Muslim democracy is dangerous

The reason there are so few Islamic democracies is that the majority of Muslims vote for war, rape, murder, and terror, with the result that democracies with substantial Muslim populations tend to be short lived.  Muslim democracy is dangerous because Muslim voters are dangerous, and should not be permitted.

Egypt looks like it will produce more of the same – the winners will likely be the Muslim Brotherhood, which will unleash terrorism and rape against the Christian minority, and resume war against Israel as a first step towards war against all infidels everywhere. The Stratasphere calls US policy “Jimmy Carter Diplomacy”.  The vast majority of Egyptians will vote for the Muslim Brotherhood, which organization assures our gullible ruling elite that they are moderates, while everywhere pursuing a policy of terrorism.

At best, Islamic democracies produce governments that look the other way on terrorism, and go easy on terrorists, for example Indonesia.  At worst they elect regimes that propose to murder everyone everywhere who is not as passionately Muslim as those elected, as for example Algeria, where the Algerians freely and fairly elected a party, the Islamic Salvation Front, that thought that very few Algerians were sufficiently Muslim to be allowed to live.

Usually, however, they elect merely terrorist regimes, like Hamas.  The Hamas regime has merely executed a few hundred Gazans for witchcraft, and few thousand for apostasy, but has applied most of its energies to terrorism against its neighbors, so it is pretty much in the middle as Islamic elected regimes go, though more extreme than is typical for long lived Islamic elected regimes.

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