The Fisa Memo

It has long been known, long before the memo, that the Deep State engaged in illegal spying both with a false warrant, and without a warrant, on behalf of the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign.

It has long been known the Deep State, three letter police and spy agencies that were effectively part of the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign, illegally spied on the Trump campaign at the behest of and in coordination with the the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign and shared this information with the Democratic Party, the MSM, and Google. In course of this illegal spying they obtained one or more FISA warrants on false pretexts. In the course of spying on the particular individual or individuals named in these unlawful or falsely obtained FISA warrants they engaged in massive “unmasking”.

When one spies on someone named in a warrant, it is inevitable that one will “accidentally” pick up information on people not named in the warrant. “Unmasking” means that one forgets that one is pretending that this is supposed to be accidental, and just plain spies on people not named in the warrant, on the basis that there is supposedly some connection between them and the people named in the warrant. “Unmasking” means that the fig leaf that one was using to spy on someone without a warrant fell off.

The memo, with much drama, does a big reveal of one part of this story, one small part of a story that we already know, that they obtained a pretextual warrant on behalf of and in coordination with the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign.

Expect, leading up to the 2018 elections, further big dramatic reveals of the story that we already know, which will provide a legal basis for a political purge of the supposedly non political appointees in the Deep State, and to send Hillary to prison.

Expect a 2018 campaign as referendum on impeaching Trump.

If they get the numbers to impeach Trump, or get away with pretending to have the numbers, he goes to jail, and so do many members of his administration, followed by numerous Republicans, leaving only shadow rump composed of a rapidly diminishing number of the most overtly and loudly cucking Republicans – European politics. If they don’t, Hillary, or key members of her organization, go to jail.

Politically, if we care about how voters wish to vote, the best thing to do would be to refrain from purging the deep state from the three letter agencies until after the mid terms. But we are rapidly approaching the European situation where it seldom matters what the voters vote for, because all parties are the same, and any party that is not the same gets its members beaten up by Antifa and its key members sent to jail for racism, Nazism, hatred, misogyny, violent speech, Islamophobia, etc. Thus it would probably be wiser to purge the three letter agencies after another couple of big dramatic reveals, but well before the 2018 elections.

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  1. Mister Grumpus says:

    Don knows showbiz. He knows how to take people on an emotional ride. It really is PUA, and it sure did work on me.

    2016 felt like the final battle, the climax of the movie, the charge on Mount Doom. It felt like a firing squad. Of course I was going to vote anyway, but the Drama and the Peril were so excruciating that it must have brought some votes out for him who would’ve stayed home. If the country was calm and logical and level-headed that day Don then would have lost.

    Whereas that AL special Senate election was a shitty amateur TV movie.

    What do the scriptwriters say? Chase your hero up a tree and then set it on fire.

    So 2018 election season will be Heart Attacks all over again. NEEDS to be, to keep Don (and us) out of jail and safe from jackals.

    Don needs:
    1: the emotional stakes as high as he can make them
    2: whites scared to fucking death, empathetic-like
    3: lefties as humiliated and demoralized and black-pilled as possible

    It’s gonna be like the last 5 minutes of Raiders of the Lost Ark out here, firing ALL the guns at once, etc!

  2. Glenfilthie says:


    Jim, there HAS to be some intelligence in the Donk Party somewhere. If they run on a platform of impeachment, even they have to know that America will respond with fury at the polls. The problem isn’t the FBI; Trump can clean them out with one dirty look – and the rank and file agents that actually give a shit about their jobs will do the rest and clean their own damned house. Word I’ve heard is that they are ready to revolt at the drop of a hat.

    The DOJ isn’t the problem either. The problem is the Donks themselves – the wrong people are in charge and everyone knows it. Obama was a niggered idiot. Hillary was a crooked shrew, and Bernie was an intellectual write-off. Every day you turn around, and some Democrat flunky is degrading himself even with the press in the bag for them. Stretch Pelosi? Maxine Waters? Slobberface Kennedy? F*ckface Kerry? Half of those idiots should be in jail, and the other half should be shining shoes and emptying spittoons. If that lot runs on a platform of impeachment, it will be a landslide against them. Those people need to go away.

    Even their obese bag man, Michael Moore knows it. He said the democrats have to give the party back to the working American citizen or they will never rule again. I think their next campaign MAY be about self improvement, and running further right, and concentrating on issues rather than trying to manufacture them.

    • jim says:

      They live in an echo chamber, and the fury of the American voter matters a lot less than you imagine. How do you think they continue to hold power in Venezuela when everyone starves and the lights go out?

      • Glenfilthie says:

        As far as Venezuela goes – it’s not going to be long before their leaders are hanging from lamp posts by the neck. I’ve heard they are eating anything they can get, right up to cats, rats and dogs. Nobody in America feels all that sorry for them either. They voted for free shit, not realizing it was their own wealth that would be ‘re-distributed’. It is a truism that people always get the gov’ts they want and deserve.

        Americans are smarter than that, IMHO, and I think the Donks are too. Consider the revolution within the Repubs – they were in the same pickle the Donks were until Trump literally kicked the doors in, came in and took over. I see the same possible for the Donks. Parties that keep losing eventually die or re-invent themselves.

        • peppermint says:

          > Americans are smarter than that, IMHO, and I think the Donks are too

          Will any sizable fraction of Boomers ever recognize the mortal peril we are in? They aren’t stupid, they are our enemies, they forthrightly say it, and Boomers, believing themselves each a prince of indisputable aithority, laugh. Then the Boomers sperg out at each other about how Whites will get and deserve nothing if we don’t adopt their gay slogans, from papism to antipapist spiritualism to cosmotheism.

          The best thing Anglin did was ban religion and fatties on the Daily Stormer comments. This expels the Boomer.

          • Glenfilthie says:

            The majority of Boomers are geriatrics now, P-Mint. They get their info from day time TV like Orca Winfrey, and the mass media… and think they’re informed. Depending on who defines the demographics, I am either a leading edge Gen X or tail end Boomer – and I can assure you – I am well aware of the peril we are in! We are three generations deep into liberal social experiments and the writing is on the wall.

            What’s a guy like you doing on Stormfront, P? Shame on you – you’re smarter than that.

            • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

              Andrew Anglin has been doing great work with stormfront; the implications of ideas someone might get on board with there move in the right directions, which is the most important criteria of all.

    • peppermint says:

      Michael Moore tried to stage a coup after 2016 and lost because they are constitutionally incapable of not hating White men

      • Glenfilthie says:

        Largely correct – if you’ll pardon the pun. But that is exactly what has to change for the Donks to win. Hey – I just heard the DNC is no broke! If so this would bolster our blog host’s ideas that putting women and minorities in charge of something is a bad idea.

  3. Orthodox says:

    They need at least one high profile arrest in handcuffs and they need to do it Giuliani-style with a very public perp walk.

    The visual of seeing an FBI or DOJ official being handcuffed will make the left go nuts, but they don’t fully control the narrative anymore. Average people may dislike Trump, but don’t see him as a Russian spy or tyrant. When they see someone being carted off in handcuffs the left’s narrative will blow up. When a normie says to lefty, “Why would that FBI guy be arrested?” The lefty will say, “because Trump is a dictator.”

  4. bob sykes says:

    Unfortunately, one of the better scenarios for us and our country is for Trump and his generals to stage a Pinochet-style coup d’etat.

  5. anon says:

    Donald Trump is assuming power.

  6. glosoli says:

    It’s all a nice bit of theatre for the masses.
    Trump would never have got near the Oval Office if he was the *real deal*, ask Ron Paul how much media coverage he received in 08?
    His cabinet is full of the usual suspects.
    He’ll neocon their wars when required.
    He’ll do nothing of any significance that moves America to the Right.
    But he’ll oversee the defacto merger of state/bigbiz when QE is launched into equities (like the BOJ).
    In a thousand mile march to to left singularity, Trump is 3 steps to the right.

    • anon says:

      >but he’ll oversee the defacto merger of state/bigbiz

      Dude you’re like 70 years late.

      • pdimov says:

        More like 200 years late.

        • anon says:

          depends on how you define it. originally the economic foundation was the manor and the manor lord was the ruler. then capitalism i.e. private property i.e. separation of state and business. Standard Oil was broken up in 1911. the modern age arguably began about 1948-1950 or so, i.e. 70 years ago

    • jim says:

      See my post “Trump is on the ball

      What he has done on coal, oil, and, for me by far the biggest issue, H1B, matters.

      Yes, Trump is only three steps to the right, and unless he ends democracy, everything he does will be swept away. But three steps is a big deal.

    • peppermint says:

      The reason for blackpilling/”accelerationism” is when a sperg sees things improving but doesn’t understand why he sometimes thinks it isn’t happening.

      JFK was a leftist fuckstick too busy banging broads to take anything seriously, he had no idea how to plan to fight the Deep State, they shot him, blamed conservatives, and then passed the immigration and snivel rights laws. Nixon managed to accomplish drug suppression, but wasn’t paranoid enough. Reagan is remembered as a homophobe and antisemite because he wasn’t. Clinton was another leftist fuckstick on an all expenses paid ride from the Deep State. Bush and Obama were from the Deep State.

  7. John Sterne says:

    if you aim for the deep state make sure you hit your mark.expect the fisa judge to swear on a stack of old testaments he understood it all despite the fisa app not showing they explicitly said clinton and brazile gave us this stuff they paid a russian and british spy for. expect the NYt etal to sagely nod but of course the court understood trump has to be stopped by any mean necessary. expect a third of the nations to scream execute trump and third say this is not respectable and respectable is more important than rule of law so better execute trump. The only thing that stops all that is if the last third of the nations makes clear they will actually go to hot civil war before they will allow it, at which point the cucked third may have to recalculate costs.

    • Garr says:

      It turns out that the Esolen translation of Tasso is a loosely rhyming verse-translation, not a prose-translation as I’d hoped. In my opinion, the Wickert translation is more skillfully and clearly written; it’s also more physically compact and cheaper. (I can’t judged its accuracy as a translation, though.) So, I recommend the Wickert rather than the Esolen.

  8. Stripes Duncan says:

    There will be no pulling any lefty true believers onto the Trump train. The Russia narrative is collapsing, clearly enough to any dispassionate observer, yet the scales are barely budging.

    Nothing is going to move the true believers to our side. But running through the Deep State with a blowtorch and fitting some prominent smug liberal seditionists for orange jumpsuits will galvanize the base and pull some more fence-sitters onto the team.

    “Americans love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser.” Just win baby. In 2018. Demographics are against us. We don’t have the luxury of time. We need to win as many concessions as we can. And keep in mind, the Deep State didn’t take Trump seriously in ’16. It’ll pull out all the stops next time around. It needs to be exposed and discredited, sooner than later.

    • John B says:

      > Demographics are against us.

      Yes, and not only through immigration. The proportion of whites who are baizuo mutants rises with each generation. Possibly some form of separation is still possible if the throwbacks concentrate themselves geographically. Then the baizuo born among them might boil off, fleeing Whiteyland for Diversitopia. Doubtful. The only feasible ways to escape being genocided seem to be emigration or war.

      In the longer term, if the baizuo phenomenon is the fate of every society after it’s had a centry or so of industrialized prosperity, then there might be no escape at all. The world will look like a blend of Pakistan and Venezuela, all over. How’s that for a cheery thought.

      • jim says:

        You assume democracy. This seems unlikely. Democracy is normally short lived. Something like democracy survived for an unusually long time, because the priesthood was able to control the narrative. In much of Europe, they are resorting to increasingly coercive measures to control the narrative, rendering democracy illegitimate.

        • Alrenous says:

          Mere appearance of democracy. Have to control the narrative so that the vote appears to validate what has already happened behind closed doors.

          Check: if cause and effect weren’t being reversed, they would be able to adapt the narrative to the vote. When things went tits up, as they inevitably do from time to time, they would be able to pretend to go along with it until they got it back on track. They demonstrably can’t.

        • John B says:

          > You assume democracy.

          Well, yes, because that’s what we’ve got.

          > the priesthood was able to control the narrative

          There is a strong streak in the ‘alt-right’ of wanting to believe that a fiendish cabal is compelling the hapless citizenry into catastrophe. The weak point is that the citizenry is voting for it. They vote of their own free will, in elections that are still more or less fairly conducted, for candidates who want their own genocide. The fair-ish conduct is proven by the fact that they do sometimes produce upsets (Brexit, Trump).

          This is I think the key feature of our current catastrophe, that the move towards autogenocide is so pervasive that we who don’t want it are the deviants now. In all the disasters of history, this has never been seen before.

          • peppermint says:

            > more or less fairly conducted, for candidates who want their own genocide

            They’re not allowed to hear people arguing against it, see Charlottesville. They’re certainly not allowed to vote for candidates who openly oppose it. Civil Rights was passed while loudly proclaiming it didn’t mean quotas while no one even talked about the fact that its true purpose was to semi-criminalize speech. Immigration was passed while loudly proclaiming that it wouldn’t affect the ethnic balance.

            In England, immigration happened without a vote, and speech is criminalized.

            I know that GenZ is right-wing because everyone I know who is GenZ is right-wing and media directed at GenZ is either right-wing or force memed. How many of those 18-24 voters are muds, though?

            The thing about the GenZ man is he is surrounded by degeneracy and mud “people” and it’s against school rules for him not to pretend to like it. He is führious.

      • peppermint says:

        > The proportion of whites who are baizuo mutants rises with each generation.

        Baizuo peaks with Boomers and Millennials, less of GenX and virtually none of GenZ. Baizuo is created by indoctrination in government daycare facilities. Baizuo is the external actions, the internal worldview is Boomerism or Bugmanism.

        Baizuo are not mutants or part muds. Muddy blood protects the individual from induhvidualism. Tim Kaine’s blue-eyed son is an antifag. Mike Pence’s hazel-eyed son is a marine.

        Baizuo is not a natural phenomenon. Decadence happens because professors are unleashed in prosperous communities and comes in different forms. Sexual degeneracy is usually present, but may not be directly present, as in the puritan-themed form that silently destroyed Lovecraft’s New England.

        Once Americans take back America or have our rump state, no one with less than three children of good character will be allowed to vote, or some other legal privilege that helps people be prejudiced against Plato and towards Socrates and view Aristotle with suspicion.

  9. Alistair Hermann says:

    I’m not sure that politically it wouldn’t be better to get the purges underway, wherein those purges are being carried out by government under the direct orders of the King.

    Firstly, this produces deep angst on the left, high threat levels.

    Secondly, it gives the right clear evidence that the King sits the throne.

    Thirdly, and possibly most significantly, it deprives the left of its intelligence assets for the duration of the election. Which assets it is not used to doing without.

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