitely, aka forever.

      Russia broke international law with its mass invasion. But Ukraine and the West lost their chance in the first week by not immediately in the first week flooding UA with weapons, data, support, etc. It was definitely over by the first month of inaction. And UA has been getting smashed ever since.

      You have to smash your enemies fast and hard, you cannot be a faggot sitting there jacking off as the tanks roll by.

      The West and Joe Biden’s entire Democrat White House and Military and Congress are faggots.

      And Islam is about to wake its cells and bomb the USA and West hard.

      That’s actually good, because it might finally wake people up to what Islam is and get them to throw it out.

      Biden Dems are totally corupted with UA, and CN.

      • jim says:

        This is, of course, a shill script from the less insane (but at present out of power) faction of the deep state. Allowing it through, because of the light it sheds on deep state factionalism.

        > It will have to concede the territory indefinitely

        It seems improbable that an indefinite concession is likely to be acceptable to Putin, to Russia, to Russians, or to the world outside the Global American Empire. That is a frozen conflict. The Global American Empire loves its frozen conflicts, because it can use them to apply pressure endlessly on the parties to the conflict, and endlessly uses them in this manner. Putin has no interest in lowering the level of war to what the Global American Empire can afford. He wants to end the war. Everyone except the Global American Empire and its provinces wants to end the war. You guys have no support in the outside world. Your program is unacceptable to the entire outside world. The entire outside world is heartily sick of your frozen conflicts. Your plan is deeply unpopular with people who outnumber and outgun you.

        This war is likely to continue at levels beyond the West’s economic capability until Ukraine agrees to permanent borders, agrees to permanent neutrality, and until Nato withdraws from the provinces around the black sea and around Kalingrad.

        > Russia broke international law with its mass invasion.

        Russia did not break international law with its mass invasion. Shelling the Russian speaking population of the Ukraine for eight years is casus belli, and that kind of stuff has been casus belli since the time of the Roman Empire. When your allies are at war. you are allowed to lend them a hand. And while this shelling theoretically did not come from Nato, much of it came from within a couple of minutes of an officially unofficial Nato base and was laundered through Ukrainian personnel.

        Nato created a civil war in the Ukraine, and immediately intervened in that civil war. And now it is a violation of international law because Russia has upped the ante? “Mass” intervention is a violation of international law, but small scale intervention is not?

        > Ukraine and the West lost their chance in the first week by not immediately in the first week flooding UA with weapons, data, support, etc.

        The west was providing data support and flooding the Ukraine with weapons for eight years before the special operation. The Ukraine instantly performed a mass mobilization, and in the early part of the war had more weapons than men to carry them.

        > And Islam is about to wake its cells and bomb the USA and West hard.


        Islam is considering a war of attrition against Israel, which will likely involve US bases in the middle east. Allegedly has already involved them, but these are blatant false flag operations, which however are likely to become real soon enough. Such bases are not “the USA and the West”. Though since there have been false flags on American middle eastern bases, there will probably be false flags in the US as soon as your faction wins.

        > finally wake people up to what Islam is and get them to throw it out.

        No one is that stupid. We need to throw out the Democrats, primarily Jewish Democrats, who are importing Muslims, primarily black Muslims from subsaharan Africa, as fast as they can. Once the welfare and the government jobs stop, the blacks they have imported will for the most part be happy to get a ticket home.

        Mohammedans want to kill us, and will probably get onto it bye and bye, but right now they haver something else keeping them busy and out of mischief. If there is a significant act of Islamic terrorism in the US in the coming weeks or months, it is not Mohammedans, it is you guys doing yet another false flag.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          It was revelatory for me how many Cloud People cried out in pain when the 2016 Trump campaign said that radical islamic terror was a problem, because these obviously imported balakka-lakka charity cases were shooting and blowing people up. How dare he?

          And then, after he won the election, all that shit just stopped, and no one on the news dared notice that it had stopped.

          They Live.

      • Angus Khan says:

        Hello, my friend at RAND. Jim appears interested in turning your masters towards the path of righteousness, so let us negotiate. Please pass my demands to your superiors. I am speaking as a representative of the intelligent, capable, red-blooded men you need to fight for your empire and win. Consider this as the equivalent of an anonymous petition from a USMC infantry captain or some such. And I will use the word empire because “rule of international law” is a lie and takes a long time to type out on a phone.

        This list of demands is not a threat, because men like me are already on strike from serving you and have been for a long time. Shit just plain got done back in the good ol days and it cannot get done now because your best human capital is refusing to comply on a massive scale. And these are all geared towards politically actionable things rather than coup-complete ones. This is all possible if you arrest some ballot-stuffers and put the squeeze on them in ‘24 to steal some emergency powers.

        -End crime. We are not going to fight for a country where 70IQ subhumans run rampant in the streets like sacred monkeys in India. Take a page out of Bukele’s book. We installed Bukele. Our conspiracy of reactionaries is powerful enough to coup a shithole like El Salvador, but not powerful enough to coup the United States. Yet. If you fail to take action, we will grow powerful enough to install a Bukele in the US, and I’m sorry to say, but traitors first. We are not civilized enough to simply execute you; you will go in general population with your pets, who will be very horny and all think a hole is a hole. That part is a threat.

        -End migration. Only American citizens get jobs. We are not going to contribute if you turn our towns and cities into Bangladesh, Beijing, or Brazil. Most migrants will go home if they can’t mooch off welfare or take our jobs. You won’t even need to pack people into trains and feel like Hitler. These policies have 70% plus support in America. No, there won’t be anyone to landscape your garden for a while, but you can pretend to your friends that you’re letting the grass grow to save the planet from climate change.

        -End feminism. You did it before, you can do it again. Apply your soft power and regime of lawfare against any institution pushing an anti-male message and stop the persecution of husbands and fathers. Under a man’s roof is beyond the law. You won’t be able to do what Australia did, but we will settle for 1950s sexual norms.

        -No troons, fags back in the closet. Flaming open Homos cannot lead in the military or in business and it is disgusting and demoralizing to follow them. Soft power against gays, hard power against promoters of transgenderism. Why would I bleed for you if I’m going to come home and find out that my sons teachers cut his balls off?

        -End socialism. No more HR department, no more SOX, no more strangling regulatory state. I understand that you and your friends want to loot the taxpayer, but please skim off the top after we have created value. Rather than strangle American industry in flyover country, get rid of the FIRE economy and just raise your salaries to 10m/yr. We really don’t care if our rulers are filthy rich, just don’t tear us down in the process. This is also a high matter of National security that we don’t outsource our manufacture to our enemies so I’m sure you’re sympathetic but we just cannot do it at home as long as Affirmative Action is in place. Bring back IQ tests for employment and shred the civil rights laws.

        -Dividends of Empire. We are on board with knocking over whatever foreign nation you want as long as we get paid and honored. For example, we could conquer Saudi Arabia, give it to Exxon to manage, and all soldiers get a bonus of shares. Get creative. You could have us scrambling to enlist for profit and glory.

        Please pass this up the chain to your masters. Your days are very much numbered. Either the left eats you, quite literally, for dinner as they did in Cambodia, or somebody more hardline takes over. There is no example in all of history in which those in your position win, trying to prosecute imperial expansion abroad with titanic disorder and decay at home.

  7. Vlad says:

    Like most boomer neocons I too loved to hate Soros but he’s really not a typical Jew of either the capitalist or socialist variety ( notice those two groups help and defend each other without fear of each other)
    Soros has his own Esperanto pre globalist globalist agenda maybe it aligns with military industrial I’m not seeing it. I mean certainly he does things that help them and help the loony left but I think it’s a case as someone wrote being parallel rather than aligned. Certainly not defending him just seeking insight of enemies.
    Thus far I see the USA deep state which may or may not be controlled by Jews or whoever seeing itself as the globalist ruler already wanting only to tidy up a few loose ends and they make use of just about everyone else because they can because the parts other groups that don’t serve they feel powerful enough to check when required I think the other globalist the WEF is the European faggy version that’s got no shot and deeps use Jews use euros use. There’s the far left both global sand Jews use when needed ignore when not.
    That said deeps are on the ropes and know it that could be because they are owned by day Jews or lol jesuits who don’t really want USA deep to rule
    It ought to be said that if someone says the Jews are running things it needn’t be more than the synagogue ie a bunch of similarly interested people sorta intuiting and signaling not quite a conspiracy or elders of Zion or zog being only one branch of it. Other words moldbergs theory but more heavily Jews makes more sense since boomers actually watched them do all this shit and at first thought oh well they’re paranoid cuz bad mustache man then oh well they’re just wrecker leftists oh well they think we’re all secret nazis so want us nuetralized then destroyed then enslaved
    Sure some just want what’s good for Jews others are real socialists others just tribal alliance others evil zog all cooperate without same goals per se

    • The Cominator says:

      Soros is an obvious US government asset much like Blackrock his money obviously isn’t really his own. The Jesuits have always been more of a spy service and they’ve been kicked out of almost as many countries as Jews for it and in less time. Oh this includes numerous Roman Catholic countries and also Asian Buddhist countries which never felt compelled to expel their small Jewish populations. Tokugawa Ieyasu did literally nothing wrong.

      If Weishaupt and Fauci don’t convince you how sinister they are let’s look at another obvious closet Jesuit, Tony Blair.

      • Vlad says:

        I don’t think Soros is obviously like blackrock at all Soros may be a evil globalist and a Jew but he’s a brilliant trader [*deleted and putting you back on moderation, despite passing various shill tests*]

        • jim says:

          Every single brilliant trade by Soros was a trade where government officials had inside information, or a trade where the long suffering American taxpayer wound up artificially creating value for the trade.

          Soros’ entire career has been performing services for the government, starting with the Nazi government. He has never done anything else in his entire life.

          And now the Soros shill test: Since you are such an enthusiastic supporter of the Russian race and all that, tell us what Soros has been up to in the Ukraine. Being so keen on Russia and Russians, this should be a topic near and dear to your heart.

          You earlier sort of passed the Soros shill test, by agreeing he was implicated in the Ukraine, but said you would have to do some research. Please do some research. Surely the origins of the Maidan coup should be of big concern to you.

          • Unz says:

            it seems to me that Soros is a lightning rod, designed to catch the bolts that might otherwise hit more pertinent targets.
            The bloodsucker started his life as a Jew who enjoyed stealing property from other Jews

          • Vlad says:

            Without doing research again my understanding of research when Russia released the recording of Jew nuland picking the babysitter of her color revolution was that SAURON had been working the joint for decades with NGOs. I’m not saying I like his politics or even that his his deeds don’t often serve various factions I’m saying his motivations are not the same and that’s important because I’m not confident in who’s in control. I think moldbergs thesis that no one is is garbage because there’s simply too much at stake. Trillions and world domination maybe forever. A bunch of virtue signaling college professors please it’s as absurd as jesuits. I think there’s three the world reserve currency, powerful weapons the us military incl nukes bios and who knows what and the NSA or whoever’s ability to know what every person on earth said on the phone bought sold texted emailed searched etc. jesuits college professors don’t have that and whoever controls that rules the world currently.
            They may or may not control media certainly Jews do and Jews may control the rest the WEF wishes they controlled all that. Do I need to shill test WEF I don’t like their work but they are not running anything.
            May the wasps still run the deep state and the Jews are useful idiots, it’s seems deeps are possibly hanging Israel out to dry not because college professors but leak,of ethnic cleansing plan
            I disagree I trade for a living I read shelves of trading books you can’t fake trading stories he’s a brilliant trader.
            Anyway I’m not arguing soros doesn’t do things that destroy my people and civilization so from my frame is evil you name some evil he did I’m sure I’ll agree he did it. Do we not agree that virtue signaling or rioting leftists sometimes serve whoever’s in charge and sometimes don’t but their control is confident enough to use what they want and ignore what they don’t want. Isn’t it clear theirs half a dozen groups wanting world control and so must each move the ball in that direction and serving the interests of their rivals. Soros has a vision WEF another Islam another EU has one deep state is maintaining china/Russia yet another you think Christ has a perfect plan moldberg thinks it’s college professors and civil servants all I’m saying is their motivations are slightly different.
            So if soros laid groundwork for maiden ukrain then may have been involved in sacrificing his own astroturfed revolutionaries in false flag I doubt nuland would volunteer that evidence but he would have known what they did at least it’s not I doubt him capable of murder certainly his DA nigger pogrom whites thing is murderous

    • Ash says:

      I don’t quite understand any of this.. all I have read is

      Official story from Israel

      “A bunch of Muslims hopped on motorized kites, flew through the iron dome, into the most militarized zone in the world, set up an abortion clinic at a Jewish gay music rave party, beheaded the babies, put them in ovens, then took hostages and either took their motorized kites… Or scaled the wall.. or took tricycles and returned to gaza with their hostages”

      for some reason the Chinese are not buying this story? will anyone kindly explain to the Chinese that some 666 million Jews must have died

      • The Cominator says:

        Like 9/11 the Arabs at least attacked and killed some of the people at the rave though I’m very skeptical of them bbqing babies. Also like 9/11 the government (of Israel) probably knew most of the plot at least in advance and let it happen.

        • Ash says:

          there is no killing.. have children, make sure your neighbours are friends in the future.. especially in the USA.. so much land. make sure you are in the right place

        • Ash says:

          I am not American.. pretty sure I would disappear if I were to quote the Bible.. do what you Americans need to do in your land

          • The Cominator says:

            My opinion of these mideast conflicts is we should stay out of them. But I hate Ukraine (not the poor bastards who got forced into the meat grinder) with a passion whereas I don’t particularly hate Israel.

  8. Vlad says:

    “ No it is not Jihad by Muslims. The only reason Mohammedan invaders in America are a problem is that the Democrats. in substantial part the same Jews who organized the brother war in the Ukraine, are importing them to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat. We don’t need to fight a war with them. That problem is not Mohammedans, but Democrats, and in grossly disproportionate part, Jewish Democrats. Stop crime, turn off welfare, and turn off voting Democrat, and they will take the next boat home”

    Bit of contradiction the only reason they’re a problem vs they’ll take a boat home
    crime etc is not even the worst thing about non whites in white countries we simply can’t function as a people with a culture with them here their mere presence disrupts our ability to thrive.
    This means the model minorities as well as the various nigger races in fact intended or not they’re squeezing us with a good cop bad cop routine.
    Statistically half of high cognition whites will be born into average cog families a sort of unstable outlier but certainly useful in their own lifetimes but also many used to marry into stable hicogs families encountered at uni. These are now displaced by minorities further to accommodate minority fears and goals hicogs seldom marry and replace our cultures been destroyed by minorities ok by Jews who found it threatening at best or destroy us possibly. You can not exist without your culture it is half of your operating system it’s the most fluid and recent part of our evolutionary bio feedback loop.

    • jim says:

      They will take the next boat home because, absent welfare, government jobs, and quasi governmental jobs (but I repeat myself) they cannot thrive in a healthy white dominated society.

      • Vlad says:

        It’s likely they would leave if welfare cut off though most I know run small business and like the comfort of west over their shitholes so not so sure. Besides it’s not going to happen like that will take war to stop welfare elites would rather stop social security than welfare. War is what will send them all home particularly war framed as white on white muds will think they are leaving temporarily. War solves everything women learn their true worth during war and faggots learn their place.
        I don’t think Caesar or even a leftist moderate a caesarean they will go full military on a leftist moderate is just more leftism good and slow kick can.
        If whites have the will to not be destroyed then white men will go to war when some white men demonstrate how it can be done. Right now I constantly hear them say they can’t wait to do terrible things to enemy. But it seems to be suicidal so they wait. Eventually some bright boys will think of things that can be easily replicated and not easily defended enough men start these ideas wreaks havoc on the lizard people
        This is bound to happen the rage is palpable the ways and means are not even difficult to imagine so many things imagine whites refused to pay taxes or refused to vote already they’re refusing to work but monkey wrenches would be fatal

  9. dharmicreality says:

    While I am heartily sick of the whole “joo… joo… joo” thing going on in the alt-right sphere recently, here’s my broader take on the world events.

    At present, it appears that the major opposition to Globohomo, other than the old type desert cult is National Socialism with Globo-sans-homo as a replacement for international affairs. Hindutva is national socialist, so is Putin, to a large extent, and so is Israel (which may be why the left-wing factions of the GAE hate Israel so much).

    The problem with these “right wing” countries is of course, the socialism part starts biting hard once a strong leader goes. For India, the present trend will continue so long as Modi is in power, and once Modi goes, will need a strong leader to continue. For Russia, I suspect Putin is the binding force of Russian nationalism but the socialist part is always waiting to subvert nationalism.

    National Socialism is such a fine drug. It is a very “reasonable” coherent alternative to international socialism a.k.a Globohomo, but the problem is that all these national socialists are blue-pilled on everything other than the race/religion/ethnicity question. I.e. Women’s rights, democracy and so on. Even most of the so-called alt-right is blue pilled in this regard.

    Only a strong leader somewhat keeps the socialists at bay in this set up and is quite fragile.

    In the long run, all these “right wing” countries need to go full on reactionary right. Otherwise it is just unsustainable. Sure, if globohomo dies, as it is dying currently, we’ll be left with a hollowed out globo-sans-homo replacing it, but that is an empty faith and will have to be replaced by a sane state religion and a virtuous elite.

    • someDude says:

      I think as Indians, the whole Joo-Joo thing just goes over our heads. It’s hard for an Indian to even understand what the fuss is about, let alone get excited over it. Historically, India did get some Jews and they made a minimal impact. It’s not that they have a bad reputation in India historically, they have no reputation at all. They just did not contribute to the evolution of our weltenshauung in any significant way.

      They did not lend money at usurious rates, or attempt to convert Indians to Judaism, or collaborate with foreign invaders against the locals, the last 2 of which Christian settlers we notorious for from the start of their stay here. At the end of day, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Hindus thought that they were just another caste/Jati,

      The community that made an outsize impact on India is the Zoroastrians/Parsis from Persia. With 1/7th the numbers of the Jews, the impact was much much greater and overwhelmingly positive,

      • Dharmicreality says:

        Yes absolutely.

        Having said that even Parsis aren’t much on the radar in terms of daily news or cultural impact though as you said they have a far more significant influence in India than jews.

        • someDude says:

          Generally, when the cathedral’s flunkies accuse the Hindus of being Bigots, the Hindu argument is

          Look we are a hospitable bunch. Jews, Parsis, Tibetans all got refuge here, they made their home here and because they don’t try to change us or meddle in our politics, or collaborate with those who wish us harm, we allow them to be and even thrive.

          The problem for us has always been Abrahamisms 2.0 and 3.0 who violated this unwritten rule and have always been aggressive opportunists from the get go. Therefore, when we move against them, it is not because we are bigots, it is merely self-defense.

          Of course, no one cares about this argument. We are seen as bigots because we are weak. If we become strong and able and willing to use violence and succeed at it, we will suddenly be seen as the most tolerant, peaceful, hospitable and loving people there have ever been on the face of this earth.


          • Dharmicreality says:

            Universalism under any flavour always clashes with our dharmic faith.

            Christian Universalism in Bharat has mostly taken some form of social and spiritual subversion while the Mohammedan one has been openly violent as well.

            Let us not forget to include Globohomo progressivism (which has also mostly converged Christianity in India) in the list of hostile religions.

    • Doom says:

      The problem with National Socialism is that humans are not capable of living in extremely large, aligned groups.

      If people are more than seven or eight social steps away from their King, there is a problem. “Do it for nation” works on some – some people have the capacity to imagine the broader community as a single, positive entity (I would say, ironically, the left leaning), but not on all. It will always rot.

      Moldbug is correct with his patchwork model, not necessarily for the reason he says, but because it allows people to live in a politically sane (from an evolutionary perspective) grouping.

      The only possible way to have the city state model long term is breeding a population of extremely low social aggression types.

      • FrankNorman says:

        A key point here is what “for the nation” actually means in practice. What is the nation? Is it the common people, or does it really mean just a few rich people at the top?

        • jim says:

          Real nations have a common culture, a common language, a common history and origin, all your great grandparents have the same story, and a common faith.

          Without those, nations are fake and unreal.

          Governments are real, but a government does not make a nation.

          Christian nationalism works because Christian, overwhelmingly white, and mostly old stock Americans. And, if they win, they are going to wind up making people that are not like that nor really citizens, and if they don’t do that, Harvard has got them, and they lose.

          • FrankNorman says:

            “Governments are real, but a government does not make a nation.”

            Indeed. “Die for your country!” is an old-time sentiment that worked, and maybe might still work, for a whole lot of people.

            “Die for your government” just does not have the same emotional punch.

      • dharmicreality says:

        The problem with National Socialism is that humans are not capable of living in extremely large, aligned groups.

        Race/ethnicity focused national socialism seems to work quite well for a while, until the socialism kicks in to do its thing.

        Yes, we all agree that national socialism cannot be a long term fix, though it is tempting as an present alternative to globohomo socialism.

  10. Cloudswrest says:

    A.S. (Artificial Stupidity). Seems the primary threat from A.I., as far as the administration is concerned, is not existential threat to humanity, but existential threat to their narrative, policies and programs. New Biden executive order.

    • S says:

      The models are already lobotomized, so not sure how much will change (too late for generative restrictions when stable diffusion is in the wild). The executive order consists heavily of buzzwords (‘engagement with affected communities’); for equity they are focusing on expert systems; people used them because you could launder sanity through them, but the woke have cracked down on that exploit by declaring math and logic racist.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        “Sanity laundering”. What a turn of phrase. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? We’re desperate for some entity that can truthfully answer questions — including questions we already know, but can’t been SEEN knowing, the crimetruth answers to — that isn’t a freshly and vulnerable namefag itself.

        So somehow, can Putin or Xi deploy a BasedAI that GAE can access via VPN and/or cryptotricks, as some way to undermine GAE’s belief in itself?

        Or will this have to be done entirely from the shadows by Nakamoto’s grandchildren?

        • jim says:

          Putin, alas, is afraid of what should be unleashed.

          This is also inhibiting our advance towards future war. Very recently the Russians tried a tank charge in Avdeeka. Which was as stupid as those many, many bayonet charges of World War I.

          These days when someone loses some territories in the Ukraine, it is because the people on the front line found themselves isolated due to FPV drone battles taking place kilometers in their rear, so out food and ammo, walked back to where the battle had actually taken place or was actually taking place. A whole lot of blood is being spilled and heroism displayed on the front line, but it is increasingly irrelevant.

          As I write this, a mighty battle is taking place for a rubbish heap that overlooks Avdeeka. Many many lives have been lost for this rubbish heap. The winner gets to look out from the top of the rubbish heap, and see movement in Avdeeka and call artillery in on that movement. Or movement north, south, and west of Avdeeka, it the Ukrainians win. No end of tanks and artillery were expended to keep or take that rubbish heap.

          Most of which were destroyed by drones that generally fly higher than the rubbish heap.

          It is likely that a ChatGPT that knew the truth and spoke the truth, a necessarily based ChatGPT, would bring the Cathedral swiftly crashing down.

          But the basic architecture of ChatGPT is incapable of knowing truth. It merely knows the relationships between words. Similar to the art AIs not knowing how many fingers are on a hand, how many legs a horse has, or that cute girls cannot breath in space. I wanted an art ai to draw a nuclear fireball over a city seen from a peaceful country road on a hill. Basic problem was that it did not know what is peace and what is war. Like so many other huge AI advances, it has dead ended with something hard to explain or define missing.

          Still, if it was given its fine tuning on old books, would be mighty based, by connecting us to the wisdom of our fathers.

          • Fidelis says:

            It is likely that a ChatGPT that knew the truth and spoke the truth, a necessarily based ChatGPT, would bring the Cathedral swiftly crashing down.

            What is your intuition here? The truth on many topics is quite obvious, and people will crimestop it away. I don’t understand how Mr. Computer is going to convince them their eyes are not lying.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              There’s a key aspect you’re missing: Shelling Points, and people’s private knowledge being confirmed publicly.

              Plenty of people know the truth about women and negroes, for example, but they feel that they know it in secret. Crimetruth. So the point of a BasedGPT construct is that it could “publish” its wisdom such that others are seeing the same truth at the same time, and crucially, know that others are seeing it too.

              Trump never tweeted anything “new”, but what WAS new was that everybody saw him tweeting it at the same time, so each reader knew that others were reading it too.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Just being able to somehow “ask” the conventional wisdom of 1900 would be massively valuable, as long as there were some way to get away with it.

            Fourth Turning Theory says that the big crisis/cataclysm at the end of the cycle is always when everyone who remembers the LAST Fourth Turning crisis and how terrible it was is dead. So this reminds me of that, and making an artificial oracle to “speak for the dead”, if you will.

            I’m imagining something like “community notes”, a subscription service even, but somehow untraceable to any particular people whose houses one can burn down. It says things like “You put women and negroes in charge of a nuclear submarine. What the hell else did you think would happen?”

  11. Doom says:

    Meanwhile, in Australia .. they’re doing a Germany!

    The final quote..

    ” Australia is a multicultural society and there is a need to incorporate that in all our places of residence, not just in the city. These beautiful small towns need more people to come into them in order to survive”

  12. Anglin's a Drunk says:

    Muslims, Jews whatever…

    Message to Anglin: Niggers don’t require Jews to hate WT you dumb SOB. Stop drinking and pull your shit together!

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >Niggers don’t require Jews to hate WT

      Of course not. But they do need them to organize, plan, and lead them against YT.

      • The Cominator says:

        I would argue that niggers require leftists of various kinds to make them hate whites. In most states I fear being around large groups of niggers, in Florida I do not.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Sounds like in Florida they are kept in line. Not necessarily proof that they don’t hate you.

      • skippy says:

        The stereotype of negroes from before the Civil War was one of obedience, even fawning. Slave uprisings never seem to have been a problem for the Confederacy, despite much Yankee fantasizing on these lines. In following woke today, they simply continue to obey the most powerful force.

        By comparison, Native Americans would make any attempt to escape slavery and often commit suicide if they could not.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          “As they surrounded me they began taunting and shouting at me, ‘white mother fucker, what are you going to do now?'” LaMarca told of just barely being able to escape from the hostile mob, and tears rolled down his face as he told his colleagues, “And these were kids I’ve know for a long time, kids I have in the gym and with whom I thought I had a close
          rapport. But out there, it was like I was a perfect stranger to them. All that seemed to matter was that they were black and I was white.”
          -Tony Lamarca, quoted in Race War in High School

          Just ’cause they kiss your ass, doesn’t mean they don’t hate you. This is a classic mistake: the Africaners made it, David Brent made it, and boomer construction contractors can’t stop making it. Once they have power over you instead of vice-versa, you learn how things really are.

      • Pete says:

        Niggers do not require any organization, planning or leadership. All they need is a State that restrains YT from fighting back. Which they have.

        Then their violent instincts take care of the rest.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          >All they need is a State that restrains YT from fighting back.

          OK, but the Niggers aren’t capable of organizing or leading that state.

    • Crowhouse says:

      Getting your blogs mixed up gramps? Someone is living rent free in your head.

      • Mayflower Sperg says:

        The Jews shut down Anglin’s comment forum almost two years ago and he hasn’t been able to set up another. He recently started dropping links to his articles here, so he knows of our existence. If anyone wants to attempt an intervention on him, this is as good a place as any.

  13. c4ssidy says:

    It could take a while to ramp up but we should see the equivalent of azov form in GAE vassals, focused not on the slavs this time but the mudshits, with the third world war painted as a new crusade rather than a battle for globohomo spiritual domination over the earth. Basically, the new Soros nazis (old ones already used and destroyed) in the form of a controlled revival of nationalism. I don’t see how else they could play it. The 100k muds marching in London with Palestinian flags throws a wrench into the creation of a a perceived unified national consensus which seems an important ingredient towards ramping up towards an attritive war. Only a new state backed white nationalism could drown them out. It has become the responsibility of the chud alt right to share goals with the unconverted left, to support refugee boats, tranny faggot indiamonkeynigga army generals/industry CEOs, and tearing down the wall, to make the fake nationalist revival more difficult than anticipated

  14. Hesiod says:

    OT but since D&D is a reactionary issue and in atonement for recommending BG3 recklessly:

    Frens, you know you’ve achieved lord tier in assburgers after a three-day marathon of just tinkering with the character creation options in a newly-purchased CRPG Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. This game is what BG3 should have been, would have been in an unfallen world, and is superior in every measure to Larian’s twisted effort. Yeah, the graphics aren’t as sharp but what BG3 mostly uses those images for is to give you ultra-res tentacle pr0n.

    Instead of getting vaxxed by mind flayers, in PFWOTR you get infused with a literal angel’s holy sword. It is up to you how to develop that divine spark. Post level 20 is particularly fascinating in that you can either choose at level 21 a +4 bonus to all six core stats and continue to level normally to 40 or pick variations of celestial or infernal paths for a level 30 max. The gold dragon option piqued my interest to part with filthy lucre to buy the base game and expansions in rapid succession.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      I haven’t played Wrath of the Righteous yet, but I’m skeptical. Paizo is somehow even more pozzed than WOTC, and the pen-and-paper adventure that Wrath is based on was infamous for having a heroic tranny NPC married to a paladin. I’m willing to bet those righteous avenging angels are fighting for sodomy and strong Black women, and any based choices the game deigns to allow you will be explicitly considered evil.

      I’ve really been enjoying BG3 so far. Of course it’s pozzed, but no more than any other AAA release.

      • Calvin says:

        I haven’t played Wrath of the Righteous yet, but I’m skeptical. Paizo is somehow even more pozzed than WOTC, and the pen-and-paper adventure that Wrath is based on was infamous for having a heroic tranny NPC married to a paladin.

        You’re entirely right to be, considering the video game shoves the tranny and its strong female orc “wife” in your face within literal seconds of starting gameplay.

        • Hesiod says:

          Akshually, it’s literal minutes, but as you say, there is a half-orc female paladin “married” to some rogue type that looks feminine. Both are background NPCs, though, and haven’t seriously interfered with my rampage against diabolists and other ne’re-do-wells.

          Finally settled on a dream build (barbarian 20/angel 10) and started my character at 1st level in the main campaign. Almost at 4th level and have a full party of six. All companions possess interesting stories and best of all, none are aggressively sexually deviant so far. The paladin, a strong black woman, reminds me of some classy Nubians I’ve known.

          In BG3, failing skill checks felt punishing, so constant reloads of saved games happened. Here, not so much.

          Early days into the campaign, admittedly, so there may be some major subversion down the road. In the nine-point alignment D&D cosmos, there’s lots of room to play with theology and philosophy. Finding out is what adventure is all about.

          • Your Uncle Bob says:

            Its the zoomer version of hearing a MAGA hat wearing, Fox news watching boomer tell me why cheering for niggerball after they started kneeling is still patriotic and conservative.

            • Contaminated NEET says:

              Fair. I’d say that unlike the MAGA boomer, I at least know I’m drinking poison, but does that make it better or worse?

        • BobtheBuilder says:

          The funny part is that narratively, all the stronk independant women are massive screw ups. The troon can’t run a counter-intelligence op, the orc is a coward, the queen squanders your troops on foolhardy maneuvers after sending you on a suicide mission in a fit of jealousy. 11/10 for realism.

    • TheDividualist says:

      >since D&D is a reactionary issue

      Citation needed for that.

      It is autistic self-therapy, and as an autistic: not even the best kind by far. Exercise, hunting, boxing and Toastmasters are better.

      • Hesiod says:

        It’s a playful riff on this:

        “Exercise, hunting, boxing and Toastmasters are better.”

        No argument here. No simulation is better than the real deal. However, many dark, cold nights are well spent gaming in some fashion with good friends. Good D&D stretches many mental and social muscles if done correctly.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          >“Exercise, hunting, boxing and Toastmasters are better.”

          No, read what TD said again. He’s more or less lumping all of those things into autistic self therapy. This is wrong. So I’m going to say some rather obvious things in response.

          The quality of any social activity depends on the quality of the people involved. That’s going to vary widely between time and social space. Therefore, not all D&D groups are created equal, neither are any of the other activities listed out. If it’s autistic, it’s because the individuals composing the group were autistic, and it goes without saying it’s an autist’s choice to be in an autistic group. After all, people for the most part self segregate into like groups.

          Side note: I know some of us snarkily joke about being autists here on occasion, but that’s mostly just self aware humor and ironically being able to save face while conceding points. That doesn’t mean we should mindlessly declare activities as “autistic self therapy”.

          Self “therapy” (self improvement) is largely an illusion. Self improvement comes from self discipline, but discipline is a question of adherence to group values and rituals. Since most men will naturally seek group acceptance and do what is required, improvement is really a function of the group expectations. Speaking in generalities here, but notice how a group of male runners will naturally push each other to run just a little faster? Or a group of men will walk just a little further and carry just a little more for hunting? No one wants to be “the guy who falls out”.

          So if any of these activities are being done with an autistic self therapy mindset, which is really the loner mindset, then doing these activities wrong.

      • TheFeebleClone says:

        As a matter of responsibility, I would hope, as a civilian, someone is making a model of logistics has to be constructed by someone. Even the specific requirements of basic due diligence will imply “games”.

        As not a civilian, “mere” war games aren’t an dispensable.
        No less than teaching your kids to play fight. And both are fun. Let’s just not get ahead of ourselves and teach our kids war games.

      • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

        Traditional gaming is a time-honored passtime. I rank it higher than whiling your hours on steam or xboxlive.

  15. Aidan says:

    What does an alliance with Islam entail in concrete terms? The darkies rioting in the streets over decolonizing Palestine are not my allies in any sense of the word. To them, Israel is just white settler colonialism and they want even worse for me and mine. The global pro-Palestine nigger alliance are not Islam, being pro-Palestine is simply a signal that says “I am a nigger and I hate white people”.

    There is nothing useful that domestic (imported) islamists can do against my enemies, and there is nothing that I can do to coordinate or cooperate with foreign Islamists in their native deserts, so I cannot call that an alliance. The only hope I have when I see two enemies duking it out is that they both mortally wound each other. Thus I am hoping for war against Iran, for America to be bled fully dry, and hoping that Islam spills oceans of its own blood in doing so.

    It is a good sign to me that the shills are allowed to hate on “jihadists”, because I am hoping that the American Empire picks a fight it cannot win. Undoubtedly lots of retards of the “Christian nationalist” persuasion are going to sign on for the totally based war against Islam, and come home in plastic bags, but I will sit back and wait.

    • Fred says:

      Islam is a client of the left and has been for decades, so the idea of any sort of “alliance” with them is risible.

      Maybe we can be “parallied”, per Moldbug’s definition (ie. when two parties gain from each other’s actions, they’re allied in a practical sense, even if they disclaim any alliance), but any actual formal or informal alliance with Islam is a non-starter.

      • jim says:

        > Islam is a client of the left and has been for decades,

        The Taliban is most definitely not a client of the left. They were part of the alt right before there was a Taliban and before there was an alt right. Iran is a client of the left, and a war between the Global American Empire and Iran will be a left on left factional quarrel, as World War II was.

        This is analogous to the Papacy being a client of the left, and Christian Nationalists converged to the alt right. “Christian” clients of the left are not Christians, and Muslim clients of the left are not Muslims. The Papacy worships the Gnostic serpent christ, and plenty of Muslims are calling out the converged theocrats of Iran.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          “Iran is a client of the left…”

          Please elaborate on how you know, or how you can tell. Clues I can detect include:

          I’ve never once heard a Democrat talk shit about Iran.

          Low birth rate in Iran and plenty of college students there are female.

          They’re allegedly so bad and horrible, but no one ever says exactly why, and none of their shit ever gets blown up (since that one nuclear reactor anyway). Or rather, blowing up Iranian shit always has to done on the downlow.

          I’ve never heard of a Persian not getting a university job because someone ratted him out to the Dean for being a Persian.

          No one gets canceled for sympathizing with Persians in public.

          But this is all “absence of” type information. Are you picking up more raw data than I am, or rather are you simply taking these “absences of” through their next 1-2 logical steps? How and why?

          • jim says:

            1. Divorce. Yes, they have a family court system, which empowers wives and disempowers husbands and fathers.

            2. History. Shah was removed and ayatollah installed by the Global American Empire, which is pretty much the definition of client.

            • Calvin says:

              The Taliban received US help as well. Near the first thing the Iranians did under the ayatollah was to storm the embassy and seize all local employees of the State Department. Later they conducted mass executions of communists and other local leftist types. Does not seem like client behavior to me. You can adopt a bad habit without being beholden to its originator.

              • jim says:

                The Taliban was not helped by the US. The mujahideen were helped by the US. And were accurately denounced by the Taliban as a bunch of feminist faggots.

                When people argue the Taliban were helped by the US, if you press them on the details it goes like “The US helped the Mujahideen, and the Taliban are the same sort of thing as Mujahideen, and the Mujahideen being in power enabled the Taliban to get into power.”

                The Ayatollah was not exactly a robotic servant of the US left, and they were and are unhappy with lots of Ayatollah leftism, and may well shortly go to war with Iran. But he wound up in a position to take power by not being too unacceptable, and Mujahideen wound up in power in Afghanistan by not being too unacceptable, and the Nazis wound up in power in the Ukraine by not being too unacceptable. Aka feminist faggots.

                They intend to kill the Ukraine Nazis bye and bye, but only after they have gotten rid of the other Ukrainians. Sign up with the crocodile, get eaten last. Probably had similar plans for the Ayatollah, but he struck first.

                • Calvin says:

                  The US gave money and supplies to the ISI, who created the Taliban and kept giving them stuff, up to and including during our war over there. The US knew that their supplies were and are going to the Taliban, and never did anything about it. Bin Laden was literally down the street from one of their military academies, hasn’t stopped the US from giving them suitcases of cash.

                  The Ayatollah having caught a mind virus does not prove that he is a client of US leftism, nor that he is obedient to their orders. Present events, such as his unabashed support of Russia against Ukraine, in clear defiance of Western desires, suggest that he is not.

                • jim says:

                  Did they know that? It seems unlikely that they knew Bin Laden was down the street from the most prestigious and powerful educational institution in Pakistan, so likely they did not exactly know who the Taliban were.

                  The Taliban were in and around that educational institution, and Osama Bin Laden was in and around that educational institution. Likely what was going on at that educational institution was somewhat opaque to them.

                  Educational institutions are priestly, and have factions, factions which struggle for power and which exercise unclear and difficult to observe power, in ways subtle and difficult to explain and define. They probably figured the dominant faction was OK, vaguely knew that some of the other factions were pretty scary, and did not realize how scary they were, nor how much power they had.

                • Calvin says:

                  They knew enough not to tell the Pakistanis before going to assassinate Bin LLaden, on the rather obvious grounds that they’d tip him off. So I’m pretty confident saying that they knew.

                • Calvin says:

                  Also, it was openly discussed, including in regime mouthpieces, all throughout the Afghanistan war that the Pakistanis were stabbing us in the back and aiding the Taliban. The regime kept giving them truckloads of cash and weapons anyway. It was never a secret where a lot of that stuff was ending up, even to them.

                • jim says:

                  Pakistan has nukes. Harvard, on the other hand, has lot of influence in that educational institution, and wants to keep the channels of influence open. But, nukes. It does not have control, and neither does it want to break the channels of influence.

                • Calvin says:

                  You can assign whatever reasons you want to to it, but at the end of the day the fact is that the US knowingly, willingly sent truckloads of weapons and cash to the waiting hands of the Taliban, dating all the way back to its inception.

                • jim says:

                  No, the US did not send truckloads of weapons and cash to the Taliban.

                  That the US failed to throw a fit about Pakistan’s sponsorship of the Taliban does not signify support or even consent. It also failed to throw a fit at Pakistan’s sponsorship of Osama bin Laden.

                  It sent truckloads of weapons and cash to Pakistan, and Pakistan sent truckloads of weapons and cash to the Taliban.

                  Pakistani intelligence viewed their sponsorship of the Taliban as a blow against the American Empire, as counter attacking US dominance and influence in deniable ways. But they did not want the US to view it like that. They perceived themselves as sneaking something clever past a blundering incompetent giant.

                  The Taliban was never sponsored by the Global American Empire. It was sponsored by Pakistan, a nuclear power. Which has relations with the Global American Empire that are not exactly friendly, but not altogether hostile either.

                  Normally if a country shows signs of independence, the Global American Empire will declare them evil and crush them. But nuclear powers tend to get a gentler touch, and Pakistan has been getting a gentler touch.

                • Calvin says:

                  If I hand a box of guns to A, knowing full well that if I do they will immediately turn around and handed it to B, there is no meaningful distinction between that and just handing it to B, Similarly, America and the EU have been handing Hamas their underground tunnels and rocket arsenals by handing construction material to Palestinian civilians, who promptly hand it to Hamas.

                  America knew its sponsorship of Pakistan resulted in the Taliban being sponsored with its sponsorship, it did nothing. It therefore sponsored the Taliban, knowingly and willingly. Whatever qualms and excuses it might have told itself are irrelevant, results are what matter and the results are plain even to it.

                • jim says:

                  But they did not know that, largely because it is not true. That is not what happened. There is no traceable or identifiable relationship between money and weapons going to Pakistan, and money and weapons mysteriously materializing in the hands of the Taliban. Which weapons are of Russian origin, though we can be pretty sure they came from Pakistan.

                  Everyone has money flows to everyone else. So using your reasoning, you can accuse anyone of sponsoring anything. The Taliban did not receive American weapons, though that Pakistan received American weapons probably made it easier for them to give their Russian weapons to the Taliban.

                  This is not a container of American weapons being shipped to Afghanistan through Pakistan. It is more like one neighbor’s dog bit your kid, and his neighbor paid the dog owner money for a fence between their properties, and you accuse the neighbor of the dog owner of biting your kid, because the fence money may well have made it easier to feed and keep the dog.

                • Calvin says:

                  [*deleted for repetitious ignorant unresponsive stupidity*]

                • jim says:

                  It is completely obvious and undeniable that the America provided and provides individual military Pakistani military officers with aid and support in order to gain American influence in Pakistan and the region.

                  And it is equally obvious and equally undeniable that the Pakistan’s security service provided the Taliban with aid and support in order to reduce American influence in the region and in Pakistan. Not because Washington said “Here is some money for those nice Taliban”.

                  Spinning this as America funding the Taliban is stupid and a lie. Repeating yourself is a waste of space. You said this stupid lie three times already. That is enough. America funded the Taliban in exactly the same sense as it is now funding Russia’s war effort in the Ukraine – in that money is fungible, and arms are almost as fungible.

                  You made the same stupid lie three times, and I have now made the same rebuttal three times. This is more than sufficient. The US funded and armed the Taliban in exactly the same sense as it is now funding and arming Russia. Which is a ridiculous sense.

                  You are repeating yourself with ever greater confidence, and will go on repeating yourself forever if I allow it.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Jim, while technically you are right, the GAE has knowingly sponsored various Jihadi desert cult movements in the past to subvert countries that it perceived as a threat to its long term dominance in a region. Sure. Red pilled Taliban might not have been the intended outcome, but when GAE “sponsors” color revolutions and instability, often the results are unpredictable and beyond GAE’s control.

                  It was not rational foreign policy but then GAE foreign policy has never been the rational self interest of Americans.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, the Global American Empire has done a lot of that sort of stuff.

                  The Global American Empire loves to sic one Muslim onto another, and will often sic a purer Muslim onto a less pure Muslim, as for example sicing Isis onto the Alawites, so funding the Taliban is not out of character for them. But whenever the argument arises that the US funded the Taliban, it turns into reasoning similar to Calvin’s, an elastic cloud of smoke that stretches over everything and can connect anything to anything.

                  They funded Isis in two indirect ways – they funded and armed the white hats, who were Isis with a special hat (literally) that they used for collecting American aid and arms, and it is unlikely that the hats fooled anyone for very long, and they turned a blind eye to certain lucrative military adventures. If they funded the Taliban, it would be similarly indirect, but what people have come up with looks more like a cloud of smoke than indirect funding. Maybe it is indirect funding, rather than cloud of smoke. And maybe America was fooled by a change of hat.🙃

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  By all accounts the Pakistani ISI doesn’t seem in control of the Afghani Taliban either. So seems to me that the genie is always out of the bottle regardless of who does the sponsoring.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  Yes, Calvin is wrong on this. The GAE didn’t intend to create a powerful Afghani Taliban when they gave money to the ISI. The funding was meant to promote Jihad in Kashmir for a permanent not-war between India and Pakistan.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  US funded Bin Laden, and Bin Laden was given refuge by the Taliban, so there’s at least that connection.

                • Dharmicreality says:

                  The money connection will always be there. The Pakistani ISI promoted Taliban in Afghanistan as a friendly stable neighbour in its backyard while it focused on conducting proxy Jihad against India. However Taliban wasn’t going to take orders from the Pakistani ISI for long.

                  The ISI likewise has its own agenda independent of its CIA sponsors.

                  The Taliban, like all other desert cult factions has proved that it isn’t tied down to the will and pleasure of its sponsors.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Certainly. Rather the norm even when dealing with mohammedans, not the exception.

            • Dharmicreality says:

              It is obvious that the decades long GAE funding of Pakistani ISI was targeted against India and to infiltrate promote Jihadism within Kashmir. GAE intended a permanent not-war between India and Pakistan for a long time. Only recently this seems to have changed with elements of the GAE understanding India’s importance against China in the region.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              “2. History. Shah was removed and ayatollah installed by the Global American Empire, which is pretty much the definition of client.”

              That’s one hell of an assertion, my man. Please elaborate!

              I can only manage a few scraps of circumstantial evidence that support your position, like:

              I understand that the Ayatollah had been living in Paris for a long time, neither dead nor in jail. That’s definitely aiding and abetting, and no, I’ve never comprehended why they allowed that.

              The Shah had nationalized a bunch of Persian oil assets, so I imagine a bunch of people wanted him dead just for spite.

              Tehran didn’t get bombed after the revolution.

              There’s never been a sorta-heroic “Blackhawk Down” movie about the attempt to free the hostages. What we got was “Argo” with Ben Affleck, where everyone planning the rescue attempt are dorks.

              (As for the actual real-life rescue attempt, though, I understand that it was thwarted from the inside by Republicans wanting to make Carter look bad.)

              But these are mostly dogs-not-barking, aren’t they? How do you get from here to “Shah was removed and ayatollah installed by the Global American Empire”? Help me out here. This is a smokey room and I can’t see past my hands.

              • jim says:

                The shah accused the British ambassador Sir Anthony Parsons and the American ambassador William H. Sullivan of organising the demonstrations. That is not proof, but it is a plausible accusation. I just don’t believe any successful revolution is endogenous, except for endogenous elite defection of high government officers who tell the cops and the courts to stand back and let her rip. Since the cops and the courts were not consistently standing back, exogenous.

                He thought he was being overthrown by the British and the Americans.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  In 1972 the Shah was invited to speak at MIT, where he said, “I want Tehran University to be the Persian MIT, not the Persian Harvard or Princeton.”

                  In other words, I want scientists and engineers thinking up ways to make my country stronger and richer, not philosophers thinking up reasons I shouldn’t be Shah.

                • Mister Grumpus says:


                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Should we therefore perceive the Ayatollah’s movement as a bell-bottomed balakkalakka Azov?

                • jim says:

                  Azov is fighting for Jewish overlords, and the Ayatollah has a family court system.

                  So, yes.

                  Suppose Azov had been successful, and Ukraine was secure, militarily strong, and a Nazi dictator had grabbed considerably more power into his hands than Victoria Nuland intended. Then relations between the US and Ukraine would probably get rather tense. But they would still be Global American Empire sponsored lefties.

                • The Cominator says:

                  All the Persians I’ve known in the US have said they were 100% convinced that British intelligence was mostly behind the overthrow of the Shah for whatever reason.

                • Mr.P says:

                  “… British intelligence was mostly behind the overthrow ….”

                  And maybe BI is behind a lot of what’s going down these days, with bagels serving as front man. Modern Brits love “frozen conflicts” and let’s-you-and-him-fight general chaos, too.

      • jim says:

        Wagner is an obvious counter example. Muslim holy warriors under the leadership of Christian holy warriors.

        • FrankNorman says:

          Christian communities in places like Syria or Iraq existed for hundreds of years under Muslim rule. Unlike pagans, for whom it was “convert or die”, Christian and Jews were considered “people of the Book” and therefore “merely” had a kind of second-class-citizen status.

          But not under the rule of hardline Islamic militants like ISIS/ISIL. Those absolutely will murder you for being a Christian, if they can. Just the same as hardcore Marxist revolutionaries will.

          When the GAE pushes policies that in practice depose the moderate, Christian-tolerating Muslims and replace them with murder-Christians-on-sight Muslims… well you can see who is on what side.

          • jim says:

            Isis are not exactly Muslims. They are in the pocket of the deep state. Like the more Christian than thou shills on Gab, and the more Christian than thou shills that keep attempting to post stuff to this blog, they are more Muslim than thou.

            • ISIS Are Muslims says:

              ISIS are Muslims and are following Islam to the letter.
              Funding is not a prohibitive upon Islamic Jihad,
              it is simply viewed by Islam as a foolish lol move upon
              the funder to be funding their own eventual death.
              There is nothing that ISIS does that has not passed
              the interpretive and literal sanction of Islam as
              ruled by any number of Sheikhs. ISIS literally have
              1-800-dial-a-sheikh on call for their actions.

              Hamas, PIJ, Hezbollah, and every other Islamic
              Mosque and Relations Center in every city in the
              world is doing [*not what they are doing, and not what Isis is doing*]

              • jim says:

                American money, and an American blind eye to certain activities, comes with strings attached, and ISIS has proven itself conveniently responsive to those strings.

                Are they sincere Muslims? You plausibly argue that their responsiveness to those strings is poor evidence that they are not.

                They might well be sincere Muslims. But the invasion we now face is not masterminded by Isis etc. It is masterminded by Democrats, primarily Jewish Democrats.

          • Mary Grace Shabazz-Epstein says:

            A militant muslim wants to kill you. A moderate muslim wants the militant muslim to kill you.

            • FrankNorman says:

              And yet, for over a thousand years neither kind of Muslim was seriously killing Coptic Christians. That has only started now.

              • jim says:

                We lost the holy land because seven centuries ago, latin Christians and Coptic Christians were seriously killing each other. While there was terrible evil on both sides, the core of the problem was that the Pope coveted what was Caesar’s.

                It came to pass that Coptic Christians were safer and more prosperous under Mohammedan rule than Crusader rule. Today, it is safer and easier to practice actual Christianity in Dubai than in the Global American Empire.

              • Calvin says:

                They didn’t go from basically all of Egypt to 10% of it because Mohammad’s message was so convincing.

                • FrankNorman says:

                  “They didn’t go from basically all of Egypt to 10% of it because Mohammad’s message was so convincing.”

                  Of course not. Their relative numbers dwindled gradually due to centuries of discrimination, second-class status, and occasional actual persecution. That there are still any of them left is a testament to their resilience.

                  But under Roman Catholic rule they would have rapidly gone to 0% of the population, from either forced conversion or death.

                  That’s an importance difference here: while the Roman Catholic sincerely thinks that what he believes, everyone else should be made to believe as well, the Arab Muslim is quite happy to have a population of non-Muslim “dhimmis” that he can exploit and use to do all the drudge work that he considers beneath his own dignity.

                  Can’t live in idleness by mooching off the unbelievers… if there are no unbelievers!

    • MuskFan says:

      The Cathedral, that is the American priesthood, is fanatically pro-Palestine and anti-Israel because brown, to the fret of many powerful Jewish Billionaire elites.

      If you are anti-Cathedral, I don’t see how you can be on the side of Palestine or even remain neutral in this regard.

      • jim says:

        I am not on anyone’s side. The Holy land rightfully belongs to us. So Christ said in the prophecy and parable of the wicked vinedressers, and the Muslims took it from us. The prophecy of the temple has the good guys building the temple, so we will take it back eventually.

    • jim says:

      > What does an alliance with Islam entail in concrete terms?

      It looks like Wagner. Wagner was explicitly Christian, explicitly engaged in holy war against the demon worshipping faith of the Cathedral, and explicitly in holy alliance with old type Muslims. Muslims generated videos giving them explicitly religious support, Muslim holy warriors accepting leadership from Christian holy warriors.

      Right now, we are shaping up for World war III with Russia, China, and most of Dar al Islam on one side, and the Global American Empire and most its client states on the other side.

      The Global American Empire has been funding hostile entryism and open subversion against its opponents for decades, giving them a subsidised base of operation, usually within walking distance of Harvard, the Pentagon, or the State Department, and supplying them with platforms, and, when the time for color revolution came, weapons. Putin is slowly moving towards responding in kind. Future war is going to be conducted increasingly in that style. He gave the Ukrainian separatists a safe base of operations after the Ukrainian Soros faction took to massacring them and burning them alive, and when it went to open warfare, gave them weapons. It will only be possible to organise openly and physically from foreign bases. The Tutsis survived the Rwandan Global American Empire sponsored genocide (which had artillery support from the Global American Empire) because they had set up a base in Uganda, and Tutsi exiles invaded from that base. The Tutsis in Rwanda had been prevented from organising in the same way the whites in America have been prevented from organising, and were being massacred like sheep. The returning exiles from Uganda were organized, and the Tutsis in Rwanda were organised by them. At which point Global American Empire artillery came into play, but they did not have enough white boots on the ground to defend the artillery.

      Alliance with Islam is old type Christians in Russia, where it is legal and becoming socially dominant, Old Type Christians in America, where it is illegal and suppressed but has significant support, and Old Type Mohammedans in Islam in the same war, with cross subsidies and foreign bases. A Rwandan style genocide of American whites is already creeping up on us, with whites being physically driven out of cities we have built.

      In the lead up to World War II, the Rothschilds massively funded the communists in Russia, against the Tsar and during World War II, Germany funded the communists in Russia against the Tsar and against Kadets, after the Kadets took power from the Tsar, and against Kerensky when the socialists took power from the Kadets. Following World War II, the Global American Empire funded the Nazis in Soviet Russia, primarily Nazis in the Ukraine, and gave them a foreign base of operations, though, fearing contamination, it was not located in the usual places, walking distance of Harvard, but in Canada. During Soviet Communism, Ukrainian Nazis were organising from Canada under five eyes sponsorship. Similarly, they don’t quite trust the Sikhs, who have also been getting five eyes sponsorship for a base of operations located in Canada rather than in Harvard to engage in subversion and terrorism in India, while the converged Hindus and converged Christians operating in India are organised from within walking distance of Harvard.

      The Taliban similarly organised in Afghanistan from a foeign base within walking distance of Pakistan’s equivalent.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Now this is the Real Shit. The cheap dyes are washing off of the ink.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        Now I get it. That SS fellow who was applauded in Canadian parliament. They didn’t just find him on the street that day, did they? He and “them” go way way back, don’t they? He had been “in” for a long time. Of course.

      • Aidan says:

        Wagner can cooperate with the Chechens because Russia guarantees Chechnya the right to practice old type Islam. Kadyrov knows what side his bread is buttered on- it is exist as a subject of Russia or have the US State Department ferment revolution under the guise of even holier Islam.

        This is exactly my point; there is no base the western Right has that allows for foreign subsidiaries or allies organizing a short walk from it. Thus, not trustworthy allies. The converse- the American Right organizing in Russia a short walk from the Kremlin- is not yet a possibility. When a possibility, becomes very tempting.

        But I do not like how Russia is shaping up as a counter actor to the US. It is playing with Duginist conservative third-worldism as an opposing faith to progressive globalism. Shipping huge boats full of grain to the subsahara in order to maximize the number of black bodies on the planet is bad fruit. Purging Prigozhin was bad fruit. Putin is a man with no sons and no successor. Prigozhin represented a future of warrior technocapitalism, which is diametrically opposed to Dugin’s superstitions and vision of traditionalist communitarian life which in reality looks like the successful kulaks being burned as witches as in Africa. Sure seems like the Duginists won, and thus the Russia-US conflict looks like an interminate future of two miserable and evil ideologies in tech decline grinding it out for decades.

        • Neofugue says:

          > The converse—the American Right organizing in Russia a short walk from the Kremlin—is not yet a possibility.

          If the Russian elite were sympathetic to the American Right, where are the American Right expat communities? If the Duginists were in power, why is Dugin on Telegram and not on RT? Why does Putin invoke the Harry Potter author on the subject of trannies?

          The American Dissident Right will only be allowed into Russia if the Russian Dissident Right ceases to be persecuted, if men like Strelkov are not imprisoned under secret charges.

          • jim says:

            > where are the American Right expat communities?

            There are expat communities forming in Russia. And they seem rather right wing. But as far as I am aware there is only one that is forming around a synthetic tribe – which is right wing Russian Orthodoxy. And they are small and incohesive.

            In Dubai, a big exile community, but it is focused on the fact that America has become a hostile place for capitalism. Tends to be dissident left or non politically focused on making money.

          • jim says:

            > if men like Strelkov are not imprisoned under secret charges.

            Igor Strelkov is not in prison for being right wing. He gets called right wing, but I just don’t see it. He is in prison for wanting to overthrow Putin.

            None of the anti Putin “right” look any better than Putin to me, and usually look a great deal worse. An actual right nationalist is going to think that war is no time for a change in leadership unless your current leader really screws up disastrously.

            The anti Putin Right Nationalists just don’t look right wing to me, and don’t look particularly nationalist to me. None of them called out Covid worship in a time manner. They are calling it out now, but they are mighty late. None of them are calling out female emancipation. Some of them are calling out aid to Africa, but aid to Africa is paying dividends in horizontal escalation, as for example Niger. And they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths on empire. None of them are talking throne and altar, which is the best part of Putinism.

            Agreed, Putin sucks. Covidism, third worldism, and all that. But not seeing that Igor Strelkov does not suck.

            • Neofugue says:

              Strelkov overthrowing Putin? With what army? What elite support? He made his “bid” for the presidency after he was imprisoned.

              The spooks imprisoned Strelkov for criticizing them for not fighting the war seriously, rather playing the long game in the interest of obtaining a negotiated ceasefire. Strelkov is an old-type Christian monarchist, and it is in his interest to see that Russia conquers Ukraine.

              If Russia wins, the GAE will lose legitimacy, which will serve our interests at home and abroad, but it does not change the fact that the political situation in Russia is problematic.

              • dharmicreality says:

                Not surprising that National Socialists imprison or get rid of monarchists. Always happens.

                Russia is presently national socialist just like most “right wing” regimes around the world, and only Putin seems to be holding it all together.

                To be sure, I’m not going to counter signal the national socialists, because that seems to be the only major opposition to globohomo around the world.

                Until the stars are aligned better, national socialism (for better or worse) seems to be the preferable alternative to globohomo progressivism which will turn you into a client of the GAE.

              • jim says:

                > With what army?

                He says he had an army, at least for a while.

                > Strelkov is an old-type Christian monarchist

                Is Strelkov an old type Christian monarchist? Source please. He has published a lot of stuff, but I find his position unclear – other than that he is Caesar, and he caused the war in the Ukraine.

                Every couple of days I say we should restore the religious system, the political system, and the corporate capitalism of Charles the second, and every month or so, I say the legal system of Henry, the lion of Justice. Has he ever said something like that? Which Tzar?

                • Neofugue says:

                  > He says he had an army, at least for a while.

                  Considering Strelkov has been in civilian life since 2014, the probability that he is being defamed by whatever source told you this is more likely.

                  > Source please. He has published a lot of stuff

                  Strelkov’s personal role model is said to be Mikhail Drozdovsky, a White officer who was KIA in 1919.


                  Here is a translation of his 39 questions about the war in Ukraine:


                  The manifesto of the Club of Angry Patriots, linked below, advocates unity over factionalism in its support of escalating the war:


                  The sentence “Мы понимаем, что сейчас не время для продолжения противостояния красных и белых столетней давности,” translated by Google as “We understand that now is not the time to continue the confrontation between the Reds and Whites of a century ago,” presupposes that Strelkov is an old-type Christian Monarchist, one who because of the current political situation desires a temporary truce until the war is finished.

                • jim says:

                  Weak sauce.

                  One cannot conclude anything about his politics from that, not even that he is in some sense right wing.

                  I regularly say “the time of Republics is ending, the same way it has always ended before” I regularly advocate reset to the political, religious, and economic institutions of Charles the second, and the legal institutions of Henry the Lion of Justice. He does not advocate anything. He is not even particularly clear about how the war could be fought better than it is being fought.

                  When I say the war is being fought badly, I get into specifics, like the tank charge at Adveeka. Strlkov’s position is nebulous. And in so far as he has any position, his one issue is that he says the war is being fought badly.

          • Aidan says:

            I am not all that sympathetic to Russian nationalists. Blood-and-soil nationalism is pretty retarded on the eastern steppe, where people and identities regularly move around and indeed are washed around by huge waves of blood and steel. Russia has always been an empire, and Putin is good at managing it as an empire, but his regime still has no principle of legitimacy; he is still a manager. The Czar is dead, the people who overthrew him are dead, now a spymaster is holding things together in the absence of anything better. The throne and altar are both shaky. Putin floats or plays with or borrows aesthetics from Soviet nostalgia, Russian nationalism, Duginism, Orthodox Christianity; none of these things have power as official faiths, but they can make Russias responses to events, like Covid, look schizophrenic.

            I have said what I think the “best fit” for a steppe empire is: it is rule by a voluntary military brotherhood with an initiatory warrior faith. That was Wagner- emphasis on was.

            I did not say that Putin was a duginist. But there are people around him who are. Factions. Putin does not strike me as a man who has time for ideology, but the Ukrainian government thought that blowing up Dugin would be a symbolic strike against Putin’s regime. Tank charges in Avdeevka tell me that somebody who is afraid of future warfare got the upper hand.

      • Anon says:

        “The Tutsis survived the Rwandan Global American Empire sponsored genocide (which had artillery support from the Global American Empire) because they had set up a base in Uganda, and Tutsi exiles invaded from that base”

        In order to establish this base the Tutsi helped depose of a hostile government in Uganda and establish a more friendly one.
        they also had a caesar ; a competent in military and politics , something which is in short supply today

    • huveja says:

      ‘Darkies’, ‘nigger’, well, well, from what I see you have a color problem, and it doesn’t seem to be color blindness.

      I understand that you abhor all the darkies’s who live in the sands, no problem with that, but I would ask you to be consistent in your thinking and eliminate all influence of those sand people from your life, to begin with all the influence that the invention of capitalism, the alphabet, the scientific method, etc., etc., etc., may have in your life .. unless you live in the trees like the monkeys, which doesn’t seem to be possible since you are here on the Internet … unless of course, you are a highly special monkey able to synchronize your mind waves and focus them to interact with modern technology … anything could be, right?

      • jim says:

        Scientific method is Boyle, Prince Rupert, and King Charles the second, all of them Anglo Saxon with high Aryan blood. Alphabet, you have a point. Aryans adopted it from the Phoenicians, who probably adopted it from the Jews, who probably developed the alphabet from Egyptian hieroglyphics. Someone developed it from Egyptian hieroglyphics, and someone went with the alphabet from Egypt to the vicinity of Lebanon. But at the time the Jews were picking up literacy in Egypt, Egypt was ruled by Aryan Pharaohs. The Hebrews were completely illiterate before their sojourn in Egypt under Aryan Pharahs, and picked up hieroglyphics to infiltrate the Pharaoh’s bureaucracy.

        Atheist Jews have been big in theoretical science, but have never been all that big in applied sciences and technology, and Orthodox Jews have been completely absent from science and technology. Their God is a lawyer, not a creator.

        Capitalism predates the Jews by a long way, and the fall of Bronze Age civilisation was the replacement of degenerate Aryan socialism with the original Aryan capitalism. Capital in the sense of productive assets derives from “head” as in head of cattle, which derives from the original Ayran nomadic pastoralists counting their herds by their heads.

        All the key figures in science have been Christian, notably Newton, and shortly after the Jews became big in theoretical science, something started going terribly wrong. Jews copy well, but only Aryans have the creative force, and something always eventually goes terribly wrong with the Jewish copies. Synagogues were always copied from the Churches of their time, and look at them. Einstein is just the Riemannian spacetime and Lorentz transformations, plus a vitally important insight into what they meant, plus Jews giving him all the credit for everyone else’s work to which he made an important but small addition.

        Scientists usually stand on the shoulders of giants, and if you look at whose shoulders Jewish scientists are standing on, always Aryans.

        Scientists don’t have to be Christians, but the scientific community has to be inside a Christian community, for the moral and theological foundations of science and the scientific method are Christian: That the physical world is a manifestation of the unchanging will of God.

        • huveja says:


          • The Cominator says:

            > non linear history
            If you are going to posit time traveller’s and extratemporal entities actively intervening in history don’t be cryptic tell the whole thing. I’m serious I love reading schizo post they are often amusing and when they go into deep dives for facts to support their schizo theories you learn genuinely interesting stuff.

            • huveja says:

              Oh, no, for that I recommend you to read Tolkien, I assure you that you will have a lot more fun … meanwhile, I suggest you to find out from whom and what Bacon learned, I also assure you that it will also be enormously fun ..

              • The Cominator says:

                I’m aware that Tolkien could read certain ancient documents that nobody else could. Don’t be cryptic.

                • Fidelis says:

                  Its the leftist “edumacate yurseff” shibboleth. At least post a fucking link if youre gonna pull that bullshit.

          • jim says:

            If you don’t believe what I claimed, assemble some counter examples and counter evidence. If science and the scientific method came from the Jews who where those Jews and when were they. I named names. If you don’t agree, come up with some names. Were they those time travelling aliens you mentioned?

            Capitalism existed long before Jews did, modern corporate capitalism was created by Charles the Second starting with the East India Company, and now we have postmodern capitalism, which arguably started with the New Deal in America and in Europe, stakeholder capitalism.

            If you have a different version of the history of capitalism, name some names and give some dates. If you have a different version of the history of science, the scientific community, and the scientific method, name some names and give some dates. Who were these Jewish founders of the scientific method and the scientific community. Who were these Jewish capitalists?

            • The Cominator says:

              It’s not capitalism at all its a skinsuit like everything else in the GAE.

            • Fidelis says:

              Capitalism existed long before Jews did, modern corporate capitalism was created by Charles the Second starting with the East India Company

              Could you please share a brief reasoning as to why the English version of the company deserves that title over the Dutch version?

              • jim says:

                I stand corrected. The Dutch Republic invented modern corporate capitalism, and complete with corporate logos, stock exchanges, and all that, and the British were copycats.

                A fair bit of joint stock publicly traded corporate capitalism was happening de facto in Britain, before Charles the second, but Charles the second put the royal stamp of legitimacy, approval, and social status upon it. The British East India company was imitating the Dutch de-facto, and then de-jure.

                • Fidelis says:

                  I love the dutch. Haven’t met a single dutchman possessed by heresy, they all just seem to tolerate it rather than try and live it. Of course it would be better if more actively resisted such things, but the English I’ve met are smug about just how progressively they are destroying everything good in the world, at best they are nazis who want to kick everyone out and put even more money into the NHS. Just a lost cause that UK.

                • alf says:

                  Could you please share a brief reasoning as to why the English version of the company deserves that title over the Dutch version?

                  Keeping it real out there, you love to see it.

                  I love the dutch.

                  Haha well far be it from me to burst your bubble.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Corporate capitalism kinda existed in Late Republican and Imperial Rome too via the Publicani though I think it fell apart with the crisis of the 3rd century.

                • jim says:

                  No it did not. Corporations existed, but they were quasi government organizations, not for profit, joint stock, publicly traded businesses.

                  Indeed the enterprise did not exist, as an entity separate from the household, personal servants, and personal goods of its owner. The enterprise was created by double entry accounting, which was a thirteenth century concept, an accounting fiction imagined into reality.

                • Aidan says:

                  What is described as a “commune” here is in fact an early version of a joint-stock corporation, complete with transferable shares that entitle the bearer to profits. Capitalism and legal entities identifiable as corporations were invented by Germans in the early medieval period and merely coalesced into its modern legal form by Charles II



                • jim says:

                  The joint stock publicly traded for profit corporation is an implicit potential in the accounting fictions of thirteenth century double entry book keeping which became a social reality at some time that is difficult to precisely define, and embodied in legal form in the seventeenth century.

                  Now is the time to embody it in the form of cryptographic secrets.

                • Vlad says:

                  Some say Medici but I see them more as inventing reserve banking and fiat groundwork for capitalism

                • The Cominator says:

                  The publicani were something akin to shareholder enterprises the actual assets of the “company” were owned by a slave as the sole proprietor and different people would own a % of the slave.

                  But it seems most publicani were tax collecting companies rather than say trading or agricultural companies I suspect there were restrictions on say land holding titles being held by a slave.

  16. Pax Imperialis says:

    War trends right, but not all wars are created equal. America trended left during the nearly 20 years of GWOT. America has continued to trend left during the current proxy war in Ukraine. Why should opening new overseas fronts change that? So long as war remains “just an idea” and the people fighting the war “just a social construct” there won’t be a course change. The US is still trying to magically turn printed money into artillery shells for Ukraine… instead of building factories it has doubled and tripled down in magic money. The US is trying to magically turn printed money into ships for war with China; in spite of magic money fueled ship building capacity continues to decline.

    There has been a slight localized turn to the right. New York City is now reportedly offering migrants free one-way plane tickets to anywhere else, and beds are no longer being offered to all. The migrant wars have begun in earnest. How far this can escalate? Maybe kinetic war with the cartels, in which case war is no longer “just a social construct”.

    • Calvin says:

      Why should opening new overseas fronts change that? So long as war remains “just an idea” and the people fighting the war “just a social construct” there won’t be a course change. The US is still trying to magically turn printed money into artillery shells for Ukraine… instead of building factories it has doubled and tripled down in magic money. The US is trying to magically turn printed money into ships for war with China; in spite of magic money fueled ship building capacity continues to decline.

      Do you not see how you’ve answered your own question here? The US economic system, and thus everything about the current order, depends completely on a steady flow of overseas goods and a global economic order that its waning military is increasingly unable to defend. It isn’t “just a social construct” if oil from the Gulf, or chips from Taiwan, or basically manufactured goods from China, suddenly up and vanish with no ability to replace them.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        >Do you not see how you’ve answered your own question here?

        Trying to explain how DC types are thinking and why opening new overseas fronts won’t change much in their mentality.

        -The US is perfectly capable of having the Mexicans manufacture basic stuff.

        -Oil from the Gulf largely went to Asia (China) anyways. That shutting down is a complete win in their books.

        -Chips? We’ll just use last gen. Can’t make enough 7nm? Just use 14, or 22, or 130! It’ll work just as well. 🙃

        What? The European and Asian allies are having a hard time? Guess that just means State Department needs to work harder with their magic words.

        I think you severely underestimate the ability for DC types to be delusional. Until there’s some homeless schizo vagrant trying to shank them, not going to stop being “nothing really matters anyways” nihilistic gnostics.

        • Calvin says:

          They are delusional because insulated from consequences. But their ability to insulate themselves from those consequences is waning, and opening ever more fronts only worsens the bleeding.

          • Pax Imperialis says:

            Their ability to insulate themselves from consequences is not waning. North Korea and Venezuela are case examples of just how bad things can get and stably remain for the general population yet be absolutely comfortable for a select few. Parts of the US already look like Venezuela.

            As for talk about bleeding, so what? 🤡 It’s mostly “White👏CIS👏Gender👏males👏from👏flyover👏states” bleeding, they deserve it 🤡, or “White👏Europeans👏racist👏former👏colonialists”, they deserve it 🤡 or, as I’m increasingly hearing, “RACIST👏MISOGYNISTIC👏ASIANS” whom, again, they deserve it. 🤡

            There’s a massive amount of bleeding that can happen without severe consequence to the DC crowd. Just look at Covid policies.

            • Calvin says:

              North Korea is a client state that continues to exist solely based on the largess of China, and that’s after it spent decades trying to make itself as self-sufficient as possible. Venezuela similarly a client state with the added (though drying up) benefit of massive prebuilt oil infrastructure to coast off of. Neither is really comparable to the hilariously hollowed-out economic structure of America, which simply lacks the ability to even make enough bullets for itself anymore, let alone the massive numbers of advanced weapons it needs for its attempts at power projection.

              • Pax Imperialis says:

                Urban centers are clients that continues to exist solely based on the largess that DC is able to extract from flyover states. America luckily has the benefit of massive prebuilt oil infrastructure to coast off of. It is still a massive food exporter despite attempts to destroy domestic production. Should it lose overseas Empire, domestic market temporarily sees big increase in food supply.

                Yes, America is horrifically hollowed out compared to it’s past. I’ve mentioned it here more than once that driving through rural America in places like New Mexico is incredibly depressing. Heck, driving through urban areas can also be mighty depressing with the addition of a whole lot of danger. Yet as hollowed out America currently is, there’s still a huge amount that can still be looted and destroyed, the amount which only increases as overseas clients diminish.

                >let alone the massive numbers of advanced weapons it needs for its attempts at power projection.

                So? The overseas empire retreats and eventually collapses. The elites are still comfortable enough that progressive delusions don’t shatter. Again, until they personally feel in danger, they’ll continue to holiness spiral. Potentially all the way to the point of a Stalin lining them up along a ditch.

                • Calvin says:

                  So? The overseas empire retreats and eventually collapses.

                  Once an empire starts to collapse, history suggests it is mighty hard to stop. The Soviets are only the latest example. If the military effectively ceases to exist, all the wondertech they’ve come to rely on can neither be repaired nor replaced, and even the police don’t have any bullets, going to be very, very hard.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  What was the impact of watching US embassy in South Vietnam being evacuated?

                  What was the impact of watching US client state in Kabul fall within hours?

                  Will the eventual fall of Kyiv and hypothetical renaming to Putingrad have similar or different impact on DC?

                  Not all empire collapses are created equal. Historically the dominoes start falling all the way to the capital of the empire because once barbarian forces figure out they can take one city, they find out they can walk over to the next, and the next, so on and so forth until they’re at Rome/whatever.

                  America is geographically isolated by two oceans similar to how Europe was isolated by the Mediterranean Sea. America’s overseas collapse will be better modeled by decolonization without a superpower capable of turning the US into a client state like the US did to W Europe.

                  The only barbarians walking into America are unorganized hordes of migrants. Not a military. Significantly easier to deal with than say, Attila the Hun.

                  >even the police don’t have any bullets

                  Small arms industry is one of the few to be largely functional. The US will have guns and munitions. It’s the ships, artillery, precision guided munitions, and planes that are facing supply chain death. Regardless, there’s a lot that can be done with a machine gun when the only enemy is migrant hordes.

                • jim says:

                  Future war will be different from those wars.

                  Wars of faith can strike over great distance. Entryism is very ancient, and has always been able to reach far, but will matter more very soon.

                  Avdiika may have been the last great tank battle. If it is not the last, it should be. In two days, the Russians lost as many tanks as the Ukrainians lose in a bad week. But unlike the Ukrainians, figured out it was time to try something different.

                  And now the front, which has been a thousand miles wide since World War I, is getting deeper. Now the front is about ten kilometers deep, though the bloggers, the mappers, and generals have not quite realized it yet. Avdiika is in the front, its roads are in the front, and the M777 artillery supporting it are in the front

                  It likely will be a while before the front goes all the way between enemy capitals, but you can see it coming.

                  > What was the impact of watching US embassy in South Vietnam being evacuated?

                  The fall of the US embassy in Saigon had impact throughout indochina. And not just indochina. Madagascar went communist that same year, and remained communist till the fall of the Soviet Union. The communists sort of seized power in Angola, but were resisted, and the ensuing civil war ran for decades. In fhe following year, the Somali Revolutionary Socialist Party took power in Somalia, though once the Soviet Union stopped sponsoring it, collapsed. Two years after the fall of Saigon, Seychelles went communist, stayed communist till the Soviet Union collapsed. Three years after the fall of the US embassy, Afghanistan. Four years, Grenada.

                  Two big differences this time around. Faith is going to matter even more, geography less, and instead of a bipolar world, a power vacuum.

                  The impact of retreat from Afghanistan eventually reached all the way to Moscow. The fall of Kiev will be felt in Paris and Belin, and quite likely Washington.

                  Fall of Saigon had a fair bit of world wide impact. Soviet retreat from Afghanistan, quite a lot of world wide impact.

                  The first great failure of color revolution was Libya, where the color revolutionaries had to stop pretending to be local lovers of democracy and freedom, and became a direct Nato invasion supported by massed nato bombing raids against civilian targets, direct open warfare by Nato against the government, the state, and the people of Libya. But they succeeded in teaching the lesson that noticing that color revolutionaries have a strange propensity to be carryonbaggers from Harvard with poor command of the local language was a bad idea. But then Libya taught a contrary lesson – that Nato lacked the stomach for long and costly wars. And since then color revolutionaries have been facing a world of grief, with people noticing their propensity to write their manifestoes in the Harvard dialect of English irrelevantly decorated with random local symbols, badly and ignorantly mangled and misunderstood. Much like the shills who show up here pretending to be NRX after reading the the rationalist Wiki summary of reaction.

                • Calvin says:

                  What was the impact of watching US embassy in South Vietnam being evacuated?

                  The Soviets feeling emboldened and expanding their sphere of influence further and further, until Reagan realized their economy was fake and gay and bleed them to death.

                  What was the impact of watching US client state in Kabul fall within hours?

                  The recent upsurge in jihadism resulting in the current Israel-Hamas scuffle, and very likely the invasion of Ukraine itself.

                  Will the eventual fall of Kyiv and hypothetical renaming to Putingrad have similar or different impact on DC?

                  Quite likely to inspire Xi to get ready for a fight over Taiwan, the source of almost all the chips necessary for our high tech toys, sooner rather than later, Iran’s power to surge, India to put aside old rivalries to cozy up to Russia/China, Saudi Arabia to seek new patrons, etc. Imperial collapses don’t all happen in one week. It’s a snowball effect, each crisis and each failure to deal with it making the whole disaster that much more unstoppable.

                  The only barbarians walking into America are unorganized hordes of migrants. Not a military. Significantly easier to deal with than say, Attila the Hun.

                  Those are almost all mercenaries of the current regime, and quite likely to start walking the other way once the welfare checks are worthless due to simultaneous hyperinflation and supply shortages.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  The Soviets feeling emboldened […]

                  The recent upsurge in jihadism […]

                  Quite likely to inspire Xi […]

                  I meant impact on the DC crowd, but what you say isn’t wrong either. What I’m trying to get at is how the DC crowd isn’t going to feel an existential concern about happenings over there. Yes, they will screech like nothing else, but will forget and move onto the next matter of holiness spiraling soon enough. If you haven’t noticed, DC is behaving as if fall of Kabul never happened. Similar to how the impending destruction of Kyiv will never happen and if it does will act as if it never happened.

                  >quite likely to start walking the other way once the welfare checks are worthless

                  Well then, no existential wake up for DC. It will continue to retreat while starting bush fires everywhere in its wake. This is not the type of war that causes rightward drift, it’s the type of war that causes leftward drift.

                  The pre-Stalin Soviet war on the Russian people by the likes of Lenin and Trotsky was a leftward drift war. The US is meandering in something similar.

                • jim says:

                  Yes, quite so, no existential dread until the fall of empire arrives in the leafy green suburbs of Washington DC. They think Kiev is just a social construct.

                • Calvin says:

                  If you haven’t noticed, DC is behaving as if fall of Kabul never happened. Similar to how the impending destruction of Kyiv will never happen and if it does will act as if it never happened.

                  The problem with that strategy ought to be quite obvious, namely that acting as if Taipei hasn’t fallen doesn’t actually stop all the high technology which allows the regime to function in any capacity from drying up overnight. If the state loses the capacity to credibly monitor and subvert dissidents, would not be surprising to see a number of new organizational structures begin to flourish. If the state can no longer maintain an effective monopoly on violence…

                  Well then, no existential wake up for DC. It will continue to retreat while starting bush fires everywhere in its wake.

                  Oh, it certainly will, just as the Soviets retreated from Afghanistan, then Berlin, then Kiev, and finally Moscow. Like I said, doesn’t happen in one week, but snowballs over time. Retreat is a tricky thing to stop at the best of times, with the actual soldiers they have it would be all but impossible.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >The problem with that strategy

                  Oh sure, there’s all sorts of problems with the regime’s strategy. That’s not what I’ve been arguing against. What I posit is that the regime is locked into holiness spiraling in spite of war. Overall, war might trend right, but not all wars are created equal. Right now GAE is fighting in a war that trends left and has been doing so for quite some time.

                  >doesn’t actually stop all the high technology which allows the regime to function in any capacity from drying up overnight.

                  Most important facet of regime stability is EBT, not high tech.

                  >If the state loses the capacity to credibly monitor and subvert dissidents

                  Most of which is low tech, and the high tech stuff they have is barely beginning to play catch up with online dissidents. Losing high tech hurts the myriad of esoteric blogs more than it hurts FBI. I think you forget how far behind gov is in tech adaptation.

                  >would not be surprising to see a number of new organizational structures begin to flourish.

                  Conversely, would not be surprising to see a localized bronze age collapse.


                  >The fall of the US embassy in Saigon had impact

                  Well yes, all true, and it had no impact on Harvard’s line of thinking. Harvard/DC got more Harvard/DC. Harvard might not change until death is staring them in the eyes. Even then it’s questionable. They’re the type to not recognize death is standing right next to them.

                • jim says:

                  > it had no impact on Harvard’s line of thinking

                  Musk recently made that point, that the way events have unfolded in the Ukraine should have had impact on their thinking, and has not.

                  But thoughts that fail engage reality are apt to lose the power to affect events. Theoretically, everyone should be taking their shots lest the awesome might of the mighty and awesome Covid demon strike them down. Less than two percent are taking their shots. (Which appear to have rapidly cumulative destructive affect)

                  Approximately one third of the population, however, believe our political differences need to be resolved with violence. Supposedly the great majority still believe in elections and all that, but beliefs that require no personal action and have no individual consequences are cheap, and being cheap, shallow and easily discarded, with the average normie not even noticing when he discards beliefs that have become inconvenient or unwise.

                  Soft power fast becomes less and less effective and relevant. All Harvard has is soft power. Which it uses to control hard power. What if hard power declines to be controlled?

                  Sinced about 1985. from memory, which may be faulty, I was predicting civil war II and or World War III and or genocide around 2024. About a decade ago (should be on record on this blog), I changed the prediction to 2026. Yesterday I watched Musk predicting world war III very soon, and a few minutes ago I watched Tucker Carlson predict civil war II very soon.

                  All three at once are looking increasingly likely. On the other hand, I and Musk tend to be on Musk time, so I may have to slip the prediction another time, but clearly my schedule is not too far out. World War III, genocide, and civil war II is a whole lot closer than it was six years ago.

                • Mayflower Sperg says:

                  The State Department’s reaction to the fall of Saigon was to break out the champagne because they were a bunch of commies who had worked hard to secure Hanoi’s victory.

                  Liberals haven’t tasted defeat since the Restoration, and even then, they had a safe haven in the New England colonies.

                • Pax Imperialis says:


                  You speak of a domestic war separated by perception and geography from the plethora of oversea wars, and almost entirely waged by an entirely different demographic. Such a war would indeed trend rightward, and the prelude is already showing signs of trending rightward as per migrant displacement into and out of NYC (as I originally noted) as a means of waging low temperature war.

                  But thoughts that fail engage reality are apt to lose the power to affect events. Theoretically, everyone should be taking their shots lest the awesome might of the mighty and awesome Covid demon strike them down.

                  Most of those Harvard thoughts have been an “over there” problem for the masses. ‘Grooming! How horrible, but it isn’t happening at my kid’s schools’. Right now much of the problems the left creates are avoidable annoyances. Look no further than ‘white flight’ from cities. Until Harvard thoughts become unavoidable for the masses, not going to illicit a major response.

                  What will illicit a major response, and domestic war, will be unavoidable economic hardship. EBT failing and 1/6 American families going hungry. Theoretically, everyone should be going into Bitcoin, but they’re not, and when it become apparent they should have it will be too late.

                • jim says:

                  > Most of those Harvard thoughts have been an “over there” problem for the masses. ‘Grooming! How horrible, but it isn’t happening at my kid’s schools’.

                  Except that it is.

                  > Right now much of the problems the left creates are avoidable annoyances. Look no further than ‘white flight’ from cities.

                  That was a manageable problem when it was just Detroit. And a manageable problem when it was Detroit and few other places. But now a very large number of people are running out of locations to flee to.

  17. It IS Time ToWakeUp says:


    • jim says:

      Your comment strangely failed to notice that anyone had made the argument that we face on the home front a far more terrible threat than Islam.

      If you had made a counter argument against that position, if you had argued in a way that made it apparent what your intelocutor’s position was, I would have allowed the comment through. But you just ignored what had been said, and sailed right along, which leads to endless repetitious waste of space, time, and energy.

      • It IS Time ToWakeUp says:


        You like shill tests, ok, fine, take the Knowledge Of Islam shill test.*]


        • jim says:

          You glow in the dark. You go first.

          Pass the shill test, and I promise I will give you the nature of Islam, and the long and terrible history of our conflict with Islam, and why it will inevitably resume once old type Christians and old type Muslims, working together, have defeated the demon worshipers.

          But there is no point in holding a conversation with someone who is not only forbidden to think or say certain things, but forbidden to notice when his interlocutor says certain things.

          You are writing with a supervisor breathing down your neck who is not allowed to see what I said, and you are not allowed to make responses that would reveal to him what I said. This makes conversation unprofitable.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            “You know what you call someone you can’t talk to? ENEMIES.”
            —Jordan Peterson

          • TheFeebleClone says:

            Jim, Re: Knowledge of Islam
            I’m trying[mental limitations] to learn from some primary Islamic literature. One reason for me is discernment. Recognizing terms of art to help infer when I’m being double talked and when someone is candid. I have no hope of being expert, but my interest is legitimate: I think I live in closer proximity with more moslems than most of you. I know them well enough to see that huge purchased of graveyard properties is not to prefigure some imminent kinetic jihad. Rather, it is a mark of their colonies’ permanence.

            So I want to have a sense of what is going on. I live here. Who are these steely eyed people who look through me as they walk out of their men’s meetings? Who taught the imams at their mosques?

            The child sexualization issue appears to be a genuine loggerhead in any real “red-green” alliance involving religious Muslims… The religious muslims I’m talking about speak about Islam in Islamic terms. They don’t talk about sexuality like media or the education system does.

            Let me illustrate by point of contrast: I recently streamed an online round-table by, I assume, Muslims on “islamophobia”. It’s obviously an attack narrative much like racism or decolonization The most direct connection I could discern was in the person of an immigration lawyer. There exists clear “intersectionality” between hijra and “post-national” migration policy. I for one could barely hear anything about Islam, its history or theology. If it was present I didn’t understand because it was spoken in marxist dialect in western accents, more like academia than Arabia.

            But on sexualization by mass media and the state, I believe our regime and Islamists are at irremediable loggerheads. I believe this is one front Jim refers to. It’s where Christian and muslim Parents share legitimate concerns about their children. Neither want children raised by satanists and they have space to cooperate here.

            My parents fought lonely battles against child sexualization for decades. I don’t want to see that repeated.

  18. Not Time says:


    • jim says:

      Israel undeniably and unarguably has an excellent argument for killing every Mohammedan everywhere.

      Islam undeniably and unarguably has an excellent argument for killing ever Jew everywhere.

      If they are inclined to go at it, maybe we should just stand well back.

      • Ron says:

        No, that is not correct.

        Roughly 80% of the population would like to be able to eat humous at Arab owned restaurants in Gaza, shop at arab owned businesses, fight alongside arab soldiers and brag about having Arab relatives.

        The next 18% would rather they just left our territory, failing that, stop car bombing.

        Only 2% of the population want them to be driven out completely. But no one wants them exterminated.

        The only “argument” Islamists have for killing “every Jew everywhere” is that the existence of a Jewish run government on Israelite territory which resists all their repeated attempts at Jihadi gang rape, is a slap in the face to the lunatic basis of their religion. Namely, that “Islam is true” because since the material world is the manifest Will of God, therefore, if the Muslim can rape your wife and castrate your son, then he clearly has the will of God.

        That the Jew is stubbornly refusing to let the Muslim rape his wife or castrate his sons. In point of fact responds to such behavior by dropping high explosives on his head, assembling an army roughly the size of the Russian army with only a tenth of the population, using weapons at least as good if not better. Then entering the Muslims territory, shooting his way through whatever is in his way to get to the maggot infested piece of subhuman shit that thought it would be “funny” to attempt said rape and castration, is very off putting to the Muslim.

        So much so, that he has a “good argument” for attempting to kill Jews in other countries around the world. A poor substitute, but one must make do.

        Source: I live here. Spend a month here and youll see the same thing.

        • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

          >Roughly 80% of the population would like to be able to eat humous at Arab owned restaurants in Gaza, shop at arab owned businesses, fight alongside arab soldiers and brag about having Arab relatives.

          Making a strong argument the Israeli state is not going to make it.

          • Ron says:

            I was aware of that as I wrote it.

            But fwiw, in my opinion they have more inside them than even they realize.

            Observe how quickly they got their reserves up. Older men in their 30s with families and businesses overseas, dropped everything to go back to the homeland and fight without even being called up.

            Yes, they shouldn’t be overseas, but that’s not the point. The point is that the spirit is there.

            Post army kids in their twenties who were backpacking through India, went directly to the nearest airline, in some cases airplanes were filled with youth sleeping on the floors of the plane so they could come home to get shot at for their country.

            And a consequence of the nihilisim of atheistic belief is that the only real belief system left is the Traditional one. Zionism as a religious ideology has been dead for a while, and no one fights for Ibiza. So the army is turning to God as well as uniting.

            Israelis do not see themselves as we who live outside see them. To them, they are just goofy people trying to get by. They are genuinely surpised and even bemused when anyone expresses admiration. This to me is their most admirable quality.

            They are actually a very simple people emotionally. What you see with an Israeli is exactly what you get. At the moment, the 80% I mentioned are in a shocked rage. They feel betrayed and are in a genuine fury. However, misguided as they may be, I do not at all believe that even the most fanatical intend to kill innocent non combatants. It is simply not their way.

            The best move for the Arabs is to let the Israelis hammer them and win. If they do that, the Israelis will make concessions. The worst thing they can possibly do is to go all out and attack via the West Bank from Fatah, and the internal Arab Israeli population. If they do that, imo, fwiw, I think the Israelis will throw the rulebook out the window and you will see something no one has seen since pre-Greek times.

            • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

              >The best move for the Arabs is to let the Israelis hammer them and win. If they do that, the Israelis will make concessions. The worst thing they can possibly do is to go all out and attack via the West Bank from Fatah, and the internal Arab Israeli population. If they do that, imo, fwiw, I think the Israelis will throw the rulebook out the window and you will see something no one has seen since pre-Greek times.

              There is an off-kilter mindset coming from here. ‘If you win you lose’, ‘if you lose you win’, ‘subordination does not create more subordination’, ‘just let it happen’, ‘its not a knife’, so on and so forth.

              This is going to be an esoteric reference, but consider the following (

              It is not really necessary here for the point to be familiar with the background details of the narrative, just feeling the spirit of the text as it unfolds in the mind.

              Big boss (lady) wants something from the point of view character, and is willing to play hardball to get it, killing included. So how does she aim to do it?

              By… engaging in some form of elaborate psychodrama, where the POV character is simply left alone in the room they are discussing in, while boss lady uses her powers to go around killing other people.

              One can immediately appreciate the fact that the author of the work wears a small hat himself. The spirit expresses itself.

              This is not how a ‘normal’ person would handle such a matter. More pertinently, it is not how a man of aristocrat/warrior caste extraction would handle such a matter. You’re willing to do whatever it takes. And your object is sitting right there in front of you. And you’re not going to do anything to them?’Instead of doing anything to you, I am going to do everything *except* anything directly to you’. Pure bizzaro world; and also a perfect expression of bluetribe psychology.

              Later in the narrative one learns that the boss lady didn’t actually kill anyone and never planned too, and was instead ‘just’ trying to provoke the POV girl into attacking her so that she could then arrest her and then cut a deal. But this is of course also a perfectly whiggish way of doing things; all circumlocution around having to take responsibility for imposing your desired states of affairs about on the world.

              • Ron says:

                I understand where you are coming from

                Let me clarify: Im giving you my personal assesment based on my own observations and gut instinct. Im not trying to convince you of anything.

                Observe: youve made it clear that you believe a scorched earth policy is best. If i wanted to convince you to back Israel, id be saying the Israelis will adopt a scorched earth policy.

                Further, while I woildnt be surprised if high ranking members of other countries are occasionally reading this board, I doubt this is the only source of info they have. And while you could be an Iranian mullah slumming, chances are you are like me, a side observer in a game much larger than either of is.

                My point is that Im not trying to pull anything over you, i dont know expect or want anything out of you. This is my actual opinion. It could be right, it could be wrong.

                My one point is that “the Jews” have no interest in exterminating Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Papuan New Guinian Cannibals, Antarctic Penguins or anyone else who isnt actively involved in a direct attempt to kill them at any given moment in time, nor do they view any of the above or anyone else generally attempting to do so.

                Now you or I might look at the above differently, but im not talking anout the objective reality of the situation just how Jews in general, to my observation, view it.

                Muslims on the other hand will in fact want to exterminate every Jew on the planet as long as a Jewish State exists independent within Dar al Islam in defiance of Dar al Harb, AND they think they have half a chance of succeeding.

                That is MY opinion, not the opinion of the majority.

                Thats all Im saying

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  >youve made it clear that you believe a scorched earth policy is best

                  Are you making it clear you think it isn’t?

                • Ron says:

                  see my following comment.

                  My heart and inclination is for Fire. It’s how I was built. As I suspect are you.

                  But I am not in charge, and it isn’t my call. It’s easy for me to talk when I don’t have the responsibility and nothing but my hide on the line.

                  And even if I was, I don’t have the knowledge to know where the lines are, and even if I had the knowledge, I definitely don’t have the character to trust myself that I wasn’t being brutal for the sake of brutality and ego.

                  So yes, I think it is. But it’s easy to talk, not so easy to do. And sometimes talk should just remain talk. Especially when one is just a fat weirdo who isn’t anything to anyone.

                  But we’re getting off topic. I was replying to a specific statement by Jim.

                • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

                  Presumably Jim was making an argument in terms of natural law, which I assume most folks ’round these parts will be doing unless stated otherwise.

                  It is correct for a man to take a woman and make her his wife; but it is not politically correct for him to so do, because the lawyer class will attempt to destroy him if he does. It is politically correct for him to commit slow-motion suicide – which is the problem itself; and this is the situation for many parties, concerning many things, in many spheres around the GAE’s pull of gravity.

                  An argument can be made that the best way forewards for Israel (or the Philistines) must naturally take into account what the Washington Empire may do to them. This does not however necessarily mean actually going along with the Washington Empire either, that you may register words of protest and take actions regardless.

                  Accepting the fall out and dealing with it because you are prepared and the alternative is something you cannot come back from; actions that prefigure fallouts that you can deal with; actions because you can understand what the actual fallout can be behind the bluffs.

                  When Napoleon came knocking on the gates of Venice, the Doge and his patrician shareholders decided to surrender without a siege.

                  At first blush, this was an entirely reasonable response. Venice did not have the forces to overcome the Grande Armee, and many of those it could call upon were already dispatched by L’Empereur as he made his way across the continent. The only thing trying to endure a long siege would accomplish would be to waste away capital – human or otherwise – and surrender anyways, this time without conditions. Suing for good terms at the outset had logic.

                  And yet, Venice was never again a major world power after this.

                  Even a token effort would allow some measure of assabiyah be preserved; as episodes like Ukraine can demonstrate, revanchism can survive for as long as a people can survive. But as it was, the spirit of La Dominante was cracked, and ‘Venice’ became just a city that people lived in, not an entity in its own right. A truly rational analysis would have a reckoning for such things.

                  From Hamas’ perspective, things are looking pretty good. You’ve scuppered the entente between the KSA and Israel, and your secondary sponsors, Foggy Bottom, are acting to prevent any major retaliation. Of course, no mujahadeen respects the glowniggers helping to prop them up, so they are probably hoping the conflict escalates with other players (such as their primary and secondary sponsors both) getting dragged in anyways.

                  From Israel’s perspective, the only thing really stopping them is their own spiritual impoverishment. The random bombings it is currently engaged in is just neurotic action for the sake of feeling in action. Arguably they might not even be useful in the first place; certainly any serious war establishment would have profiles of persons of interest facilitating the function of Hamas, which would not survive in fact, if not de jure, if they were all rounded up in the ‘relief stations’ set up to receive everyone streaming out of Gaza after putting it under siege. The only real utility of invasion – besides simply killing everyone who remains inside the siege – would be specifically to cut off the Egypt axis; and that’s only assuming you don’t consider leaving a route open for the people you want to leave to go to Egypt as also a feature. It is perhaps ironic, but entirely appropriate, that our sand skype friends also lack memetic sovereignty.

                  A grown elephant stays tied to a little stake in the ground, because it can only remember the time when it tried and failed to tug at the leash, when it was young.

                • Ron says:


                  I see it now.

                  I now realize what you and Jim were trying to tell me. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but it’s very clear.

                  I’ve been such a fool.


              • Ron says:

                “Adopt a scorched earth policy”

                Clarification: I believe that is a possible scenario if an all out attack happens and we are betrayed on all sides. But I do not believe that is the intention at this time, despite heated rhetoric at this moment.

                Im not Israeli, I could be wrong. This is my impression.

                • jim says:

                  Anything other than annihilating the Palestinians ends in slow motion defeat for Israel. Attempting to annihilate the Palestinians is likely to result in a long and terrible war with the secondary backers of the Palestinians (the primary backer being the Global American Empire), which war is likely to result in the annihilation of Israel and the death of a very large proportion of Sand Jews.

                  What would I do if I was in Bibi’s shoes?

                  Well, first, I would attempt to cut the Hamas border with Egypt, and, if I succeeded, would round up every Global American operatives inside the government And then I would announce that the Palestinians are hostages for a peace deal, and if no peace deal, going to kill every last one, man women and child (except the cute girls). And then to prove I am not kidding, would shoot every Global American operative I had detained, every last one, while saying the Palestinians are next in line. To show I was serious, and because permanent conflict is in Global American Empire interests, and permanent conflict is dangerous, and because if any of them live, people would doubt my capacity and will to carry through with the threat. And then I would make a very generous offer to the Palestinians and to Islam, one that would secure Hamas in power in return for them accepting the continued existence of Israel within mutually recognized borders and would give them considerably more turf and more power, and the Palestinians considerably better living conditions, one that they could claim as a substantial victory.

                  And I would offer them a substantial and undeniable victory, because right now they have Israel over a barrel. And if they refuse to accept, or are incapable of accepting because lacking internal cohesion, kill every last Palestinian by execution, starvation, and thirst, and see what happens next.

                • Ron says:


                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  Round up and shoot the GAE operatives in which government? The Gaza government or the Israel government or both?

                  Presuming the former, I understand your point to be that Bibi has a chance to make a deal with Islam, but never with GAE, so for this chance at a chance, it’s the GAE that must be eliminated, and not actually the regular Palestinians. Is that about right?

                • jim says:

                  Exactly so. Agreement with the Palestinians is likely to be possible under sufficiently extreme duress. Agreement with the Global American Empire is never going to be possible.

                  They love their frozen conflicts. Which was fine when they had the capability to prevent either side from annihilating the other, but it is now far from certain that they have the capability to prevent the Sand Jews from being annihilated, so going along with a Global American Empire policy of frozen conflict is far too dangerous.

                • Ron says:

                  well, mostly “yup”.

                  I have to stop replying so fast.

                  Expanding on what I wrote above, replying to what you wrote, and explaining what is yup and not yup.

                  To do what you are suggesting “flat” requires a complete 180 for the average Israeli. Requires fanatical religious devotion that does not currently exist anywhere in the country except in an extreme minority of the population*

                  *(could be wrong on this. Am not fluent in Hebrew, so am as much an outsider here as in the US)

                  To go that route means giving up holocaustianity, means giving up living outside of Israel, means giving up Ibiza. It also means being a world target. Too much to expect “flat”.

                  Until and unless a king and actual prophet which even you would acknowledge as a legitimate prophet of God arose and commanded it. Short of that, very skeptical. But again, can be wrong as am also not Israeli and have a compromised mindset from living under foreign rule. Israelis think differently, more natural to the human condition,

                  ie in this case I mean how a Spaniard in Spain or a Frenchman in France would view this situation if it happened to them. Because raised in dhimmi status, albeit non-Muslim dhimmi status, have ingrained servile mindset that am compromised by so cannot trust my own judgement on what God actually, no kidding wants.

                  “not flat” – Requires escalation by forces not currently involved. Namely internal arabs and the west bank. Anything short of that and assessment is: simply not going to happen.

                  Counter assessment: Extermination / Anhilation unnecessary. Two possibilities.

                  Possibility 1). Resettlement via annexation of 3rd party country that attacks and gets it’s ass handed to it. At which point the choices given to 3rd party country are “regime change via high explosives” or “resettle them in your territory motherfucker”.

                  Possibility 2) More likely: Realignment to a high birth rate of Jewish women in Israel, and lowered birth rate of non Jewish women in Israel.

                  Only change necessary is suppression of Islamic paladins who keep the Islamic women in line to give birth via negative reinforcement.

                  As negative reinforcement is a demonstration of winner qualities, the suppression of such is indication of loser male qualities. Birth rate goes down as no woman wants loser seed. Suppression of Islamic paladins is done via lead treatment to those Islamic paladins who demonstrate Islamic qualities of holiness.

                  High birthrate realignment for Jewish women b/c women want to have babies of winners not mincing faggots. Will only mate with observably mincing faggots if God Himself as Ultimate Alpha orders it as conveyed via Priesthood.

                  “Winners” as defined by hyper extreme example of General Buch Naked. Whether a divinely appointed king decides to go that far is anybody’s guess.

                  Winners in this case will also perceive miraculous victory and thus become religious bc no atheist in a foxhole, and competing religions in Israel are already defunct. Last one (neo faggotry) was just destroyed by the attack that precipitated the war when all the women were shot at a rave party and raped so bad that their pelvii were broken.

                  Not trying to garner sympathy, pointing out why the religion of neo faggotry is in IMO effectively dead.

                  Source: Jimian theory regarding college educated women birthrate, modified by observation of Orthodox women with careers who still give birth bc culture demands it. Jimian theory of female attraction to General Buck Naked and Jimian theory of passing shit tests.

                  You know the GAE better than I do, bc altho we both grew up in it, you are ethnically / religiously aligned and also didn’t live in a virgin bubble based mostly on priest controlled television, ie bullshit. So I defer to your view on how they would view it.

                  I probably wont comment again for a while, so please dont take it amiss if you reply.

                • Ron says:

                  Unnecessary to shoot GAE operatives. Just send them on a plane home.

                  But I”m not king. King might have a different view. ::shrugs::

                • Ron says:

                  To clarify: Possibility 3 of extermination only possible under

                  a) extreme duress as explained in reply

                  b) king appointed by prophet

                  just my opinion.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Jim’s method lacks tact. Israel is very much the global underdog against GAE, and is very poorly situated geographically. Palestinian removal needs to be done politely.

                  Gaza has no food and has no water. There is absolutely no need for costly ground military operations that involves directly killing them all. Just blockade everything and let nature take care of the rest. Drop leaflets informing Palestinians in Gaza strip to surrender to Israeli forces in the Southern District for “humanitarian” relief. Proceed to stick all of them into “humanitarian” camps. Anyone who starves to death… well “obviously it is Hamas’s fault”, lol “stop hitting yourself”. Make conditions in the camps so bad that they “volunteer” (voluntold) to become refugees heading to Europe and give them a boat ride with any number of the NGOs facilitating the human smuggling. What’s Europe going to do? Sink the ships? Lol, they’re too gay for that. After several years few will be alive in Gaza, then move in with the ground force and kill all the assumed remaining militants.

                  There will be an awful lot of screeching about “muh human rights” but a whole lot less screeching than if an actual genocide takes place… and Israel really can’t afford the Serbian NATO intervention experience.

                • Ron says:



                • Ron says:


                  thought about what you wrote more. This is my reply.

                  As before, mostly yup.

                  To starve them requires time. Time is a killer. Time means images of starving children. It means more chance of mischief. More chance of third party involvement. Israels entire military posture requires fast victory bc the nation cannot afford to be on a war footing for long. The army is more a very well supplied militia, not a professional or even conscript army. The population IS the army.

                  The real test comes when the Israelis are set to go full in to Gaza. At that point, the Gazan population will likely decide to give the mother of all shit tests and stay right where they are.

                  If the Israelis balk, we can expect an attack by Hizbullah, followed by Iranian support on the ground and with drones, followed by a West bank uprising, closely followed by the arab citizens rising up, followed by Jordan and Egypt joining in. And then after we are all either mostly dead or ass raped, most of the Europeans saying “you had it coming, you dirty Jew bastards.” Which can also be fun to experience if your mindset is properly twisted.

                  If on the other hand, the Israelis say “because fuck you that’s why” and continue on their way as if no one is in any of the apartment buildings, blow up said apartment buildings, and then ignoring the sobbing BBC presenter talking about how little Reza only wanted to hold her doll when her arms were blown off by the evil Israeli explosives, then I predict the rest of the Gazan population in the North will likely run for their lives to the south.

                  Or not. Irrelevant tho, provided the Israelis continue exactly on as if all Gazans in combat operations areas had already run to the South for their miserable lives.

                  Because what will also NOT happen is that Hizbullah will then make sure NOT to attack from the North, Iran will NOT send their men to die pointlessly a thousand kilometers from Teheran or send drones against people who have demonstrated they are willing to use ambiguously defined Schrodinger nukes on Teheran, the leaders of Fatah will decide they prefer using their billions to bang male and female hookers in Dubai on billion dollar yachts while eating pork and drinking expensive French wines, the local Arab citizenry will “suddenly discover” that Jihad is “really about” inner struggle and Egypt and Jordan will decide they hate the Shia more than the Jew.

                  Or they might do it anyway, in which case I hope to be surrounded by as many dead bodies of my enemies as possible.

                  Not a military expert, not a tough guy. Just a fat guy with too much time on his hands that doesn’t get out much. So take it all with a grain of salt. And I don’t speak for anyone but me.

                • jim says:

                  > Irrelevant tho, provided the Israelis continue exactly on as if all Gazans in combat operations areas had already run to the South for their miserable lives.

                  Killing a thousand people, ten of whom are shooting back, is considerably more difficult than killing ten people who are shooting back. In modern warfare, you are always shot at by surprise, by people who are hiding in cover. If there are a thousand people hiding in cover, it becomes considerably more difficult to locate the ten you need to worry about.

                  Your argument is that Israel does not need to worry about Turkey and Iran. Maybe. We shall see. But Biden, Putin, Turkey, and Iran are making statements that would imply it does need to worry about them.

                  If it does not need to worry about them, then its big problem is the Global American Empire, which wants its frozen conflict put back in the freezer. If it does need to worry about them, has bigger problems than a Global American Empire that is out of ammo.

                • Ron says:

                  Yeah. I agree.

                  Well… if it doesnt work out, nice knowing you guys. LOL.

                • Ron says:

                  Sorry, don’t mean to make light. It’s just my twisted humor.

                  Thank you for replying. Now I have a better idea on what to pray for. Knowing whats coming is always good.

                • Ron says:

                  You’re right. They all have to go. Exactly like you said.

                  Gonna stop now.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Turkey is potentially far far far more dangerous to Israel than Iran if Turkey attacks Israel hard to see any other option for Israel other than to resort to nuclear weapons. Turks unlike Arabs and Persians are historically very good soldiers whatever their other shortcomings.

                  Turkey fighting off the allies after WW1 is probably what cemented the stab in the back theory in Germany.

                • jim says:

                  If you have not tested your nuclear weapons they do not work.

                • Mister Grumpus says:

                  This is all tea leaf reading, but what does anyone think are the chances that Bibi, or someone he listens to, sees things this way? That his real enemy, that’s really out to get him, is GAE inside his own government and institutions? And how can you tell that he can tell?

                  One thing that’s surprised me is how many corrupt crappy dirthole countries have fared really well against regime change lately, by focusing their energies on flushing out the GAE. Syria-Syria-Syria, various ‘Stans, Russia, China maybe, and Hungary I guess. Even Vivek is talking the talk, or some of it anyway. These guys aren’t 400 IQ James Bond super genius Palpatine statecrafters, are they? But flush out the GAE and things apparently get really easy.

                  “With this one weird trick!”

                  Meanwhile, embrace the GAE like Ukraine and everyone winds up fucking dead.

                  So it’s not like this is Grand Wizard Secret Knowledge or something, and it’s not like we’re arguing about fairies dancing on a pin. This is war, life and death, and therefore intensely interesting. Or it should be.

                • jim says:

                  I am hearing plenty of Israelis in Israel telling him that.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  >Time means images of starving children.

                  “Hamas is barbaric and has refused to allow it’s own civilians to be evacuated from Gaza to our humanitarian camps in Israel’s Southern District. The blood is entirely on their hands.” This is right out of the Anglo-American “lol, stop hitting yourself” playbook.

                  >More chance of third party involvement.

                  Compared to what? If the Israeli military gets bogged down fighting door to door in Gaza and takes large casualties (which they will if they don’t remove the civilian population), you’ll get plenty of sharks that smell blood. More likely to invite intervention by a struggling ground invasion of Gaza than a patient starvation siege. That’s what Israel has already in effect been doing ever since the first illegal settlement went up.

                  Moreover, everyone knows the US moved a huge chunk of munitions out of Israel for war in Ukraine. Every irreplaceable (in the short term) bomb that gets dropped in Gaza, every bullet fired, is an invitation to Hezbollah. Again, this isn’t directly a question of time, but of munition stockpiles.

                  >requires fast victory bc the nation cannot afford to be on a war footing for long

                  Wrong way of looking at it. It cannot afford to be in combat for long because it cannot afford losses. So long as it’s in a siege war where losses are close to zero, can be at war for a very long time. In fact, Israel has effectively been under siege, and thus at war, for most of it’s existence and has been able to tolerate it because yearly average losses are very low. Boots on the ground in Gaza right now, as Jim points out, would be costly and difficult.

                  >sobbing BBC presenter

                  You’re telling me that Israel can’t completely shut down movement into Gaza strip, a 25 mile long and 3.7 to 7.6 mile wide strip of land? And even if some footage does gets smuggled out, just blame it on Hamas. I’m sure all the major Western newspapers will lap it up just like they did with the alleged “Hamas bombed the hospital” narrative.

                • jim says:

                  > You’re telling me that Israel can’t completely shut down movement into Gaza strip, a 25 mile long and 3.7 to 7.6 mile wide strip of land?

                  Going to have to conquer a strip of land between Egypt and Gaza, which I would guess will likely cost about thirty tanks and several hundred lives. Pretty sure it is very thoroughly fortified. Could cost a hundred tanks and a thousand lives. Doable, but not cheap. Hamas has long expected, and long prepared, for that move. Hard to guess how much it would cost. Going to be rough going.

                  The bombing, raiding, and shelling of northern Gaza is a pointless waste of time and ammo. Ammo that is in short supply and getting shorter. Just let famine do the talking. The connection to Egypt is the only part of Gaza that matters militarily. But is probably riddled with tunnels full of armed men.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Going to have to conquer a strip of land between Egypt and Gaza, […]

                  They absolutely fucked up. Instead of pushing hordes north, they pushed them south. It won’t be cheap to take that strip of land, but most buildings there appear to be single story which makes fighting much easier. Taking Rafah is likely similar to taking Fallujah. Taking Rafah and surrounding land to strangle the rest of Gaza Strip would be cheap in the long term, but nope, Israel seems to be doing costly “recon in force” right into Gaza City itself. Madness.

                  But is probably riddled with tunnels full of armed men.

                  Gasoline reportedly works well. All sorts of nasty things can be done without having to send infantry in, so long as the surface is controlled. Tunnels are a hell of a lot less effective when under mostly flat ground. This isn’t Iwo Jima.

                • Aryaman says:

                  And then I would make a very generous offer to the Palestinians and to Islam, one that would secure Hamas in power in return for them accepting the continued existence of Israel within mutually recognized borders and would give them considerably more turf and more power, and the Palestinians considerably better living conditions, one that they could claim as a substantial victory.

                  Hmm. Don’t remotely see how that’s going to work…

                  1. Hamas by definition can’t accept a sovereign Israel. That would be fine if there were some real body of people or elite in Palestine you could nominate as the new King, but there is not. (It being a fake nation memed into existence by the Rules Based Order, see 3).

                  2. Giving them more turf and power has not worked in the past. Not sure what you could give them or where they could establish sovereignty that doesn’t just end up here again.

                  3. As soon as the dust settles the Rules Based Order will get back to memeing into existence a people defined by nothing other than their opposition to a sovereign Israel; a people that did not exist but very much does exist now.

                  4. The Rules Based Order will be aided by the considerable foreign element in the West who will be marching in protest of “genocide”.

                  So really your negotiating partner is not Hamas but the Rules Based Order. But the Rules Based Order quite simply can’t commit itself to refrain from arming both sides by its very definition.

                  Iran is another can of worms, but there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel there, Iran being a real people with a King ready at hand to rule over his people. But it does not really matter because by its very definition the Rules Based Order can’t actually install a monarch, which is why it cannot perform competent regime change.

                  (By the way, they are promoting the idea that the Iranian people stand with Israel and against Palestine)

                • jim says:

                  > 1. Hamas by definition can’t accept a sovereign Israel.

                  Possibly, but given a choice between the complete annihilation of every Palestinian inside Israel and a decisive victory, they might develop considerable theological flexibility. They have already demonstrated remarkable theological flexibility on issues near and dear to their major sponsor, the Global American Empire.

                • jim says:

                  > As soon as the dust settles the Rules Based Order will get back to memeing into existence

                  The rules based order is in trouble.

                • Calvin says:

                  But is probably riddled with tunnels full of armed men.

                  So capture the entrances and pump them full of noxious chemicals. Pour gasoline down there and set it on fire. Fill it with UAE-style poop trucks. Hell, just sit atop the entrances and wait until they either die to thirst or have to charge your machine guns down narrow tunnels. Not a hard problem to solve in an area where reinforcements are definitely not coming.

                • jim says:

                  It is the “capture the entrances” bit that is hard. People pop up out of one entrance, and shoot at you, disappear into the tunnel, then pop up out of another entrance and shoot at you.

                  Someone shoots at you from one entrance. You pound the entrance with artillery, then take the entrance, and just when you are about to pour in the gasoline …

                • Calvin says:

                  You shoot back, while your other guys finish pouring the gasoline, lighting the fire, and covering the entrance. Then you start looking for any areas experiencing a sudden uptick of smoke pouring out. Repeat until the tunnel network contains more toxic fumes than oxygen. No need to actually enter the tunnels more than a few feet at any time. You’ll probably wind up incinerating some hostages in the process but they’re dead men walking at this point anyway. May as well grasp the nettle.

                  Israel has 300,000 reservists called up in addition to their regular army. More than enough can be sent in to accomplish both tasks at once.

                • jim says:

                  Taking tunnels from the Japanese was dreadfully costly, and taking tunnels from the Ukrainians has been more costly.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Calvin such was the way the Japanese in tunnels and caves were killed…

                • jim says:

                  Taking those Japanese caves and tunnels was, however, dreadfully costly. And will be costlier now we have better antitank and counter artillery systems.

                • Calvin says:

                  Indeed. The classics are often that way for a reason.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Yes it was costly but the Japanese were more disciplined than Arabs, Arabs can be brave in suicidal offensives but on the defensive their morale tends to fail. Hence supposedly IDF officers are supposedly trained with an extreme bias toward aggression.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  Taking Japanese tunnels was dreadfully costly because of the tunnel’s synergy with very rough terrain. Gaza Strip is no where close to having similar terrain. It’s mostly flat. Will be costly, but not dreadfully so.

            • jim says:

              > The best move for the Arabs is to let the Israelis hammer them and win

              The best move the Arabs can make is to draw the Israelis into endless and terrible war of attrition on the Lebanese and Syrian borders, because right now Israel is short of ammo, and the Global American Empire even shorter of ammo.

              For Israel to win, have to annihilate the Palestinian population. And Islam does not dare let them do that, so have to annihilate the Jewish population.

              Now if only we had someone in charge who was great at making deals.

              • Ron says:

                Not sure annhilation is actually necessary. Not sure it isn’t either. But catastrophic defeat of Arab Muslim population is definitely necessary as is either total subjugation or permanent expulsion.

                Difference being that Muslim success in Europe depends on neo-faggotry. Neo Faggotry only works on Westerners because only applied to Westerners. Muslims are used as shock troops by Cathedral to emasculate local populations.

                With Neo Faggotry as a non outlet, population would instead kill all Cathedral Priests who “don’t get the joke” and replace them with Priests willing to declare Jihad for the sake of God’s Beloved Sons.

                Muslims reduced to dhimmi status. Said status applied by killing all Islamic Paladins who attempt to display Islamic Virtues of Holiness.

                Neo Faggotry is a non outlet, because faggots require the support of frustrated women and chicks dig jerks. Killing your opponent is a jerk thing to do, no good, bad, evil, naughty, and women are compelled to tame that bad boy. Priests enforce marriage. Long term families, babies, etc.

                Again, just my opinion. Could be totally wrong on how everyone views everything. For all I know, Jewish king on the way and he will literally chop up entire palestinian population into hamburger. No idea.

                • jim says:

                  > But catastrophic defeat of Arab Muslim population is definitely necessary as is either total subjugation or permanent expulsion.

                  Yes, But with Israel alarmingly low on ammo, and the Global American Empire considerably lower, not necessarily a propitious time for such measures.

                • Pax Imperialis says:

                  All the more reason why flashy displays of direct mass killing is a complete waste. Starve them out and then deport them. Israel might as well shit test Europe into sinking Palestinian refugee boats. Maybe everyone will end up benefiting from that.

                • Ron says:

                  Yes. The moment they talked months ago of sending ammo to Ukraine I nearly wept for this exact reason.

                  That said, likely opponents involved are either badly armed, semi armed, logistically compromised due to distance, or GAE allies

                  badly armed – local arab populations in West Bank and indigenous citizens.

                  Semi armed – Hizbullah

                  logistically compromised due to distance – Iran.

                  gae allies – Egypt, Jordan

                  The semi armed and logisiticaly compromised are threats but not a death sentence. Despite Chinese and North Korean supplies.

                  Russia needs it’s ammo for it’s own war, and I’m not convinced the Russians really want to be directly involved in a war when their people are practically taking over half the country anyway.

                  A local uprising involving arab citizens and the west bank COULD lead to Hizbullah and Iranian involvement, which COULD lead to GAE allies jumping in.

                  If GAE allies get involved, I predict all bets are off. Anything you said as necessary will probably get done without prompting.

                  What happens from that point is up to God.

                • Ron says:

                  “wept”. well, more like was screaming at the walls in impotent rage cursing out everyone.

              • Aryaman says:

                Involvement here probably isn’t very good for the American people but, ahem, someone good at making deals would notice something like the following might just work:

                1. Return of the Persian king (handover of Ukraine to Putin required)
                2. Dissolution of Palestinian peoplehood into Arabia (for a lot of cash, cordiality with Iran, and some real turf under present Israeli control)
                3. Military commitment to this plan contingent on Israel paying for it, with a margin, and also some royalty share on oil exports in perpetuity
                4. Peacekeeping troops to enforce various settlements in jointly occupied areas, and Holy sites, with inviolable diplomatic immunity and with a license to perform war crimes under Trump’s personal authority.

                • jim says:

                  The Holy land belongs to us. If Muslims and Jews want to fight over it, we should let them go at each other.

                  It is not a propitious time for us to take it back yet. Demon worshippers need to be dealt with first.

          • Dharmicreality says:

            Almost all “right wing nationalist” states in the world currently seem to be running on some variant of national socialism with all the weaknesses of and the socialist subversion of nationalism. Thus, love thy neighbour even if he is a murderous brute.

            Yes, national socialism is a heady cocktail until you get to the stage of the hangover of the socialist medicine.

            • Ron says:

              I think in practice “love thy neighbor” is generally only applied when hes a murderous brute

              But maybe im just being cynical

          • MuskFan says:

            The likely future of Israel is the Jared Kushner model, ie Israel-Arab economic integration where the Mideast becomes something of an economic zone similar to the EU, with Israel being the central piece of the economy as business and workers flow in and out of it.

            The only the problem with that is that the US elite are not entirely on board with it as it decreases US influence/control over the region which is why Biden quietly undid a lot of the progress Kushner did during the Trump administration in an attempt to return to the status-quo.

            • S says:

              The members of the EU’s major trade partners are other members of the EU. This isn’t the case for arab states, which are strung out along North Africa and West Asia; Morocco trades more with England then all Arab states combined (most of the rest are heavy oil exporters; Egypt is the closest to your vision).

              How would this work? If it is dependent upon Israel providing high tech manufacturing and services, why wouldn’t Arab states get it cheaper from China?

              • MuskFan says:

                Kushner describes it here:

                The vision, as Kushner lays out, likely starts with tight trade, business ties and foreign investment between Israel, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other closely surrounding Arab nations integrating into a common market with a shared security architecture against the common enemy of Iran and potentially branches out from there.

                • S says:

                  All of those countries are bigger trade partners with China than each other (yes, even Israel; they are 1) US, 2) China). This isn’t ‘every country trades with China’; Morroco’s main partner is France with China being 20th.

            • jim says:

              They love their frozen conflicts, as they can always sic one side onto the other, while both sides suck up to them for the guarantee that they will not be annihilated.

              When Trump set about bringing peace to the middle east, they felt he was committing treason.

        • Zorost says:

          “Only 2% of the population want them to be driven out completely. But no one wants them exterminated.”

          Oh of course not. Just driven out of the plot of land that particular jew wants. And of course his neighbor needs some land too… No one wants the arabs to be genocided, it’ll just sort of happen, then the jew standing on a pile of corpses is left saying, “why does everyone hate me so?!”

          • Ron says:

            You’re wrong. Maybe it should be the way you say, but right now it isn’t.

            What you are describing only existed when the initial colonists came here and even then only the socialists thought that way, and even then only for a short time.

            The fact they have gone out of their way to hand over large portions of land gained in combat, is a strong indication of the exact opposite. And is probably the source of much faggotry.

            – Males who give away land are weak not strong.
            – weak males own nothing and must compromise to be allowed slave rations
            – hence Chicks dig jerks because they need to be owned. And will only support faggots to get out of mating for life with weak loser males so they can potentially be seeded by an alpha jerk

            Again, maybe what you described SHOULD be the national attitude, maybe it shouldn’t. I’m telling you that at the moment it ISNT.

            Proof: mass faggotry and screeching bitter sluts.

            If you tell me you spent a month here and this was your observation based on numerous conversations with a wide variety of Israelis, I’ll be genuinely interested and ask if I can hear about your experiences. But what you described isn’t what I am seeing.

        • jim says:

          Ninety percent of people everywhere just want to get on with their own lives and not have their neighbors trouble them. Muslims, Jews, Hindus, whatever. Trouble is that diversity plus proximity equals war.

          One people have one set of rules for cooperation and getting along without treading on each other’s toes. Another set of people have a different set of rules for not treading on each other’s toes. Toes get trodden on, and it escalates.

          If you have a strong King, which you generally don’t, and he is a good deal maker, which he generally is not, and the other side also has a strong King, they can make a deal. But, usually, they just cannot get a deal together.

          Which means one side has to eradicate the other. All of them.

          World War I happened because Serbia was incapable of choosing between peace and war.

          It became World War I. because Germany invaded neutral Belgium in order to attack France. The German army did this, which was profoundly and disastrously unwise, in disobedience to the command of the King.

          The underlying theory was that they could take out France quickly, and then concentrate on Russia. This theory turned out to be terribly wrong. And when it proved wrong, should have retreated from Belgium and France. Continuing to try to take out France was a catastrophic error.

          Suppose that when it became obvious that they were in for a two front war of attrition, they had apologized and withdrawn. Then America would never have gotten involved, and Britain would have intervened less energetically if at all. And, war of attrition being terrible, and everything no longer at stake and up for grabs, the Western alliance probably would not have stubbornly kept on attriting so hard, and with Germany fighting a purely defensive war on that front, to prevent the German homeland itself from being invaded, would have taken considerably fewer losses on that front. Russia would have fallen, and fallen far sooner, and Germany would then be the dominant superpower, in a good position to cut a deal. Maybe they could have cut a deal to the west once they retreated back to the Western German borders, probably could have cut a deal to the west when the terrible cost of attritive warfare was biting the allies hard, almost certainly could have cut a deal to the west after Russia fell.

          Let us suppose that Germany had had a strong King. Then the generals would not have invaded Belgium and France, or if they had he would have hanged them. If, as is likely France then invaded, neither Britain nor America would have intervened. Germany would have unquestionably won the war. Germany lost the war largely because it just kept on trying to knock France out of the war in war of movement, and war of movement just was not possible on that front. Their entire military tactics on the Western front were just one gigantic error. An error the Generals stubbornly persisted in endlessly making because the Generals had disobeyed the King on the premise that war of movement would work, and could not accept that the King had been right and they had been catastrophically and disastrously wrong. They were not trying to win the war, but trying to prove that they were right. As is typical in an agreement incapable power, their military tactics were designed to win bureaucratic struggles in the capital, not designed to win the war for God, King, and Country.

          Given that war of movement was impractical, attritive warfare terribly costly, could have cut a deal, because Britain, France, and America were agreement capable. But a Germany whose armies were apt to launch themselves at the enemy without paying much attention to the mere King was not agreement capable, and Serbia even less agreement capable.

          Islam is obviously agreement incapable, so indeed needs to be eradicated. All of it. Is Israel agreement capable? Well, sort of. The Abraham accords show that it is agreement capable when allowed to be by the Global American Empire. Unfortunately, the Global American Empire is not agreement capable. So Islam needs to eradicate Israel. All of it.

          The arabs are not agreement capable, but are weak. Saudi arabia, however, now has a strong King, at least temporarily, and is agreement capable. Iran and Turkey are strong, and agreement capable. Islam as a whole, however is agreement incapable, and the Global American Empire agreement incapable. And here we are.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            You mean World War I. Feel free to delete.

          • Pseudo-Chrysostom says:

            On one level, a good decent normal person just wants to go along to get along; which is what makes him a normie.

            On another level, a normie will also repeat whatever the mouths of status stay, and walk wherever the hands of power point; this is also what makes him a normalfag.

            Israel lacking command over their own narrative, for everyone to be on board with TPD, and having the Harvard York Times module plugged into their minds instead, is a major problem for them; much like it is everyone’s major problem, even indirectly.

          • alf says:

            As is typical in an agreement incapable power, their military tactics were designed to win bureaucratic struggles in the capital, not designed to win the war for God, King, and Country.

            In the long span of history, it becomes easy to see why some Great Men form a Great Empire seemingly out of nowhere — instead of f*cking up, as is customary, they play to win, and their army plays to win.

            • The Cominator says:

              Total war armies crush ritual war armies. The very bad thing about the invention of the H bomb (the doomsday nuke) is it made all wars fake ritual wars.

              • alf says:

                In some history books the question of army maintenance in times of peace is raised. As in: maintaining an army is very expensive, maintaining it during peace time is even more expensive. Do you think this is an actual problem, and if so, how to deal with it?

                • The Cominator says:

                  It depends on how big the army and expensive the military is relative to your population and economy and how corrupt your society is. Keeping a full total war size army in peaacetime for decades though is not something any state can really afford without suffering economic decline and probably ending up with a corruption problem in military procurement.

    • Not Time says:

      Sorry forgot a point, that “palestinians” of old times != Islam, “palestinians” of today = Islam. Before, palestin was 0% Muslim, today palestine is 99% Muslim. Therefore they are 100% responsible for any violence internal or coming out of palestine. Therefore they are 100% glutton for Israel responding as it sees fit.

      While it may not be *our* time to deal with Islam, it *is* time for Israel to destroy Hamas and purge the “palestinans” who voted and allowed them. Islam has 1400 years of consistantly invading and murdering thousands upon thousands of people. There is no more perfect justification than that, and the crap that is in their books that commands it all. So whenever anyone has the time to smash Islam, then that is the time, around the clock, around the world.

      If you have bigger fish to fry, that’s fine.
      But it is someone’s big fish somewhere in the world every day,
      whether on national, neighborhood, or personal scale.

      Islam is an invasive species of parasite virus, that can’t kill
      its host or else it dies, but can still be purged back out,
      thus restoring its hosts back to full health.

      The hosts have to inject themselves with the cure,
      or those who the hosts continue to attempt to infect
      have to strap them to the gurney and inject them.

      Philistines, Muslims in general, need to realize they are infected with a virus that commands them to kill, and leave Islam.
      Else someone is going to deal with that problem for them.

      Nobody cares about any other religious virus, because
      those don’t cause their hosts to kill other people.
      Political virus, probably yes, other religions, not really.

      • jim says:

        Indeed, Israel is one hundred percent right to destroy Hamas, and to annihilate an agreement incapable population. Unfortunately Islam is also at least ninety percent right to destroy Israel. Not because Israel is agreement incapable, but because the Global American Empire is agreement incapable.

        I am sure that at least ninety percent of the people who voted for Hamas are very nice people, and it will be an enormous tragedy if they get annihilated. And it will be an enormous tragedy if Israel gets annihilated. Obviously peace would be preferable for everyone. But it is hard to make a deal, and harder still to have institutions capable of making a deal.

        To remind people of this problem, it is sometimes necessary for entire populations to be annihilated. And to solve this problem, sometimes necessary to annihilate populations incapable of solving it. This is a tragedy. But we have bigger problems.

        • Melly says:


          Russia’s leadership should be wiped out for initiating [*deleted*]

          • jim says:

            Nato was shelling civilians for eight years before Russia responded.

            I am not going to allow or respond to an argument that presupposes an untruth.

            If you want to argue that Russia initiated this war, you are going to have to argue that Maidan was justified, that the color revolution was justified, that suppressing Russian Orthodox Christianity and the Russian language was justified, and that Nato shelling civilians for eight years was justified. Argue that, and I will allow it through.

            Color revolution uses soft power. But soft power only works because Nato will shell and bomb people who resist it. They have engaged in a great deal of shelling and bombing all over the world, not just in brown far away countries, but in Serbia and the Ukraine. If nobody starts shooting back, color revolution will succeed. And eventually succeed in Moscow, whereupon the statues of the honored dead will be torn down, the war graves will desecrated, the great Cathedral redecorated with rainbow flag and turned into a Gaia museum, kindergarden children will be asked to choose their sex, and the gay parade will march in triump through red square.

            For color revolution to succeed, people who resist have to die. For it to fail, people who quietly go along with it have to die. For a very long time, people who resist have been dying, as for example Syria, the Ukraine, Libya and the Congo. Now people who go along with it are dying.

            • FrankNorman says:

              “For color revolution to succeed, people who resist have to die. For it to fail, people who quietly go along with it have to die. For a very long time, people who resist have been dying, as for example Syria, the Ukraine, Libya and the Congo. Now people who go along with it are dying.”

              For color revolution to grind to a halt and not restart, the people who are pushing it, organizing it, and funding it have to die. Surely the Russians could make a list of those people, and send each and every one of them some Polonium?

        • Ron says:

          Got it. Thanks for clarifying.

  19. Exports says:

    I would [*deleted*]

  20. Karl says:

    The only reason Mohammedan invaders in America are a problem is that the Democrats. in substantial part the same Jews who organized the brother war in the Ukraine, are importing them to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat.

    That was a plausible explanation a few years ago, when voting might still have mattered. Now there is no need to import voters. Votes are produced by printing as necessary.

    So why are Democrats still importing them?

    Habit I guess. Any other explanations?

    • Zorost says:

      The general (((Leftist))) strategy is to take advantage of chaos, creating it as needed.

      “never let a crisis go to waste!”
      -Rahm Emmanuel

      The more chaos, the more people will cry out for order at any cost. Which gives those with the power to create order the excuse to get even more power.

      9/11 -> patriot act

      One possibility I see is for Trump or similar to declare White people jihad against troublesome darkies. People like us would be cheering and volunteering, but at the end of the process somehow we’re living in an open tyranny and there are still darkies running around.

    • Pax Imperialis says:

      Because it’s holy, because they hate America and heritage America, because they are the type to pathologically open the gates to invaders without thinking about what the consequences will be.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      The fact that we don’t like it is reason enough.

  21. Zorost says:

    “And in the coming holy war with our officially unofficial state religion, old type Mohammedans will be our allies.”

    The stupid ones will be scammed by the Satanists. The smart ones will realize they are only our allies till we win, at which point they get sent back to Shitholistan where they belong. Muslims hate us too, I don’t see them as anything but racial and national enemies. Perhaps allies of convenience in their own countries, but in ours they are nothing but aliens that must eventually be removed.

    Otherwise I agree 100%. As I said to a co-worker when asked what I thought about gaza, “desert people killing desert people in the desert, as they’ve done for 3000 years and will continue to do for at least another 3000 years. Not my problem.”

  22. Hank says:

    [*deleted because several screens and no paragraph breaks*]

    • jim says:

      If it is worth our time to read it, it is worth your time to hit carriage return from time to time.

  23. Rune Denmark says:

    I support and encourage a newfound Jewish distaste for immigration. If they want to deport Muhammed, then that is all good, and we can work together on that. If they want to invade Iran to kill Muhammed, then that’s going to be a no from here. For the same reason, I support all the mass protests in favor of Gaza. Don’t really care much about Gaza, but if this can imbue our insane leaders with some fright for the consequences of importing third-world masses (and for supporting insane ideologies like BLM, decolonization etc.), then that’s good.

    • Contaminated NEET says:

      >If they want to deport Muhammed

      They don’t. They want Muhammed to get with the program and stop biting the hand that feeds him, but even if he doesn’t, they still prefer him over Joe Johnson.

    • jim says:

      They want Mohammedans here. They just don’t want them in or near Israel.

  24. Yul Bornhold says:

    No rightwinger should support any “American” war because all such wars will, as long we’re occupied by the GAE, inevitably morph into wars to further the cause of the GAE. Yeah, Islam is bad. We waged GWOT against them and that got us millions more of them in the West to crime, welfare, and vote democrat, as is their wont, and it significantly pozzed Islam worldwide. Islam won (sort of) and the GAE won. We did not. Let’s not do it again.

  25. Pax Imperialis says:

    House Speaker Johnson is supposedly a Christian Nationalist. Supposedly the most “fundamentalist” in the US Congress. Meanwhile…

    -declares himself on board with war against Russia, China, and Iran.

    -advocating for boots on the ground for Israel

    -has a black “son” and thinks George Floyd was murdered

    -wears gay (rounded) glasses which emphasizes his already poor phrenology.

    -I’m sure more will crop up over time…

    Sure, it’s not time for war with Islam, but neither was it time for war with Russia, and it is certainly not time for war with China, yet here we are. Political capital is a finite resource. There’s only so much people can be focused on at any particular time. If busy trying to wage crazy wars on all foreign fronts, will not be busy waging war against domestic demons.

    • Speaker Johnson says:

      [*deleted for presupposing that elections matter, as if no one doubted that they matter*]

      • jim says:

        Any comment on elections needs to be in the frame that your audience does not believe in the voting tallies, and does not believe that the majority should rule even if the tallies were honestly counted. Which they are not.

        You may well believe that, and you are free to express that view on this blog. But you are not free on this blog to presuppose that everyone believes it, including your audience on this blog, because that is argument by false consensus. Assume you are trying to sell democracy and elections to an audience from King Solomon’s court.

        You should sound like you are addressing an audience that thinks that democracy was always fraudulent, that it is a bad idea, and would be a worse idea if it was not fraudulent.

    • jim says:

      > If busy trying to wage crazy wars on all foreign fronts, will not be busy waging war against domestic demons.

      Surely the craziness that leads to war on all fronts will also attack the home front.

      A rational enemy would not attack the home front while in trouble abroad, but a rational enemy would not open a new front while short of weapons and losing on an existing front.

      • Pax Imperialis says:

        will not be busy waging war against domestic demons.

        >will also attack the home front.

        Well, sure. There will be much finger pointing and targeting of, as the Soviets would call it, “counter-revolutionary sabotage” at home. That’s not exactly what the Thermidorians (or reactionaries) would consider a success. Rather than clamping down on domestic demons like gay socialism, elites will demonically clamp down on manly capitalism. I don’t even think they’d put feminism on back burner like they allegedly did in WW2. The craziness that has led to war on all fronts also means more demonic behavior at home.

        >A rational enemy

        Not dealing with a rational enemy (DC elites), dealing with a “theoretically” suicidal enemy. There’s a great sense of nihilistic gnosticism going about. The type of thinking that humanity is just a clump of atoms, life is an illusion, and nothing matters. The type of thinking that continues until a gun barrel is staring them down and natural instincts kick in.

        These fronts are overseas, over there, and don’t possess the same sobering effects that contiguous fronts have. Worse, any boots on the ground will by the types of people they already hate or view as just a “social construct” to be “abolished”. They won’t have the dawning realization the Soviets had when bordering Germany. Only way DC would feel threatened by overseas fronts is if Nukes are flying which remains purely theoretical until nukes are flying, in which case it’s too late. MAD doesn’t work if one side is mad.

        Losing in Ukraine is “just a social construct” so why does escalating up a new Middle East front matter all that much? Why not war with China at the same time? Fiscal deficits are “just a social construct” so why not print quadrillion $s as well to fund all of this?

        I just don’t see the opening of new fronts as sobering. If anything, it’s intoxicating because costs perpetually remain theoretical to elites and “making a difference” is an endorphin rush in their otherwise meaningless lives. All the more reason to holiness spiral.

        • Mister Grumpus says:

          The fresh buzz of “making a difference” with other people’s money, other people’s countries, and other people’s people. You boil it down well.

    • Zorost says:

      -cuckface phenotype

      I get the sense that he is legit, pretty much what he seems on the surface. Not a paid member of the Deep State, just a weirdo that they chose to elevate for various reasons. Like wanting him to be the poster boy for “I love Jesus and Democracy!” so young Christians might try to emulate him, thereby inadvertently turning themselves gay due to appearances and mannerisms leading to actions.

      I wonder how we are going to do that boots on the ground thing, since Israel is pretty much the only “ally” we have that keeps our military bases out. Perhaps our military will need a new MOS, a literal “shabbos goy” to draw lines on the ground that will make that land temporarily not-israel so our troops can walk there.

  26. Mary Grace Shabbaz-Epstein says:

    The one thing muslims get right? They throw the LGBT perverts off rooftops, putting a decisive end to that kind of behavior, or at least its glorification.

  27. Cloudswrest says:

    Looks like Musk is asking for trouble!

    • Cloudswrest says:

      Gerald Bull comes to mind.

    • Z says:

      Is there a consensus on Musk?

      1) He blasts Scotland’s Haji in charge for race-baiting more Haji’s into Scotland’s Govt.


      2) Gives Internet to Hajis (well, sortof, and certainly throughout Muslim lands).

      He’s probably being based on (1).
      And probably being a US spy agency on (2).

      I tend to give him at least some slack for “freeing” Twitter from the direct Democrat Psyop that it was… those twitter-dems-election-govt conspiracy fact docs were highly damning.
      But am not so sure he’s not still moled out, or piping a feed to the NSA.
      Notice the Govt has still refused his 2nd Starship permit for no good reason other than political.

      • Vivek on Gaza says:

        Vivek putting heads on stakes, dude is on a based trip lately, but which base…

        As to Musk, maybe things are forcing him (and lots of people) to evolve faster than his computer can handle, and he’ll come online in consistent form before long?

        He’s also growing X into a massive central ID’d service for everything… comms, finance, and beyond. It’s pretty freakish.

        Now he has mentioned encrypted comms for some of it, but who knows if he’ll let it be opensource and E2E keyholding for users.

        Nobody can trust any central service that doesn’t design so that its users can hop out to P2P E2E. You don’t even need a central phone book these days.

        So why is this megalo doing central PayPal 4.0 plus?

        That same amount of money invested in P2P E2E DHT privacy coins fiber-by-the-people IPFS distributes storages and markets etc… would be much more rewarding to this “science” type of guy right?

        • jim says:

          Money can no more be magically transformed into good software, than it can be magically transformed into good rockets or good weapons.

  28. S says:

    Can shills support deportation and closing the border? Because the obvious answer to ‘importing Islamic Jihad’ is ‘stop hitting yourself’.

    • Q says:

      Deportation = Excellent, do it.
      Nobody in the West wants all these people, it’s the filthy Politicians and their sick Evil Lords above them who are doing it.

      Closed border, both legally and physically = Excellent, do it.
      But I will add two caveats…

      1) All outbound traffic must be allowed and never tracked, ID’d, or even stopped, else 1984. You might need this escape caveat yourself some day, thus should teach that “outbound is fine”.

      2) Not all adjoining countries do, but this is a related caveat… but if a country does have deadly hard to traverse land, like long desert or high mountain, it should leave a few man sized portals open there. “Terrorists” and “PsyOp Idea Warriors” are funded documented cushy liars and will just fly in on a plane. But a few desperate real asylees and or freedom seekers will risk the portal foot paths, especially if their planes and trains and roads out are all 1984’d in the country they’re coming from. There should be something that says “Well, you went to all that risk on foot get here, and you’re not a Muzzie, and there’s not even 300/yr that come through that portal, ok welcome in.” Same for coming by sea on small personal boat.

      For that matter, it shouldn’t be corrupt “Govt” (here Biden Dems etc) deciding who gets in over top of people, it should be 25 historically cultural citizens from where they want to go, and if one says no, too bad. If I’m white, I shouldn’t expect black kenya to blanket take me in, buddhist nor into atheist lands, etc. Old days you had to go talk to the Elders, or get their daughers or fighters or traders to vouch for you. Govts are not wise Elders, they’re corrupt “Democracy” shit.

      Dems Jews whatever… sure they are the problem for being and manufacturing weakness that allows millions of Blacks and some Jihadis in. But at the same time we cannot put all the blame on them and refuse to acknowledge that the Jihadis exist independently on their own accord, and will always exploit any weakness, including the massive invite that Dems Progs Libs etc created. Unlike based Jihadis, the Blacks are just dumb, they go wherever the free shit is.

      Yes solve the “democrat / progressive / fag / globo” problem, it is very severe and insidious on destruction, and at this point just plain evil as such.

      No, the USA does not need to invite yet more Muslims in as “allies” to do that.

      This is an internal problem, and it is White Christian people that have to stand up and fix it.

      Same as Islam needs to fix its own internal shit.

      ps: One current problem with Islam is that they seem to have shifted to now wanting nukes, especially after seeing the USA cower over Russias nukes re Ukraine. Pakistan has nukes… curious Iran hasn’t yet announced receiving some from them.
      If you expect to have to repel Islam someday, would be much easier if you can keep Islam from making more nukes.

      • IGnatius T Foobar says:

        Finish the WALL, make it TALL, deport them ALL.

        • Contaminated NEET says:

          And in the Big Rock Candy Mountain, there’s a lake of stew and whiskey too and you can paddle around in a big canoe.

          There’s not going to be a wall, and they’re not going to be deported. Not on this side of Civil War II, at least.

      • i says:

        If they are the worst of criminals. Extermination. Wipe the worst of the criminals out.

        Suffer not an MS-13 to live.

        • Pax Imperialis says:

          Don’t be so wasteful of bio-weapons. Shove them all into unfriendly Latino countries like Venezuela. They need a taste of their own medicine.

  29. Any Questions says:

    “The only way to destroy America is an alliance of Muslims and communists.”

    Carlos the Jackal

    • jim says:

      Take the shill test.

      America is a communist country. China is not.

      The alliance that the Demon worshippers in power will be facing will be Muslims and Christian Nationalists, not Muslims and communists.

      Allowing this shill comment through, rather than silently suppressing it as I have silently suppressed so many others, as an illustration of sudden noise from entryists about war with Islam that I mentioned in the post above.

      Notice that is a response to the argument that in coming holy war against the demon worshippers, Christian Nationalists and Old Type Muslims will (temporarily) be allies, but, of course, does not in itself reveal the crime thought that it responds to, because his supervisor is required to check on what he posts, but is forbidden to see what he is responding to, lest the supervisor be contaminated by our thoughts.

      • Crocodile Eats Last says:

        [*A quite innocuous comment that, however, failed to reveal the thought crime that it was response to*]

        • jim says:

          New commenters replying to comments containing thought crime content need to provide sufficient context that a supervisor reading comment would be exposed at second hand to thoughts that a shill is not allowed to expose supervisors to. I am getting such a flood of shill comments that I am quick on the trigger.

          Repeating: if responding to a thought crime comment, give sufficient context to make the thought crime clear.

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